Causing EXTREME Misery in Dubai by Trolling My Targets Repeatedly - Hitman 3

Locate steam games folderssteam deck game reviews HITMAN 3 game gday everybody its your boy cherry47 here and today im back in the glorious city of dubai standing atop the majestic burj al ghazali you see weve been here together once before but i feel like today is the perfect opportunity for us to spend a little bit more time taking in the sights the scenery and most importantly the souls yes the souls of both of my targets not once not twice but repeatedly in as many hilariously morbid ways as possible now i dont want to brag or anything but the reality of the situation is that i play the absolute boosh megans out of this map meaning that my targets dont stand a chance oh and youre probably also wondering what the hell im wearing and what im carrying in my left hand well let me show you this right here is my legendary gold dak x-cover which i can use to brutally murder every single person in dubai thats another idea for another video completely so as soon as i wont be gunning everyone down john rambo style i have brought a couple of very very cheeky toys with me to help me get the job done ive got my ica 19 black lily a couple of good old-fashioned coins and last but not least my adorable little camera that i use not only to hack my way through windows and doors that i shouldnt be getting into but perfect for taking shots of the dead bodies of the people ive killed sorry to do this to you again lady but oh god oh thats oh god thats uh thats a big fall i think shes still going home before i forget diana said that she left a little something something inside of the toilet for me oh explosive golf ball diana you know me too well so now that the first couple of war crimes have already been committed i guess its time to get this show on the road and what better way to kick things off than by jumping straight on into the mission stories oh hey there barack obama long time no see nope fine then pretend like you dont know me but we both know that you know me well if im not mistaken this mission story has marcus stuyvesant one of my targets looking for a new guard unfortunately dressed like this im pretty sure that is not going to accept me following him around so im going to need to get myself a new disguise so it looks like what im going to need to do is sneak my way past the bartender wake up lady and sneak my way past this guy grabbing the emetic rat poison because you can never have too much of medic oh god damn it thats a hard bottle and now all this left to do is to sneak my way downstairs and get into the kitchen which might be a little bit difficult because for some reason barack obamas down here as well yep there he goes all right gotta slip past the sky into the kitchen you shouldnt be here shouldnt have seen me oh baby even more medic rat poison this is going to make me look really bad no no no no i dont know man it doesnt look that bad oh you probably shouldnt have been looking sorry just grab that back you might need it again oh well theres the transfer papers and oh my god its a locker key speaking of locker key i wonder whats inside of the locker dont suppose its more a medic rap medic pills geez everyone in dubai is going to have diarrhea tonight all right well sorry to do this to you barack obama but im going to need your clothes and now that my new outfits been procured its time to head upstairs to the security office you must be my new escort yes im an escort but not that kind of escort unless like youre paying really really well in which case yeah i can be that kind of escort my father used to take me hunting he was an avid hunter i personally hated it but always admired his skill with a knife oh im pretty good with the knife check this out so let me show you my epic knife throwing skills check this out that was quite spectacular thank you thank you now have a look at this look at that not bad at all some might even say great absolutely now check this one out ready city oh that might have been a slight miscalculation magnificent performance thank you you got him oh you kidding were not done yet no were not done yet diana i need to there we go what to do with all that power no i dont know diana i can think of a couple of things thats one and i mean that was fun and everything but isnt it more fun if he falls off himself you impressed me thank you heres a dollar ah nice youre annoying you did him the  __  off that oh there he goes go on just a little come on maybe i can nudge him off im more coke hand to the head there he goes all right well that was fun and everything but now i think its time to move on to the second mission story ah this guy right here who if im not mistaken as soon as personally invited by the royal highness omar al-ghazali i should have clearance the name is zaina kazee this kind of looks like a walmart budget made in china ripoff version of me oh man that sucks arent getting uh rejected from the vip its probably because youve only got one eye thats probably what it is because you look like a cheap budget walmart made in china version of me crossed with the joker crossed with some guys balding dad wow me making ball jokes thats rich ah now this looks promising turn on the sound system oh of course this guys the one that decides to check it out hey bro you should go check out that sound system that just turned itself on im awesome yes you are take my screwdriver back ill take your knife ill take the poison ill take your gun then ill take your outfit and now im a slightly less pathetic version of you all right well it looks like i need to head up here and talk to that lady uh frisking