Hitman 3 - Perfect Stealth Takedowns Gameplay (Master Difficulty)

How to share games steam familyfree civilization games on steam HITMAN 3 game on behalf of his royal highness omar abkhazali i think welcomes Music Applause welcome its just a precaution ive been personally invited by the royal highness omar alcazar thats pretty strange well thats how i think about it and come back ill be waking up yes how are you sir thank you hmm oh uh okay uh got some strange noises swanky place yeah i could get used to a gig like this beautiful view lots of space oh come on good 47 i would like to address the providence partners directly i want them to know why this is happening and i have an idea but it requires you finding a map daman what do you think that noise was go have a look got it hello i just want to remind you about the knockdown okay but remember you need to activate the alarm on both floors otherwise nothings gonna happen good yeah i will do have a good shift tomorrow talk to you later bye non-combatant advice hey its me i thought about what no wait oh god Music that must have done something can you see anything different in the room good were in now all you need to do is access the terminal and use the calendar option to summon the providence partners to a meeting good work the meeting has been booked the partners should be moving up here shortly looks like the lounge can be sealed off for private conversations handy excellent i see the partners moving you should join their meeting time to end this 47. its a hell of a uniform you got there guy are you on duty tomorrow yeah why just wondered if you got the briefing on the lockdown drill tomorrow i got it ill get issued one tomorrow morning you know how it works because i dont im the first one up here and below by the card reader good feeling today well get this thing back on track yeah now well just wait for the partners to be alone then you can activate the rooms lockdown feature just like fire girls guards leave us we need to talk privately for a moment still here get out the partners are alone now ill activate the panel controlling the rooms security features when youre ready use it to whats this carl did you do that i certainly did not i have no idea whats going on gentlemen whats the meaning of this you youre the one responsible for all this grey what do you want something that has been a long time for you revenge revenge how banal you killed cobb navikov caruso the washington twins everyone at haven you broke into our bank and you outed providence to the world whatever perceived slight weve done to you is insignificant to the amount of damage youve caused us youve caused the world youre a murderous terrorist nothing more what did we ever do to you anyway you specifically nothing providence everything providence made me and at the flick of a pen providence broke me im just returning the favor providence has ruined the lives of countless people expecting and facing no consequence for its actions you take for yourselves and those who support you and you burn everyone and everything else to the ground from the comfort of the shadows no more youre delusional exposing us achieved nothing beyond moving a few pieces around on a board much more complicated that you can fathom the world believes were dead what more do you want me nothing my friend however well lets just say hes a bit of an expert im just here to watch you die 47 finish it finish it stuyvesant and ingram are gone providence will soon be no more than a bad memory 47. thank you ill meet you at the rendezvous on the edge of town Music Music Music you recipe for steamed cauliflower Hitman 3 PC featuring Perfect Stealth Takedowns Gameplay on Master Difficulty!Loving the game so far! so many ways to go about each mission, this is one of them. Dubai Mission Name - On Top of The World More Hitman 3 videos soon! stay tuned if you enjoyed. Thanks for watching steam pod where are hidden games steam steam games for sale stream on steam can you refund steam gift games