The Funny Ways You Can Die in Hidden Deep

Steam far cry 6can you play steam games on mac HIDDEN DEEP game be careful we are working on bringing back the power Music Music wow oh gosh Music Music oh dear Music hey oh my gosh how Music what Applause i couldnt jump back up do i just have to be faster Music okay i i dont know and drop it down um Music oh oh come on Music Music oh come on man Music oh damn theres something over there too oh  __   __  Music how do i mount this i dont see the button to do this oh my gosh how many of these little shits are there Music Applause Music oh it was the period Music oh no oh is that look like a ladder Music nothing thats what i got for looking away for just a second what are you supposed to be the potential problem with this place do you think they awoke cthulu oh jeez Music gee me christmas man geez i mean i think i dont i dont i dont i dont reckon i mean i i i wreck i wreck oh  __  stop sticking up on me man Music all right i got him hes dead i got him chet its okay oh what the hell Music yeah i got him Music Laughter looking pretty good looking pretty good all right lets lets uh salmon oh okay look at oh oh oh no tom i think i might have shot him oh jesus criminy oh geez holy crap holy i james hear it i flew carry and karen was great oh oh geez okay oh this is so bad oh ow Music oh Music oh geez oh oh oh easy easy easy easy easy oh my freaking ass what the hell oh  __  oh  __  okay everyone calm down easy does it easy breezy cover girl Music holy crap it gets really crazy once you have the car on there man Music all right god all right wait a minute get out of here oh  __  dont get dont get come on get get why did you go yeah yeah boom Music oh that was stupid that was really really dumb oh that was really stupid all right well come back for that later okay all right okay all right hold on damn bam bam oh this is going to be a problem in it im just going to be a a jerk let me try something actually okay all right yeah there we go there we go there were going through it its its moving Laughter oh no its not moving Music ah what do i do chad what do i do what do i do Music Music Music can steam deck play ps3 games Finding all the funny ways you can die in Hidden Deep.Like this video and Subscribe if you enjoyed these Hidden Deep highlights! #HiddenDeep #BurkeBlack💀 DISCLAIMER 💀 THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED but some of these highlights are from a sponsored stream I did on Jan 26, 2022. 💀 MY LINKS 💀 Twitch ▸ TikTok ▸ Instagram ▸ Twitter ▸ Merch ▸ Epic Games Partner - Use creator tag BURKEBLACK at checkout! ▸ 💀 OUTRO MUSIC 💀 • Fear The Dirty Skull by CableSlave. This custom song was commissioned by Venalis as a surprise gift for me! Check out more of CableSlaves music here ▸ steam trade matcher steaming in microwave game of thrones steam deutsch modern steam engine car steam cleaner professional