Max Payne Gameplay Walkthrough Part 18 - Hidden Truths

How to install a game on steam after purchasefree steam accounts HIDDEN DEEP gameplay Music come on Music thats not fair yo i we like ten hours already got my blue hit  __  cant even talk man then i thought that dude over there was dead i thought he was dead with a shotgun so i stopped shoot just like on call of duty you figure out put enough bullets to them and then youre not always running oh my goodness all right i it looks like these guys got armor and everything like that folder on the table told the grim tail all right so were going to do is were going to do two more episodes today so check the playlist theres going to be at least one more in there and uh because theres like six more uh levels after this or maybe including this but theres not very many so were going to have this game done uh very soon sometime this week all right the mercenaries were running a tight operation paperwork and all merchandise missing again a chemist would try to smuggle it out for his own private party locked him up and sell b7 and d6s old test facility to wait for proper processing i was close enough to hear the secrets just beyond the next doorway yeah i was close enough to hear them got down secrets but on the positive side they gave a brother plenty of painkillers to use not only that but everybodys favorite weapon the bad whats in here all right lets rock lets work check them corners yo check them corners bruh if is whats about to happen right there yo hold up they they on their way i hear somebody heard of walkie-talkie anyway all right i didnt know what that did so you just gotta be you gotta be prepared Music man i cant really see whos out here with me oh yo im getting shout out like crazy out here hold on let me let me take a second to just get myself together bro im not really im not mentally ready by the way i just checked guys i think we got 97k so we are we are approaching that 100k excellence and thats huge for um a youtube channel especially a channel that does walkthroughs because its hard its hard grinding youtube channel man all right how are we going to do this i got a grenade we can we could potentially use if that works Music and it dont look we get we use that we use that noodle though oh snap hold up lets wait all right lets chill right theres another one in here the rain okay i didnt use the i had six im ash i had six painkillers voice crack i just had six painkillers and they all gone what im supposed to do right here i gotta get in that room right how the heck am i supposed to get in there its closed what uh uh bruh boom theres only one way can i just shoot it can i shoot that ah thats kind of excellent that that worked or he let us pull forth now see just from playing this game i approach every corner door with caution because of  __  like that how would any person that has never played max payne know that when they walk in that  __  the whole room will blow up im teddys games is  __  man these old games they try to cheat look at that because i mean like you who wouldnt know to do that now i gotta start the whole level over oh all right i think we should we should be we should be all right now all right that dude over there was you see his accuracy though that boy was able to shoot so when you die on this bad boy i told you i had to go all the way back Music all right now the question lay question is uh can we just drop down here perfect can we just drop down on the tractor all right now we in business lets go ahead and take a painkiller keep your eyes open bro all right when i jump on this ledge i know theyre gonna come out cause they did it to me earlier all right i got at least that one but like im starting to get the hang of this with some levels brad i still do it with dual welded in a minute keep your ass up keep your ass be be ready once we open up this door oh  __  are you serious he didnt took all my energy oh see look at that i must walk right past the excellence now hopefully is any of them downstairs Music nope Music i dont want to hear nothing you hear that dude i dont know where where that guy came from dude somebody came up behind me where he at though grenade just camp wheres the other guy because when after i died and it did a little 360. is that another dude nope thats what it is i hope you dont got no more grenades got him oh he almost got me though how many other dudes is in this  __  nobody think of that yall dont want your ass what so im hoping to make this walking dead season one in batman have the clips for the next montage basically what i do is i just make sure i got enough clips if it only takes one game then i only put one game on the montage a lot of times i think it takes two sometimes its taking three or four this really depends on the game you know what i mean feel what im saying to you how do i get all right im supposed to jump up there how am i supposed to get up there bruh all right i dont know hey is that what supposed to do who said that im stuck im what are you doing somebody just said intruder alert bro yo this is what i post i know im supposed to do this finally that took way way too long theres some stuff back there we can use though yall see that all right before we go back theres anybody in that corner just be cool bro all right finally we got them good lord the monitor showed me the i was supposed to let them do this i heard chilling like that i dont even mind that but they had they both had shotguns i wonder if i could they both shot me at the same time last time whats in here yes jesus painkillers processing diagrams fill the control room screens all but one an elevator titled d6 on one of the screens somewhere onwards past rows of ovens and the core of the plan wow wow why i didnt even have a chance to turn the  __  around oh my goodness man they straight they set me up right there im trying to get a gun out i got the wrong guns coming out and all that hold up okay this is this is where were supposed to be who is that they all down there all right im seeing two people gee you mean tell me that dude they never die now theres another dude down there Applause i mean hey look were gonna try to get it done it aint always gonna be pretty in fact its almost impossible unless youre cheating but yall yall get yall get all this all this failure yall get to see this all of it how many times this this uh this round about four about four times i didnt mean to do that but ill take it hit it again do it again bruh no theyre just down there they just down there just chilling just chillin i aint gonna kill did i get a grenade right there thats a good grenade no go back to the shotgun that i didnt work what all right lets try the m779 Music man so Music the game just going cheap oh i already know what to do in this part firstly because i just died like five times well i know what what i know what to expect i dont even know what to do i keep down on this one particular part and i dont know how to make it stop so if you have a heart please dont judge me for my performance this video judge me on entertainment please all right boom we got those guys to worry about and then see thats that i didnt even know there was an extra dude right there man what is he doing back there what is he doing lord save me thats what we got like six deaths and theres gonna be so much editing its gonna be like a seven minute video lord jesus if you can just hold me show me the way please all right boom you ready for these dudes all right now those dudes sitting back there can sit back there as long as they want all right and i guess im kind of stuck oh no im not what they said that dude dont die today whos shooting oh the dude up here and he was doing some good shooting at that too oh snap um yeah Music yeah im not no not going that way its all a setup what the hell is the point of that okay all right we got that dude right there theres another one so were gonna shoot him too did we do it i think we did it okay please oh man so no we are supposed to go back but theres a lever im not really sure okay we can do that i know we can do that is there anybody back here yeah there is and the  __  got a grenade too is that all you good for is grenades dont let that door squash you mess around and down some silly stuff is there anything behind this door we can use there aint dope all right somethings telling me to save it here so were going to save it there and this is probably the end of the level nope its not uh where they gonna be coming from thats our answer double give me that oh please let that be the end of our struggle please it has to be it is bad steamed tomatoes Max Payne Walkthrough Gameplay (Lets Play / Playthrough) on the PC.🎮 MORE Max Payne videos - the video? 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