Forsen Plays Hidden Deep (With Chat)

Steam game cachesteamer hard boiled eggs HIDDEN DEEP game bit spooky game i think not ganesha impact no you would be happy to know ive turned it down more than twice but less than four times i dont know why they its from different people as well not the same obviously because i turn it down not mine cup of tea all right uh wait a second depth 9772 meters is this your moms preparing for the first docking up to losing contact unknown all right lets just make sure everything is full screen pro tip six theres recent all right thats fine thats usually what i run in single player games anyway control settings i dont  __  with this leave it to default new expedition all right difficulty expedition if you want to focus on the story and all unique activities smallest amount of enemies and shooting easiest difficulty deep exploration if you like the story but also action recommend mod for most gamers medium amount of enemies shooting more death allowed normal difficulty intense exploration if you love dynamic action card if you love dynamic action and also the story highest amount of enemies and shooting fury deaths allowed hard difficulty the last one might be too hard for you they Applause Music more deaths allowed all right fewer deaths allowed i mean it might already be hard you know  __  it were no beta  __  but were not a chad all right second hardest difficulty second hardest difficulty yeah oh  __  Music i thought i broke the game right away not again wasd to move were working on bringing back to power space to jump e you need a crank cranky main gate is closed but theres an alternative way take a crank uh-huh all right stand closer let you press s to climb down all right how close up not close enough ah left shift or learning to run faster and jump longer okay there is no spoon standard one press space to climb up all right has to crawl wait mission time 01 41 crew left 20. does that mean i had 20 lives in total see use grappling hook fire with left mouse im assuming i shoot a grappling hook into the roof this is a normal gun what did it say what did the grappling oh there it is here we go all right all right its all safe that unlimited rope yolo extra style points all right falling risk i dont have the water bucket yet so were gonna go ahead and do that yeah i could should have jumped this though yeah 50 50. we need a key to open this gate weve read the crew logs and the key was most likely held by worker erico somewhere nearby go and try to find it area eight area eight alright well yolo there are two paths i can take big path or small path im gonna take small path could i climb this no oh  __  theres a ladder minus one rope  __  patronum press left shift oh Music minus one life all right im gonna play extra safe from now on so torsos wall no press s again to lay lower oh  __  all right right mouse use heidi gun oh my god im dead already again i hope they dont one-shot you are you gonna come up or what Music all right so theyre actually one shot or two they were too different i dont know why i took so many shots on the first one surely i didnt miss Music is there a reason not to use my  __  surely is there a reason not to use this one rope i mean i dont see a count so maybe i have unlimited surely i would have survived that though im still connected right Music oh my god dude yeah wait what  __  no uh Music i could swing up to the second level maybe its a shortcut ah  __  it all right one to the head im gonna use this until theres a sign of something running out or breaking or something hello we sponsored you for this game as we were under the impression that you were good at games the self-proclaimed god gamer after watching you crawl headfirst off a cliff then not know how to use a ladder we are cancelling the contract its warm up bro all right i didnt know it was so hardcore im gonna be honest but hardcore is my middle name  __  i feel like im playing cat mario like you have to die in order to progress sometimes actually you can just play it safe i assume but i dont know how safe i had to play all right  __  reload we have like 99 bullets uh was that am i picked up surely i can swing this restart on ac shut the  __  up all right Music at least i died a warriors death if i died all right Music its high noon somewhere in the world shooting at walls attracts creatures aha so youre saying dont miss basically dont suck gas whoa oh okay we only have six in life alright everyone  __  relax ah slippery surface i was like ah this is kind of slippery all right were fine all right great you have the gate now head back to shaft chef your mom i love this bad gun though i aint  __  without ice again all right oh  __   __  flies dont shoot the walls they said oh my god i didnt see that i didnt know i could shoot the lamp the  __  is that all right i aint wasting my  __  ammo on that  __  all right  __  another one over there i can use the gun at the same time oh whered he go oh its there okay  __  it im going  __  two of them awesome i spent a couple days filling up this body to come for you when you fall you can place the  __  bucket under you at the last second to negate fall damage i can alright i cannot explore over here oh no Music cant reload one on rope yeah its not easy aiming with one hand Music all right i gotta do two steps oh my god this  __  i have a feeling im gonna die here im not too familiar with the physics yet Music im going to land on this platform and then do another Music all right here we go oh my god i almost pressed let go did you ever hear the tragedy of darth shung it the two times it is not a story the champions