DEAD SPACE REMAKE PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (FULL GAME)

Free steam games with card dropshow to stop sharing games on steam HIDDEN DEEP gameplay all right October of 2008 where were you at I was working in retail I was living with my dad I remember I used a gift card for this game to pay for like half of it bought it for Xbox 360 went home played it I think I finished it in like a few days I was a college student I was kind of broke as well so I didnt really have anything but uh here we are I remember the launch of Dead Space 2 a lot better but thats kind of my memory with this game I played it non-stop I slapped my original copy for this so anyways all the love support you dropping this greatly appreciated I actually have two copies to give away one for PS5 one for the series X if you had a chance when you like the video leave a comment of when you found my YouTube channel it would be amazing now I dont know since this is a direct remake stuff will be different but hopefully we got a fresh experience upon us Im on the PS5 dashboard Im about to start it up but itll be amazing to see this break like 50 000 likes I dont know if it could be possible in like the first day that seems a little uh Out Of Reach but you never know all right lets go ahead and jump in see how fast this loads up also shout out to EA they actually gave me this game early so it actually helped me to prepare this video super early foreign memories already I remember two a lot more than one I remember the beginning of one a lot okay the menu should look pretty identical heres what I thought was cool so Ill show you like what theyve kind of added Ive turned off motion blur film grain all that so I dont like any of that I increase the brightness a little bit performance mode so when you change it to the other its not quite 60 frames it almost feels like like 40. you know something like that audio everything is good on that I also just like make sure I get the subtitles on I also dont like uh my controller speaker on so everything is good I got the speaker name on the subtitles as well so yeah were pretty good heres accessibility too check this out you can get like a warning if somethings about to happen like you know disturbing or whatever but its pretty cool they got a lot of stuff to it all right lets go ahead and jump in I love you all I am uh I am pumped for this my YouTube Avatar didnt give that away already here we go foreign oh I wish I could talk to you Im sorry about everything I just wish I could talk to someone its all falling apart here believe whats happening strange such a little thing sorry Nicole yeah first deferred for her in weeks five minutes loud you still got that thing on repeat I guess you really miss her this year is not a job you turn down but six months apart with only vid calls its rough easy to say the wrong thing I dont blame you Id listen to my girlfriend over Hamlin reciting security protocols for warned his forearms so you keep saying here we go nice clean re-entry imagine six months staring at that shock of Rock to an independent Miner thats Paradise Aegis 7 is one of the richest fines in CEC history some prospecting team set up for life now where is she there in front of visual contact with USG ishimura what a beauty biggest planet cracker in our class you know and it looks like they already popped the cork why is it so dark to be able to see your running lights yeah Ill get us into hailing range someones got to be waiting up for us just be careful on the approach Im not taking any chances with the CEC spread no chances huh is that why you were digging into my Personnel files before we left you track your file access Im a computer analyst comes with a job I ran standard CEC background checks miss Daniels if you want to work in the big leagues you have to play ball sir were in ailing Ranch USG ishimura this is the emergency maintenance team of the USG Kelly responding to your distress call how many issues chimura do you copy come in this is a USG calendar come on someone picked up the damn phone what the hell is that uh it sounds like their communication array is busted maybe a broken encoder Daniels and I can handle it in 48 hours max to catch up with Nicole yeah I hope so Jen Johnson take us in um losing control guidance system override is a responses  __  coming in too hot its gonna smash us into the hole chat if that emergency stabilizer there the blue light it might slow us down last year everyone okay Im good Ill live hey Johnston all right its my ankle I think broken but better than a broken neck or worse good call on the stabilizer Isaac now that I always read the manual what the  __  going on with flight control that guidance systems a death trap better add it to your repair list Jen whats our damage confer down we lost support booster got a fire in one of the stabilizers and Singularity course of mass could be worse but not by much and lets get some help Johnston stay with the Killian well send a medic everyone else with me got it man Im not used to seeing Isaacs face that much really so I recently oh yeah chapter one new arrivals man its been so long all right go ahead just kind of see what the rig looks like oh my goodness looks just like I remember maybe a little bit different obviously but hows the ankle yeah can we check on it came down hard not a great start its funny just playing Callisto protocol like a month ago and he kind of having that similar hello Vibe you know where is everybody half a  __  must have heard I heard that youre proud Chad you got to see her in one piece Johnson might disagree what youre often about the first round I would have made something Julian you see anyone in play control no nobody man PS5 performance mode I mean its pretty smooth 60fps right now Im not sure what the resolution is I