The Hitman Freelancer update completely changes the game

Steam punk costume ideasplay steam game without updating HITMAN 3 gameplay hey there friends hows it going theres a bit  of a sleeper update after coming into Hitman   and it completely changes the game so I wanted  to take a look at it today its called Hitman   freelancer its almost like turning the game  into a roguelike game wow look at all that gun   space and I have one single gun its like my  trophy wall except I have no trophy Id put it   right there if I had one he spent all his money on  this high-tech storage system and then he couldnt   afford any guns lets see we got a voicemail here  creativity and luck to succeed well Ive got one   of the three and so Im fine Ill let you guess  which one I have its lock okay what do we have   here Im gonna say understood even though I didnt  read it see some potential objectives down there   on the left I think Ill pick that one yes gonna  drive there hes just taking the bypass its just   a big bridge to Italy eliminate all Syndicate  members to complete the mission you may leave   the location without eliminating all Targets but  this will alert another territory and increase its   difficulty oh dear is where I start I start off  in a coffin if I didnt know any better I would   think this is foreshadowing for how its gonna  go for me I think hes just enjoying the music   blink once for yes oh yeah he is okay well lets  get killing lets get a few of these bad boys   filled up shall we great Ive been recorded by a  camera immediately I hope that wasnt one of the   bonus objectives to avoid that door stay locked  melee weapon killer do not change disguise or   some of my objectives Im actually intimidated  I dont know what this symbol above their head   means but they just came over and smoked next  to a bike that I can create an oil leak with   hmm well if I find a wrench Ill be back to kill  that person I dont know what theyre there for   but Id like to kill them wait I cant unlock  his door to go in all right Ill just ring the   doorbell I want to keep my bonus by being polite  uh the supplier is not coming over what if I just   Spam his doorbell come over here dude what no  I didnt mean to no why did I unlock the door   cant believe Ive already failed one of my  side objectives hey dude it would have helped   if you came to the door yeah I want some cool  stuff wait do you want money in exchange for   your goods and services youre ridiculous man Im  gonna overflow your sink just because you deserve   it buddy hes not even gonna move for that is  he no this is just an Airbnb he does not care   right Im taking his kitchen knife instead like  he was trying to sell me a knife for like 2 600   but his kitchen knife was free ah so that woman  from earlier is a courier whos carrying money   that I can steal theres also these safes which  it looks like oh my God its down with the target   whos in a cave alright well then Ive got  some work to do to sneak my way through here   especially if I dont want to change my disguise  which Im hoping to avoid okay well I can unlock   doors now since I accidentally opened the other  one but Im gonna need a lock pick a crowbar or   the key to this door thats probably my way in  good to know I have a hunch that there might   be something worth investigating nearby oh I do  too because of that little  __  symbol I hope   its a tactical nuke oh an apple too I guess  she could have sent me anything and she sent   me an apple a water canister and earphones like  Im not MacGyver what does she want me to make   the only thing I could come up with is I have the  Apple tied to the earphones and when they talk on   it the water canister falls on their head but Im  not gonna home alone this just because were both   Kevins Give me the give me the earphones then  I guess its not even that uh theyre bad its   that I only get one of them okay Im breaking  and entering mainly because Im looking for a   tool to break and Enter with I need a crow bear  or a wrench I dont know why I think Ill find   it in this fancy office but Im just going off a  hunch oh you know when I said I wasnt going to   get caught on camera I meant Im gonna get caught  on camera a lot and uh whilst trespassing too Crow   bear I did find it in an office my lunch worked  you hear that buddy youre doing great back there   okay Im gonna once again get caught on camera  but thats fine Im Im going to uh just no oh   no I cant jump out the window oh no no no no  no no no no this is going Im getting caught oh no oh someone else trespassing in there I  have the perfect clan oh no I dont   actually Im getting shot at wait I have  the perfect plan good thing again Im not   against breaking doors ah dont shoot me  damn didnt work getting caught on camera   again dont worry Im almost to the plan  heres the plan theyll never find me in   here oh God Im good at what I do okay well  I got away but Im still compromised and   they know what my suit looks like and Im not  supposed to change my suit so thats not good   oh you forgot to be kidding me how many cameras  have you guys set up oh no yeah it must have been   the wind right theres this punk ass bald  kid Im not a punk ass bald kid okay well I   managed to side skirt them and get out of here so  I mean Im only stealth in here anyway it doesnt   really matter I suppose I cant believe how badly  this is going this is much harder than the normal   Hitman though all right there we go now that Ive  crossed the barrier of unlocking doors Im gonna   unlock every door no door will remain