will tell you darth shunning it was so powerful and so wise he could use the third-party thing to become transparent all right where the  __  did that worm go the little nugget im gonna shoot the wall just in case i could probably have roped up on this lane over here amazing concept yeah i can read that first chat theres not many im guessing its a steam review is that it please dont fail this jump im a little off on the timing all right skip it a skip skip key all right i 40 health remaining i didnt have like dark hornets gamble all right im guessing theres a tutorial for those two all right no more deaths good now take the elevator down to the next sector im guessing the elevator is not here left shift up and down he said to go down right so were gonna go up and see if theres some healing or something over here no worms out of the ceiling the hell is this all right look at that number one with heavy machinery and now go to the other and go down the next level oh well there we go additional task stop trolling one more man losses for accomplished perspective why are we losing so many clubs are they dying to the monsters im afraid its much more dumber it appears they keep artistically jumping head first down fast even when ladders are next to them all right use your terra scanner all right does that include does that include this area right here probably not theres only one way to go lost previously on lost all right uh what hot key was that tara scanner and scanner can detect empty spaces below you the second top horizontal line marks penetration range of your explosives let me see it again all right so im guessing that this is where i go down here though all right penetration range all right here we go go to points mark the map scan with pair scanner all right well start by going to the i guess you can go left down here and then through there and there im gonna go im gonna go left im sure theres multiple paths for this yolo this seems like a trap to me why would there only be yeah im gonna pass on that all right but surely theres something here oh say tara scanner from equipment manual and use shortcut and all right something bottom right can i use it on the wall like this all right and how far could i penetrate with the explosives okay so i can penetrate everything i can see i right need this all right pretty deep all right ima know down into the left nothing here all right here we go i loved watching you fawcett its so funny when you do things where you fall down and die hes my mouth but oh oh i cant with this man oh no no hes got it for oh what a liar oh oh oh ah did i not fall did i not scan both areas or did i miss the first one scan all marked areas with hair scanner to find entry to lower level well i mean there is an entry over here thats for sure but do i have explosives oh i do have explosive shards okay you dont know yolo hey it worked im missing all right lets uh good you fouled an entry point to a deeper level but were not quite there yet explore this area and try to find an even deeper entry point with your terror scanner all righty sir all right we got some maggots i wonder if they fall down from the roof like the mario all right i guess theyre not gonna hold your hand here so i have to look myself all right nothing here nothing in the roof were chilling were not chilling daily explosion use scan ball to quickly explore the nearest area it also has other functionality look at the look at help window in lower right corner press 2 for equipment menu or you shortcut b right b oh thats useful he likes it all right uh okay how do i get out theres like theres uh yeah i saw it i saw the little maggot crawling towards me i saw a chat alright you dont have to pepper laugh me thats why im passing how do i go back i guess i press b again all right well wait for it all right i dont like the flying one there i think i could have electrocuted the flying one but i already passed it before i read it were fine hello  __  whats up right deeper into the bug stop no thats what you get when you mess with the best you get put to the test all right this looks explosive be careful im always careful hello all right we got some uh fungus you fungus what rescue burning and hannigan he said no more death he said no more yes he said no more just stop just wait oh oh i need healing you can use your grappling hook as a zip line first shoot your line onto the marked position oh and then enter to nail the enemy rope to the ground step back a little alright now jump on that rope holding w uh okay oh i thought i actually thought all right were fine as to detach all right thats cool Music i wonder whats down here though surely death uh this looks very sus okay hannigan has a personal radio beacon so you can locate him using your tracker my tracker 135 meters this is too much to to blow up Music dont all right thats fine well go up sometimes you have to go up to go down you know what i mean hello here you go i hate shooting from the rope oh my god how to die to any hit there 126 meters 127 meters all right maybe i can blow this up its definitely in this direction nope i dont think so go gadget go what was that uh the tracker says down to the right all right thats very sus its gonna be annoying i think im gonna die alright uh lets scan this trainer no thats too thick thats what she use red ball oh smart right oh no since im sponsored for this i have to actually interact with the stream alright cant do this oh no i fell unlucky what the  __  i cant blame the day what do i do this is a nightmare 156 Music 156 all right uh tracker shows tracker shows pretty exactly its either right but im