HITMAN™ World of Assassination (Silent Assassin Suit Only)

Chinese steamed fish recipessteam disney games HITMAN 3 game Music good evening 47 your destination is the paris fashion show by san guin one of europes leading couture brands your targets are sanguine owner viktor novikov a former oligarch turned fashion mogul and his partner dalia margolis a retired supermodel an iconic power couple on the global fashion scene and two of the most dangerous people in the world novikov and margolis are in fact the ring leaders of iago an enigmatic spiring that deals in the global elites most valuable secrets unscrupulous and opportunistic iago has caused disastrous security leaks all over the globe when crimean separatists caused a deadly meltdown at the odessa nuclear power plant iago gave them access to the plant security network and when the delgado drug cartel shot down the plane of president hernandez and his family iago provided the classified flight plans now navikov and morgolis have obtained a knock list of british undercover agents which they plan to sell at a secret iago auction during the sanguine show so our client mi6 need us to stop the ringleaders before the knock list ends up in the wrong hands the sanguine show will be swarming with security and viktor novikov will be the focus of everyones attention but despite his posturing he is merely the money man the real target is dalia margolis beautiful and brilliant she is a master manipulator and the true brains behind iago two targets a highly public event at first glance an impossible task then again i do know how you love a challenge i will leave you to prepare Music welcome to paris 47 the show is just about to start this is the red carpet event of the season and the guest list is a veritable whos who of the global fashion elite you will find victor novikov basking in the spotlight while dalia margolis hosts the heavily guarded auction on the second floor for a group of iagos top customers now event security will keep a watchful eye on any suspicious activity but i trust your timeless look shall fit right in good luck 47 step right in sir enjoy Music i think i heard something suspicious ill take a closer look just leave right now come on give me a break hello okay really retention all security we have a code 17 i repeat we have a code 17 secure peacock and cobra over Music Music Music Applause Music Music well done 47 viktor navikov is next Music both targets are down great work now head towards an exit Music Applause Music how was moscow kamarov is gone i set him up as a language spy its quite the scandal at the fsb his death will not be investigated your turn very well the secrets of the global elite five years of work everything weve collected this thing makes wikileaks look like a gossip rag the pen beats the sword huh i have found that whoever wields the sword decides who holds the pen Music smile victor your reputation is safe now run along im sure you have pretty dresses to attend to victor good luck with the show i have a feeling its going to be the one you will be remembered for good morning 47 your destination is the coastal town of sapienza also known as the jewel of the amalfi coast your target is a former client of ours silvio caruso a brilliant but troubled bioengineer employed by the ether biotech corporation renowned for his early stem cell research caruso is now reportedly working on a far more disturbing project a dna specific virus able to infect anyone anywhere in the world imagine a bullet fired in any direction passing through countless bodies without inflicting harm invisible and undetectable until it strikes its target Music a world of armed terror assassins killing with impunity this is what awaits us unless caruso is stopped our client one of ethers major private stockholders wants the project cancelled on ethical grounds but without destroying the company in the process she has asked us to eliminate sylvia caruso and destroy the yet unfinished virus prototype you will also need to deal with carusos lab head francesca desantis a high level ether employee and cutthroat corporate climber who holds intimate knowledge of carusos research and could potentially carry on in his place this is no ordinary contract 47 carusos virus is a serious threat to our craft and trade not to mention our core ideals so failure is not an option ill leave you to prepare Music Music Applause so Music so the virus prototype will be close by look for some type of quarantine unit Music virus destroyed two targets remaining Music Applause Music Applause Music target down next up francesca desantis Music Music Music Music so so Music all objectives complete now head towards an exit Music ether security securities in the dark about the incident i feel the company knew about the virus not even the board must be selling at the lab i understand ill get to the bottom of this boss is unhappy i followed you from italy i guess when youre invisible you stop looking over your shoulder you did this iago exposed you i see i didnt have you lifting i just pulled some strings yeah youre mine how do you expect i play dirty thats how you defeat a stronger opponent you strike from behind now give me the key you have a family trust me if theres a weakness providence will find it ill take my chances the key Music fine wont do much good its funny cobb said the same thing thank you messenger dont i just killed you then were even good afternoon 47. your destination is marrakech morocco where civil riots are looming your targets are private banker klaus strandberg and army general reza zedan two of the conspirators in a sinister plot to overthrow moroccos fragile government strandberg a former bank ceo who stole billions of dollars worth of savings from the moroccan people was facing trial for investment fraud but early this morning a band of heavily armed mercenaries freed strandberg from his prison transport resulting in the death of several police officers stranbert now takes refuge at his native swedish consulate in front of which crowds of angry protesters have gathered demanding his hand over to moroccan authorities we believe general zaidan orchestrated strandbergs escape to infuriate the public and spark nationwide riots allowing zaidan to impose martial law operating out of a field hq at a nearby abandoned school he will no doubt use the riots to depict the rabbat government as weak and inept and persuade the general staff to support a fully-fledged military coup in the name of national security our client building contractor hamilton lowe who stands to lose a fortune in government contracts has hired us to prevent the coup detat to do so you need to paralyze zedans rebel forces and prevent the riots from escalating further hence the double contract this is quite the political powder cake 47 so be careful the fate of a nation is at stake i will leave you to prepare Music welcome hes a lunatic Applause i know i know Applause you made it most impressive 47. now to locate klaus strandberg Music so do we have an understanding yeah yeah sure of course is that Music reported the receptions Music next up raise as they down a terrible accident just occurred please be calm Music Music the alarm going off probably nothing better check it out anyway okay hello hello where did oh Applause Music Applause Music Applause hey sharp turns buddy huh hows your father doing well thanks for asking hes upstairs right now were Applause okay Applause Music Applause Music um Applause  __  Applause next Music both targets down now head towards an Music exit Applause Music hey how you doing Music compromise but i i dont understand there is no sign of forced entry no alarms nothing one of my people has gone missing in johannesburg a key bearer i wish id been informed still the system demands two keys and the rest are all accounted for except for really predecessors comp but his plane went down over the pacific it was an accident such was the conclusion at the time Music yes people die mr fannin happens all the time even to us it seems like a conspiracy probably isnt and yet the failed coup in morocco the ether