HITMAN WORLD OF ASSASSINATION PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Hitman Freelancer)

Encased steamgog games steam link HITMAN 3 game so as Im recording this Hitman 3 is now called Hitman world of assassination Im gonna do a video whats gonna change today gotta say that this is a pretty massive update shout out to Iowa interactive for sponsoring this video by the way all right a little bit about this update so on January 26th Hitman 3 essentially became Hitman world of assassination which now includes content from one and two and if youre a new player youll only be able to purchase Hitman world of assassination instead of Hitman 3 going forward theyre also adding a brand new mode which Ill be playing in todays video the brand new modes called Hitman freelancer is actually now available for free if you own Hitman world of assassination or if you want to check it out yourself I havent linked through every top of the description just click that it should take you where you need to go this mode takes place after the trilogy so youre still playing as Agent 47 your goal is to eliminate crime syndicates by tracking down their leaders through missions and the way it progresses is youll earn XP and in-game currency by completing missions and optional objectives so you can purchase items from suppliers if you fell a mission to lose all the gear that you brought with you in half of your currency if you fell the final showdown the leader goes into hiding you gotta start all the way over which is like a roguelike experience essentially and you have a lot of being said lets go ahead and jump in I pretty sure like support I gotta say that I got like five extra PS5 copies I got a bunch of codes for it so if you had a chance to win youd like to me to leave a comment your favorite Hitman game and Ill pin the winners to the top comment very very soon so all right love you all lets go and get this all right lets go ahead and check this out see what we got I like how hes staring at like a world map type thing Music International crime syndicates have elevated their business into a booming global economy doc money goods and services are Crossing Borders like never before criminal entrepreneurs use next-gen social profiling to recruit from all walks of life offering irresistible opportunity for personal riches radical belief Twisted pleasure this approach creates the ultimate distributed organizational structure almost impossible to unravel spreading cancer of ordinary people and doing unspeakable things no one is above suspicion made up of autonomous cells they are everywhere all but impossible for law enforcement to do anything about clients looking for justice are lining up but with no names to the contracts so this time a little more footwork is needed 47. rmo is to identify trusted Syndicate members take them out and analyze the ripples in their digital Footprints with enough input well be able to track down the leaders and shut down the syndicates one at a time Ill leave you to prepare oh wow I love how it just begins welcome to your safe house 47. a new center of operation where you can prepare for your freelance missions and collect yourself between assignments youll need it because as a freelancer the rest is a scarce resource these assignments will prove to be amongst your most demanding yet it will require skill creativity and luck to succeed as even a single misstep can suddenly end a perfect run to be blunt you are on your own from start to finish everything is at stake I know this is quite a challenge but if anyone is caught up with this job hey good luck 47 . all right see what we got here we got the past salesman the contract the Duelist the analytic the code breaker the transporter I have to do that one its like that movie I love that movie so much actually hold on lets see sick games that sounds cool lets do this one so we gotta see where they are New York were going we got three different areas okay Paris France all the island one target yo lets go here anything with the island I am all for all right prepare and travel to Haven island so you got like monitors over here you got everything what is this listen back to welcoming message okay freelance of tools no items you basically have to unlock everything and all these weapons on the wall you can kind of get as you play but you have to stay alive so its uh unlockable areas shooting range requires level 13 Mastery wow okay not quite there yet only started but here we go oh it shows the times too this is like the perfect Hitman area I feel like spread out of John Wick all right here we go have a good trip even the loading screen was kind of cool so it shows him like driving out the area like James Bond and then hes uh basically flying to whatever location you picked hes even look at him just chilling doesnt even take welcome to the mall time to view everything we have been informed that The Syndicate is currently in operation here find the Target and eliminate Godspeed 47. this might be one of the coolest spots to just spawn in Im just blending in on a chair I love it all right we can poison guard with syringe only use one disguise knife kill only got one person we have to eliminate lets use the controls again wait can we take that and just like drive around no probably not maybe you can its its kind of highlighted for a reason we got an exit right there we got exit up there but its locked okay Im guessing you get that through like listening to people and doing challenges and stuff throughout the map we gotta exit right here in front of us too where is the person at way over there okay I definitely stick out like a sore thumb right now with uh or my case a sore toe because uh one of my toes my left foot is purple right now I hit it on my daughters toys yesterday and it just hurts so bad its just pain though it cant actually hurt me all right this must uh oh its uh wait what does it say screwdriver sabotage okay turn on the water and maybe electrocution