not oh okay yeah lets not do that and ill leave you here and ill leave you here but ill hold on to my folding knife which is totally legal sorry i just need to do a quick search if you want to get through actually i want to get frisk thats what i want oh yeah big man go hard in the crotch region you can really dig around in there pretty massive you can hide lots of guns and bombs in there im glad you changed your mind yeah whats going on fellas having a great day hope you are probably better than me with my one eye i just walked into the railing all right well i made it into the conference room okay this certainly complicates matters slightly just excuse me for a moment gentlemen im just going to uh pop into the maintenance uh cabinet and just have a think about how im going to kill you all oh wait hold on i just i just need it oh okay i just needed to wait for him in the meeting wrath i thought i needed to kill every sorry ugh old habits die hard boys all right well that was a big dumb long meeting but the gist of it was that i need to find a journalist kill him and then take a photo of his dead body to prove that hes actually dead so i guess my first order of business is to head back into the bush and grab my pistols and im going to take a nice comfortable position on this balcony and see if i can find my target oh there he is sorry mate nothing personal i obviously had nothing to do with that gives me everybody i i collect photos of dead people for my album im just gonna uh just take a couple of from the front im gonna grab a ball shot and uh one more from the booty gonna take a photo of the booty all right im good all right lady its done so you have the picture yes i do which one do you want booty or balls all right well looks like i finally gained access to the penthouse and with that a multitude of different ways for me to take out ingram hold on im just gonna see if i can throw this muffin in that hole what was that sound she made i am so tired all the time im sorry all right well it looks like we finally made it to mr ingrams private suite do you have the picture i do also a little bit of a spoiler youre about to die multiple different ways death number one oh god all right how else can we kill this guy oh glass of whiskey i do believe i have a bottle of lethal poison in my pocket just pop it in here oh thats good mine i suggest you have a uh a sip of that whiskey right there its 1947 noir cabin shiraz and i want him stopped brutally holding a second did you just say brutally well then youve definitely come to the right place god yes mr ingram please show mr kazeem out im sorry but im still drinking my wine oh god you gotta be kidding me you drink the wine and they forget about well thats good i wonder if this guys gonna notice that im still in the room he didnt notice either oh god Music thats it thats it im sorry for anything ive ever done sake now for a new identity and i think im good to go yeah he went that away Music these guys are so dumb oh its so painful oh looks like hes heading back into the penthouse suite youre thirsty arent you bro i think you might be that was good i think ill have a drink oh i think youve deserved it oh weve got oh oh ive also just noticed that i can tamper with the railing Music that makes me terribly anxious well this should be interesting oh god i said i needed peace i need to work god damn it im going down to this study and believe me his royal highness is gonna hear about this yeah i know hes right in front of you all right well it looks like hes finally decided to head down into the study now all i gotta do is figure out how to push him that little bit further and im pretty sure that this radio right here should do the trick all right well it looks like it worked and all ive got to do is figure out how to bid into the golf green all righty its golf ball switching time oh this is sapiens are all over again go on give it a good whack we got him 47. well that was a  __  all right well at this point theres one more mission story to get done but theres a little something something id like to take care of first you see with a little bit of rewiring this replica of iron mans anus becomes a man-killing death trap and as it turns out one of my targets has an unhealthy obsession with it so what im going to do is sneak my way into the backstage service dorm right here kill these two delightful ladies right here head outside kill this guy then take his crowbar and use that crowbar to jack my way into the fuse box where im going to steal the only fuse in the entire exhibition you see this fuse is important because the replica of iron mans anus has no power currently so im just going to climb up this ladder right here shove it into the fuse box up there then im going to head back here and wait its perfect perfect is the word all right oh god oh wait hold on a second isnt that my time it is my target hey how you going mr ingram hope you enjoy your trip all right well its time to move on to the last mission story and for this particular mission story i need to infiltrate the server room take this key right here then let myself into the maintenance room where im going to steal the penthouse key card i would like to address the providence part damn it diana stop stop why you always start talking when im talking just shut up with your husky old man voice then im gonna jump into the elevator shaft and see if i can scale my way to the top which admittedly i havent done yet but it looks like something i can do and this right here is exactly where the server room is and sneak in while that guys busy oh youre looking for me all right well theres no point hiding now