virus someone knows about us there was a pattern and i failed to see it providence is under attack Music how much was that money some money mr fennen Music information on all of our assets and operatives like you take a trench director and make it a deep one because none of you are safe anymore Music good morning 47 your destination is the himapan luxury hotel resort on the chao praia river just outside bangkok your main target is jordan cross the lead singer of the class a renowned indie rock outfit recording their highly anticipated sophomore album but this millennial poster boy harbors a dark secret one year ago promising young actress hannah highmore fell to her death from crosses penthouse loft in dumbo new york according to the police miss highmores death was a tragic accident but her parents remain unconvinced they firmly believe that cross murdered hannah and only escaped justice due to the power and influence of his father billionaire media mogul thomas cross a secondary target ken morgan corporate fixer and attorney to the cross family is also staying at the hotel cunning and unscrupulous morgan was a key agent in the cover-up of hannah highmores murder and jordan crosss subsequent acquittal the highmores understandably retribution and while the system may be powerless ica is anything but i will leave you to prepare Music Music oh shoot help somebody help me Music Music target down next up ken morgan Music uh central im on the roof now and we missed him hes long gone over okay ill proceed to the new location out okay hes only one of the most awesome drummers on the news both targets down now head towards an exit Music negatory okay Music so hmm Music the body of billionaire media mobile thomas cross was discovered early this evening slain by multiple gunshot wounds cross was Music Music is Applause Music this was no coincidence not by a long shot thomas cross had billions in hidden offshore accounts all stripped clean within hours of the kidnapping someone wanted the sun dead to lure out the father someone smart enough to stay in the shadows while we did the wet work and the highmores picked up the check a shadow client someone got rich the contract was just that was a sound problem i know you dont care about politics 47 but ica is neutral or his husband cant allow ourselves to be manipulated besides its happened before italy morocco paris all our clients got their intel the same way anonymous tips from a hidden source each contract perfectly legit yet part of a grander design i dont see the pattern somebody does the board has asked us to chase down this shadow client and our analysts are closing in as we speak i know that tone Music someones playing a game 47 the question is the games two Music good morning 47 we have a lead on the shadow client ica white hats have traced the anonymous data received by our clients to one olivia hall brilliant young hacktivist and suspect in a dozen cases of cyber vandalism using onion rooting with state-of-the-art encryption hall went to a lot of trouble to stay untraceable she is good but we are better her digital trail has led us to a remote farm in colorado where satellite footage has revealed what appears to be the training camp for a private militia led by an already registered target sean rose australian environmental terrorist and explosives expert wanted for a series of public bombings rose was spotted near the scene of thomas crosss kidnapping which makes him our prime suspect for the shadow climate spurred by eric soders the ica board of directors has asked us to infiltrate the farm and eliminate sean rose along with three other prominent militia members ezra berg a retired mossad interrogator penelope graves former interpol anti-terror analyst and finally maya parvati former assassin and gun runner for the tamil tigers ill be honest with you 47 i consider eric sodas reasoning hasty and ill-advised now we cannot go against the wishes of the board but we can conduct our own investigation whether a direct threat to the ica or not we need to know the shadow clients true agenda i will leave you to prepare Music so Music Music oh Music Applause Music so Music Applause ezra berg has been eliminated good work 47 Music sean rose confirmed down nicely down 47. thats a pretty big explosion Music Music so Music so uh is down good work um okay listen guys i appreciate your dedication alone ive got to focus Applause okay so Music graves is down excellent work Music Music come on come in you copy yeah im here now no nothing its quiet come on i have nothing to report from my current location Music Applause jug hey you you right hey wake up Applause yeah we need some security and paramedics here i dont know its a mess looks like some kind of accident but i dont know yet Music Music Applause Music rosies gone it was me wasnt it they tracked me i dont believe it i took every precaution rose knew the risks they all do you did well olivia i am proud of you now listen the ica knows about you they kept you alive because they needed you and now they dont we wont talk again not until the storm is over i dont like it this man nobodys capable of you need to end this now i ran away as a boy my friend and i away from that place we came upon a small farming community the people were poor but this woman she took us in we were awakened the next morning by the shots a dozen people lay face down in the snow our warden didnt like to leave witnesses they shot the woman and her family last they made sure that we watched the whole thing this is your gift the warden told us your gift and your curse Music touching lives only by ending them you know him better than anyone good morning 47. the board has sanctioned eric soders for termination after colorado we did some digging into sodas private affairs and discovered that he has been fast-tracked for critical heart surgery at the hyper-exclusive gama private hospital in hokkaido japan such a display of power has providence written all over it sodas who suffers from a rare condition known as situs inversus where his internal organs are reversed desperately needs a right-sided heart transplant and has clearly betrayed the ica to get it he was admitted last night and is currently being prepped for a three-day surgery we have booked you into gama under the usual guise of tobias reaper corporate shark here for a standard medical checkup as such you will need to play it by ear and procure whatever tools you need to complete the mission you also need to eliminate yuki yamazaki a tokyo lawyer who works for providence sodas has already given yamazaki access to our client records and has agreed to provide a full list of active ica operatives host operation this transaction cannot be allowed to happen saudis must pay for his treachery and his insidious employers must be taught a lesson ica sovereignty is at stake powerful as providence may be we need to draw a line in the sand i will leave you to prepare as part of the service Music good evening Applause target down now its time for sodas to retire hey all right Music thats both targets down time to find an exit were done here Applause Music Music miss burnwood thats not what my ticket says Music we received your message loud and clear i might add honestly you could have just sacked the poor guy Music i didnt catch your name no you didnt therell be no retaliation not for sodors nor any other recent fiascos someones been meddling in our affairs killing our operatives and making the ice look like fools i think you got close to that someone closer than weve ever been thats why were hiring you to take him down i dont think so dont rattle our cages miss burnwood you really have no idea you spy on us bribe our people and you have the call to demand our help now cant trust it even so weve been around for a long long time i think we could help each other Music some 20 years ago your agency took in a young man with no past and extraordinary skills in his own special way he cares about you and vice versa and ever since that time youve never stopped wondering where he came from and who made him what he is there was a doctor