type thing I dont thats kind of odd that that would all be right there for you you know I dont see any dots over oh the supplier over here let me go over here I dont think I can get anything because I dont have anything but lets go ahead and check it out got a bar inside a pool that is cool I didnt mean to rhyme right there I was just saying got a backup generator right there Im guessing that powers the bar Maybe or something else a pool and I wouldnt be the pool itd be kind of weird really shes a supplier you need anything sure Ive got it at a price but would it be hidden that though so she just has all this stuff at her disposal we got a sniper rifle 300 Viper I cant afford any of this but its kind of cool to see okay a lock pick thats why it costs so much how about Stealth interesting Ill be around if you need more well the problem with that so we got a camera let me just back up lets go check out the person really quick within reason if I can get over there the goal is to just kind of show off the mode is private property the psycho that way definitely not through here get out of my face lets take my time we got something what is this what is that I dont want to go back there obviously but let me pick up this coin though hold on theres two coins Dont Mind If I Do yeah or no its weird its like theres so many pedestrians here but its like this clearly what is this room thank you my guy just left uh this persons fixing a pipe or something what is that I could hop in there but whered the other guy go Im scared even no I just of course he turns around I would have gotten spotted so early the good thing is you can run away as long as you dont trespass too often I guess this persons way over here oh we gotta imagine with like security going on oh no private property there no trespassing its not gonna be a pretty kill probably but the goal is to try to get it done and exit safely we shall see though I might go out guns Blazer lets find out in that suit but Im sorry I cant let you through here all right so their outfit looks like maybe something I need but the problem is even when you change outfits its almost like can I go around this way are you on the water foreign how far out can I go looks like right here maybe yeah all right hey thats cool though guy over there fishing metagraphics look really nice playing on PS5 I dont know if I already told you that or not this persons kind of just like walking around got a camera there we got to be careful for that Im wondering like will be the best way a couple people back here we gotta exit as well this person looks like theyre grilling and uh sweatpants and a hoodie I dont know this okay the person were going after is like are they sweeping or something what was that almost like theyre either wearing like a cooking outfit or theyre dressed like Dexter hes about to kill somebody I dont know like a butcher you know what I mean can I climb the wall I dont remember if you can oh you can I didnt mean to do that hostile area newspaper man theres so many people here this is going to be impossible without the right outfit use my coins and distract somebody I might hop back over though because this is like way too risky going back over yeah lets get out of there that is scary well now we know yeah hold on coconut hey lets get it what about this camera because I mean it doesnt really matter because I dont like the highest rank you dont want to get spotted or you want to at least destroy them before they see you but I dont have anything to destroy you know it wins essentially I cant use my camera so throw a coconut that might work I wonder if I can go around these guys to the right no its all trespassing right there so I gotta be careful does it link back to the other side looks like it does kinda but that also looks like this guards yeah theres guards to the left of me and guards right in front way out in the distance this whole area I think the only way in is right here because this part has like a little thing on top so you cant do anything there and then it it shuts off right in this one little section so this is gonna be tough I gotta figure out what I can do here lets see man theyre right there too I dont have a gun I cant just like lean over and shoot them I wonder if I can I go around here hostile area thats fine okay I cant go that way okay is that a propane tank next to him can kind of see how that would go down I cant even get close to the guy theres a camera up top there too we got to be cautious I dont like hopping over at all because of my disguise being terrible so hmm I felt like if I was gonna have one disguise it would be one of these outfits that are guarding the door right unless like a challenge pops up that knows the person but then that wouldnt make sense because they would know its not the person you know yeah theyre both just sitting there I would have to like create a version on the other side distract somebody get them to come around the corner we got that right there too that lands on them okay but I cant really Im kind of limited on what I can do right now because I havent done much you know all right Ima hop back over I might get spotted but I feel like theres no other way right Ive kind of exhausted all my options here so what I could do here were concealed technically I got two coins a lot of people here this persons by themselves what I could do okay they may see me right there I dont know if they would though shes looking like way over there like a bird cage on the other side yeah review the tape find the perk and get me that USB Mr Williams will reward you if I could get this person to come down here that would be absolutely Game Changer here we go coin toss please just want to come over here man all right hes coming by himself problem is Im concealed right now which is good I need this outfit though great Music you loud and clear I would disguise the body but Im hopping back over just in case give myself a little bit of breathing room there okay got