alanzoka jogando Hitman 3 - Parte 1

Epic games ou steamhow to link steam to xbox game pass HITMAN 3 gameplay Hi, the Hitman 3 campaign, but here we can do the training, I think I should do the training first, man, there is no Portuguese, there are no people complaining to the guys who did this one, but I dont know which Squared one in these a public school this game bro with the ai ai ai ai uh from the group you know Sofia turn to serve I lost a gra possible to play for the four to go or internet in public this game is the school on top I m going to do the training bro do the training ok because I dont I remember how it is that theres not even subtitles in Portuguese man eye investment do explain it really no ok its just one theres nothing in Portuguese man look how beautiful __ this next-gen man man sign up for you Get full of salt and foot in the sand on the head please who did you do that for look Guys this is the king bring yes bro Hi cousin good afternoon you dont know there hello of course Im going to follow the lights guys She told Zig the lights there shes going is waiting for I called 7 the gun and I brought there Carequinha there I like it is the same training in the other rhythms to make a new tutorial bro and not Ismael Carvalho I sent the guy to do the Indian problem tutorial, right but already scratching the others everything has Portuguese no there are people who are in the next year so they have to recover their like here we scissors the guy is just the dust bro markets he is playing Pokémon bro there in the Nintendo series basically there by local time it will be by Sub is right I will show her Better Than I would Have been meaning when One looks like an Edison pass here responsible my cat Hi guys, I said I need to learn English 11 I warn you bro, nothing to dance I know, right ? time but its really sorry we are very short of time right next time there I remember this tutorial Bro see its usual Britney three balls you want to increase caption too small right I wont u use this wait you need and perfect York slide through and at Price waterhouse Station é ver send this one is not narrowed bro, its just the same for all the last five games, dude, I dont have time to make a new one today, hey calm down, your mother is subtitled bro, thats really cool, right, subsiles, Im going to put 13434, the number is good, right, my size and spirits take it it takes 101 you dont need to make a new order lets go its 80 thats what im going to have to get on that ship and assassinate a target without being seen who is the shot bro and how do they feel i understand talk there he oh oh and me I have to get here say Good afternoon family God coal you cant come in bro and to be aspects that today lets go there I love my clothes we are judging by my clothes but Im going to get another outfit, right bro And then you have to press X to jump hand here otherwise it will stay Mc Tico Ill have to tag the mechanic if youre bald doing the game right and thats it I press the I get you the guys clothes and for a recycled one I get the little body the guy nails and thighs cap penalties where I keep the human body with his leg tadinho the attack right at Armarinho right bro 18 years old is already bald in the game man hey Zés mother ready for the 7 wires cat Tiago remember for that ready guarding the little body the guy the guy is fine bro its exactly the same two is the tutor is the same unfortunately or fortunately I dont know but I dont want to save the game and thanks for that I had to read the post look at Where access to Trofense here on stage and If you inform me I can access entry to work inforces people marked by the circle of Threat they ll find you suspicious and I cant let them see me Youre thinking its the imposter bro and you have to follow My target lets follow hes the ugly game the inspector arrived bro didnt even see me game eunilio you lose dogs lets leave a better disguise raise for someone bro Its literally the same sis o Hi good afternoon Im a cook all good Oh what do I have to do get his clothes bro creating ship employee clothes Here at the Iate na Pedra we are going to freeze to death what to get mine really how do I keep it and how do I like the spanner the screwdriver my spanner and I dont know how to put this __ away keep it I have to take it up now, right, this one is the tutorial, this is it, Ive already done it about 25 times, pull even one I need it, you can get the little hat too to be stylish, lie, each hat, people dont even have a hat, Im going to cover my bald head if they are Wolves and whats your guard im not a bum im not the delinquent chat hes got by blood too old and he also knows everybody so i cant get too close to him bro i could know his employees aries in your team you can hide nothing less formal from the boat you dont have to pretend that Im working here girls its going to __ its going to kill everyone And from here on the tutorial Im not even paying attention that Ive already done it about five times when I played victim one when I played 2 now on the brakes, right, I just need to remember how to play so as not to mess up when it officially starts and then we, right, official people, in the case, its only one sir greville caught that its not a child together or gave it to me tanquinho doesnt give a strength sex Maio will do it five times one two and three is that I read it twice two simpler your ex or in time I heard her up my Office Tower splices and the way in which we think is the best of the best free games invitations and Makes You Beautiful 24:12 come back now I