locked when  Im in charge if theres one thing Ive learned   in my life if you want to fail something fail it  spectacularly I think Im in their home this isnt   good this is really really bad actually okay you  know what Im gonna abandon that other one I have   to change out of this suit you know I I hate being  boring I want to be fashionable like a boiler suit   or something you know sorry dude you just happen  to be the right kind of fashion Im looking for   there we go we lost our second objective there  hell be fine here I didnt even kill him thats   how nice I am hold on I got a key to the sewers  now yes my childhood dream oh there was a disguise   right there oh well he kind of wanted to die I  dont know I got that look in his eye you know   I I can read these things the body language  oh sewer man isnt meant to be in their house   fair enough what about the gardener Ill keep  swapping outfit until Im allowed into their home   trespassing all right what if I can just make it  outside yeah Im fine out here I had to just use   the bathroom theres so many cameras I just got  caught on another one oh no no no no he knows Im   not a gardener um I gotta run I gotta take care of  another Garden okay my Spanish is getting pretty   good and Im pretty sure this sign means high five  everyone you see okay well Ill try and do that   just to fit in I dont know if this is considered  trespassing please dont turn around hes also a   gardener so yeah it should be fine right Ill  just run by really quick and they wont notice   me yeah everythings fine look all this place  needs gardening okay and now I think I can Loop   all the way around down into that cave of theirs  from here oh I wonder why other you useful items   they shipped to me here I cant imagine oh wow  yeah thats great actually it was 900 coins yeah   I thought it was just a single coin thats great  oh no theres another camera maybe I can sneak by   it I see one of those high-fiving signs so Ill  get ready to high five anyone I meet Im in now   wheres my target oh theyre actually pretty close  I think thats her it is her okay how do I do this   there we go no no no no no no no dont run dont  run dont run I Im actually here to save you   all right I got her can I escape now yeah I dont  know what I call it well done but its done well   you can fault my methods but you cant fault my  results well actually you can yes that would be   fair do not change your disguise fail do not  unlock any doors failed eliminate any Target   with a deadly melee weapon melon man what does  it mean like I dont know but I just know its   probably not good I got 200 and then the 900 I  found so you know what thats not bad impressive   work 47. it wasnt stop being sarcastic oh what  is it this time a lemon okay no way these are   actually good Ill take the poison I think like  myself immediately I feel so stupid about that   no these are my freelancer tools storages Ive got  no items whoa this place is huge Mastery level 12   no Im still a melon man okay so were still  on the same campaign where are we heading to   next Haven island you know what yeah I could use  a distraction a nice holiday getaway do not pacify   okay thats easy do not change disguise thats  hard perfect shooter thats impossible for me   I just got here now Im going out could they not  have just emailed me the contract Im gonna have   serious jet lag thats kind of what went wrong  last time I wasnt really a melon man I was more   of a jet-like man I was very sleepy Im just  gonna sit here for a bit I feel like hes hes   earned it even though he does kind of Stand Out  sunbathing in a black suit by the pool you know   what no Im not gonna stay here he deserves  a dip in the pool I think yeah thats great   playing with the toys now oh God okay I think I  broke something Im out of here free gift whats   this WOW same thing as earlier its you really  phoned this one in India Ill take the Apple   Im curious how difficult itll be to get to this  person because the last one felt brutal like they   were down in the cave you will fail if any shot  misses a person what if I just went in there and   shot her and then ran away that would technically  get me everything right wait is that them is that   the Press knife to kill will I Im tempted to just  go for it I think I got him thank you very much   Im on oh no oh no I cant climb up here no no  no no no dont make me shoot at you because Ill   most likely missing then Ill fail my challenge oh  hes throwing something okay I got one ah Mission   failed I really hope I can redo that because in  hindsight I should have just stood by the boat   shot them across the water and hopped in I didnt  even get called a melon man Im less than melon at   the moment they gave me this this is an insult  yeah I feel fine honestly it was just a flight   back that was awful it was really awkward just  sitting there bleeding out on a long-haul flight   when wounded you lose all carried gear and half  your mercs God damn it I lost my Apple Im lost   is this the way where has he built this home  enable hardcore mode uh no I I dont think I   will he smashed the place with an X its like one  of those Maps you scratch off where youve been   except youre gonna scratch off where youve been  shot okay because I failed that one in spectacular   fashion the other one has been alerted and I cant  redo this one so lets try it I guess do not blow   your disguise doors stay locked oh I hate that  one eliminate guards SMG okay so I they wont   be marked on the map this time I know theyre a  smoker thats all