Deep Sixed Gameplay Overview | 2022

How to move steam games to another ssdshare game steam HIDDEN DEEP gameplay hey there team welcome back to the channel and welcome to deep sixth so this is just randomly its not brand new um you know got it for a couple of bucks but steam was telling me hey apparently this is like stuff for your plan im like okay fine i will buy so here we are uh it turns out its made by the same dudes that made rogue state revolution i believe is the name chuck that in a comment for me id love to cover that again that was one of the best surprises of the year that came out either last year or year before when we covered it uh sort of like a roguelike uh political cabinet a slash country manager of like a middle east country but it has roguelike elements to it is very strange very unusual and i think very good so uh this is a game they released earlier than that and uh you run a space station um and its apparently uh pretty intense trying to figure out how to plug all the holes and like a lot of technical crap which sounds good lets give it a go lets see what its about normal game the definitive deep six experience well if thats it were going to do that then all right yep astra interstellar solutions incarceration hang on involuntary employee yes guilty verdicts one charge criminal negligence sentence 10 000 years in voluntary service im disclosed i was good at it yeah i thought i was so you broke the law i was an ai operations monitor basically a babysitter okay my job was to make sure all the robots and the programs humanity depends on dont screw up and hurt anybody fair enough the job wasnt particularly taxing one keep an eye on the ais protocol two make sure theyre not doing anything weird jets and humans shut them down if they start doing something weird yeah fair enough what i didnt figure out was protocol four dont get complacent no matter how easy the job is so it sounds like youre a slack person getting you come up they say the total cost of my negligence was several billion credits and a mars colony was temporarily deprived of some good kosher cheeses oh thats unforgivable after the guilty verdict a company called astra interstellar solutions wasted no time buying my corrections contract fair enough gotta make money business be business and start over apparently hello did we learn anything probably i am the artificial intelligence unit assigned to your surveying vessel that is currently docked in the hangar wonderful i am known as the universal remote sentient avatar or ursa okay looking around youll notice that no expense has been spared for your comfort and security yeah it looks pretty sweet enjoy the sights and sounds of deep space from your furnished cell go wonderful if there are ever more sounds than there are sights something is very wrong and you should relay an emergency signal immediately yeah the station may be decompressed and you should relay an emergency signal immediately if the emergency signal system is down all right okay okay i get you no doubt cant wait to get started making a name for yourself astra interstellar solutions family yeah lets go before you begin you may want to check your messages right right before we can start our first mission we should check the computer get our mission objective and messages all right middle click or press space to identify hot spots oh good good if its going to be a pixel hunt point and click anything having a highlight button is a must in current year window the erie violet and blue haze filters all but the brightest stars from view well thats lovely lets go to the computer you can use this computer to read and answer messages uh get new missions repair your ship order new parts and install ship upgrades well lets read our messages welcome to our team from hr hello weve purchased your debt to society and welcomes you to join our growing company well fair enough an involuntary nebula cartographer at least theyre being warm about it if not corporate uh has over 60 years experience manufacturing spacecraft for near earth operations now were setting our sights toward the unknown were starting to map uncharted nebula uh and stellar nurseries looking to claim mineral resources youve been assigned to wayfarer station e in this nebula uh this will be uh your new home while you continue to pay your debt to society well thats nice its good to be busy good to have something to do your manual has been updated with technical information about the safe operation of the series 6 deep space vessel we highly recommend reviewing the manual before departing please do not reply this email okay hi friend from spam i am the artificial intelligence universe oh okay im looking forward to meeting you uh my job has performed trillions of calculations to determine the quantum state of all the atoms in the spaceship so we dont end up all scrambled when we fold space fair enough thank you for keeping me safe goodbye for now well ai seems friendly doesnt he or it might be okay cool now what do i do lets lets do this viewing is this the manual oh shit uh there are five viewing rooms in the ships outer ring that give the part the ability to observe everything going on around them these viewing rooms have all have similar elements to them click on a hotspot to learn more power outage oh yeah hull bridge cabin fire oh oh oh look at this and it tells you where to get the stuff purging right oh right okay this is gonna get complicated this is a plate spinner all right okay realignment table what is this oh okay pico hurts oh we gotta