gonna go down here all right go left to right i think its straight under me set it to eyes this way oops yeah come on then stop camping i hate this Applause Music yeah i didnt think he would  __  push as soon as i went on the  __  rope smartest fly ive ever seen hello are you alive dont jump go is this fly alive still was it the one i just killed all right were getting close 50 meters no i should send down one of those red balls but surely this is safe ill tie it to gravity its straight down so this has to be all right its not so Music go around here always look up and down before you cross the road are you gonna come out  __  it im doing all this electrocute enemy target electrocution france no please i gotta conserve my bullets im running out all right this has to be able to blow no way 32 meters Applause all right scramble through that lets see there it is wait yeah there is how the  __  do i get there though i cannot crawl through this no way can i set the explosive like this oh i can i didnt set it i dont think i can set it oh oh you can destroy anything do i it doesnt say how many i have oh it does say i only have two remaining oh okay uh two remaining how many did i blow there i guess i but how do they expect me to get through this one no way i can crawl through this right maybe i can oh no oh no surely i can swing through this right im gonna get stuck developers gonna mold yolo all right i cant i have enough to blow myself through oh no hello  __  all right thats good all right so we can take i guess theres an alternative path over there to get through there its better safe than sorry i dont know how many of these i can waste i dont know what happens if you run out Music better safe than sorry hello this is for sure the intended route but im  __  bad at video games panic alright that was not my best moment when i panic my aim goes to  __  wheres the worm it was a worm here all right we build the bridge and step back and whats it be no what was the hot key for building the the thingy no enter thank you all right theres still one more fly here but well make it over right theres the  __  maggot all right good thing were running out of ammo now yeah we get it its gonna blow thank god vernon was trying to find a way to escape but he never came back theres a way out to the east and we shouldnt draw any attention press left shift and one to switch between characters alternatively you can use numbers on numeric keypad without shift num lock must be on alright wait i have to get both of them out yeah right what is this m16 m4 its an hk dumbass oh america woke up use mouse wheel to toggle weapons all right oops oops this guy doesnt have the best aim wait so i have to get both of them out what was my objective go through the east chambers and find a way out of there protect hannigan heres the  __  m14 or hk whatever the  __  come with me if you want to live shouldnt i take the gun can i drop the gun somehow i  __  it ill just use this guy assuming he doesnt actually have a worse aim mount a rope here for the engineer not a zip line stand near the edge you must find the right distance and select the rope from your equipment all right rope all right uh you go first you back off a little bit i see some  __  down there actually you go first lets protect hannigan at all costs thats a  __  lovely timing so all right clones are connected in the crew among could total i didnt mean to shoot him in the back i didnt think he was friendly fire on all right  __   __  you  __  kidding me im dead can we just take the zip line i cant use the gun on this  __  oops Music clear almost clear i have only 13 bullets with this guy the other guy has to  __  protect him heres a  __  super rifle oh i think its because this guy doesnt have yeah he doesnt have a almost forgot two very important words in finnish they are about my little helpers here in lapland reindeer in finnish is called remember to be good oh uh i dont think left control is the right key here left control is shooting left equals right hold no shift no try alt and then f keys ah nice try all right its better to keep them a little bit apart in terms of distance anyway that way i wont shoot him in the back when i retreat are you coming look like this see though in case i have to move them yeah i dont know what hotkey it is its definitely not controlled though thats for sure oh you think its the other character this is the main character ah can he drop the  __  gun because i only have  __  13 bullets in this  __  oops oh okay no it works i just cant have the gun equipped aha they have to be closer all right its supposed to be oh so im using this guy though because i dont know how to drop the weapon are you there ive got your signal rescue team is digging through the rock to make an escape point with you im not the position on your map go there with hannigan and wait for our people in the water does it look like i have  __  scuba what happens if i go in the water surely i can swim but i dont see oh okay all right lets go okay i see surely no  __  piranhas in here special olympics swimming all right lets go delta p all right ah they wouldnt be cruel enough to put my good scrolling here right while i switch all right lets go brother i cant find that wait i cant i cant climb that oops wait i have no more rope how did i put the rope i dont see the hot key b no that was the this thingy what you get i dont need it i just need to jump all right protect me its high noon somewhere all right lets try that again wrong side there are a lot of them im gonna shoot one warning shot face not bad not bad all right were almost there we just gotta cross