some depraved experiment but hes gone now now if you believe the questions died with him we have nothing further to discuss Music if not as i said i think we could help each other partners then cheer up miss burnwood we we are the lesser evil this terrorist he wants nothing but chaos hes only a terrorist if you win miss birdwood we won a long time ago this this is maintenance Music Music the story so far agent 47 and his handler diana burnwood are the worlds top assassins working for the ica when all of their recent missions turn out to be contracts for a shadow client things take an unexpected turn all their targets have been operatives in an invisible organization known as providence providence has infiltrated the highest echelons of power and secretly owns our world the shadow client wages a silent war against them and so the constant providences enigmatic controller seeks diana out his request track down and eliminate the shadow client in return he offers something irresistible the truth of 47s lost origins neither know that the man they hunt is 47s childhood friend and unlike 47 he remembers everything Music Music at the location no hostile presence understood alma rayners house is just up the beach our intel indicates that she and her team are laying low most likely planning the militias next strike reynard is one of the shadow clans top lieutenants and yet shes not a target not yet anyway shes no doubt high on our clients list but for now its information we seek infiltrate the house and get us a lead on the shadow client up for some b e 47. on my way Music in a press conference earlier today montreal here we go who for the office computer no doubt nicely done 47 getting caught on tape is the last thing we need im in hurry im detecting movement up the road a motorcade possibly reynards uploading the data hold on receiving it now hmm nothing on the shadow client or the other cells no names no aliases i doubt she even knows whom shes working for wait heres something a message from robert knox of cromstead industries and by the sound of it hes a providence operative a defector well well well client wont like this one bit and you cant wait to tell them theyre back multiple hostiles were going to get go to stage 247 eliminate reynard and preferably without raising suspicion one step ahead of the shadow client for once lets keep it that way Music oh i thought this night would never end what a snob fest and i even missed out on the action im sorry you had to endure all that free champagne and cello music orson what can i say you really took one for the team well i say stick to what you know in panama of the legendary gang of thieves known as the yardbirds Music never mind spectacular russia germany Music now get off the property Music the mercs have discovered your boat 47 theyre on high alert combing the beach for intruders proceed with caution Music around i suggest you cause distraction 47 and make it the loud one Music um Music Applause Music well its official new zealand paid off the client has given us carte blanche hunt down the militia by any means necessary a week ago providence was a threat how did you swing the board the board of practical people 47 a blank check is hard to turn down besides the shadow clients war on providence is causing a global panic someone will need to stop the militia might as well be us and the man on the train you never told them about his offer taking a contract for personal gain is against ica regulations sodas would have been proud its not a sense of humor 47 whatever next crying at the movies why are you doing this i know what its like to have everything taken from you he claims to know about your past your childhood your memories everything ought maya stole from you and you trust him about as far as i can throw him but this is our best lead in 20 years i say its time we break a few rules Music good afternoon 47 your destination is the annual global innovation motor race in miami florida after analyzing the data from reynards computer the case is clear the providence defectors are robert and sierra knox head of robotics developer kronstadt industries a visionary inventor and technological innovator robert knox has spearheaded cronstadt industries to the bleeding edge of technological development his equally brilliant daughter sierra is not only a financial wizard but also a fiercely competitive race car driver with a fiery temper to match kronstadt enjoys enormous popularity with global consumers however few are aware that the company is also one of the worlds leading suppliers of next-gen military tech last year despotic ruler jin employed prototype cronstat drones against peaceful civilian protesters in the now infamous tanyan valley incident and although it has yet to be proven there is little doubt that the knoxs personally broken the deal making them complicit in a war crime it is unclear why the knoxes would betray their masters but likely the fear of being next on the shadow clients hit list has pressured them to cut a deal with the enemy undoubtedly with cromstat industries on their side the militia will increase their attacks tenfold and so our contract obligates us to retire robert and sierra knox and contain the damage they may inflict on providence i will leave you to prepare Music welcome to miami 47 the innovation race is on its last day and it is down to the wire thousands of eager fans are gathered for the final laps of this unexpectedly close race sierra knox is expertly piloting her red kronstadt car her father robert knox roams the nearby expo building where kronstadt is showcasing its new prototype car the kronstadt rk mark iii has seen fierce competition from the chinese cowoon heavy industries new racer moses lee ceo of kowloon has taken a dominant lead and looks invincible sierra knox will need to risk it all if she wants to win for the third year the stakes are as high Applause Music Applause Music okay im calling for help Music Music so target down next up Music look out for the fireworks moses lee will take the podium in a few moments make sure you have a great view of the celebrations from the stands Music both targets down down 47. head for an exit and well speak again Music soon guardians Music Music Music berlin shanghai montreal were bleeding operatives panic is spreading and now we are axing our own knox was a traitor he would have caused informative damage and he wont be the last this is exactly what the enemy wants we need to fight the sickness not the symptom and i have just the tool for the job right the burnwood woman eric soders warned you about her didnt he the crusader i can handle miss burnwood everyone hates power until you offer them some and you want to know ica speaks the enemys language we need them and once we dont well cross that bridge when we get there fact remains we are shadow boxing we need to know who we are up against i was getting to that his name is lucas gray the late mr cobbs head of security cobb was ground zero first of our operatives to die it had to be one of his staff someone with military training and access to the plane grasping at straws gray is a mercenary a veteran of every backwater tragedy youve ever ignored on the five oclock news chechnya sierra leone the list goes on but before 89 nothing no records of any kind ah come on cia kgb plenty of spies went dark after the curtain was lifted i cast a very wide net lucas gray simply does not exist Music if youre all quite done wetting yourselves with excitement i couldnt give two shits where he came from i only want to know one thing how does he know about us i swear to god this hearts and flowers crap will get us both killed cant you see your soul called friend is working for them now hes not the man you knew this is his fight too olivia even if he doesnt realize it like it or not 47 is our last and only lead on the partners he needs to remember hes coming for us and unlike you he wont hesitate just get me inside rika i need a favor good morning 47 our providence contact has shared the identity of the shadow client a former mercenary and bodyguard by the name of lucas