the disguise theyre probably fine theyre gonna find the body and I cant do much I think that ruins the disguise doesnt it I would have been able to do anything else there as Molly disguised I could really use were just gonna have to try it out thing is Im gonna wait like a few moments and see what happens wait for the searching to go away I kind of blend in now I think its the Hat really Im pretty sure the disguise gets ruined if lets just wait for the surgeon to stop like I said its been a while since I played a Hitman game so Im just trying to like make sure I do it properly there we go if I can get through I feel like I can most likely okay it stopped thats good now Im seeing if these guys say anything to me hold on lets just see what happens yeah keep it real so scary yeah it kind of like leaned up like theyre about to do something all right the people with the dots are the ones got to worry about my ass on the line here got it whoever stole Mr Williams USD this persons just like walking around everywhere yeah we got a person on a bench we got a camera we gotta hold on wheres the camera at oh is it is above me Id be on like a floor above me all right see what we got a lot of things it can fall and land on people am I allowed to go in here I think I am want to just get a good look at the person got some music we got we can enter the chest a lot of dots on that side no dots on the left though what I just realized nobodys right here like nobody I kind of Wonder like maybe like right in this corner Music lets see where he goes because you could do and just put him in the box right there right seems like its almost too easy you know because if I if I grab him I feel like well this is the only guard I gotta worry about Im seeing if he walks okay he goes into steps right there so I mean I dont think theyre gonna hear anything but people upstairs are blocked off foreign if I can save my game before no its all its all like you gotta roll with it so I gotta be making sure I do it properly yeah like right here like right in this corner oh wait hes going in there theres a guy right there that would spot me yeah okay theyre right there as well on that door they could come out that door I gotta be cautious what is in this side okay lets close that door I know it sounds crazy but I feel like right here is the play right here drag enter or put the person there kind of just chill here you have to wait for this door to close Music thank you man he is all by himself Music unconscious I have to kill him I think excellent work 47 youve spread fear within the syndicate you should get back to the safe house Ill contact you later Im getting shot no its my chance oh right theres the end ah I could have played it so much better but hey its cool though Im all right with it I just want to see what happens if you fell Ill be back Ill like that one man so I tried to so I dont know I think I messed up when I changed clothes for some odd reason I dont know why I did that optional so you could use all the other ones knife kill Mission filled all right its all good lets see what happens next that was all right I did everything great Until the End right there was no going back once that happens too Music Applause its me and the loading screens are nice youre okay you took a few hits back there but I know youll be back on your feet so get well soon and we can get back to work thats actually pretty cool getting wounded interesting so were we failed but hey we got some money now this is pretty awesome I just Im really surprised what is all this uh requires oh you can redecorate these interesting kind of curious what happens now do we just go uh chest here supply Crate oh wow you get poisoned you can get remote flash device okay so Ill take that one examine territories New York two Targets what is uh Paris friends have okay do not blow your disguise book next flight hmm hey what Auto what does that say found in this Mission will end the campaign so you have like a second shot at it kinda abort cake so you can change it okay you can reset it as you go thats pretty cool I dont really get anything from that so all right lets see what happens Im just curious Ill be in touch when you reach your destination Music welcome to Paris we have been informed that The Syndicate is currently in operation here find the Target and eliminate but they are on high alert so tread carefully or they will slip away you know what to do 47. this is a lot alerted territorial benefit from disguising as civilian as targets and sisters will spot you so this is like a second chance essentially pretty cool yeah we got people already looking around for me High alerts we got a lot of exits kind of blending it just kind of chilling  __  still no answer oh my God lady civilians outfit no access there no no no no no Victor and I are going to problems told us to stay put and enjoy ourselves tell you where were going persons right up here man I cant believe I messed that last one up I had it too I had it I had the right idea hope this is okay to walk in here I dont see any dots oh wow I remember this mission this is always so cool Music were up under us hold on Music you always do Music my name is lets try Sebastian very great I wish I had that jaw kind of looks like me whats back here vacuum cleaner we could turn this on might be the play this guy might come in here oh no oh theres two people right there I cant even leave now Music did it come this way or what Music foreign Music so if I walk out of there Im away from the turnaround but right now he would suspect me everybodys gonna suspect me right here yeah but if I walk out of this room Ill be fine Im just like trapped in here now whatever vacuum didnt even bring him in there thats crazy speaking of that guy looks a lot like a Home Depot huh Music was there a way to do a challenge in this mission where you take place of the guy Music I cant remember I feel like there was because it was like a the one that kind of looks like Agent 