shoot monsters recalibrating your lasers holy shit driver library what is this oh my goodness temperature drivers dog okay yeah right okay compound manufacturing oh no no chemical science no its im terrible at that uh its access denied thats no good scanner room cabin fire wait error codes come on keep overwhelming me yes this is good this this is overwhelmed me so much reactor room you know thats going to be bad news shield failure low atmosphere oh look at that oh sticky tape we can put sticky tape on the thing all right okay cool ive read the manual i understand now lets go to bed oh shit ive gone to bed i thought it was going to give me some flavor ticks or something you sleep dreamlessly for a few hours huh okay whats this button do settings Music so weve got the ring and that oh look at this bloody teeth in space options menu p invent i have an inventory manual is tab radar laser type okay okay theres oh no continue continue game please load local radar uh that doesnt really apply here okay so tab pulls that up i pulls up my inventory doesnt seem to be doing anything whats this okay right so lets start pressing buttons computer mission hang on oh here we go right destroy communications boy or if youre an american uh always read your mission instructions carefully most of the time you can choose between two or more missions but sometimes astra assigns you a mission that you cant decline you brought long-range communication boys to send and receive telemetry from surveying and mining craft in the field okay these boys are critical to maintaining our operations and oversight the nebula a micro meteor appears to have severely crippled one such boy and sent it on a wayward course the commercial information contained within such a boy would be damaging if it was recovered by one of our competitors warp to the last known site of the boy and use your deep space scanner to locate where it drifted to recovery would be costs prohibitive so when you find it we would like you to use the s6 tak delta sierra victors lasers to destroy it okay sure locate uh defective communications boy all right repair ship this is where you can order spare parts and repair your ship if it has been severely damaged or many repairs are conducted while on a mission some things can only be fixed here in the station right so is this a ship technically yeah i think and im attached to a station right now upgrade ship oh you can earn reward points for completing missions oh theres a lot going on here military grade laser wee okay select destination hang on space bar select destination lets go this is an overview of the nebula your first mission is to find and destroy communications boy astra is giving you the start coordinate so just click on the sector that is marked with an exclamation mark or hyperdrive to it activated right oh oh look at this okay wow yeah id experience a hyperdrive in my life now i never want to again astra interstellar solutions prides itself on the construction of all of the vessels oh shit in the extremely unlikely event of a catastrophic systems failure i am obligated to remind you that any problem can be solved by troubleshooting it in your field manual of course yes literally the least comforting set of words i have ever heard strung together i think this chick deserves all the punishment shes getting for that missing boy lets power up our deep space scanner and get this over with if you notice the power allocation panel to the left yep i see it currently allocating three units of power to the scanner i understand this to five to speed up the rate of scanning scanning to with the power allocation panel you can just yep yep yep yep battery power between various ships the lasers in each of the five viewing rooms the scanner the hyperdrive oh the lasers on every room in case i get shot at attention free angle the ship scanner is experiencing a malfunction maintaining optimism is essential for mission success correct agree lets go to the deep space scanner room and see what the problem is all right okay we need to fix the scanner before we can continue our mission open the map and go to the scanner from your map well there i am see that the ship has eight rooms are there all viewing rooms all right the top four entries in the manual explain everything this is great this is like keep talking but no one explodes but if you have no fucking friends so you know get this um except its probably gonna be way more complicated theres uh also a general troubleshooting section oh hang on hang on top four entries explain everything in the ships various rooms in greater detail oh theyre the rooms right the viewing rooms are on the ring and these are the three in the sort of central structure theres also general troubleshooting section provide step-by-step instruction for every possible failure right thats in there troubleshooting click on scanner failure shield failure scanner failure okay here we have step-by-step instructions on how to repair the scanner take your time to read everything carefully it appears the first thing we have to do is check the scanning computer for any error or messages when you are ready close the manual and check the scanning room computer deep space scanner is no longer functioning check if the scan process has been interrupted due to software error all right all right no error code okay this is universal controller chip sometimes this is so good this is fantastic this is the sort of game ive always wanted um Music hang on hang on the scanner isnt working displays error code 106. lets