gray his past is a black void but our analysts are digging deep meanwhile weve had a breakthrough of our own comparing the malicious attack patterns with global shipping and transportation routes weve figured out how mr grey and his paramilitaries move around the world undetected theyre using the distribution network of the delgado cartel colombias biggest drug manufacturer clearly grey must have struck a deal with the delgados consequently if we can  __  the cartel we can severely limit the malicious strike range but to do so we need to slay a three-headed serpent sociopathic cartel head rico delgado and his two closest lieutenants pr guru andrea martinez and cervon chemist jorge franco with equal parts guts and guile rico delgado runs a thriving billion dollar criminal empire the word is the brutal and volatile cartel head is hell-bent on becoming the number one drug lord in the world to achieve this martinez a childhood friend of delgados has been buttering up state leaders and decision makers paving the way for an expansion of the delgado logistics network while the brilliant but aloof and anti-social franco has been hard at work developing a new type of super cocaine so three of colombias most infamous crime lords inhabiting a decidedly hostile environment i will leave you to prepare Music Music Applause look at that did you see the poster rico delgado coming down to us Music sure i went to the bar last night and the band were really good both with the music Music Music i mean i keep seeing them skating around Music nice sake Music yes Music Applause franco confirmed down nice work Music Music hmm Music beatrice Music Music yes Music Music Music rico delgado has been eliminated nicely done Applause uh Music all targets neutralized this should parallel Music mission status columbia assignment successful tactical targets neutralized militia transport network disabled location of primary target unknown team chasing several leads and message encrypted send Applause im not as strong as you they have to pay for what they did it needs to stop you need to stop if my source checks out we can prove the board knew about the chemical leaks well have grounds for a retrial it wont make a difference theyre too powerful and not the devil nancy just the company theyre not above the law dont you see this is bigger than james those bastards killed 80 people and they got away with it think about what that means no ones untouchable no ones untouchable diana coming Music Applause um Music Music we got what we came from move out Music good evening 47 the militia has released a hostage tape outing the existence of providence to the world this was a fatal mistake and our analysts are tracing its origin as we speak in the meantime we have a lead on lucas greys top lieutenant turns out the delgado cartels counterfeiting unit was creating fake ids for the militia and one operative in particular stands out wazir khalid an infamous south china sea pirate better known by his nom de guerre the millstrom the maelstrom and his cutthroat band of outlaws were the scourge of the shipping industry in the post-recession years but his reign of terror came to an end with the disastrous 2014 hijacking of the supertanker francis king chinese elite forces stormed the ship resulting in the deaths of a dozen sailors and most of the maelstroms crew but kalei slipped away unseen the maelstroms connection to grey is unknown but we believe it was he who carried out the audacious killing of a providence ceo in shanghai along with two reactivated members of his old pirate game kanye shaw a shady figure in mumbais criminal underworld and darwid rangan the gangs old cashier turned dodgy movie producer shaw rengan and the maelstrom form lucas greys eastern cell they are a cracked strike team and stopping them as our clients most pressing concern unfortunately the elusive maelstrom appears to have vanished into the seedy underbelly of mumbai the cradle of his criminal legend and no one knows his whereabouts or what he currently looks like so a bandit queen a showbiz charlatan and one certifiable ghost i shall leave you to prepare Music Applause Music Music 47 our intel suggests the maelstrom is hiding somewhere in the city slums ive marked the headquarters of the crows on your map  __  that spot that caused a pillar of purple smoke to rise above the slums lets see what happens next 47. 47 shaw and rangan are both on the move i think theyre heading for the beach area near the slums 47 that man you just eliminated that was the maelstrom well done no rest for the wicked however on to the next one its me self-appointed queen of the mumbai slums are they aware is and darwood rangan both confirmed killed very nicely done mission completed time to find an exit Music Music according to records this was a youth correctional facility until 1962 when the estate was overtaken by an obscure soviet research fund the institute for human betterment looks deserted the place was abandoned after a fire in 89 then only a few weeks ago it was acquired by an anonymous investor using cryptocurrency it has to be lucas grey hes here be careful 47 the bread crumbs were almost too easy to follow it could be a trap Music not a trap an invitation Music you came home i knew you would youve come a long way 47 and even now you dont remember this place this was our prism where father trained us shaped us into killers for providence you dont remember they ripped it out of you wiped it away but i do i remember everything youre a terrorist with nothing to lose youd say anything Applause i know its difficult you never miss your mark or question your function but we made a pact you and i do this we both lose there was an incident that boy he died he lived because of you dont you remember his name you know this deep down you know what was his name subject six your name is subject six and what is our purpose to take them all down we were gonna tear it all down the institute providence everyone whod ever hurt us we failed the partners grew paranoid made sure that ortmires children would never challenge them again im the only one who got away unchanged the only one left to remembers maya was providence everything he did to us everything he made us do it all leads back to them im breaking more rules than i care to count mr gray whats your play the partners hide behind a cloak of anonymity only one man knows their true identities your client the top controller the one they call the constant he is the key but he is untraceable so what am i missing a man would come to the institute a man with a providence pin the first constant if we find him if hes still alive hes our way in you dont know who he is but 47 does thats what this reunion is all about show them youre just gonna hand it over our one bargaining chip olivia fine 47s memory was erased irreversibly at the time but after ortmires death his estate was acquired by the ether corporation and they made an antidote its a long shot i know this is not how it works we dont just join the revolution ica is neutral we dont take science i hate to break it to you lady but neutrality is a side its the side of the status quo people have died civilians you align yourself with terrorists murderers sometimes even monsters serve a purpose look enough you have a choice but i made mine a long time ago i will finish what i started Applause Music Applause subject 47 most gifted of all my boys so youre the pick of the litter tell me about the incident the subject ran away he and another boy the instigator was punished accordingly as were all the neighbors my men did what needed to be done Music it wont happen again bring your house in order doctor you wont like the alternative i remember who he is gentlemen lets go over the plan the first constant is none other than janus the legendary cold war spy master a kgb senior officer and head of the six column special branch at lubianca janus is a certified genius and expert of counterintelligence he retired from the kgb in 1988 when he fell out of favor with the kremlin and affected to the us shortly after the soviet union collapsed now it