this guy has the  __  zipline can i push him uh it doesnt reach uh surely its supposed to reach all right uh what did you say enter all right lets go bro thats annoying go i choose you voltorb was this my last no i have two more all right go are you first good now wait here the rescue team is digging through to you Music all right im coming whats up  __  oh wait can i switch this guy no but he has a three over him easy man losses six manly losses i would say all right tutorial over day thirty one that went fast it enters a current task shaft two no power this looks like a mini elevator or the car down why are you crawling no duck sucker oh tried to climb with a  __  gun elevator control room train room im ima take these out while i what the youtube really its for for a combination though no system terminals all right this looks like a system terminal connect your supervisor contact your supervisor mark gothenburg situational situation is critical contamination in area d219 is out of control we have to blast the entry tunnel to cut it off permanently operations will start on 15 30 today shaft o3 will be temporarily unaccessible regards mark gothenburg no code unless 1530 hi the secret door code to elevator control room is 5288 i only want to remind that mr cogwill who found it so funny to turn off elevator with five men inside isnt with us anymore bye five two eight eight five two eight eight five two eight eight all right attention surely that was just all right gaben i can take the ladder hey bob city everyone here dude enjoy the bad joseph gm with one year as well bam hitman hacks for the four years oh look the ladder oh look the ledge im gonna use the corruption Music  __  why is this game so jackie my influence doesnt work oh what is this a worm surely it wanted me  __  this game Music good one all right the steam sale is over oh Music right 0.44 so this is revolver ammo uh im a 16th american so i should know unit 2 Music unit one good the elevators are working now go find area d219 to our knowledge there should be a dota disc containing very important information somewhere we need you Music all right im guessing this elevator d219 d219 wrong way ladder by elevator controls i dont know we dont know they dont tell you there are shafts going down here and here um could be that its the first one but i want to see whats down here can i go deeper phrasing lol alone falling risk oh  __  i mean theres a reason why you can open this one right we send one bot when do i have five yeah were chilling ah area two what d two one i found it except its  __  blocked by by shite wait was that area 219 all right im assumed that you need some sort of uh drilling thingamajiggy oh heavy machinery terminal our programmer took off all access restrictions all right uh so i have to open this using im going up lets open the door i can make the jump this one i cant use good to know oh wait i know i know i know i know i know i know i know i understand i am only half  __  Music i can open this by going up here surely here oh no this is close too all right uh what is the code again what was it called 5288 right 56.88 no 50 25 88 oops 52.82 no it was 88 something maybe its not the same code all right so they have to get through why arent they getting through why cant they open this uh it looks like Music door control here we go aha my gf is sitting in my lap its funny because he thinks he has a friend thats the funniest part of that bastard all right here we go the transport platform behind the pit can carry machines use they create lift movement platform engineers can operate all right i dont like the fact that those flies are up there though thats a warning shot all right anyone else want some all right here we go ah transport pit all right oh they didnt do that all right now we switch open this no wait wheres the  __  guy oh hes in there okay bro these  __  physics are hardcore i got live i have a question why did they name it tunnel boring machine because in swedish when you borra means to drill but its spell with two rs boring machine two rs there was a swedish name but i wonder if thats like uh an actual thing in english oh my god  __  all right hello i can see that in your title it says hidden deep does this mean that the actual gameplay is hidden 40 hours deep into the  __  game same one enemy volley same one fall of the ledge same one machine going down no all right were chilling all right you dont have to go come with right theyre broken through elon musk uh stop stop oh you can shave off a layer ill have to bring it back though right like that were going down thanks carl oh my god i shaved off a  __  layer and now its cooling chamber whats cooler than being cool chad ice cold all right all right all right all right whats up here frozen weve put in the executive order play hollow knight or wesker will be executed for some please i cant its too hard i dont want to be a burst on stream good riddance Music too hard too hard ask your mother if i was too hard all right beat  __  skull yesterday lost balls first try no cap looks like theres no power power overwhelming eh foreign good thing i found that extra ammo all right no power right you gotta make a yolo jump here i see you  __  it gives a scandal to small number enemies so let motion yeah i already figured that out yeah crank i wonder if i can take the crank from the other one probably not were safe radiation ah uh what is radioactive some ammo in there oh i wonder if you can swing blow this up and then swing somehow to get past it sorry an opening why am i crawling i saw you  __  dont try it brain power press e to search rack the rack