How to buy a steam game codesteamed salmon rice cooker HIDDEN DEEP game hey everybody welcome back to hidden deep this is day does it say in here i think it was day 28. two of our men berlin and hannigan were inspecting a previously unexplored area and we lost contact with them there was a minor ground quake but it was enough to cause the entry tunnel to collapse so you must use another entrance to locate them use your terror scanner to find an entry point vernon and hannigan scan all marked areas with terror scanner to find entry to lower at levels okay h51 now can we bring out guns in here oh yeah we can which which also means that enemies can get in here lost okay go to points marked on the map and scan them with the terror scanner press m to show the map oh cool so now we have kind of a general direction but not we dont we dont see the areas mapped out we just have to get there and do a scan so this has to be a scan area then select terra scanner from your equipment menu one or you shortcut n oh look at this okay grappling hook terra scanner scans rocks for hidden areas oh i wonder i wonder if um some of those things in that first level remember we had some dead ends if we could have scanned stuff there here we go how do we actually select it i guess maybe just n will be better scanner can detect empty spaces below you the second top horizontal line marks penetration range of your explosives oh okay so we have explosives as well that can blow up to this line is that correct maybe i need to scan over here more tough to say if thats working or not what other things we have in here rope we can throw to help others drones scans and maps nearest area the pistol and explosive charges blows through rocks okay so that must be the explosive charges here looks like thats x and then the maybe scan ball is this thing whoa huh yeah see like you can see this is this is where the action is so im guessing we dont really need to be doing this in this area i better shoot this better so i dont fall down here okay lets go to this other scan area yes we need to go quite a bit further down oh boy i dont know if i like this the grappling hook we get a much larger range is this the spot oh yeah okay here we go okay so there we can see youve found the right spot now use your explosive charge to blast a hole well use x thats really neat good you found an entry point to a deeper level but were not quite there yet explore this area and try to find an even deeper entry point with your terror scanner great so we dont have anything else mapped for us which means were gonna have to look for it ourselves okay so while we have the gun out we cannot go we cannot crouch but i hear squirming oh yeah okay so we shot the wall he did head towards it i can still hear squirming i dont like this i dont want to stay attached here in case i need to pull myself nope now presumably you could find you could find these spaces below anywhere use scan ball to quickly explore nearest area it also has other functionality look at help window in lower right corner press two for equipment menu or use shortcut b okay oh i can control it electrocute enemy turn on magnets push button or switch how do i get it to electricity oh wow okay and then that maps for us so it can also do switches god oh my poor legs poor legs were trying to decide when we want to use that yeah it looks like that was our scan ball to the the counter we throw another one oh thats amazing and then it yeah look at its just totally maps everything out its gonna be hard not to become totally reliant on that oh yeah big opening it must be here now try to blast the hole be careful chase so lets do another scan ball its got just the same kind of momentum as we do so its not as easy to control as you might think i saw two flyers here we have actually quite a bit of ammo you can use your grappling hook as a zip line first shoot your line onto marked position oh cool okay so how how does that prevent us from just slamming into the wall now press enter to nail your rope to the ground oh sick jump onto the rope holding w oh yeah well okay whoa we are alive sort of ive got an oxygen okay how do i oh wow okay so w is just propelling forward in whichever direction we turn i cant grapple out of here as far as i can tell we are probably going to die down here but weve learned that we can swim which is cool okay i dont see a way out now i in the menu we have something im stuck with no way out lets see what happens end your mans life im sure yo thats dark okay so thats a little bit complex control wise but i like i like this in this game this must be intentional because theres a lot of weird like the abilities are designed in a way that its not just super easy youre not just shooting across and then going you know you have to you have to uh pin the other end of the rope down you have to hold w to go across like its its really neat okay hannigan has a personal radio beacon so you can locate him using your tracker beacon tracker with oh oh damn 135 meters it might be hard for you guys to see but im getting further away okay so now im not sure if these things are giving or dropping these larva or or what okay so this is getting closer so hes over in this direction it seems i can probably jump this im going to hit the roof arent i lets just take it easy oh wow okay so were getting further away but as we move right its getting much closer so it must be below us somewhere as well oh god i heard another one Music im gonna check this lets turn off the beacon oh geez turn off the beacon so we can focus this may take us back to an area that weve been but we might find stuff too okay so this is the same this is the shaft with the water at the bottom yeah this is the same area if i try this i dont think thats worth shooting for because if i get dangled then i have to go all the way back but perhaps what that means is from this area maybe i could have shot up here to reach this section when we entered from the left there we originally um grappled across okay lets turn our beacon back on oh boy oh we got another one of these okay im turning the beacon off so i can focus here yeah im gonna shoot that yes i can it was bleeding oh i can kill it oh my god oh wow okay okay i dont know if thats worth doing i dont know if thats worth doing thats a lot of ammo but maybe we should throw one of our scanning balls down here yeah oh yeah hell yeah okay okay i took out two oh my god Applause they do drop those Music wow okay i can foresee a lot of scenarios here where we just run out of ammo and then what should i do another scan here okay empty hey 85 meters now i only have four scan balls left so were on the right track this way oh cant reload on the rope oh just Music oh my god im not like this cant reload on the rope that was really close okay you know what i changed my mind im gonna head towards our dude actually you know what this might even get us there too because that other area we would be heading downwards okay oops theres a pause so im guessing that this is just wrapping us around to the other section but there might be stuff too so its worth looking yeah so this is where we connect okay hes got to be below us here then now look at that tiny little opening there how am i gonna get into that i wonder huh thats curious so i guess one thing i could