is unclear when jaina stepped down as the constant but since 2004 he has been a resident of a quiet community in suburban vermont mr gray right so heres the catch as an elite kgb agent janus was trained to withstand interrogation and torture no amount of pressure will force him to disclose information he doesnt want to instead we will need to search his home for clues but if providence learns of our presence the game is up so we frame janus make providence think he was the real shadow plant correct i will file a false ica report claiming to have traced a number of calls from januss house to the institute in romania the case would seem clear mr gray was only a figurehead janus was pulling the strings all along and by eliminating him we will have neutralized the militia once and for all however for this subterfuge to work youll also need to deal with januss security detail a providence herald and former secret service agent by the name of nolan cassidy intel describes him as diligent and inquisitive and we cannot risk that he contradicts our story to his employer seems workable i certainly hope so everything depends on this next move 47. you made this our fight now lets even the playing field Music Music Music Music Music finally an end to janus death feels like an easy way out for a man like him still we are close now 47. hmm a letter from janus to someone called zoe it looks like a draft and is full of explicit descriptions of how unhappy janus is with zoe and his sister having been appointed chairwoman of the art society ive heard that name before this is a good find and that is nolan cassidy taken care of both targets are confirmed killed janus is apparently engaged in a civil lawsuit with another resident of whittleton creek james batty the plaintiff wants janus to stop his annual landing of a helicopter near the local creek batty claims it interrupts the nesting birds and a species of frog that has been declared endangered must be a very important trip given his poor health a cigar box with a few cigars and a note inside well this is very interesting the note indicates that the box was given to janus by the constant as per tradition he writes 47 this could mean the constant and janus meet up on a regular basis excellent find Music the ark society one of providences more obscure outfits ive heard whispers a survivalist club for the global elite billionaires preparing for a global collapse and now we know the constant will attend their next gathering so where is it thats the catch the report is redacted no names no location so its a dead end i cant track them not without ica backup now im no big shot analyst but it seems to me janus was the ark societys founder so chances are theyll want to pay their respects in private track the coffin worth a shot Music youre right it comes back in flashes fear anger but like it happened to someone else your gift and your curse what they did to you well i spent a long time feeling guilty about that now i wonder who got the better deal yes found something what are we looking at the ass end of nowhere but this is where januss remains were shipped to our choice for a final resting place wouldnt you say not bad so we stake it out away to the next gathering then we waltz in and kidnap one of the worlds most powerful men without ica backup like i said its a long shot well take it how did you not see this coming my god we came this close the old man could have buried us all our families do you think you feel more betrayed than i do get some perspective please janus is dead lucas gray is about to join him and a cornered animal is twice as dangerous lets be perfectly clear we were not exposed the threat is neutralized we are back on track even so from this point on we expect you to take no there is no way im doing that how can you question my loyalty in case treachery is contagious do you really want to do this to me is there a problem secretary no problem whatsoever madame heres to loyalty Music my man on the island confirms that the constant has arrived we head out at sunder here in case the crew get ideas why are you doing this mr gray you had a chance to walk away why didnt you a year ago im working security for this banker cobb only to find out hes a providence operative id been running for decades only to wind up where i started weve all got barcodes on the back of our heads most people just never notice 47 told me about your parents how did they die Music car bomb sorry 1989 company named blue seed didnt care to pay for their mistakes but i like to think no ones untouchable im im sorry for your loss you feel it dont you unlike him you feel it all everything youve done its a dangerous thing having a conscience Music attention gentlemen our source on the island just made a critical discovery the constant has a poison chip embedded in his neck a fail safe in case hes compromised damn it we should have expected something like this so we subdue the constant before he has time to react not that simple the device is remote triggered and during his stay on the island two kill switches have been entrusted to twin sisters zoe and sophia washington two young ambitious providence operatives and newly appointed chairwomen of the ark society apparently even the constant is unaware of this arrangement right change of plans we divide and conquer 47 takes out the washingtons while i figure out a way to get the constant off the island itll be tight but once were back at the ship we should be able to surgically remove the chip before the partners have time to react 47 tell me about the targets i know them from the archive zoe and sophias father is president of a powerful conservative think tank one of providences prime assets the apples dont fall far from the tree no saints either according to ica files the twins are pampered socialites who get their kicks from treasure hunting commanding a band of trigger-happy mercenaries zoe and sophia prowl the world and search for ancient relics with little regard for local culture or even human life they stop at nothing to claim their primes well collateral damage they may be but safe to say they have coming Music Applause Music Music Applause Music one target down nice work next up its the annual phoenix server symbolizing the collapse of civilization what Music Music both targets down impressive work 47 and now to confront the constant mr gray whats your status im at the helicopter but the place is crawling with security 47 you better bring the constant to the harbour where its less crowded you can hijack one of the archaean boats question is how hes not likely to come quietly unless you get your hands on a kill switch yes that might just work search one of the twins Music im kidding places Music Applause Music Music Music mr edwards still think this is maintenance oh miss burnwood what have you done changing horses midstream truly unprofessional you know what we want where is the carrot no carrots youre useless to the partners even if we let you live you can never return why die protecting them when i can drag them down with me its a bad hand but its all youve got three families thats all it took the ingrams the carlyles the stuyvesants three dynasties secretly pooling their resources over generations creating a singularity so dense that nothing escapes its gravity never heard of them well theyve heard of you in fact you just became the top of their agenda go we cant give them time to retaliate dont take your eyes off him be careful well here we are again i must admit i am disappointed miss burnwood i had such big plans for you save it i know the truth now youre outplayed you have nothing left to bargain with youre so certain so sure of the people closest to you he never fails does he he never misses his mark you found a window into his past and yet something else remains hidden a simple truth you learned long ago diana no one miss burnwood is untouchable Music Music three families thats all it took the ingrams the carlisles the stuyvesants tell us everything about them the ivory towers are about to fall and when were done lets cross that ridge when we get to it