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Wallpaper steamer for rentshrimp steamed recipe HIDDEN DEEP gameplay hey everybody Im blitz welcome back to more rap - got a nice bowl the super for us to drink this morning I guess do you drink super do you eat it lets got a watermelon maybe I should drink water instead to the watermelon and Ive got a nice little soup set up for us to date Im not actually gonna do that lets just start making some more of the lets eat what is it the ojeda broth no the fruit fruit no veggie soup veggie soup veggie soup it is do we have to go swimming today thats the goal anyway oh and you guys said that since I had the hat on hey I cant go in third person I can I do have a bed you have the puffer head on my head though and I can also put them Big Bird head on if I knew where that was I think I put it in here yep theyre just you can put a beak I got a beak my name is beaker no ok well put these guys in here since their hats or something I dont know were gonna keep wearing our aviator hat because thats cool actually lets take that off coz were going swimming today well put that in there with the other do hat things cook up some more of beats start that cooking up and now I need to make Im gonna make up the nod those these right here oxygen bottle and the flippers cuz were need a lot of those make up two water bottles here to begin with oh there we go two water bottles uh well going on right away cuz Ive just gizumon kid oh I dont have any seamy shoots well lets grab some z-weed Oh see we have plenty of it and Im gonna make two of those up so two flippers and two oxygen bottles uh so lets make one of these just because I have it on me right now I like having two water bottles on me at all times and that was that was perfect that was perfect how do I get feathers though I thought it through the feathers away in the feather box okay well put that in there this guys gonna stay up here youre gonna go down there well put you over there Ive got plenty of arrows theyve got a good speed good axe and we dont need the rope so put that in the box we got another soup bubbling up that should be done pretty soon lets load this up again my feathers away and put the bowls down here Im gonna fill up some more water like as so and grab another can of soup and start cooking another one beautiful look at this or killing it were doing so well okay well grab all these and now were gonna actually wait for morning said I want to be out there at nighttime a shark attack shark attack shark attack shark attack where are you hey get out of my house thats my house dork I got it hes dead sort of you guys also had your verdict on the lighthouse its kind of about half and a half somebody liked it some you didnt one good suggestion we had was to make a big lookout tower which is kind of what we tried doing with the lighthouse I dont know I think Im gonna keep it and then were gonna build off another area maybe another area right down here or right next to this as a trophy room because we have a lot of shark heads weve got the screecher head and weve got some other heads too up seized with the beatdown and there goes make another one up so we got a lot of cool things thats probably what were gonna do at the end of the video after we go explore whats in the water hows their bird farm holding up oh this stupid thing okay run up and then jump across got it and then lets go check out how many birdies we got we got three on there right now Im just a couple more eggs yeah its pretty good okay theres a lot of eggs anyway well let that go for a little bit longer weve got two pigeons the sea pigeons doing their thing okay so its gonna be nighttime Im gonna make a date and then well run around on the other this Sun doesnt seem to be setting very fast but it will be nope maybe maybe its broken I know they just updated it all right good morning has arrived in the ocean and were gonna go adventure onto this island there we go go get another soup start cooking that one up were gonna put one word down here just so I have a little bit of food when I come back throw the potatoes in theyre not potatoes oh shoot well I did make a little platform over here to so we can start building a trophy room and Im gonna drop the rest of the junk off into the house and poop and Boop perfect okay so lets head out on a deep-sea adventure were to swim up see what we can find her on this island and hopefully mr. shark does not eat us okay theres nothing here oh great well were gonna have to find the lush area of number and were coming up on it right now what do we have here hopefully we can find one of those puffer fish again we can battle the puffer and not let him kill us oh speaking of puffer theres one right there hey little dude how art thou okay kill it kill it yeah kill it Kapow welp that was that was a really bad shot okay um puffer fish puffer fish hey oh shoot theres a shark shark fish oh great I need food I need air I need everything I didnt think the shark could come over here thats not good oh man how is this supposed to work yep bad jerk whoa puffer fish Oh murder fish no I got fit again go Im gonna die I need to get on land this was not the way things are supposed to happen whoa thats gonna goofy looking but Im not scared I aint scared of no shark