I know hes heading out in his   bandages assassin nearby it said red hair tattoo  hat necklace and they smoke and a food t Okay I   I hope I can remember all those tells is the main  thing okay find suspects compare their appearances   Behavior against the available until then take out  your mark when youre confident of their identity   failing an alerted Mission fails the entire  campaign oh no pressure then hmm will I go for   the cleaver an explosive baseball or a rusty old  nail I know they say its the thought that counts   but I disagree in this instance Im gonna go  with the explosive baseball thats pretty neat   gift hey dude wake up come on there you go okay  good man yourself good stuff all right now that   youve woken up Im putting you to sleep oh no  oh no I think someones coming huh oh no I dont   think they are all right any excuse to hide in  a box he loves that he loves enclosed spaces I   cant even disguise myself as him after all that  so now Im just leaving him there uh oh all right   that person I could disguise myself oh no I just  snapped his neck well then Im a soldier dont do   anything I will respond with violence what does  that mean handsome it sounded like he was into me   with that hey anyone here like smoking oh my God  no way hes doing it that cant be my guy right   is it my guy smoking kills you know and I dont  mean like in the usual senses in I might kill you   because youre smoking didnt it say they had red  hair that should stand out pretty vividly in this   place I kind of forgot about that Im using  the hardest clue to find them another stash   um fire extinguisher I guess maybe I can put out  fires instead of starting them for once okay I   see a lot of the purple men here so Im guessing  that oh wait theyre marked as suspects okay so   I have to confirm who it is I thought it was just  anyone on the map this is much easier having said   that its still near impossible given that I have  to sneak into this compound someones leaving the   compound okay hes smoking hes red hair oh no  here comes another red-haired smoker I honestly   thought red hair would be the giveaway even when I  saw this dude just being red-haired I was prepared   to execute him oh no theyre deploying everyone  dont act suspicious Im hiding in a bush uh hey   guys Im a fellow guard I just dont have the bag  head outfit like you guys but yeah Im Im like a   garden stuff I just act nervous thats like my  thing oh no oh no oh no oh no I think Im about   to get shot Im just running away Im pretty sure  this dude is like uh Undercover the guy crossing   the bridge right now I just need to sneak past him  yeah thats fine and run on by soda can theres   nothing in here to like link that guy to to being  a a easy you know a foodie thats the word its   not an easy sorry oh no oh no sorry I really  didnt want to do this oh no theres another one   coming oh no okay Ill just go in the trash right  along oh theres so many flies and everything   hey buddy Im the trash man Im just here for a  pickup oh no oh no I think Ive been spotted all   right Im gonna get in the vein oh really wait  this could actually help oh hes running to the   bridge all right its now or never okay it might  be Never Enough suspect camera oh well that would   have been handy anyway I gotta get out of here Im  just following them instead of slowly getting away oh that was a good gift wait no it wasnt even  him oh theyve all scattered all over the map I   thought the other dude was just like a civilian or  something I didnt realize they were like decoys   or something and they were all gonna scatter  well now Im pretty far away I dont really   see me catching up but Im gonna give it a go I  have nothing to lose except my dignity and well   thats mostly gone already oh yeah hes hes  gone never mind get back to the safe house I   will Ill contact you later I dont think you  will I think youre gonna fire me the hell are   you doing searching these bushes okay sneak on by  this is somehow working I dont want to die here   oh I didnt know I could recheck this stuff okay  well thats good to know I I also could have gone   off uh the fact they have a tattoo and they had  a necklace well Ill just get a boss out of here   then in shame I just bored the bus and sit there  being sad it rather appears that you ran out of   luck yeah and thats all I had every campaign  they just show me him looking in a worse State   than ever You could argue that the last one he  was shot but actually I think this is worse like   he just looks depressed hes lost everything that  he lives for okay back to the safe house well try   another one hes gone to a very dark place hes  just spiraling now okay lets try this again emo   human experimentation and illegal testing well it  would be good to hunt someone thats similar to me   that way I I have an idea of what they might do  Ill do that one oh theres two Targets in this   one and they want me to poison them but I dont  think I have any poison okay theres two people   in the mansion and this is all about poisoning  so I gotta find some poison what is this is this   just an arms dealer I just knock my way up here  yeah got some cool stuff no Im good but just uh   dont tell on me okay Crow bear thatll help okay  Ive spotted a Target well hes not a Target hes   just like a personal Target of mine hes hanging  out alone and that makes him a Target oh no hes   not alone hes not alone hes not alone all  right did that work that somehow worked well   thats interesting let me just drag his body away  that was the riskiest thing all