for now the partners are all that matter theres an issue of course there is olivias track the names mentioned by the constant and their dead ends how dare obituaries for all three have appeared online accidental death heart failure lung cancer theyre covering their tracks faster than i thought a contingency plan of sorts the constant wasnt aware of it seems they didnt tell him everything after all something this big will leave traces behind the constant says to follow the money milton fitzpatrick the investment bank its a key providence asset which you worked for the director of the new york branch is a providence operative its our best bet as a way in ill tell the pilot to turn the plane around right gentlemen heres what weve come up with the partners are transitioning between identities but everything is so recent the milton fitzpatrick bank records will still be intact weve confirmed that the partners have active accounts there however the banks records are remotely updated on a frequent basis we may only have hours before any leads that can get us the new identities of the partners are gone forever the data we need can be obtained in two ways the banks data core can be accessed through the basement vault but getting inside the vault could be challenging alternatively bank director athena sovalus head of security matteo perez and head of accounts fabian mann each carry a partial backup drive with data well need all three drives to get the full data now we cannot risk the partners discovering the data breach eliminating the banks director athena savalas would sever the last remaining providence tied to the bank and keep our activities hidden okay one more time we break into the vault extract the hard drive rack and eliminate the director on the way out we you good luck 47 Applause Music oh my goodness the first backup data is secured two more to locate it went really well i think Music well so are we just supposed to let anyone from i.t in there thats right how crap this old building is wireless now the director hates seeing cables anywhere oh she had a router installed in her office but died too long hence the need for it to drop by every now and again got it second backup data disk is secured just one to go 47. how may i help you she is not available that is athena civales billionaire banker providence herald and bain of the middle class Music thats the last objective completed exfiltrate the bank 47. miss hall will want to have a close look at that data director eliminated good work 47 Music Music Music olivia has found something interesting ill tell you on the way where are we going to paradise 47. Music Music so this is paradise if you can afford gentlemen glad to hear you made it out of new york where are we olivia decrypted the data 47 recovered from the bank we isolated three transactions from providence partner accounts all made out to have a small corporation operating out of the maldives what does haven do to the public they specialize in reputation management for the rich and famous the real money however comes from the covert reconstruction of identities for wealthy criminals they make people disappear the partners are using haven to acquire new identities yes olivias been attempting to hack the haven servers but the owners of haven are manually resetting the access keys every 10 hours that unfortunately makes them targets haven island is a true tropical paradise owned by the companys founder tyson williams the island is used by haven as a combined headquarters and client entertainment center current and potential clients are ferry to the island and treated to the very best the maldives have to offer michelin star chefs a full massage spa private huts exercise facilities and all the comforts of a luxury island resort are made available to them 47 well be sending you in as a potential new client weve put together a convincing cover story youre mr reaper a thief for hire looking to disappear for a while your mission on the island is simple you need to eliminate the three owners of haven tyson williams founder and rumored tyrannical ceo of haven ludmila vetrova a former confidence artist hired by williams to serve as a client recruiter and handler and stephen bradley technical wizard and the brains behind havens proprietary software platform with the owners gone olivia will be able to penetrate the haven service long enough for her to secure the new partner identities ive uploaded all the information we have on the island and the three targets best of luck gentlemen i dont rely on luck well a little Music Applause Music i mean Music Music numbers Music Music so server integrity compromised attention required server integrity compromise attention required server integrity compromised attention required Music administrators for manual reset Music system administrator Music okay administrator bradley enroute system administrator t williams Music system administrators system administrator bradley enroute system administrator ralph system administrator s bradley bye system administrator t brilliant system administrators system administrator t williamson Music system administrator around Music administrator t williams arrived system administrator route system administrator alpha trevor two targets remaining just one more target to go so thats stephen bradley taken care of well done tyson williams eliminated excellent work 47 thats all we need to do from here miss hall should be able to extract the information needed from the haven servers good work 47 Music so Applause Music so Music how was your time in paradise productive right we should hear from the others soon were in whatever your robot did back on the island it worked lets see yeah here we are you found them yeah right here but no wait a minute somethings off see here all those controlling shares those are basically the backbone of the providence empire but but theyre not going to the new partner identities what do you mean i mean theyre allocated to someone else everything is the partners are left with no real control who is arthur edwards the constant Music message from olivia everythings going to plan we know where the partners are we have our targets youre almost there old friend feels good doesnt it we should head out before the storm hits time to fulfill our purpose 47 to take them all down look closer in the shadows behind the everyday world beyond the headlines and the seats of power a hidden hand a kind of company known as Applause providence to it we were just assets to use and throw away to do the unthinkable the unforgivable and it never gave us a second thought until now after decades in the shadows we are fighting back me and 47 much has been lost but we are closer than ever we trapped the constant providences chief controller and finally learnt the names of its three partners in their downfall and lay the past to rest and just maybe look towards the future its time Music the partners are down there you know i never planned this fire you never do i see someone got his memory back wait is that a beacon helicopter just took off confirmed target locations over diana thats the status right we have a situation carlisle has left the building and i think i know why the constant has escaped he persuaded one of the sailors into setting him free and since then hes been seizing control of providence assets and resources i can only assume carlisle is rushing to contain the damage if she slips away again well keep track of her make sure she doesnt meanwhile the plan stays the same your destination is the scepter the worlds tallest building where the partners are laying low courtesy of their host sheikh omar al-ghazali marcus stuyvesant is fifth generation old money his family made its fortune in real estate and banking and where at one point the chief landowners in new york carl ingram is a powerful washington king maker whose family grew rich selling gunpowder during the american civil war and later established a globe-spanning empire in oil coal and steel both families long since retreated from public view but their quiet dominance endures to this day