open the manual to find out what this means wheres the error code oh there it is error 106 scanner offline we already know the scanning computer has a problem click the scanner room button and look for error codes we want to find out what error code 106 means yeah error codes means we have a hardware problem terminal motherboard failure open the scanning hardware carefully remove the malfunctioning universal controller board and replace it with an identical part okay sure right lets get out of here scanning hardware okay it appears the old universal controller is burnt out well need to find a replacement search lockers and drawers in every room to find a replacement controller on board most rooms have a drawer or locker where important items can be found lets check this one okay sure no controller lets check the lockers in the other rooms okay im going to use my shortcuts oh look there it is that was easy universal controller board uh you can use fix the scanner drag it into your inventory excellent lets go back to the scanner insert the replacement board so would it be room six it is that makes sense isnt it scanning hardware swap the replacement controller board through your inventory oh okay i guess thats been binned now lets check if the scanner is working again looks good well done scanner is working again scanning computer displays which of the neighboring sectors have already been scanned now well have to wait until the scanner detects the missing comms boy you can check the arrow buttons below the clock in the top left of the screen to accelerate the time or you can continue exploring the ship now lets just speed it up thats the top right maybe i miss red okay scanning radius scanned radius were not alone here oh i sense external biological threats oh thats not good prepare to defend the ship or get us out of here right no i want to defend the ship lets go um where is it lets look at all the different windows oh there it is your fuck target is slow adding power to the targeting teams will speed up weapons targeting take that hang on oh its its spat on me is my gun overheating is that whats going on there god come on come on come on shit uh fuck you hang on laser charge is my is my range not enough is that whats going on here hyperdrive laser charge laser charge come here you fuck yeah look it doesnt seem to be doing much whats this do give me that give me that fuck um one two three four five oh attention room lane train ship appears to be losing battery power you reckon im in viewing room 4 thats laser 4 fuck here we go power surge oh uh maybe thatll help fuck you why isnt it camera mode microphone laser power power relay oh what is this oh shit okay its over here hyperdrive targeting oh hang on i gotta get like a lot hey did i kill it no close oh yeah i hit him there we go did did okay so whats going on here shit batteries having a bloody mental problem hull integrity okay uh a main menu right um dead battery do you reckon thats it do you reckon thats it retrieve a nuclear field hang on the ships battery is completely drained yeah correct retrieve a nuclear fuel rod that seems excessive insert fuel rod inside power reactor ensure reactor fuel door is closed and not leaking radiation your bloody hope youd hope so okay reactor door fuel box all right give me a fuel rod thank you if youre running out of shoe power you can recharge the ship sparrow by inserting a fuel rod but dont leave the rat door open or you risk radiation poisoning ill keep that in mind all right cool closed has that fixed the problem hey that looks better maybe what if i oh can i only change that power if im in that room is that whats going on why cant i Music oh whats going on there why is it highlighted oh it highlights the one that youre in ah okay okay yeah im not loving the exclamation mark thats a bit upsetting whats that about shield fire scanner fire old breach draining battery the ships battery is slowly draining over time check if the universal controller chip inside the battery is damaged right that sounds reasonable oh look at this my windows bit cooked hang on now i want to go to this room primary battery here we go dont remove it unless you desperately need it somewhere else oh the controller ships fine if so replace it if not you may strike the battery with a heavy blunt object and observe whether operational activity changes all right give me a bloody hammer or something i need a i need something heavy certificate replacement pipe screwdriver i mean maybe i could hit it with a pipe coffee cup oh my god uh laser configuration oh heres the locker space wrench as opposed to just a wrench wrench okay fuck you hey there we go high-tech stuff lets go all right hows the scanning going one of these sectors looks promising click on it to find out if it contains the missing comms boy uh which one looks promising i cant tell what looks promising that one there it is oh okay well have to visit the sector to complete our mission its time to go to the hyperdrive room wheres that maybe thats seven attention pilot it is this is where the hyperdrive and ships life support systems are located right survival has been deemed a medium level priority oh thats comforting the continued operation of these systems are considered i dont mind this this robot its kind of funny actually click on the hyperdrive computer right this is where you set the destination coordinates or the hyperdrive by default the destination is our home base but we dont want to go home yet click on the sector that contains the boy very good the