【Hidden Deep】孤独で危険な地底探索

Stanley steamer enginebest racing games for steam HIDDEN DEEP game Music i Good evening everyone Now, this time its an exploration horror game on Steam that was released in Shikichi in January. Its distributed to various Heidis, and quite a lot of people are playing it, but I also tried playing it and it was pretty fun, so I think Ill introduce it to everyone this time. I do nt have one, but its normal.I tried it.I bought it myself and it was fun, so I thought Id show you a little bit. But version I wonder if it will last long enough I tried playing for about 2 hours, but hey, you re really a spelunker What do you buy? So, for example, in this kind of place, you know that you will fall, or that hero is not Superman, so he will die quite soon even if he is a little high, so he will get jumped, for example, he needs a crank like this. Its a high mountain system, so if you die 19 times, its the game version, so its a game where you proceed with things a little more carefully. Thats why, when I learned that I was standing on the edge of the pool and stretching myself out, I really felt a sense of spitting. It seems like there are various stories, but this is grappling. Its a pleasant operation, isnt it ? How many times have you been put into a sharp turn, and its just the bar g, so theres no key, so wow, yeah, youre going to die with a little operation error, right? Its okay if you tap it and you can break it all at once Bra pro a Partners exploration character, so you can shoot and grapp I thought, but I dont have 8 groupings in the case of a character called an engineer who moves that opportunity. Yeah yeah yeah Yamada gah Seriously do it right away Really ah ah ah Its plain Im going to do it Im going to die soon because it tastes like moo Im alive. Im going to go kurara ameban okay ok this time I feel like Im glad I didnt have to be so squeamish, so I fly away and see its a little bit out of reach. Oh, many of the small bugs below are pretty strong, so lets defeat them. Knees Adults are branding Adults are on the swings Its not enough so this is 8 ok I ll do it, so Ill take a closer look, okay, Ill find a vessel, and Ill be able to go back to the shock, but Ill be cautious, and Ill be cautious about the design, okay. Hey, give it to me properly, if you sell even the wall you take off, this Ill die if the momentum hits Im going to use the camera with momentum Right ? Shall I say it? The feeling of operating this grapp is so comfortable that I can sleep. ok lets go its about the basics a day weve shifted so sr f lets go explore the underground 2 minutes And again, when the 83 types change, the mountain scenery also returns to mode. Im waiting for a decimal value bear, so Im attacked. Well then, lets go then lets explore Its a big map The cicada city area is after I picked up a gun, right? Lets say 15 I can hardly see the tip of this darkness Fear of not being able to see my surroundings I could sell this to the wall too, but there doesnt seem to be a next one. Im going to check if theres anything dangerous.I see theres a black cavity in the bottom after eating, so if I set a bomb here, Spo-kun, set the powder. Theres a sound coming from below Im going to sleep Hey, Im going to do something like Chao Eh, I avoided that guy w Its just too much Soul is about 100, 75, 180 right now Its okay So, that search called scanball is really strong, but Yamaki I only have 9 of them now, but its disgusting that I can see the future with this charger. Its a little troublesome, isnt it? It looks good, but it was a cutter like petals coming up against the wall It doesnt seem to move Yes, did you just go to Denki? Theres only one place here Theres a cavity at this time Haa Theres still a number, is nt it? Be careful, if you lose that kind of agility, its okay. With numbers, this is a normal difficulty level, so it might be relatively difficult. Youre still in the search ball, but youre still a medium trainer. Okay, its been a while or maybe Ill stay with my black sister Okay Applause From here on ronin hal, I used a beacon, I made a mistake. Lets go, yeah, then lets use the beacon to search for explorers. Should I be vigilant ? This is Yanai City. I know, but I cant bring out whats different.I hear a voice from the upper left.If I remember correctly, its good to plant and explore such times.Of course, its not yet. Im still in a lot of trouble Do nt say this This is an attack site Hahaz p Its not over but Im in pain Hey, what s wrong with Egg? Did you get attacked from behind? I didnt know how to cancel. So music Is it okay to be in a dangerous pa? Its a dead end over here. Its okay, its okay, isnt it? Lets go this way f It reacts to the sound when you hit grappling. I think its a round, but maybe there was an enemy -- this looks like its the same whether you go left or right. I was enduring the empty degree ok It looks like I did it Lee Rothko Im sure this place is hollow too Maybe it was just a dock or the opposite I can do it But child b is this way 2 minutes This one has a reaction, isnt it? Music Hey Did nt you vomit ? Its for the match Ah, I dont mind if I fly blank Hey, I dont mind if this one flies This is around here, right ? I do nt know much about this, but Im an engineer here and there, but Im an engineer, but Im pretty bad at it. So, it feels like I was able to grab the engineer after securing safety.In the old days, I was involved in mechanical dragon wave 10, so I can use a different child. Okay I wonder if its okay Then I called him too No one has it in front of Hyun Joong Its not 40 shots Its an eye that can give simple instructions but I really dont understand I tried giving instructions to multiple people Its a feeling, okay, wait a minute, Im doing a control with a hash, and it feels like its moving here. Played by Cha-neeto Ra-san does nt have that one, so she doesnt have 8 grappling, so ah ah ah eropriced ha music Your voice has a different control pressure, isnt it enough? Its been 8 days since I explored, and its actually okay, but Ive caught insects and insects in 6 games, and its effective. Thats right, moon, star music The rope wont let you lose 10, so its ok. Well, do nt let it out in the store, dont you annihilate it ? I m going, but if you do nt notice it, its like youll be killed. yeah yeah yeah ok queen Then lets dive underwater with a special operation again 1 Its going to be 8 and its going too far and the wind is different Is it different from the wind ? Its a radio control operation, is nt it? Its a radio control operation. Once, eh, here too, this guy doesnt have a grapp, so I have to go directly. Its easy, insects are exterminated OK, its strong, its driving out insects, so its the inside of the shoe Hey, its strong enough for him alone. Theres a certain place, Aint it? Its amazing, its underground, so its a precipitous cliff and its very strong, 8-chan, lets change. I wonder if its okay to open the base with my face Oh, that looks good Lets go along with you too I sold it This is where I cant shoot. Help me, engineer. Im alive. Im alive. Ive already killed him, so please be careful. Hey, lets get off 4th place Ah, its over ok Applause 9 is crazy, its a great miracle Its amazing In other words, its easy to push forward OK 8 Push the number 1 and control 8 2 at the same time Running home is also a problem, isnt it? It seems that Ill encounter it now, but I want to go now. I think its a game that feels like you cant play with your fingers, or rather, its a game where the story progresses like this. Its out, so please play around with it. nintendo switch games on steam 地底探索ゲー。途中から未知の生物が出てくる◆チャンネル登録→ チャンネル登録&コメントして頂けると本人の励みになります ▼Twitterもやってます→ ■サブチャンネルではVtuberとしてLiveゲーム配信も行っています → 動画は見るもの、ゲームは遊ぶものです。動画で少しでもゲームやホラーゲームに 興味を持っていただけたなら、いつかあなた自身の手でこの恐怖と興奮を体験し 無事に乗り越えてほしいと思います。 ゲームをクリアする。それも立派な実績だと私は思います。 lyrics steam xbox game pass pc on steam deck sea of thieves game key steam steam mop with carpet glider steam commercial license games