Hidden Deep 🔴 Радиопомехи!

How to cook steamed asparagus2020 best steam games HIDDEN DEEP music hello everyone and welcome to the channel we continue to play hayden deep we have a new task it is still unknown what nothing is written anywhere in the general sheet of the object in an empty music applause so we will soon part without communication the radio signal will be interrupted find and eliminate source of radio interference lackeys if we are left without a radio, then we will be left without any clues that today we have a cable plasma cutter with us soil scanner hook ball scanner as always and only a pistol this time we go without a rifle in a pistol we have 16 by 44 rounds lets close and no, let’s all go then to explore this matter on the map, we are, as it were, in the upper left corner and we need to reach the very right point, apparently, but not everything is so simple, most likely, we left the team with 20 people in reserve, well, the time in so many minutes one passed ok, as always, flying reptiles are here, so this is the first level, you need to shoot carefully, save patrons, it is advisable to kill in the head now we are talking about lets go see what is stored here and then well ride the elevators so the old one is closed here, I think that there will be something interesting there for sure, so lets go up that we wont go very far up, after all, there should be an end of the map, maybe we can find some key here music we turn on the rest 2 are turned on, we wo n’t touch them, let’s go, it’s interesting that you turned it on, everything is still closed, but it’s the elevator button, it’s just okay, we just have to go down with you, let’s go down, sort it out look up up up, she died crap from listening to how would we then it’s not convenient to make it somehow uncomfortable to go down there, they immediately clamp down there, I don’t let it down, but to stay at the top it won’t work, it works while you are standing on them, it’s strange, of course, it’s not very convenient, we drove them well, let them stand there; same ru access so come on pantry open the pantry all we have there the pantry has opened upstairs so to me even this concerns the wing back a little bit interface uncomfortable here open something staff 39 86 save weapon code well then went up through the window and these are just some that we have now cut the channel so here immediately the code for 230 986 personally rifle motility first aid kit rains first aid kit first aid kit appears where we have it the release doesn’t appear, okay, they took one fix, although at my 80 percent if I take it not a hillsong of cotton wool and folds ki patricks, we have enough car with rifles to make then now it will bend, snuggle up, don’t twitch, everything is fine, everything is fine with this we live, we stand there normally right away what key - it’s clear that we’re taking it away, it’s already becoming easy for them, I’m already more or less used to what remains for us to go down even lower here we have a complete dead end to the shower there mines it’s big to draw near the sheet, that is, we could go down immediately even lower, which is still interesting how I still don’t understand how they would take a first-aid kit, but no matter how they took us with such inventory, here it’s pressed on one and are you standing the videos are a bit right here, we have it closed like a button there are such cues well first here now you succumb you can turn on the light only the wires go nothing is the button to close and open the doors through the water distorts or something, but you can swim deep upstairs, we also don’t understand what well- let’s just give you a ceiling while I don’t want to poke the water yet, let ’s go back now and look there, the door was now a little swinging, let’s make it clear everything was given so we had a hook for this hole for this compartment, now we’ll check it too before the water goes level 4, well, that’s right, here’s the main sheet, now we can fit everything here according to the map, it turns out that this is how we came from above, we’ll have to admire through the water, we’ll have to go to see what this key was for, we need to open the door it’s not in vain that we took it there, some pieces are visible on the stairs, but it’s only pieces that hurt you can buy a little cue, we can somehow name it here, come on again still lets eat more like cleanly lets go this one on a political one that broke the pulse of an arrow there for widows, where are you from here can we have patrick here personally this is what it will be a bubble took strange oh lets reach upstairs 44 caliber and what other nurses did not have time to watch this the first aid kit bubbles will need to be looked at in the management, then I’ll see how the first aid kits are not needed while we are normally going to the meeting, but here, yes, everything is just like an additional warehouse, they climbed the main passage, this is the input, but let’s go, although it’s not a fact, maybe not on the elevator, it’s like yes, it turns out the floor is drawn on the elevator, that is, this is the lowest floor, we need to swim here, those souls have oxygen and for a long time there is some kind of reserve here, or maybe it was just the cylinders that were going that this is oxygen, most likely they didn’t visit these closed rooms we would have spent figs here come on here to the right as it came upstairs it’s good press the button press me I live with her I’m well apparently we somehow