try is blowing up the area right above it the problem is were only going to go down to this second line right so i might need to use two i think oops maybe more i dont even know if well be able to squeeze through there you know what im gonna check here instead yeah this is better i think oh hello oh i was wondering if you could go Music that was that was good i was wondering if you could go beyond the range of the laser and the answer is yes okay so here were gonna do the same thing were gonna pin this down step back a little turn off the beeping oh i really hope we can grab this ledge nice thats cool oh my god oh that is amazing we got ammo and an assault rifle and of course our friend okay cool thank god you found me venom was trying to find a way to escape but he never came back theres a way out to the east and we shouldnt draw any attention go through the east chamber exit left shift to switch between characters left shift and one or two alternatively you can use numbers on the numeric keypad without shift num lock must be on oh thats interesting way of doing it switch to hannigan to close this window okay so one and two thats for our tools uh it looks like hannigan does have a pistol as well thats cool but who should carry the gun i wonder i guess hannigan for now oh boy i can hear them use mouse wheel to toggle weapons oh nice so now do i have to i have to switch back here i think at some point well be able to just issue commands now look at his aiming you see how hes kind of all over the place like that ours is much better i wonder why that is he has no gear oh probably because hes an engineer and murphy is a scout okay so now is there a way that i could drop this weapon wonder if i could drop weapons because now i kind of wish we gave it to the other guy but oh you also dont have a grapple okay so then can you just do this is this okay yes mount a rope here for the engineer not zip line stand near the edge you must find the right distance and select the rope from your equipment or use dot wow this is really cool man oh hes gonna die for sure Applause Music okay game game on okay let me get out of here uh lets use our scan ball to help Music whoa okay theres got to be a way to eventually issue commands foreign come on im also hoping that theres a way to switch our weapons im gonna actually check control settings here man selector q nail rope enter throw plant bomb beacon movement fire reload throw grenades use med kits i dont see a way to switch weapons unfortunately well have to just work through it Music oh no you can switch to him and respawn i shot him in the back wow this is crazy oops 752 ammo so thats going to be our assault rifle ammo um i wonder what that pop-up just said oh my god yep you can give wait what does that say you can give simple orders to your crew hold left control and tap direction key a or d to toggle orders then release left control okay so right now tap direction plus shift for all thats really weird okay so im gonna actually use him with the assault rifle Music okay so if i hold left thats actually shooting so hold on oh i have to select him put this away thats really challenging rescue team is digging through the rock to make an escape point with you unlock the position on your map go there with hannigan and wait for our people i like the sounds of that oh that is way further than i thought okay im gonna do this with one person first im hoping that that system expands where we can give them orders to shoot and stuff so okay so lets keep him as the the primary here oh i see action oh boy i wonder if i could draw them in see when youre swinging on the rope too your aim is just a nightmare in a way maybe the assault rifle is better for the engineer because you dont have to be as accurate you can blast off a few shots okay so this is now us crossing that area again we were out before um now i dont know if hes able to use that same technique we could nail the thing down so he could climb but otherwise im not sure Music having the extra laser sights is kind of tough to deal with too okay i dont know if our other friend here is going to be able to do this about to find out yes sick okay oh no Music get off me okay so control left controls also shoot apparently okay and we cant get them to go down its very simple orders right now ill keep handing it in front hes got a bit more health good now the rescue team is digging through to you oh cool oh theyre using that equipment okay i wonder what happens if we dont find that equipment in the first place hey that has a three above it does that mean i can control that too not yet okay that is really hard to control but very cool oh man thats really neat really neat okay and now were alone again now i wonder so it looks like each level has independent kind of uh gear because we had more explosives right for sure and ammo is a bit different so it kind of resets every level which might be good area d219 okay yeah thats cool so now we know that its level dependent he probably wouldnt have that assault rifle um yeah we learned a lot okay lets stop here thank you guys so much well see you in the next one and uh i appreciate you watching bye for now cthulhu game steam Hidden Deep is an atmospheric sci-fi action game heavily inspired by Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life. 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The upcoming streams can always be found on 🤓 MY SOCIAL MEDIA 🤓 🎮 BUY AND DOWNLOAD THIS GAME 🎮 🎞️ Check out Tube Buddy to help you optimize your YouTube Videos 🎞️ 💼 Business Inquiries Only 💼 - - - - - Hidden Deep is a 2D action & exploration sci-fi thriller set in a mining and research facility – more than a mile under the ocean floor. A group of researchers detected strange anomalies of unknown nature and organized an expedition to examine the mysterious phenomenon. Suddenly, after 681 days, contact with the researchers breaks off. You are the leader of the second team: Go down there, find out what happened, rescue anybody who is alive. COMMAND YOUR TEAM – OPERATE EQUIPMENT – FACE UNKNOWN HORRORS Control your team members directly or by giving orders. Accomplish your mission by coordinating different tasks. Explore the sub oceanic caves by using specialized equipment: grappling hooks, scanners, drones and heavy machinery are all part of your arsenal. Defend against horrific alien life forms and other, undiscovered horrors that lurk in the deep. MULTIPLE GAME MODES – ALONE OR IN CO-OP -Single-Player campaign with narrative-driven levels. -Challenge Mode for single and co-op play where you can tackle various mission goals in randomized levels. FEATURES Rich dark sci-fi story. The story pays tribute to 80s and 90s games and movie classics like Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life. Tons of tools to use from grappling hooks and scanners to drones, weapons and heavy machinery. Over 20 hours of gameplay in story mode (will be completed within the game’s Early Access period). Challenge mode for even more adventures in the deep. Local co-op and Remote Play co-op already available (Online co-op will be introduced within the game’s Early Access period). - - - - - #hiddendeep #scifi #atmospheric origin vs steam how to send steam games to friends for free can you gift dlc on steam best free game son steam steam game profiles