maybe I am where are you shark now pet shark okay I didnt see that I didnt see the buffer again so okay grabbing these usually you can hear the fish when they come around but not today oh great oh I thought I got it okay there it is oh this is like oh theres a little house here theres a sunken house this is cool I need to grab that I didnt know theres gonna be wait theres nothing in it oh thats too bad all right underwater cave though all right wheres the shark at do we have a storm rolling outside here looks like it oh wait whats this okay clay yes Ill take clay we need clay for bulls oh it bit me again I think that wants me to go down there okay I dont like this I do not like that shark being around here especially when Im low on health like I am hey let me in okay okay shark sure its hiding again camera Im gonna fish a lot and then get a bunch of fish and then make a couple of those bait things up hey thats cool I think thats the second shoe that weve gotten caught catched catch youre fine I dont know what the words are okay come on give me another fish it was a pom frame we got two and one salmon 100 Ill come back here come back here oh you hes pretty low on health so if I get if I can make one of these baits up quick lets see what is the bait take fish bait Oh - rope and three okay I might have I might be able to do that we got some of these minnows in here the minnow fish uh this one okay there we go we can make two baits now nice and then that could be pretty good for a little while especially if I kill a shark the way he is now here we go make up - Ill keep that rope on me and maybe a fishing pole obviously we have to put her shoe up top oh come on shoot Wow it would have been there it would go right come on shoot oh oh come on no no no no got it yes we got shoes we got shoes up on the thingy good game adventuring back down under I think were in a good spot no sharks not around Im wondering if the shark maybe only goes in the deeper water and not the shallow water around here if so thatd be good also I should have built another one of these in case theres a lot of stuff that we own a harvest much like all of that bull oh thats just a shadow okay keep a lookout for the shark now if I could there he is there he is okay hes coming at me this might kill it Oh dead perfect perfect timing Oh give me that arrow back thank you theyre all so expensive get the meat and head nice okay now I want to go down here cuz I think its telling me to go down maybe not oh it is it is and Im out of oxygen so theres something down there theres something deep down deep in the ocean get a good breath good breath through to free dive we down we go down we go to the bottom of the ocean down we go okay heres the heres metal on the wall oh theres that theres it no thats not the right metal okay we got a couple good things here check this out a crate Oh vegetable soup what was that we fill up our inventory filled up thats not good oh and we got this one oh shoot okay well Im gonna eat these three two and one more there we go thatll open up one more spot Oh salmon salad oh okay oh man were losing so much stuff I can throw that away and I can throw that away oh great oh great what are these what are these gonna be salmon salad okay grat glass salmon salad okay that was that was it oh theres two more things here vegetable soup glass glass okay neat so he didnt find something deep I dont need the seaweed on me we could put the Hat on her head or a shark bump bump bump bump bump bump bump okay we got both of those and maybe I should go back and drop my stuff out before I take a trip again so if I think correctly we already have the vegetable soup but I think the salmon salad is a new one oh yeah it is whoa what was that other item wheres that other item there oh I wonder hello Gilligan well lets put this over here so we already have a vegetable soup okay most everythings good lets throw on some more of these over here got it and Id like to sleep for the night oh we can think of our shark face too its kind of morbid isnt it like wearing literally a sharks head kind of gross yeah hes bond again no stupid shark I knew it if I waited long enough in bed he would eventually come and bite me so man it is morning time I want to go back and I want to search again Im wondering if that the little puffer fish we spawn cuz that would be quite awesome I also want to dive down deep down here again oh were gonna grab all the clay hot-diggity-dog theres more clay here then we got like all of last episode all this this might be it hey what is this thing Oh silver algae interesting so thats that new item for the the salad huh oh theres another theres another thing I saw him over there okay lets maybe I dont know what to do about the shark say Im scared to dive down with the shark coming at me because I dont want to die but I do want to find some more of this super loot down here there maybe is more stuff bad shark oh you missed me hey got to throw this out hopefully that flows to the surface or something I dont know oh wow look at all this stuff nice what do it looks like three and then seven I think and the shark bit me again so not too happy about that eight nine ten Wow Sharky oh great were in a day were gonna die were too young to die Sharky I was gonna Quinn through