is empty the rack is still empty thats right still no power wow what shhh drop the  __  on my  __  head Music dude they deal 45 damage these small ones bro how am i  __  stop it 15 health wheres the other  __  guy oh my god hang on a second okay surely this is safe no worms dropping on my head server room the rack is empty the rack is empty data is collected now go back and head to shaft on the right we have another task for you the engineer should stay here i have other jobs for them i full on ammo or what cant bring it up what did you say go down shaft 04 to the next sector shaft 04 i dont remember shaft 04 shaft 2 shaft 3 where was shaft for i dont think weve seen it fairly sure we have not seen it i always forget about having the gun out all right lets try it again no Music name oh my  __  Music two hours Laughter frozen frozen Music my lady Music all right i gotta focus now im assuming you will have to restart if you lose all your dudes that is not something that is on my menu tonight all right shaft shaft 4 has to be they say a bad streamer will look for a game to carry their content and a great streamer will make any content entertaining for his chat which is why i have to demand you because while you are a bad streamer your chat is full of great streamers my chat is full of great streamers yeah i dont know about that one or maybe youre talking about an awesome website if you need help with shops you should ask nanny all at once what i dont know why your  __  gets censored she knows all about shaft 1 shaft 2 shaft 3 and sometimes even shaft 4.4 its 3 two one two ah classic what the  __  Applause three two Music three two one two all right turn the  __  lights on alright going down easy i only lost seven men accomplished day 38 folks say there is a passage to the high energy research sector you will need to use the water channel to get there be very careful this is an unknown area so you dont know what to expect you dont know what to expect expect the unexpectable oh thank god i have an oxygen tank i thought i was dead oh my god why am i bleeding delta p warning contamination that might have been it that means im gonna go up here not get too close to the orb oh my god i will die again Music uh what the  __  yeah i gotta take a quick look uh figure it out chad all right smart cloning coming am i dying to radiation 100 or is it something else i dont see any other  __  Music so um oh oh  __  all right go back it doesnt drown cannot afford all right just catch him clean all right who is the engineer are they both engineers theyre both engineers all right get in the chopper im only human and you get in here all right im gonna drop this  __  Music all right that should be good you have to uh protect him im guessing what i have automatic rifle all right oops it doesnt look like theres any oh hello no i wasted another one i meant to  __   __  in my ass all right well i guess i killed a few flies all right what the  __  Applause i think it killed others all right so according to the map i could go down here but im guessing that the transport pit oh okay well that makes sense all right going down surely i wont lose Music all right here we go lion docked every four years force and force and i did a thing you did man thank you sir henry alex g go the other sheet you all right i dont know whats down there ill go with this guy first yeah definitely not going down there i do wonder whats over here though mdx wave absorber i have a lot of ammo in this one really at the exact  __  place i switch gun and i cant react Applause all right  __  it ill go around get  __  all right you dont have a key ugandan key what the  __  oh  __  thats not yeah you can stay there actually no i have to get up there  __  sucking hes got a drop isnt he yeah hes dropping Music all right we have a  __  sue over here what is this youre not gonna attack me are you searching nothing found all right we got some rifle ammo 762 locker room more ammo i assume is the key you can stay there bro Music all right im gonna pull out the big guns here all right e to the z uh theres a  __  sucker ow all right were in hacker man field absorber field absorber open but what is the field absorber is it the swimming guy field absorber uh wave absorber all right warning mdxm deformation risk absorber can be off for max 15 seconds all right max 15 seconds so we have to start swimming we have to start swimming nope wait why do i have still the same amount of oxygen no refill all right here we go turn it off is it off 140 iq its not some joke its true facts oh that could have been embarrassing all right who goes there what is that corpse double worm one two three four five right five shots what is this its not a corpse cant loot it going up aah Music gun in the west  __  mccreal did that guy twice oh my come back here all right two paths im gonna send one of those uh balls oh oh all right hopefully hes dead if not i am all right this is the exit Music lets go so three bullets to save the world i dont even need him only four actual god gamer day 43 bt6 reactor needs stabilizer blocks as soon as possible there are two storage rooms where according to the crew logs some blocks should be left we need four blocks quickly be careful the area can be contaminated youre contaminated one more down im thinking call with me if you want to live all right uh Music plasma cutter i cant make a rope here so im guessing ill go alone i will remember you i will huh supply pit what the  __  bring four stabilizer blocks to reactor stabilizer pit stabilizer storage one aha okay im challenged all right stay there for now where is the crane control