now the partners likely suspect that were coming so mr gray will infiltrate building controls and disable all electronic doors and elevators stuyvesant and ingram are about to find they have nowhere left to run right this is our moment 47 providence ruined our lives with the flick of a pen today we return the favor happy hunting Music so on behalf of his royal highness omar alcazar what welcome welcome hello can someone check that dream of mine out a great many years and as all of you know i am from one of the blessed yeah nothing here i dont really care remember to check his papers before you call me i dont want some snot-nosed newbie of course sir well let you know good and please when i come back no more excuses im a personal friend of his royal highness omar al-khazadi Music Music i just heard a weird noise so Music its interpreted is huh what the hell was that my name is soon there will be no more providence you need to find an exit our business is done here but its far from whats over Music Music if thats your winning face id hate to see you lose we underestimated the constant yeah hes a glorified desk cluck hes not just after the money he wants it all we caught him once we can do it again and well were not the ones who let him escape you still dont trust her i dont like executive decision makers look you dont have to follow her you know soon this will be over maybe its time to think about the future you have to face the possibility that theres no going back if the ica knows what you did shell make it right she always does we have a fix on carlisle come on weve got a plane to catch i hope you like the rain 47. Music how did you i have everyones number you really ought to know by now you planned this all of it dont be silly i just played the hand i was doubt well find you you had me whered that get you we handed you an empire its for the best the partners were complacent set in their ways but power is more than just security providence can be an agent of change surely you understand or you will soon enough she came home carlisles lust and empire you fall hard enough you tend to be reminded of what truly matters Music so the end of the line you ready for this are you who will you be without a score to settle i guess the worlds most wanted fugitive will have to do alexa carlyle is dead according to the funeral invitation that is so naturally it caused quite a stir when the late matriarch turned up at the breakfast table alive and kicking carlisle wisely sensing that a number is up has emerged from exile to tie up loose ends and secure the carlisle legacy she may be a monster but you have to admire her due diligence carlisle descends from an ancient line of warrior aristocrats her great-grandfather made a killing in the second opium war and established an empire in shipping railroads and newspaper publishing while largely unknown to the public the family still asserts its quiet dominance over global transport and logistics media and technology most senior of the partners alexa carlisle is cold as ice tough as nails and sharp as a razor incidentally it was her late father who first brought the three families together after the end of world war ii at this very house meaning that this gentleman is the birthplace of providence Music it began here and it ends here talk about poetic one more thing according to our intel carlisle keeps a case file on the constant information that may be helpful in his recapture so dont give the estate without it right happyhunting47 see you on the other side i have an appointment Music i with him so Music oh Music Music oh crap little dizzy here peculiar icons above the safe i wonder if there might be some sort of a code maybe have a look around the office 47 good work 47 thats the file on arthur edward secured time to take care of madame carlos Music mission completely trash hey look alive buddy  __  this just got serious have a description sorry i got no idea copy command still looking no sign of the purple Music Applause Music yes Music Applause Music wow Music Music Music 47 dont respond just listen diana cant help you now you need to find olivia she will know what to do i wish there had been more time Applause Music and then there were none thank you miss burnwood now its my turn Music stay down the bus wants you alive yeah how about now Music over here cover me Music walk away or what you gonna take us all on dont tell the constant to start running you think youve won 47 is out there and 47 never misses his mark neither do you miss burnwood thats what makes you valuable youre delusional you think i would betray 47 trust me you owe him nothing what is this i told you we could help each other and i meant it i look forward to your call Music gray is gone go to berlin and stay out of sight Music for all thats left now Music Laughter Music Music Applause Music weve been compromised abort and walk away now oh ica they tracked me dont know how its what they do how many one prime asset and a whole pack of up-and-comers theyve infiltrated the club searching for us christ i think i killed one of them get out now before they spot you no they found us once theyll find us again keep your head down ill take care of Music this hey you sorry sir i got orders cant let you through sorry yo bro do me a solid check that out will you of course so ancient times it yes im glad someone remembers me because im pretty sure your driver doesnt hes still not here come on im aware we got a poltergeist im the one out there starving you said he was just pulling up when when i called 10 minutes ago so which is it well he better be clear here bad idea so foreign on the western front agent tremaine so we need to figure out Music so come on Music oh we gotta find the park search the area okay i understand man yeah im here now its all clear over we have an idea on the suspect everything went so fast that i didnt get a good look at command areas all clear please advise over lets hold back but stay shot folks i got a feeling this aint over Music they got my message where are you diner off the main road on my way youre hurt you should see the other guy ive never killed nobody before what you did back there you really are all grace that youd be 47 he didnt suffer did he he made it count bruce but not broken its time we start afresh you and me get to the point you and your friends pulled off the impossible you stormed the heavens took down the untouchables and yet here we are status quo it just goes to show you cant fight power miss burnwood power never dies it only changes hands the best you can do is claim it i never cared about power power is a tool miss burnwood its the thing that gets you to the thing as the next constant you can be the agent of change transform the system from the inside will be transformed by it no risk no reward ill need to think about it no you wont the real question is what will you bring to the table Music look closer im telling you the file is trash the constant doesnt so much burn his bridges as blow them up arthur edwards whoever he was dont exist anymore his personal data somehow deletes itself from any system that records him way beyond advanced the partners spared no expense to make sure their controller would be untraceable how untraceable look i did what you asked but grays gone and i know diana im not who you need right now you gotta be kidding me ica i used every encryption known to man who are these guys the best its only a matter of time before they get lucky we need to take them down you and which army i know where the agency stores its files mission reports client data if we leak it to the public you want to whistle blow the ica its the path of least resistance turns out you are who i need right now olivia i do this and im out so what are we breaking into data facility in chunking china run by a man called hush of course the ica side in chongqing houses the agencys data storage and analyst division needless to say security is daunting the state-of-the-art server vault is biometrically wired to the facilities to overseers image imogen royce behavioral analysis pioneer and hush a data