the ocean floor he does that I hear again see the swim there he is now Im gonna drown first okay here we go time to die hahaha oh I missed it yes die shark die okay yikes where did that where did that bait go though whered the bait go shoot man I lost my bags I threw it in deep water oh there needs to be a bandage in this game alright and throw it out now shark youre gonna eat that instead of me and Im gonna stab you and poke you with a arrow right in the nose hole you know I do see the other bait over there sharks just not going for it man oh got a fish nice so wondering if my thought is corrected he wont come up on the shallow reef around a lake well see youve got enough health that I can manage to get one more and I did see another another fish over here where are you oh yes oh there it is yep about right in the nose whoa it popped it oh no oh no oh no dont blow up dont blow up double up my dude okay and shoot it yes one more one more five I need to get under water so I think I got it okay good and grab the arrows and pick up the trophy nice oh whats this oh I hear the shark is attacking the water thing maybe not maybe not that was a false alert well heres another little reef down here I like this more loot I like this underwater treasure chest theres like a lot of junk down here okay we got a little drop-off down here but it doesnt look like theres anything there is something right up on this side Oh what do we have here just a little tunnel so another cave I want another cave grab that grab this okay we got some work clay Im also running out of oxygen its okay well be fine in a second so were not too deep and theres some more seaweed very good I like this I like this lets grab this guy and that one okay oh those like it oh yeah this thing the silver seaweed thing sober algae cool and now we got like a little beach area man theres so much scrap metal here too I love it scrap it up four days and I hear the water rushing but then we get these big flat open areas with absolutely nothing here except for this theres a big oh oh what is this oh it could be cool can you imagine having the sunken ships in the game where you could dive down and battle the shark and then theres like sunken treasure maybe skeletons down there Oh thatd be cool we have no nothing theres nothing here come on game give me your may throw me a bone right now I need oh no shark nope just waves crashing a little bit scary though seems like Im mostly all around the island here and nothing exciting nothing exciting at all yeah this is the big area or we battled this creature in the last video I dont see anything up there either and okay theres some loot heres some loot Oh Oh what is this what is this area okay this is cool Im not gonna grab the sand because theres not really a use for it but Ill grab all the clay probably come back to bite me because there will be in the next update or something okay well this is a good area lots of loot I wonder if were gonna find another chest area I hope so thatd be awesome Oh yup here we go another stress another chest the sunken treasure chest of doom Music okay lets grab it oh I should turn the UI back on hey vine goo scraps and junk sounds good oh here we go the silvery LG I need air oh no no come back here scraps scraps are floated away okay can I eat the fish I did I just ate the fish hey that works full-on inventory again oh because Im getting individual things that makes sense and the scrap filled up Wow Oh sharp whoa buddy whoa hi there nice you to drop by bite me that was cool okay not not good not good he found me again uh-huh oh you missed me that time okay one two come on one more one more three and four whoa whoa whoa okay Ive got I got the point mr. shark you dont like it you dont like being attacked I dont like being attacked either so lets just be friends okay not Ill kill you like Ive killed thirty of your others siblings cousins okay is there another deepwater area here I see these fer denied things Oh maybe maybe I think shark can come oh we got another buffer another buffer haha one did I hit it I dont think I hit that one well theres a hit Oh do you see the shadow come over us except the shark three one more four always dead yes give me those arrows back got it another poison fish Oh Mona Eric I did replace the the breather - because of my breather and flippers died Im hoping for like one more of these cave areas can you imagine like a subterranean like an underwater cave that has air in it wouldnt that be cool I dont know if its here though I just keep finding more copper and more copper and more copper we dont even have a use for it other than batteries or the antenna that weve already built oh we got another pufferfish hey buddy what maybe we will make that head soup oh I think it takes four shots was he dead yet there it is okay hes dead Im glad I can grab the arrows back well pick him up again what are these those are rocks dont care it did I go down here I think I did yeah I did I dont know I missed a little putt for the first time No looks like darkness is set in I cant see nothing okay oh theres another area here that would be done so Im almost all the way on the island what do we have oh its so hard to see maybe Ill just come back to this because my boat should be yep my boats right there okay