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Madden on steam decksteam client HITMAN 3 game i love this game because you have like 10 different ways of doing a kill you got to wait for certain rotations characters to do certain rotations follow them to different places game takes a little bit of patience i always love that see my attention span is way too short im just like dude why do i break Music whats going on everybody we are super happy to be back one more time for yall today were going to be reviewing hitman 3. i am cameron path im a former army ranger at a second range of talent out of fort lewis and my handsome friend over here is israel right green beret stationed out of fort lewis washington as well and im very excited to be here with all you again hitman series bald heads and barcodes lets get into it im super excited you know im actually kind of excited to be looking at this because i watched the hitman movie now thats on netflix which one thats a question yeah which one theres multiple hitman movies theres two hitman movies there was the bad one and the worst one oh hey agent 47 just dont care who says that he didnt have any weapons yeah just straight deck that chick in the face welcome to 2021 equal rights equal fights agent 47 is the master of using his environment to his advantage thats always the fun part of these games is trying to use creative environmental ways out of the ordinary ways of killing your target anybody can just walk up and shoot somebody i mean come on oh man theyre his nipples hard right now i feel like the chokehold the behind the back choco is like universal ubiquitous throughout all sneaking games oh hes using a propane tank as a suppressor oh weird the first time i saw that was in walking dead it wasnt a propane tank they used a maglite flashlight as a suppressor on one of their guns oh wow you can do that though thats a thats not outside their own possibility you can buy adapters for like a 22 rifle that allows you to attach propane canister to it and use it as a cam probably wear out pretty quickly not yet for a lot of shots so brutal a rusty screwdriver i like how its just rusty screwdriver not screwdriver nobody notices oh youre both guys agent 47 master of disguise classic a little magic trick making it disappear insert arnold schwarzenegger one liner stick around wonder what happened if you scan the qr code on his back what kind of coupon would you get probably like a two-for-one assassination deal classic dying pose sneaking in the back with the briefcase the briefcase i love this game because you have like 10 different ways of doing a kill you know suit and tie not really the most preferred not the most mobile outfit yeah for clandestine operations not a lot of room in the crotch for crouching i was shooting tripod thats cool i can think of very few scenarios and stuff that i did where that would be necessary to like throw a coin and get somebody looking the other way id throw a flashbang just take everybody out that would get everybody well and truly distracted you know whoa the hammer this must be directed by nicholas reading weapons i love the physics engine you see that back splat they did like the back flip definitely oh hes still good what are you doing what are you thats cruel hes dead no no theyre dead until you come upon them so good for you hitman okay way to be sure way to be thorough hanging out in the lilacs like you do hes like huh is this a homeless person well i have to thoroughly investigate this little noise i saw even though i saw somebody walking away how many pockets do you think this suit and tie has 38 38 pockets i checked man hes not even like getting a disguise going or anything like that hes just going straight for the sniper hes not afraid to be himself let me pay my respects to the bride surprise  __  a little dart and dragon put him in the club by the leg i love it so disrespectful 1847 dont even care what are you doing with that guard in there dont dont come in ocupado he always shoots him in the lat is that like his thing theres a high blood flow area in the lat you ask that doctor hell tell you youre gonna find like a good vantage point hes gonna put it on his back in the middle of this winery party you wont notice the really shiny bald headed man with sniper rifle attached to his back with no means of attaching it oh hes going to just swag this lady in the ring oh okay well maybe not love the breath you know the rising and following of the breathing thats gonna happen oh lady target thats gonna leave a stain on the dress we aint gonna be able to return that to nordstrom rack oh dragon by the leg so dignified oh throw her over yeah Music standard infiltration method and uh going by halo was fun if there was the funnest thing i ever did in the military sure dude im jelly i would love to go to halo school but they dont accept walk-ons yeah very cool the higher up you get the colder it is i remember that highest jump i did a guy could have been like 24 000 feet pre-breathed oxygen oh look at the helicopter for half an hour and then it took us like three and a half four minutes after we jump out to actually get to the ground yeah its super cold up there real air built in you know you know its funny i would jump out of an airplane with nothing but a parachute trapped in my back no problem this gives me the heavy duties on the side of like a building or a cliff i cant do it i hate heights im gonna have no problem jumping out of a plane its weird this is something ive always loved about the hitman series is all the exotic locales that they come up with for you to infiltrate super cool a little bit of die-hard action the blueberry special restaurant forces um so we just wait for these guys to get their pop and scoot out or what i love about these games is its not