security guru with a taste for fringe transhuman experimentation tell me about hush a former cyber terrorist for the ministry of state security in kedan yang who fled his country after one of the po-regimes periodic purges he made a career doing cyber security for dark web deplorables human traffickers organ harvesters scum like him with no code or conscience ica sure can pick him no offense can you disable security a dual authentication protocol ensures that any handling of data must be directly authorized by hush and royce the proverbial human factor device make the system impenetrable luckily i found a loophole if both overseers should unexpectedly die within a short space of time the system reverts to a temporary felsafe protocol which i can bypass take them off the board and youll have free access to the data core and ill handle the rest and youre sure itll work look i know hush if im wrong we wont live long enough to regret it all right i will leave you to prepare Music Applause Music oh the man thought i heard something checking it out over hello that thing looks like a crashed drone i bet its connected to the facility why dont you scan it and ill see what i can find out Applause Music Music Music Music so Music Music oh Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music those targets in one go you are good my turn just give me a second and im in you can now access the core 47. Music so Music we turn now to the data leak bombshell causing shockwaves across the world the so-called ica files the disclosure you win so what happens now the balls in your court miss burnwood i do have other candidates you know most of whom have never tied me to a chair youve seen the news that was 47 acting on his own he is untethered he is unstoppable and he cannot be bargained with he will find you mr edwards and im the only chance youve got im listening 47 has one weakness me Music i found something buenos aires international airport this morning now watch this harolds trail ends at the airport but turns out that a top providence operative owns a vineyard in the area don yates of infamous new york law firm morgan yates and cohn and get this hosting his retirement party today shes infiltrated them shes sending a message she needs my help could it for me you dont know her anyway if youre going after her youll need to deal with the herald her names tamara vidal former cia asset and political firebrand shes a master of surveillance and the constants most trusted aid shell have eyes everywhere you wont get far as long as shes in the game why are you telling me this i thought you were out yeah old habits i guess anyway i i need to go see you around 47. no you wont Music okay  __  here we go checking it out thank you Music Music Music oh Applause Music so Music Music what oh Music i dare say congratulations ah yes think about it duval was kidnapped im wicked spot huh Music have a cigarette 47 Music its done now what now we strike at the heart and woods you know how to find him dont you why edwards finds you 47. he is untraceable and he never lets you forget it he is cocky and that will be his downfall whats the plan too many eyes meet me at the olive grove at sunset one last tango 47 Music Music how did you know your deal that kind of power always comes with a price whats yours i think you know i am sorry this is a necessary evil what have you done eat the brands neurotoxin transfers by touch see edwards learns by his mistakes 47 and as youve clearly demonstrated brute force is futile it had to be me it was the only way to get this class my family i know what you did after all these years i finally know i am sorry you didnt have a choice i did providence used you but im no better all i saw was a blank slate a weapon to wield i told myself it was what you needed but people arent meant to be controlled this is a kindness goodbye agent Applause Music are you still here Music still clinging on to your self-image agent 47 the apex predator always hiding behind the headlines was perfection its own justification or a willful distraction a wall built contract by contract to shield you from the uncomfortable truth youre exactly the tool they bred you to be quite a piece of work you are how could you possibly function on your own you never even had a name until i gave you one thats him burnwood never ceases to surprise me you really are a most singular individual and to think she wanted me to put you down lucky for you i never throw away anything useful prepare the serum forgettings not so bad youve done it before whats he doing is he still looking at us im afraid so poor sap just wont accept his days are done perhaps i should take him out to the woods and set him free oh its a classic it was a loyal tool but everything goes the way of the horse and cart eventually i couldnt agree more are you done the toxins are playing into your fears dont let them come on gotta get your head straight she wants me dead she has every right to after what we did but thats not what is really going on she chose power in the end she was just like them no she found a way to turn edwards own cleverness against him the rest is up to you i dont know how you do know diana once you dispose of edwards i will dismantle providence from the top down it will finally be over all you have to do is embrace the past Music so Music so Music we need to find a catchy name for it for when we go commercial i mean you figure this thing has commercial applications Music Music Music Music so Music huh Music Applause Music where are we supposed to be exactly ukraine Music so Music so Music Applause so Applause Music be ready Music Applause Music Applause Music so Music Applause Applause Applause Music so Music so Music Music i like the sound of that hello i am getting strangely excited Music Music thought i heard something Music Music oh  __  my eyes Music Applause Music i dont suppose theres any point calling for help no seems i brought this up myself well played miss burntwood do you really think shell be able to resist all that power this is not how people work she rejects the power not the responsibility Music but please join me in the real world i trust you already know what this is why not simply take it embrace who you are always meant to be no never again i had to dry go on there do your thing Music Music Music Music Music Music Applause Music Music the string of resignations at the top level of international finance continues as milton fitzpatricks ceo alexander fanon joins the president of hamzen oil down its been a long time agent 47 thats not who i am anymore the pact is done the past death and yet here you are i choose this path because i can there will always be people like them so there will always be people like us no one is untouchable its good to be back you top steam vr games 2022 The entire HITMAN World of Assassination Trilogy on master difficulty, silent assassin suit only with cutscenes.Timestamps (Thanks to Tony Stark in the comment): 00:00 The Showstopper (Paris, France) 07:44 World of Tomorrow (Sapienza, Italy) 17:18 A Gilded Cage (Marrakesh, Morocco) 29:59 Club 27 (Bangkok, Thailand) 37:20 Freedom Fighters (Colorado, USA) 49:14 Situs Inversus (Hokkaido, Japan) 56:29 Nightcall (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand) 1:07:39 The Finish Line (Miami, USA) 1:17:56 Three-Headed Serpent (Santa Fortuna, Colombia) 1:28:33 Chasing a Ghost (Mumbai, India) 1:42:44 Another Life (Whittleton Creek, USA) 1:53:16 The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail, North Atlantic) 2:02:00 Golden Handshake (New York, USA) 2:09:48 The Last Resort (Haven Island, Maldives) 2:22:17 On Top of the World (Dubai, UAE) 2:33:11 Death in the Family (Dartmoor, England) 2:43:09 Apex Predator (Berlin, Germany) 2:54:35 End of an Era (Chongqing, China) 3:04:00 The Farewell (Mendoza, Argentina) 3:12:09 Untouchable (Carpathian Mountains, Romania) Subscribe for more videos: Follow me on Twitter: Twitch: #WorldofAssassination #Hitman #SilentAssassin steam games on your phone oculus quest steam vr games card steam games best mac games on steam free average steam download speed