Hidden Deep | PREVIEW | Alien-Horror unter dem Meer

Coop games on steamfree steam games keys giveaway HIDDEN DEEP gameplay The Half-Life game series is known and loved all over the world . So a game advertised as a tribute to this series can only be good, right? At least thats the plan of the developer studio Cogwheel Software. This brings a new alien exploration adventure into your living room with the sci-fi action game Hidden Deep. And not only Half-Life was the developers as a template. The game should also be based on old film classics such as Aliens and The Thing from Another World . We were able to test whether it can keep what it promises in Early Access. In Hidden Deep you take on the role of a team of cavers. After losing contact with your research group , its up to you to clear up whats happening and save the survivors. In 2D perspective, youll climb and swim through underwater caves while fending off all sorts of alien-like creatures . But a good caver is nothing without his equipment. With the help of scanners, explosives and drones you can find new ways and help your comrades . Various firearms are available for defense . With these you can clean up with the aliens in the classic 2D shooter gameplay. True to the motto kill or be killed. Within the missions you also usually have the opportunity to switch between different characters in order to use their abilities . For example, if you want to operate dump trucks , you need to have a technician on the team who is a specialist in all types of vehicles. It is therefore important to use the strengths of the different characters skillfully. Otherwise, your adventure can quickly end up against an impenetrable wall. Due to the combat system and the presentation, Hidden Deep is partly very reminiscent of the adventures of the Metroid series. Shooting down the aliens plays very similarly. And exploring the dark and dangerous caves triggers similar vibes. Overall, however, Hidden Deep is far from being a Metroidvania. But thats not bad either, because after all, it doesnt want that at all. It wants to convince much more with its own gameplay possibilities . And for the most part it does that very well. Rather than Metroid-style bouncy gameplay, the game focuses much more on exploration. And the creative use of ones own possibilities is in the foreground. The various tools that are available to you all have their specific area of ​​application. You can uncover hidden vaults, scan the caves for signs of life and overcome chasms. The most used feature is definitely your grappling hook. Because with him you can get out of pretty much any awkward situation and overcome most obstacles. The thing relies entirely on realism. And the swinging and climbing behavior are adapted to the physical laws we know. At least in theory. The developers have generally put a lot of effort into making the game as realistic as possible. But that doesnt work in many places and even reduces the fun of the game. Actually, the realistic staging is really good. The movements mostly feel and look organic. And physical occurrences such as buoyancy and the vibration behavior of objects are well implemented. Unfortunately, this is not consistent everywhere. At least it would be very surprising if an explosive device in the real world only blew up a straight column into the ground . In addition, the gameplay often suffers greatly from the realistic physics. The game takes it so precisely that you die when you fall from a height of around two meters. Not exactly an indication of the skills of the cavers. Touching a wall while swinging through a cave at what feels like five km/h can also lead to death at bad moments . The fact that there are no checkpoints during the missions, which can last up to 60 minutes , makes it even worse. Because you have to play every mission all over again from the beginning if you have lost all lives . Additionally, the playable characters do nt seem to be the brightest. Especially when it comes to bumps in the ground or climbing ledges, your character quickly becomes a hidden dork. Because sometimes he is not able to climb a small incline, which would not be a problem even with a cargo bike in reverse gear . Even with the jumps, she sometimes really rarely acts stupid. And lets not even get started on climbing ropes. Getting over a rock face properly is more the exception than the rule. When in doubt, the grappling hook is always used. With that you are also able to swing over ravines. Unless the characters incompetence or physics are throwing a spanner in the works. When swinging, it is hardly possible to use the momentum to jump as far as possible . And if you then fall down, youll get killed again because of the fall damage. Problems also arise when operating vehicles . If you switch characters while sitting in a crane, for example, you cannot switch back afterwards. If you still need the crane or the person in it , you have no choice but to restart the mission. You can certainly imagine that the frustration potential in these places is very high and that smooth gameplay is not possible. What Hidden Deep does well, however, is creating an oppressive atmosphere. You have to think carefully about every step. Otherwise you quickly end up between the tentacles of a deep-sea alien. The game isnt really scary, though. Unless youre afraid of spiders or are claustrophobic. But you still feel constantly under pressure. Either because of the urgency of the missions or because of the combat. Unfortunately, they lose their appeal pretty quickly, since there is almost no variety of opponents . In the course of our playthrough, we encountered just four different enemy types. After a short time, they no longer posed a real challenge. Any claims were soon only generated by opponent spam. However, we hope that the game will iron out these weaknesses after the end of Early Access . The trailers at least already show significantly more content and variety of opponents. If exploring alone is too boring for you , you can also get support from your friends. The game also offers multiplayer. Currently you can play with friends in local split-screen mode as well as via Steam Remote Play . An online mode is to be integrated at a later date . And thats also very good, because the gaming experience is clearly limited in split-screen. Not just because of a smaller field of view. The controls also take some getting used to, since a player always has to play with the controller , which is much less able to directly influence the camera. Its also a shame that you can only play together outside of the story at the moment. There are various missions for this, but unfortunately they cannot reflect the fun factor of the story . We hope for an improvement here too. Then you could definitely spend some fun hours with friends. With the first Half-Life as an atmosphere template, Hidden Deep has definitely backed a good horse. Sure, the thing plays very differently and will probably never achieve the cult status of the role model. But thats probably not what the developers expect of themselves. Irrespective of this, there are still some weaknesses that urgently need to be worked on. The graphics can also be improved and the German translation is not always accurate. But the first impression is at least not underground. In any case, we hope that the announced improvements will make the title the atmospheric and playfully varied adventure that is not yet fully available in Early Access . From January 24th you can see for yourself. Because then the early access will officially start on the PC . Ports for the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox are also planned. What do you say? Do you think Hidden Deep can live up to its popular role model? 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