hyperdrive is already charged so were ready to go activate lets go mat im digging this Music all right here we are were in the right sector but we cant see the boy yet lets have a look at the radar uh oh can i just press r yeah okay cool because i remember that in the keyboard shortcuts radar is divided into five zones which correspond to the five viewing rooms theres an object on the radar in zone v so lets see what that is defective comms boy all right lets go to here weve found it now lets check the mission objectives our task is to destroy the boy uh so lets have a look at this targeting system it can operate in three different modes laser photo and microphone make sure its on laser there you go check the power allocation both laser 5 and the targeting system need power adding more power to the target system makes targeting easier adding power to the laser causes more damage yeah cool we kind of figured that out didnt we um whats this bloody thing hyperdrive we dont give a shit about any of that probably dont need the scanner either right see that jam the targeting up there we go grab the controller primary mission objective complete thanks uh robot lady yeah its probably not a bad idea complete your first mission unless unless what attention pilot oh shit irregular motion detected in the sector its in v its in v where in v there it is there fuck it is get him give me more give me more juice so each shot seems to use up our fuck uh four lets go to four um got him eventually you have to refuel the reactor so you dont run out of battery power find detailed instructions in the manual we already figured that out didnt we refueling the reactor yeah yeah battery will slowly refuel over time now we know this im im a bloody expert on this uh eight um fuel box but we are going we are going through the fuel rods close the door all right now we want to go home so well go to the hyperdrive room click on the hyperdrive computer hype yep sit to home hyperdrive cool down 13 minutes whats this okay all right how about we uh do i have power control down here i dont um how about we well there has to be a minimum in those all right lets try that see if putting a shit load into there we go look at that all right lets speed the clock up i wonder if itll tell me when the cooldown is complete now hang on didnt we have like one of my windscreens was a bit goobered yeah okay so hull breach no no no how about we go viewing rooms lasers were weakened power outage i guess maybe i cant clean the windscreen can i just interact with it or maybe theres a windscreen wiper or something primary console deploy cargo chemical mesh oh my god this is so good deceleration field air vent sphere gauge shields left panel whats whats on the left panel nothing left panel does nothing maybe i can like unscrew it to get into it and do stuff whats this oh wow shields if theres a way to clean the windscreen i dont know what it is albrecht sticky tape main menu communications boy life support routine maintenance refueling the reactor recalibrate lasers regulate power flow your lasers draw more power from the battery reserves through a complex network of power nodes over time these nodes get dirty and need to be cleaned or replaced oh my god locate okay oh jesus this is like good all right lets go are we done are we there yet lets just speed this up should be right this game is very cool but were coming up with some absolute bangers on the channel recently holy heck all right activate hyperdrive lets go that was a close one but youre alive and thats what counts so much more to discover and your manual is the key to it all yep cool astra points earned astra performance yeah okay yeah i earned points cool so right ursa are we going to talk about the giant space monsters yeah its a good point to remind you at this time that all involuntary employees are bound by an indefinite non-disclosure agreement for the duration of their sentence yeah fair enough what happens after their sentence is up unknown that has never occurred so space monsters your onboard manual has now been updated to include a bestiary that includes any space-borne fauna that you have discovered right and those already cataloged by other astra cartographers okay astra encourages you to experiment with your approaches to these creatures and report your findings some creatures are resistant to certain laser configurations while others are vulnerable well have to change the modulation like fighting the borg astra interstellar solutions discourages artificial intelligence units from disclosing the remaining time in a pilot sentence perhaps you would like me to play you a cheerful song whoever programmed your script is the worst trust me love it can be worse and it is worse in other games this ones great okay cool im very happy with this um okay so were back on the station at the moment is that whats going on right okay yep yep yep cool and then i suppose i can just go to the menu there nice deep six this is cool im actually having a blast happy to check it out happy to share it with your team let me know if you want to see some more because i would love to go down the plate spinning rabbit hole that this game is i feel like weve only just barely scratched the surface anyway team thanks again for joining me might just leave it there for the time being and ill catch you guys Music you how to steam crab legs at home Deep Sixed is the new game we are looking at today with an Overview/Review of what it is and how its gameplay plays. 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