more or less correctly sailed a couple, they would turn for this, this time we went up to the source of interference, so this is for a pistol 44 we take away we take away I’m really curious what was left in this book there was something else interesting there was a hole down to us it’s on in essence, we need to go upstairs first, only this is a grotto like that it’s like the grotto is written until 19, and I understand here we won’t go there without a key, we’ll go there like it’s ours for a rifle rub here we just just have a dead end we need where the flour on the husband’s map is in principle, it’s close, but you have to go down the lyubas now I don’t think that this key was in the water there, we won’t have it here, then we ’ll have to return to be in this gut and you weren’t there yet music like order let’s go what is it it smells like a trap here, why are you shooting control types, otherwise shooting is generally a dangerous little bowl guys like a gut fornication, it is generally killed with acid with some kind of cure and reward these heaps here music I won’t heal a hotbed here, but here there is a corpse like this 44 and the key is excellent what is needed, this jumper confuses me why it is here first to climb the correct slope in two times to take excellent to hit -to pound everything and the gun finished with 4 shot, of course, a nix, something that you might not want to leave here, okay, ammo for the amount so we have the main panel the main tunnel there is a scandal push button sense scandal bouchard scanner and why the ball scanner then it can’t do anything press a button or a lever or something like you offer me where you want them to go and press the button in some kind of detour, like spend an hour on the map, let’s look a little, I didn’t understand five balls, they took the scanner for sure, with the help of it, you need to climb somewhere, but I understood that you are typing then here it’s just a dead end of the grotto d13 well, look on the map we are in this place, I haven’t seen any force anywhere there, then the props peak, that is, what they offer me to do, like press w arm and I don’t know in short, it’s written there, let’s say ours can’t get through here there are no holes to press the button sunbed it’s all he ran out of battery, respectively, in the ceiling I don’t see any gaps anything like that here we also don’t see anything here we are completely closed aha aha, it’s clear, but here’s the ball, come on, come on, damn it’s not the right button until the elevator fields didn’t have time with the button I made a mistake on fast on fast the length of such an uncontrollable brings fly fly fly fly personally went and we’re getting a general map, yes now we’ll go through the ball and we can now on the mine to climb up now is charm and from here they were welcome here there was nothing here just a circle on a stupid plan of loot on the plan of some penetrations there didn’t seem to be anything there, so stupidly we go up so we have even higher here we will go through we need to block the bail judging by the map we have come to the source of interference, but here the double door is closed where the parmas in the usual way cannot go through, we can raise even higher, we can e it’s even better to climb up, we can probably fly over with a balloon, connect it, but this is inaccurate now the museum here’s a screw is normal and it’s also written 7 229 nothing was found 72 29 until you don’t need to poke around in it blocked the wave now remember that it is unlikely to sign up he didn’t see it just written on blue 7 229 even lower music this is most likely from here 722 to cut super so here we have forehead 1 and log 20 and here we also didn’t see the buttons, everything is super go down come out now we can already enter here everything everyone has opened what is sticking out that is how cool is the mine, apparently it’s an elevator of some kind of nuka nuka elevator control exactly call the elevator I called the king and everything blinked everything worked and how can I get up now it doesn’t work so bright we can’t connect as engineers if as I understand it’s just a peak just in case it it works through the console command, maybe it just doesn’t start right away, wait, the infection is like that, I pressed the button to rise and there was no signal, there was nothing cheat elevator let’s call ovem inter you press no signals, we immediately pressed enter and ran to the side and everything got up on it and it should rise, I loudly fire there an alert will be there a case report as in the systems we walk this should not be immediately jump but the stupid button was closer and do music good good good but so here even with the floor there some kind of crap is spinning dangerously here you are closed in general legally here go through the boards hf and the south the rains stop it memory what it would do exactly the connection is restored everything turned out fine come back down, you just need to, you need to follow one phenomenon go down in the elevator, okay, until I understand why this is closed, maybe it opens from this remote control, lets go up the elevator controls, go down everything, we ended this mission, we spent how much time on it 30 minutes 47 seconds of loss in team 1, try the first attempt, that is, I didn’t screw up, I didn’t mess up, in general, we will continue in the next series and who are interested, write comments put likes subscribe to the 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