47 Baltimore Im not sure though Im not I cant remember that was that what that was just like something I just read somewhere and maybe get it wrong or whatever but theres a lot of people on this map Music all right we gotta get under the area protecting a control room or something but going up doesnt make any sense try going this side and just we cant go through there disguise is everything its the best way to do it problem is I dont know the right opportunities so many people here its almost like overwhelming if I could go out hold on lets see thats also cant go over there um too delicious Ill look around on the other side persons to the left all right camera there gotta be careful theyre blocking that but Im guessing hold on trespassing all right probably not a good idea to do all this wait hang on Music are these clothes no its fireworks fireworks schedule examine that Music I get nervous every time it saves just in case Im lost I dont know where the hell I am all right I think Im gonna go back inside yeah we pretty much cant go anywhere else except inside the building Sado doing the sanguine line huh I mean he did my stage clothes for the last tour oh they went that way nice Music foreign Music a little bit torn right now I dont know what to really do as far as getting a better disguise you know theres all these bathrooms right here but the vacuum cleaner didnt work this guy wont show up over here Music if I threw something on the ground he would Music probably come over here I dont know Music Music Music Applause look at this guy hes gotta like me Music Applause hes got a AR what in the world Applause Music Im very interesting a dead end back here anyways okay Music may I just walked into a crowd like theres no frame dips or anything its insane to me guy wont move so Im kind of stuck Music Applause if I can go this way Music all right pretty limited on what we can actually do here um the persons down there I just dont remember how exactly you get down there youre funny if I just hop on stage you know I could go to the supplier I have 11 53. sorry sir Im not allowed to let you through here please step back thats cool Im just going here man the problem right here is everybody can see this so this is how you get away okay Music Im gonna try this I might get spotted here but well see foreign Music because it did say like not all of these are gonna work so I thought this is better than what I did have now I can go past this guy on the right I believe Music figures Music Im gonna find a way down so far so good all of them always start off smoothly you know and then just everything just Falls flat at the end see if I can get Redemption here hold on foreign Music this is so sick o Sato because I do believe good day to you security guy whos guarding the mall cowardly rag theres no depth hey what is that oh a coin Dont Mind If I Do like I can clearly see its not me or something I dont know shes gonna find a way under the area we gotta go outside to the right poison Sushi thats crazy hello Nora foreign Music so you can okay thats pretty cool Music Music foreign Music Applause but hes still kind of like above me a little bit hold on lets see what we got oh no hes right here I gotta be cautious all right everybodys on high alert so we gotta be very careful right here its like hes sitting down next to somebody lets get a look oh this is so tough what in the world how am I supposed to I dont know theres no way lets see where he goes the worst part is he knows like usually when you got to take somebody out you can walk past them and they dont know you practice I got this outfit is not good its gonna come this way I went that way the only thing I think of is he sat down on what probably eat so could I technically poison his stuff I have it I have enough heres what Im gonna do nothing God I didnt react please come back gotta be quick I assume we just leave the area right Music so like maybe he eventually goes back right thats what Im hoping if thats the case all I gotta do is wait by this exit yeah this is it right here its more of a waiting game thats all it is I could go take a peek I guess all right hes coming back down might have been poisoned I wonder if he notices a difference in the actual drink like doing all that Music Music all right moment of truth here we go Music oh they found the body all right well I need to get next to this exit just in case foreign Music do I have to like do anything else or is that it Music what he got back up oh no I thought okay I dont know why I thought it was a lethal I mean I dont know thats odd nope nothing yet nice and quiet I should have paid more attention to it its crazy both bodies get spotted the exact same time he fell over right when other guy was in the bathroom where I took his clothes all right the only thing I think of is if I just bring him out in the hallway and just choke him out the option two I guess Im gonna take this fire extinguisher and just toss it I guess I dont know Dont Mind If I Do Im being recorded or somebody is that guys right there still heres what Im about to do if I can get him to react to this then Ill be fine other man the other guys standing there so I dont know Now ladies and Gentlemen please give a woman what did that person do oh  __  well done 47 will surely be a blow to The Syndicate return to the safe house collect yourself Ill be in touch Music Music all right we got it done its all that matters these are all the optional things forget neck breaking assessment Ill take impressive work 47 let me know when youre ready for your next assignment all right that is it much love to all of you appreciate a lot of support of the likes greatly appreciate it again I O interactive thank you so much for sponsoring this video and if you want to know more about this game yourself lets click the link to the very top of the description I love you all and Ill talk to you very very soon alright take it easy steam 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