HIDDEN DEEP | 032 | This is the End?

Pure facial steamermmorpg steam games free HIDDEN DEEP game hey hi welcome back to Hidden deep look Im a real lets player now I have an energy drink made of coffee beans okay last time someone died wait hes been dead the whole time right its been a week okay about a week uh we are now playing Mr engineer who needs to go Music get to the discovered laboratory as an engineer oh the one we discovered with that guy that just died I remember one life left basically two but you know what I mean okay so we go down there I cant go down there well ah do I have to find a whatever that thing was called phaser taser a phaser taser wait whats that that room looks very nice can I go there no but there is no phaser taser inside anyway can we is there some thing useful no where is he chilling okay and we cant go down there because I dont know and Mr engineer cant do anything whats that whats that crank for again foreign okay ah I forgot everything we made a beer tasting this weekend thats why I forgot like everything everything we dont have any coats right no foreign okay for this wall yep okay go back please what happens when I press this button run through the its not the very best idea I gotta say but uh thank you Music okay we obviously cant go here we need to find hi the code for that door actually why should it be here I have no idea oh this is going to be a lot of walking around looking for wait Mr two is an engineer as well do I have to use Mr four no right because if he goes back here and somehow gets down here thats the problem he cant go down there or can he Maybe uh foreign I as the scout put Mr two down here I dont think so but this is an elevator isnt it okay that means that we need this cow to control the elevator so that doesnt work at all so I need Mr four who cannot go down here because of missing equipment Music okay okay yeah so we gotta look for the code for that funny door that probably doesnt help maybe theres a phase rotaser and one of his boxes here where do I find that code I all I always thought Id look close at everything wait wait wait look at that it says 7229 thats probably the code plasma cutter thats what its called okay Im back Im back video games okay cool Taser Taser uh oh my God please no how many weapons do I have how much how many I take this one and no no excuses I only have one life left h51 foreign is it still alive is it just having fun no okay okay oh Ive heard a flying shrimp yes why am I saying shrimps I think one of you wrote that in the comments uh easy trains Im a crane professional uh foreign well cant see anything can you see anything good foreign oh no okay Im still not sure of headshots are a thing in this game I found a crank I guess but it almost seems like Im already there I know where I where I was isnt it yes yes wait let us welcome Mr engineer nice your Paxton whats up buddy checkpoint wait the problem is they just run through you know oh hes faster than me uh down there down the other guy checkpoints again okay mission accomplished thats it that thats it nice man losses six getting better press enter to proceed to perceive to be continued soon foreign have I been playing a demo okay I think this game is over now took me how much episodes I dont know 31 wait I can check 32. welcome to episode 32. um which is obviously the last one maybe the game will be updated but that means there is no actual story right it just goes on forever until the developers decide to make more levels because this is not a demo I paid 20 bucks for that so it can be a demo this leads to one uh solution one question what game shall I play next please no RPGs or something because story driven games I love him but Im not sure if thats good for Lets Plays but on the other hand Im not a Im not a lets player especially not an experienced one I started to play Final Fantasy 9 but uh I didnt like it as much as 7 8 or 10. who cares I was thinking about playing the remake of Resident Evil 2. I have played that before so maybe Resident Evil 3 how about that write it in the comments the first time Im actually asking for for your opinion usually dont care about that you know yeah what game shall we play next write it in the comments I was thinking about Resident Evil 2 as I said but if you have better ideas let me know see you next time and sorry for that weird ending of hidden deep now we didnt find out anything Music great Music steamed cheeseburger maker What??? insurgency steam charts marvel's guardians of the galaxy game steam what is the most sold game on steam triple a steam games steam how to add friends