can see a little bit of grain here and there but not like not really bad you know at least we didnt take out the sign foreign Isaac guess we better go actually look around hold on lets check out the suit really quick obviously its not the full suit but man it is kind of nice we dont have the health yet Music I really just want to take my time and explore this game because I know its a pretty linear experience but I dont think Ill play Escape for a very long time after this and I know that I just want to just have fun with it and just see what happens so I appreciate all leveling this its gonna be amazing Isaac come sink your rig Im about to get our health bar lets go welcome to the USG is there it is synced collect Kinesis and stasis modules from acting chief engineer Jacob temple location I cant reach security same for the chief engineer what is wrong with their cons white Lounge here we go this is where everything goes uh South quickly credits there nice text log go ahead and read this disclaimer lets see someone left in a hurry feel free to pause this if you need to Im going to just kind of scroll down so you can as well wheres anybody anybody theres nothing no duty roster for Gods sake that security console is still working Isaac get a damage report Im done playing around one of the better like PS5 games as far as like visually that Ive seen I want to look around this area I know Im supposed to go to that door we got the save station not quite unlocked yet cant melee or anything as well I do want to see what the Stomp died in the air the curb stomp Olympics thats whats about to take place here you want to see something cool I want to show you this only because Im only gonna show it one time but I thought this would be kind of a nice opportunity so when you turn this on Im not gonna hide anything but right when you do that when youre in an area where it may have something it shows that on the top right nice little feature for those that dont want to like you know experience it now the high disturbing scenes that actually covers I would say like most of the screen like maybe like 75 of it with a giant like I dont know its like a gradient blur or whatever but its pretty crazy oh and so a lot of people ask you my control scheme before I do this Ill also show that I dont want to take away too much but what I have set up right now so I like using l1r1 for the two packs you know the med pack on R1 and thats really all I changed I think I put stomp at uh Circle because I usually like the melee but I felt like R2 is you know more sense that way oh God that smell what have you got I think its not just comes with a guidance system yeah mirrors in the red engines oh the tramps could do that kind of damage to a planet power to the elevator quarantine activated another malfunction no the quarantine systems are all fine oh wait do you hear that yeah yeah I hear it oh yeah he gets taken out quickly over here oh my goodness this is as far as I got when I was testing out everything I actually forgot about a lot of this oh my goodness Applause all right here we go I love all the elevators of this game are never safe like no matter what you do its never never safe ever Im man Im so hyped for this is because I dont remember much this game is very dark though I think we get the plasma cutter right here I think this is it here we go cut off their limbs hey lets get it some ammo there yeah I recently played Dead Space 2 with a friend of mine not all the way through but I man I was surprised how well it holds up you know it was like 1440p on PC I gotta shoot this keep going man foreign the whole time there we go give me some of that plasma energy the whole time I was like shooting right there Im playing on normal I know in uh pretty soon I think its this one we can actually take like their lemon stab them with it with like the stasis and all that man its been so long since I played this um all right lets get our bearings here a little bit let me check my inventory because I thought I had more ammo than this thats all I got just a plasma cutter which is what Ill be upgrading oh boy oh hold on I was gonna go for the legs and then stop them out but trying to curb stop Olympics its about to happen security request retrieved it didnt die we shot that  __  right between the eyes and it didnt die Smith had to shoot his  __  arms and legs off for Gods sake send help man I love survival horror games what oh my God Isaac he made it just theyre everywhere gem is here hes gone nothing I can do what the  __  are these things the ones I saw some of them were wearing a shamura uniforms theyre the crew how the hell can they be the crew look at them we need to get to the bridge theres a thousand people on board someone will be there we cant the tram systems wrecked everythings locked down because of the quarantine and youre both repair techs so how do we do this theres a broken tram car blocking the tunnel its gridlocked the system and the data boards burned out I cant live the lockdown or call the tram until we get a spare from the maintenance bank but its all an Isaacs side of a quarantine Ill handle it just make sure theres power to the repair systems and Isaac yeah Im sure Nicoles okay shes a doctor right shell do the smart thing yeah yeah she always does find somewhere safe Ill be back soon all right were on our own for a while I love this little symbol right here your location one of the best Waypoint systems I think in any game ever Im gonna miss so much stuff in this because I havent played this in Forever the locker we got a lot of plasma energy there you know what its called hold on like I said its been a while yeah plasma energy all right first save before that I want to ask you to collect everything in here data board is missing everything else is good back here all right I think