one last dive off the high dive were gonna go this way just a little bit to see if theres another sunken area somewhere down deep below we have found a pretty good about a secret treasure already and we found that other cool blueprint that I want to do one more time here so well see is there anything else down below okay theres this top shelf here Im scared to the the shark is gonna come out and get us it was bubble it wasnt a shark it was a bubble I did make up a new bow just in case and just in case he got mad are you kidding me theres nothing here I came all the way back just for nothing literally nothing ah thats annoying is there an area down here smells like there could be smells like deep water in a pressurization in my ears oh man this is the big ocean floor here I dont like this I like this I gotta back up the motor Chuck tech thanks I did miss some seaweed here its pretty good we will take it so anything else down just want to know if theres anything down oh theres fish that might mean theres something down here or copper oh yeah yeah theres nothing down there alright I think Im gonna head back to the boat we didnt get a pretty decent haul out of this like 27 clay we have a lot of sand still so I wasnt worried about that got a little bit more of that but check this out Hey look at all this scrap metal we have we can do a pretty big build with this I also found another watermelon laying around so Im gonna eat that gulp just I like eating watermelons brah just straight-up shove it in your mouth hold thats thats what I like doing the watermelons okay lets just drop down were gonna fill up another water thing here there we go do that it may bubble pop up and maybe pop got it and then well fill this one up too got it okay so we got this other salad if we also have the head broth I want to try both of these out salmon salad has to be cooked the silver algae we need a pineapple and a mango and a salmon so thankfully I have a pineapple I have a mango and I have a salmon and I have that silver algae okay so lets put these things down and see what we can make out of it I want to know what this looks like here it kind of just looks like seaweed alright just put it down okay theres that salmon is gigantic hey mango man and a pineapple dude and go in there and I needed my plates my bowls good thing I have more bowls ok vegetable soup and start cooking next were gonna make up the salmon salad and Im gonna eat this because its tasty okay here we go oh its on planks nevermind thats not it guys the way for this to cook I think were Nick whoa are you doing in here silly shark okay Im gonna yell this up quick there we go and Im gonna let the anchor up since we have literally gotten everything out of this island were destroyed in the last two videos weve gotten everything done and its amazing I like the islands and I wish there was a little bit more secret content fun stuff hidden stuff on them but I still enjoy it we need to go this way hey oh well got it there goes what do you feel that way now get away from the island wow this soup takes forever to cook no joke order if its gonna be a big one Im gonna need two or three and these heads for the next one the head broth looks awesome so this is the salmon salad cooking up alright lets pick up some of the salmon salad oh its double it isnt double nice ok lets start cooking up this head broth I bet thats gonna be a double two and I want to know I really want to know how much this is gonna be worth for food there it is yes okay were good to go were good to go I send setting again the salmon salad looks cool except it looks like the regular bra stuff and its beautiful were collecting loot again just what I need is more garbage to fill my chests people have to do like a proper storage room part we can do that second floor up theres the storage room that might be a good idea and just sleep and I cant sleep but what I will wake up we can eat salmon salad for breakfast and its 7:00 breakfast time its actually sounds pretty good wow thats a good one theres a lot of meat there nice look at that well be we wont be hugging for days and then the broth is almost done here place the plank in okay and then Im gonna make a couple more bowls which Ill have to do upstairs hey lets grab that and put this on their crap them beautiful thats so many bowls I just made I just made 20 bowls hopefully you dont need clay for anything else in the future well throw those in here and well use this on my head broth whenever its ready here we go head broth oh 1 2 ok it was 2 and that looks gross that looks really gross I like super gross and it looks the same little icon here anyway guys thatll wrap it up for todays video if you have some ideas on what I should do for the trophy room go ahead and drop them down below in the comments well make this in the next video up pretty cool area here I think I think thatll be a great area for all of the heads and we have all of the new placards here wherever they are down here the different trophy board so you can put the fish on we can put the big of the big screech your head and all sorts the other stuff so thanks for watching keep your stick on the ice well catch you next time Music steam game card 5 euro Welcome back to Raft! 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