uh surely does this guy have uh he doesnt have  __  ah my calculated guess is that i have to make some sort of zip line well cant connect to that because they cant make a rope so can cut thin metal all right yolo scout Music all right we got some shite over here some elevator over there all right ill see you later bro Music i actually have no ammo i know Music all right surely theyre all dead we got jump to this one and then drive a little bit closer this time  __  oh my god why do i have such few crew left Music all right  __  it oh my god i cant swing no so all right Music im 99.9 sure that is this way crane room one in the cane room after all these  __  drops i have two bullets remaining in total and i do have this Music i thought only engineers could operate these oh Music never before have i been so blocked by a block let me uh let me do let me redo that one i guess thats why they call them blocks to repair this terrain gap you need to use a bridge builder machine which is somewhere nearby i know where the  __  bridge builder is what i dont know is how to get the engineer down without a  __  rope hey maggie mai with the 10 gifted thank you very much man muchas gracias all right were not getting up so engineer i tr i really tried remote machine in range press r oh my god i am  __  i thought it was a joke dont pretend like you  __  knew chad that makes things so much easier i thought i had to zipline somehow and i couldnt see the  __  angle right get to the bridge builder which one is the bridge builder im guessing this is the bridge you know what all right i know exactly whats up no uh get out of there actually i dont need him this engineer has a handgun i dont need him to protect me i mean im gonna get these blocks theyre for the bridge i assumed all right lets go Music am i not getting access to this one this crane i thought i would get access to it Music Music all right i think you have to bring this guy my spider senses are tingling all right going up because i think i need to like turn on the power so that he can use the crane branch parts so can you make the jump please tell me you can make the jump all right lets go all right i think that stop bro oops come on lets go going in power switch all right finally im not  __  anymore you know what im gonna leave this guy over here its safer Music all right thats one um wait what the  __  thats static electricity all right lets go Music this doesnt seem safe to walk over if this is a  __  bridge part Music you aint a crane operator i can tell yeah congratulations im pretty sure 99.99 of people in this  __  chat arent  __  crane operators all right now we know what you do for a living thanks for informing me Music youre a rocket scientist all right heres a crane operation for you yeah i like them apples  __  all right so how did the other machine look like it had a mini crane i dont know which one should go first the two machines uh i think all right im gonna leave this one here conductor we have a problem all right thats one take the crane i think this guy will come im gonna move this guy out but he will die somehow i know it all right you go here all right i will lose nine lives in this level all right how does this work he has one crate already or what lets just try and build with this crate that we have im pretty sure uh start stop building all right youre too close to trainage i didnt even need the bad the  __  blocks man i mean i probably all right now what my guess is that i have to bring this other one though so lets just do it preemptively im smart how smart though this one here uh all right Music no no were fine relax were fine all right get to the choppa im only human dont put the blame on me Music all right its time for the elevator ride Music with no bullets Music wait im  __  stabilizer storage stabilizer storage ah they go here these are the stabilizers obviously all right how do you go about tipping them though how do you how do i move them all right ill bring them all i dont need that guys help its a quick little detour Music you need four i know i need four oh i need four and i have space on it all right then its fine i thought i didnt have space Music all right going down are we though we are all right switch to him were safe me secure the perimeter sir clear ah let them come Music Music i hate when they do that dont do that tricky  __  all right power switch we only need one more wait yeah get in Music all right are you sure we only need four three four all right okay i could have brought like all of them yeah thatll stick all right lets go Music Music Music no we want to chill the  __  out what the  __  you dont look like a crane operator forza we gave it away my handsome face my high iq all right train operator what would you do here Music oh that would have been so annoying had i failed that would have been so annoying all right im dumping it i think how do i dump this dump to the right no  __  hey dude these physics are pretty hardcore ah tutorial over your mother is a tutorial which Music reading comprehension all right uh we have a few other games on the menu uh as well but this was definitely a pretty cool game not gonna lie uh you can check it out on steam all right its out in early access i think they have uh some pretty good cop and  __  plan as well you can check out in the link under the stream all right of course too easy for the god gamer maybe i should have done the hardest difficulty after all but uh challenging challenging all right uh lets see what the next game we had planned hashtag sorry exclamation point hidden deep deep 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