thats yours you die and wheres the other one oh come out wherever you are im right here dingus all right so i need to serve a key card im pretty sure that this guy right here has it oh there we go server room key card so your death wasnt entirely in vain then ill head back into the server room swipe the key card into this doodah now what i want to do is look at these screens and see which one of them looks different oh there we go see thats why i get paid the big bucks so god damn good and now that ive done that i can jump on the terminal right here and switch off all the security cameras and i can deposit some emergency funds in my bank account i mean hey its dubai after all and lastly im going to rearrange the meeting so that both of my targets head into the same room at the same time im the first one here only if you dont include me and it looks like the other ones on his way here now guys leave us we need to talk privately for a moment yeah thats a really good idea all right well now that all the guards are gone its time to hit the panel and lock this room down carl did you do that i certainly did not i have no idea whats going on youre about to die thats whats going on you youre the one responsible for all this well not just him kind of both of us finally stuyvesant and ingram are gone yes they are going on gentlemen theres no point trying to run because theres no way to run no no no no no no no everyone stays in here until i say its okay to leave which unfortunately for you too oh okay well done hes never i guess diana doesnt sound impressed all right so thats all the official mission stories in dubai taken care of but there is still one kill that we havent seen yet one kill so good in fact that i wanted to save the best for last now in order for this assassination attempt to work were going to need to sneak our way into the security offices where were going to steal two key cards swipe them within a couple of seconds of each other and activate a building-wide evacuation there is obviously more to this plan but ill get to it when we get there in the meantime all im going to want to do is grab my legendary gold dax covert then scale my way to the top of these rafters where im going to sneak onto the top floor where the server room was now this is where things get a little bit tricky because there are a lot of guards right here but i feel like a true stealth assassin which i obviously am not i should be able to pull this off without a hitch first im gonna need the security code to get into that little lock safe right here and my friend outside this door should give it to me any minute now six nine two seven thank you all righty six nine two seven booyah first evacuation key card obtained now if im not mistaken which i almost always am im pretty sure that the other key card im looking for is inside of this room sorry lady this hurts me more than it hurts you obviously thats a lie cause i just shot you in the face anyway the other keycard that im looking for should be inside of this safe right here six nine two seven second evacuation kick card obtained so im gonna spiderman my way up this pipe again then jump out on this ledge right here and hoist myself up to the server floor and ill wait for this guy to go past me sneak past him use my keycard to swipe my way into the penthouse staff area and now im going to need to figure out a way to stealth my way past every single garden side of the pen oh that was close well im thinking that if i can sneak my way right around here wait for this guy to go that way and then ill sneak behind him and if im really really quick i can sneak past these two up these stairs and then from here i should be able to sneak past this guy jump off this ledge right here slide down this pipe and then wait for these two bozos to bugger off all right well one of them buggered off and youre just an unexpected casualty uh oh looks like one of ingrams private bodyguards is headed this way sorry gentlemen i just need to uh borrow this kitchen knife right here im sure neither of you have a problem with that and now its time to get a little bit creative and by creative i mean cut holes in both of these emergency parachutes and then im going to activate the emergency evacuation protocol swipe one swipe two i need help uh oh i think theres an emergency the last chance is by parachute make sure that doesnt happen lady you shouldnt have seen anything you were so close to surviving this run through you and your stupid observation skills ruined it for everyone anyway ill jump down here as well head out this door and now now i just wait 70 years later all right mr ingram go for it escape there he goes hold on i was thinking for a second there hold on that parachute looks awfully good we got him 47. you know what diana i dont know i dont know if we actually did get him he seems to kind of be suspended there in midair anyway now that theyve been taken care of theres nothing left to do but for me to escape my oh actually hold on now i take that back as something else for me to do Music okay so that never happened all right so this time around before escaping im going to shoot the parachute myself i want to directly have the pleasure Laughter all right so now that ive absolutely exhausted every fun interesting and exciting way for me to brutally murder my target im going to take a dive off this building and uh see you later suckers its been reeled by real freaking gold steam deck obs Causing EXTREME Misery in Dubai by Trolling My Targets Repeatedly - Hitman 3Subscribe if you enjoy the content 👍 more HITMAN 2 RANDOMIZER MOD here: 🔫Watch 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