were good I dont know if this game has an auto save system at all doesnt like it does you can see what Im playing it by the way January 22nd a little early access thanks to EA so all right um well walk through here always loved how the chapters you just take this and it just goes to the next area you know nothing crazy just a simple transition lets see what the melee feels like hold on very interesting I was gonna put this on PC but well see conserving him it slows them down thats what I was trying to do earlier go for the toes baby I got the brightness so its default to 50. I get it on 60 and Im still struggling I dont remember if this is a jump scare but here we go Applause I gotta pick so Ill go this side first to the maintenance Bay well save area um its kind of a quick save after I just got the other one should I go the other side first man its been so long I just realized when I was when I played this Ill make a new file because thats the kind of person I am I like to take up unnecessary space I remember playing this on my channel so I originally played it I wasnt even on YouTube yet I think dont bother shooting those  __  in the Head smoke them down okay the only way is hacking them apart those arms their legs does that even kill them or did they just stop moving I cant throw these yet so here goes Music I dont know if that guy a little bit of me as well I think it did yeah I cant like kinetic grab them or whatever its called yet theres like the stasis and theres like the other thing so should I Hill up Ill go ahead and do it I could have just waited here and shoot that one but I thought I saw something in the vent right there yeah I was I was at a university remember I played the first one it was well after I played the second one on my channel the second one was like what kind of got me started on YouTube really I wish I started it was like Dead Rising 2 then that was the first time I ever got recognized for anything on the site you know it is by the people that uh made Callisto is crazy are we good I dont remember there being this many Barrel things right not barrels whatever this explosive canisters around oh this is cool see I dont really know whats now I dont know if its a true remake like Final Fantasy VII oh God Im gonna run and then just get this set up did I forget the step last time what is that a little something there purple Im not gonna lie I tried to dodge its been a while its been too long Im gonna take my time and just enjoy this game Ive been looking forward to this I did like a top 10 video recently and this is like as far as like upcoming games I think I had this like numbers like in the top five spills like like somethings about to happen but I dont a little Save Right There let me see something really quick saying go back that way okay all right Ill save it one more time I do like two save files normally Ill kind of rotate between them just in case you know end of the world happens I heard this games all in one take apparently I dont know if thats true or not right now lets switch them out oh no what oh I dont like this Applause damn it Applause and its been so long I actually dont remember a lot of the first game I should have played the first one recently like for fun this is like kind of compare it but I wanted to kind of go in fresh thats all that door was Waypoint is so nice standing go over here what the I actually dont remember that I remember back in uh 2011 its like genuine when I played the second one back of my videos like 10 minutes long got stasis lets get it baby you couldnt remember very nice thank you you have a lot of inventory space yeah I dont want to recharge it right now uh all right grab any safe spots there were its actually pretty wild Im Gonna Save it all of them though just in case foreign like I actually dont know when I I found what did I say inside the vents oh I do think somebodys in here Ill do it back here just collecting stuff dont mind me come on let me double check no oh this is a recharge area I forgot all about these hey lets get it so we got a double medium med pack well check out my uh inventory really quick got a lot of stuff here I might as well go ahead and use this as well I want to kind of get a refresh of how much it actually gives me versus the medium I think if you have the auto thing if I just wants to press like the healing thing while Im fighting hold on we got it retrieved vents into engineering you gotta save this module handy we need one in tram maintenance stats the auto loader is fried I got a damaged tram car on the tracks and if the whole system is gridlocked guess who theyre calling Temple here sending a stasis module now what happened to the auto loader no idea a lot of shits been breaking down the gears where no one could be you know I know all right cant go through there some credits hmm repair systems online loading system re-initialized Auto loader malfunction please contact our preparing technician foreign games I feel like you got this an re4 remake on the horizon sign me up Applause oh my goodness whered you come from what are you going Music manually okay attached to initiate repairs I thought I did that I gotta get the other side now maybe I well I did one side of thought there we go disengaged oh thats right what stasis should do the trick great but hurry okay sound care is down here please stand by me not again oh my God thats how we do it Music oh my goodness Applause you got it the tram was jamming the whole system thats one down you said a data board was fried too inventory says theres a spare board in the maintenance Bay we cant run the trams without it a paddock popped my stasis recharge when the thing was right behind me the whole time I think were good now we can head back all right forget all about that stasis like tutorial area they were playing this