day and I got away   with it no oh no theres something on the ground  okay I gotta sneak away from here yeah they found   the body thats not good the mate thats who  I need to kill there we go little Maid murder   dont worry sir Im with security just making sure  everyones all right youve spread fear within the   Syndicate I dont know if I spread fear I killed  their maid I just wish her dress would have fit   me I really needed disguise I know this is weird  but Im going upstairs even though the target is   on the ground floor because well Ive kind of  ruined everything down here the musics getting   so intense and Im just waiting in a closet with  the tap overflowing until someone hears it maybe   if I open the door hey hey its overflowing  down here theres even an electrical socket   its dangerous come in maybe if I just throw  my Crow bear on the floor thatll alert them   no this guys the worst guard ever oh no oh no  oh no please dont spot me please dont spot   me Im just sneaking around their house now  this is all okay heres my new plan Im gonna   fling a crow bear at him and then Im just  going to attack her oh any good loot for me   in here dont worry Im with security explosive  baseball perfect its my favorite weapon now its   the butler why am I killing their cleaning staff  oh oh this could be a good opportunity actually   oh oh okay this isnt good actually this isnt  good at all you all right uh he wont be in a   second all right hes I gotta get out of here well  done she says that every time and I cant help   but think it must be sarcasm every time I pissed  myself I gotta go home early goodbye okay I made   it out I didnt get any of the optional objectives  but honestly the fact that I completed that   without getting caught or dying is a minor miracle  every screen in this game is trying to remind me   what a failure I am flexible murderer okay thats  gotta be better than melon man Im ready when   youve prepped the next assignment prepped the  next assignment she says as if I do any prep I   just come in here look a bit confused and then Jet  off to the next location okay now were going to   Miami or as Will Smith says Miami I dont know  go listen to the song He grunts a lot anyway   Im Gonna Keep Will Smiths song out of my  __   mouth and Im gonna go jet off to my next location   hes not been the same since I failed that  campaign he looks really sad in every cut scene   they want me to get a snipe hyper rifle kill I I  dont have a sniper unless you want to gift me one   in this very very useful box wait actually this  isnt too bad like the car battery is a little bit   confusing but poisonous flower hell yeah and all  I have to do is poison a guard excellent oh no way   this is one of my targets great hes going on a  jog well actually theres no one around here maybe   I could just you know yeah yeah this is great  actually oh uh theres people pretty close Okay   um yeah everybody saw me Im running away  wait I didnt kill them I just knocked him   unconscious everybody go about your day sorry  about that I got so I still have no Witnesses   like available oh wait no it says two witnesses  underneath so I guess Id have to kill them but   uh thats not gonna happen I just gotta get out  of here ASAP and hide away I really dont want   to fail again I had to knock out a guy and steal  his Flamingo outfit oh thats what I have to do   too what a coincidence we have so much in common  okay Im Gonna Leave You Here disguise myself as   the mascot and then just quickly snap your neck  I assume dressed an important outfit like this I   have access to everywhere oh money I like money my  next Target is actually pretty close oh no but Im   trespassing in here all right I got the solution  for this give me that outfit give it to me come   on I want to be highly visible even more visible  than I am right now in this thing wait Im still   trespassing oh that man died for nothing like  everyone else Ive been killing maybe I can get   someones outfit by turning on this tap here come  on okay hes swearing thats pretty much a license   for me to to kill him hes a bad man there we go  we look identical so No Ones Gonna suspect that   thing oh no hes coming in to investigate the tap  Ill just turn it off yeah everything is fine in   here Im gonna get out of here I dont want to be  caught next to this thing with just a suit on the   ground hey youre my target I mean hello lets  talk later okay no we wont I need to kill this   man and leave all right here we go I dont think  anyone can see me in here please dont let someone   come around that corner okay its dead all right  Im leaving Im leaving Im out of here he just   fell he died of old age it was so weird okay we  managed to stumble our way through this one and   I I got the W I cant get the poison guard one  because I realized its do it with a syringe   and I dont have a syringe Ive got Shaman  powder now so thats great this is mine now   hey what what is killing people is fine thats  where you draw your line look at him hes got no   soul anymore ever since I failed hes just I dont  know the lights are on but no ones home hes just   staring okay were going in for the Target Im  even gonna go to the gun dealer this time and try   and get some supplies because Ive been saving up  Ive got 1800 of Ms whatever they are its back   to Italy the source of my failure got a supply  Crate here and this has got some poison so I think   Ill take that theyre here for an exchange okay  red hair again theyve glasses theyre wearing   a hat and they have a tattoo is it the same  