about like going in guns and blazing you gotta wait you gotta wait for certain rotations characters to do certain rotations follow them to different places game takes a little bit of patience i always love that see my attention span is way too short im just like dude like where do i break give me that red wrench oh yes always by the leg too 847 just dont care no put them in the dumpster oh with the flyers nobody they just dont know theres something hes just been drinking a little too much so its bothering my friend hes dead tired hes gonna go dick this chick in the face too you know what hes an equal opportunity offender oh hes smoking its no smoking area way to go that guy deserves to die yeah i love it a little bit of mission impossible action agent 47 has no fear terrorists just got to stop building their buildings with piping on the outside that way good guys cant come in there and climb up the piping yeah easy fix and no breaker boxes on the outside they have no easily clammable piping no exterior lighting to be shot out gotta learn from your mistake guys i like how he has like the actual camera is like an old tech nokia 40 camera that you can get from costco thats a paid sponsorship right there they didnt pay me say that but if they want to pay me to say that i would say it again oh the red brace now hes up a level this is a level of being elite red berets still not very skilled i mean hes got an ak with a suppressor oh hes got him by the arm this time what do you think about that yeah well thats a little bit better i mean he just tomahawk this guy with a toilet wrench what is it is that the games biggest fan ill leave ill leave theres the door oh the big screen you know youve made it when youre in dubai in a hotel you got a big screen that comes out of the floor you want to play a game one of you has a key surgically implanted in your nutsack the other one needs to take it out hes waiting just just sitting there twiddling his fingers hey also oh oh he died from the knee and the knee capping that wouldnt happen oh were tracking okay trapped it so actually when youre trying to shoot a moving target with a sniper rifle or any type of magnified optic you have two options that you can use you can use trapping or you can use tracing so basically trapping would be the target is moving this way and id hold my optic here i would wait for it to come to the perfect moment and then id engage or i could use tracing stay with the target lead it and then try it trappings a little bit more easier because theres less moving pieces but uh yeah theyre both methods of hidden moving targets nice oh that was wild you know its funny this game play he used a lot more of the shootie shooting method rather than the kind of creative kind of environmental kills which ive always been a fan of in the hitman series more fan of the movie than i am the gameplay here i definitely think im gonna have to try it because it was a little dry for me i mean i like big explosions i like big guns i like fast paced moving this is a little too slow for me but hey more reason to go and check it out for myself if you guys like videos like this go ahead and check out gameology on youtube and facebook and ladies and gentlemen i dont know if you noticed this amazing gear that i have on today that my friends is a kick t-shirt that is my personal brand it was made to support the city of los angeles so if you want to support a brand with a good cause go ahead and check it out also if you like twitch videos this van go ahead and hang out with me on slash my happy self well see you there i thought you got two weapons right here smith and wesson buddy lets go law and order oh ive always been a fan of the hitman somebodys driving hammer time famous steam games Spec-ops Cameron and Israel returns to Experts React to review Hitman 3.Israel is a fan of the creative stalking and killing approach of Agent 47 but Cameron is looking for a little more action. Israel fondly remembers his time jumping out of planes in the military and Cameron gives some tips on how best to snipe with an optic. HITMAN 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy and the culmination of a spy-thriller story that started in 2016. The entire trilogy can be played within HITMAN 3 and is the perfect time for new players to enter the critically acclaimed World of Assassination. It introduces new features, weapons and gameplay opportunities to make HITMAN 3 an incredible end to the trilogy. On top of their signature sandbox locations and unique puzzle gameplay, developpers added a new multi-function camera, new ways to interact with the world, a ‘persistent shortcuts’ system, new post-mission rankings, a unified progression system and a full-blown VR Mode. HITMAN 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy and takes players around the world on a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations. Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional for the most important contracts of his entire career. Supported by his Agency handler, Diana Burnwood, 47 joins forces with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey. Their ultimate mission is to eliminate the partners of Providence, a secret agency, but they are forced to adapt as their hunt intensifies. When the dust settles, 47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again. -------------------- Cameron Fath: His merch: Israel Wright: His twitch channel: -------------------- 0:00 Intro 0:21 Whats Up 0:46 Gameplay 1:39 Propane Suppressor 2:19 Stick Around 2:50 Suit up 4:09 In the Closet 4:50 Garden Sniping 5:21 Halo Jumping 7:13 Climbing 8:20 Jigsaw 8:03 The Games Biggest Fan 8:42 Sniping with Cameron 9:22 Conclusion -------------------- Check out some of our past videos! 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