man I was I was going to University and I remember are we good I would drive there just to upload my videos so my internet back then was terrible thats when YouTube Didnt Have a scheduling system it was all based on when you uploaded is when it says it went live so if it took like two hours to process scary stored all of existence hes gonna kill me stasis reminder an incident stasis is a safe engine foreign Applause I will say this if youve played the first one I mean it feels almost like because as Im playing it Im remembering stuff it almost feels identical you know its been again I dont know we go up here though what does it say let them require okay security clearance well be back Im sure oh yeah the map I havent even looked at the map yet which I probably wont really use much but it is a nice touch change mission like theres options thats funny all right let me save it one more time Im not really sure what I shot the first video like I want to play for a bit my usual goal is like close to an hour on a part one I dont remember how long the first chapter is though well see Im sure if I had like played it recently and kind of could do like a speed run but Im also kind of taking yeah were going back through there okay kind of just taking my time with it I might as well save this because I dont quite know what happens if I die and the menu is like the exact same it feels like all right now were headed back we just double check hold on its gonna go down here okay gotta be kind of lost without it we have it so Im gonna use it thats the way I look at it no more credits you know Isaac Clark man almost named my son Isaac hes not here yet but that was the name I kind of picked out for obvious reasons but it didnt happen I named my daughter Clementine from The Walking Dead so I didnt get to say so and everything Im wondering if man I can do it foreign grab this text log ishimura I love how just a simple thing is like just opening a chest has that crazy stomp animation you know I was supposed to do that I cant even remember oh lights we turn off the elevators but do we need it I cant even remember we keep the lights on for now I might have to come back I feel like were gonna need the elevator but I cant remember how you doing Ill just take yalls time oh thats right well I do have to go back because its not gonna work yeah well the good thing is I shouldnt run into anybody in the dark so I think I did that properly I was a little bit worried about that at first uh we need hold on there we go now we run for it and parts of this game are so dark I might increase the brightness more Im going to add some filters to my video when Im editing it but crazy Im enjoying this a lot this is a really awesome experience to kind of go back and play this again I find the data board Music foreign by the time I could run up and stop its already like oh God Music I cant even see it Im out of everything oh well theres the data board let me grab everything else first I might be running out of room soon how much space do I have left oh no were good got a lot of ammo another text log there let me go ahead and get this oh wait this is where we get the yeah the nodes upgrade everything I believe all right another text log lets see poker night keeping this off rig link all right must be like a social media for all of this feel free to pause it if you need to Isaac we cant stay here much longer hearing a lot of movement hold on I got the data board Im coming back to tram control now Daniel get ready to go all right we found it I want to see this first all right we got the uh the bench we got upgrade weapons unlock new upgrades reset upgrades all right so we got three nodes right now man I forgot how basic this was this is awesome I think I think the route I normally went was the damage you know because while your health is nice well I guess just give and take with each thing but like the capacity reload damage its just one per right yeah it is capacity capacity I have to go in order I believe yeah I have to always unlock the other one what do I do here because to max out the damage its three total but I have to get the other ones in relation to that but with this I feel like air is the most useless hey the duration yeah I mean this stuffs eventually I would have it all unlocked I dont know if theres like a new game plus or not Ill do one Health upgrade I feel like its right there in the front and then well increase the capacity I would not be surprised if in my video years ago I did those exact three things because that just seems like the best route to go you know foreign I cant see anything were you here last time Im just stomping into the abyss Applause eventually Applause running into the darkness I cant see anything uh let me save it really quick just in case Im actually curious how many of you actually joined me when I played Dead Space 2 in 2011. it could have been that many right I dont know Im not really sure like because theres people that have found my videos since Applause like the stomp cancels it out very nice all right lets get this installed and we have arrived here we go hey what oh I installed over here never mind reinstalled system restart complete all right call the tram I gotta do it back over here dont I its clear now arriving at Flight Deck traffic control foreign board something hit the roof but it seems operational quarantine lockdowns lifted so you can get to the hangar columns are still down so be ready for anything whats the plan you and Johnson fix up the Kelly we report to the bridge standard emergency protocol what protocol Hammond people are Music there well see Music all right very nice lets go ahead and save it again my God says it cannot be undone like I would undo the save I guess it makes sense if youre thinking about saving over something like that back