person as last time a smoker and they suffer   from dehydration these are some very vague Clues  theyre giving me like who is giving them this   Intel its very unusual and vague hints of course  theyre down by the beach because it spawned me   on the other side of the map I knew something  was up oh no oh no oh my God dont get spot   immediately that would be terrible this guys just  asking to die like youre in a game about Hitman   and youre looking and over an edge youre crazy  and they say AI is dangerous idiots alright bye   bye I think the spawns are random but this one has  really screwed me like I cant get off this little   castle because everyone knows its me like I have  that way where two people will know its me or   Ive this way where two people will know its me  what am I supposed to do wait that way just kind   of Loops back around so that way its useless  wait Castle key oh this could help yes finally   Im free I really felt stuck there I still dont  know if I can get out of this but Im gonna try I   actually cant get past them theyre theyre just  looking the way I need to go what if I did this   okay throw that and then I jump back around here  yes okay theyre going oh no wait theres another   one okay please yes all right she didnt recognize  me by my barcode which weirdly enough I thought   was my most defining feature who the hell do  I get out of here I dont want to be in this   place anymore okay this isnt a bad spot actually  I can observe them from here oh no theres someone   behind me oh theres all the stone in front of me  sorry Chef anyone feeling dehydrated anyone maybe   I dont know drinking sea water or something well  she has a tattoo I cant tell what hair she has   wait this person doesnt have glasses okay its  not them well I know from my last run that I can   escape through the sewers so I might do that  I really dont like this building everyones   looking at me the dealer you just hang out here I  dont know why youre selling guns if they allow   you during work hours to just hang out here and  do nothing all I could afford is a wrench or a   grenade I want like a sniper or something finally  I got out of there that was honestly horrible its   just the pressure that knowing if I get caught now  I lose the entire campaign its just too much I   dont think its this guy because all hes doing  is smoking so I think its one of the other two   that I havent really gotten to observe Im just  gonna blend in here you know Im not even a guard   Im just a guy in a nice suit wait I dont think  this woman has glasses oh she does have glasses   never mind it must have been a bit freaky for  her Im just zooming in on her assassin nearby   oh no read the newspaper read the newspaper okay  she definitely doesnt have glasses so its not   her Im very suspicious of her and this dude is  also following her so Im guessing he might be   this assassin yeah yeah I think its her just  in case Im gonna go check out the other place   wait a second I think shes going up to a bar oh  I cant see her with the tree okay shes going   back around maybe not I I thought that she  was going up to wait no theres more theres   a full-on restaurant or something here oh its  her okay so the drink just to the right of those   security guys I could poison that and wed be done  status no suspects here no I disagree that is the   suspect right there gonna take a quick glance at  the other one anyway you know just to be triple   sure but Im like 99 sure now shes shes eating  no no no that thats not my target I heard a hint   you know through the grapevine that my my target  does not eat ever there she is and theres that   dude again its definitely her Im gonna try and  beat her up there I dont mean Im gonna like go   up and try and you know beat her up Im gonna  beat her to the top of the stairs and then then   Ill poison the drink you see assassin nearby oh  no oh no who could it be it popped up next to my   map poison missing but I took it with me oh is  it because no its injected so I cant use it I   guess okay Ill be back I have an idea okay never  mind I cant find any poison oh God I dont want   to get found myself after everything Ive been  through you got cash no but I still want another   look you know what Ill take the explosive  because I dont think I can find any poison   Id like it as a backup you know when I said Id  use it as a backup I found out my Lookout spot   looks right over the restaurant and while I have  a grenade so I feel like it kind of have to throw   the grenade at the lady I dont know you know  it feels like fate okay here she comes Im so   nervous it all comes down to this what why can  I not why okay surely itll still explode right um it did not oh no all right I gotta try to  her now what do we do everyone like seriously   what do we do I I dont know what to do  here I feel like my best bet is messing   with the AI next week yeah I cant wait okay  I have an idea okay its somehow working oh   wait no no I think they locked the door no  I dont have a key card to get in this is   ridiculous wait how come Im trespassing  but all the others werent what is this   oh no theyve gotten away honestly even if I  could Escape now itll be a miracle all right I   escaped just like my target yeah happy ending oh  now hes gonna be depressed in all the cutscenes   again back to the drawing board 47 yeah yeah  I know I know thank you so much for watching   you can check out more of my content here  and I hope to see you next time bye for now fun 2d games on steam 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