this way okay oh no here we go I dont have any stasis a little bit nervous about this were going oh wait I thought I heard something like an events or whatever I could be wrong I dont know man his suit looks awesome I just saw something in front of me oh no hold on I like how we gotta go that way theyre like making appear safe thats funny foreign Daniels is trying to get into the command computer oh yeah this is like the original safe spot I can just use it now I dont normally save it this much in video games I dont know but I dont know what happens if you get killed if like you gotta restart or what foreign getting back to this I could have sworn we got attacked or something though we made it what are you going on here is that good Haley I need you to listen overrun with  __  monsters you didnt hear anything what no the comms are still out Isaac we need to kill you and fix it now we got a damage report yeah its there Music all right run Diagnostics look around up here too damage report here we go Music Applause here we go oh my goodness see it really could use some stasis right now I forgot that all happens I hate these enemies so much foreign was our only way home were trapped no Im not losing two good people for nothing what about the command computer its a brick all the primary systems are locked down with the captains coats so we find Captain Mathias track his rig okay here Captain Benjamin Matthias location Medical status deceased ah Isaac youre closer to Medical you can double back and cut through maintenance find the captains body and get his rig with his codes we what was that chin okay Applause foreign get to the medical deck all right then I have to get up here and then Im Gonna Save It thatll be it for the first video but man thank you all so much for joining me some stuff I remember sometimes I didnt it just its just random you know this is awesome game I think we hold on oh thats right all right looks like we got one last Showdown before we uh maybe not I could just when we fought a bunch of enemies in here once all right sorry for the weird cut I was actually gonna go ahead and finish chapter one I didnt realize I was so close to the end of it its been a while since I played so I know were supposed to go to this left door but I I think it asked you to save after each like chapter theres like an in-between thing oh no I was actually the process of editing the video and I was like let me just go ahead and add this on I think were good I think were supposed to get a suit upgrade as well soon Im not sure we shall see oh we got some of these anything else down there no oh its a store hold on what is this go ahead and collect this as well see what we got all right first time in the store lets see bonus content is now available what is this bonus suit sanctified venture infested that is so sick Lone Survivor that looks awesome we got one races covered and everything all right wait can I get oh I am gonna do the suit upgrade really quick yeah lets do the upgrade lets go ahead and do that first I have just enough for that too always makes me think of the first Iron Man movie for some reason because he had like the Bare Bones suit that he kind of customated then he got like a professionally done one I think he crapped them both anyways but still I want to try out these other suits I may do like a super video or something well try them out this is so sick oh yeah nice little upgrade so that shot one of these other ones on if I was gonna pick one to try The Venture one looks pretty cool Sanctified it just like I dont know its just almost like youre just grayed out I want to see what this looks like this is the most intriguing it looks very futuristic almost like a Batman Beyond type Vibe you know Music you may swap it for a little bit well see thats cool I didnt know they gave me like the deluxe version of this game guessing thats how I got all these oh my goodness that looks so sick now I dont know what each of these are from I dont know if its like a this almost feels like a Dead Space 3 Type suit Ill probably rock it for a little bit lets take a look at it let me get in the light over here almost looks like something out of metal gear doesnt it all right I think the one I do want to I guess use in the second video is gonna be this one on the far right this is the first one that popped up and it kind of caught my eye I like the grayed out look well see how it looks as well Im not gonna go down the list all the way but maybe Ill try it out for the next video I also could just use the main suit which is what I may switch back to but if we have these available I might as well try it right this one just looks like its like silver all over instead of a Bronze finish its just like silver yeah Ill try this one out for a little bit its pretty awesome its got some etching on it too all right I think were good I also have I swear you can buy like a like a node okay I think Im good Im not gonna sell anything else all right here goes some claw marks thats not good bench in front of me I dont think I can upgrade anything else let me double check I dont believe I have a node lets see you have zero okay it just changes what oh okay that makes sense very interesting yeah I wanted the first three to be kind of complete I was like if I could just finish the first video with a chapter one ending I think were good Im saying go through there foreign I heard something behind me Im out of here Im taking damage chapter ones completed though what the all right so I finished the first chapter but I was in the middle of getting attacked so I transitioned but anyways love you all bad science ever if you want more of this game quickly just keep for likes and supports I love you all and I will catch you on the flip side take it 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