have to go to his office because the guys are going to have a meeting of the kingdoms go in summary Its WhatsApp good afternoon a __ meeting I cant talk a little meeting together hos she behind here bro the wise Chapter white or always the same ebook I endured it and Im going to mix bread Any with the best happen arrived bro the guys Thats why I thought like this outdating what And then I slept in Australia what will TV Cruz be a Andthen the love Gilson if YouTube history made me everything that will pistol cool items some they are considered denied learning from his of his current outfit bro is Vitor suspicions and keeping them hiding the cool items some members however cannot be hidden to the And then Vilma its all good Cristiano already complains let me be back next Good afternoon get up TV Calm down is that it makes enough sense Because its a girl that Im coming for me Oh seriously come on guys finish a tutorial learn to play now now go Borba AM and for me it can officially start now there it was now you can play one And if I go to the mall Ill shop your coastal body Ill toast you Of course youre going to ask why youre going up Legends have wi-fi spots so worried that Im dangerous boring with this here comment boss thats not what I was created for in Mateus da Plus 8 the next winter Justin Wow what a dangerous movie I suffered a blow if you think it is our weapon Oops Here we have to move here After all This is every challenge made King of multiple well Im going to have to do it again guys but not now but now in a different way Ah relax and now chat and I can choose one way for me to kill him bro and I can poison him Andthen and I want to poison him how do I poison him bro I want to poison him and how do I choose And then there’s no way I can choose the box I want to poison him how did i poison him hi hi carina what was going to meet him im killing him get his clothes and i go to the meeting with him hmm for you its too much not to __ keep her and i have i dont have a lockpick or crowbar the harder than gives four parts B Whats the use of sneezing to release an item to start the missions with them in the stuff like that Calm down, I have the items there lockpick banish the g the coin coin increase in the effective distraction explosive Now yes, man, and resting, theres no way to hide it, right Me I think Good afternoon, unfortunately theres no way to hide it, Ill have to worry about changing it now. At least I have a plan. problem he will see me the crowbar house we needed to cover it with 100 mbits Alan you you when you __ huh the boat here can store the crowbar from and they were there is the tutorial is the tutorial only that height opened now that Im going to have to kill him the way Music is the way I want and I want to do it because its going to be interesting weapon box you find a weapon box a guard will put them a box like this no if guns were found alone like lost a guard will put it in a box i got it bro so if i want to find the gun a guard maybe keep them in the box happens ill get the guards clothes here will it be ok ok so i like it Ethen G1 And then signs are born create one of him also go I dragged him to bed and the guard is gone We are fine It will work for you to come a yellow ball for the five they will keep it here make it big add you a Bros hug it ah ah okay do not want body of people in with you will not wake up during the rest of the mission think they woke up in the middle bro its just that the maximum two guys I can put per closet have to wake up bro if you throw yourself in the water you dont want to kill the guy wind and I just want to faint him set fire to him Good afternoon Your guard yes but whats up family not only Im taking a look here at the engines thanks My Alvo is up there the only one to get the old rat poison I want to kill poisoned air the street that has a disguise as a member of the relation to the tower in the Mousetrap mousetrap man it must be in the kitchen man because the kitchen man got me consumed in this __ lets just press here legal actions legal actions will bring unwanted attention if they are noticed hum be careful to do these actions when no one is watching Andthen choosing the mission and pressing F to show the tips then I remember there was a thing like that how do I actually see what I see the tips the mission you dont even see anymore speaking the truth is the record if you keep the one who knows me he sees me and he cant see me he thought it was fine from the side here the f-1 good good good good challenges in and yeah but I only have two bro and no it wasnt calm there but I also dont have to find things for me to learn like I have to find I dont know the poison to learn how to kill it with rat poison its not a thing like that or not and I find the rat poison in deck 0 and I have what do I find put the rat poison in deck 0 and where is the one you want human shows to do the stuff on his head i can hide in the middle of the crowds if they are big enough if you keep a distance from the enemies i want to make noise that on his head Yeah Andthen And then our chat to happen Fabi very wow the accident if you can make the lifeboat fall on the deck below you use a crowbar or detonate the explosive I have a crowbar where is it and lets layer you use coin first I m going to take that guard will see me Calm down I need to do Maia him Hello and now its if someone knows about you about you can see who holds the meeting and the instincts and look around and those who have knowledge Ill stay sometimes in orange there videos or without a helmet or get a disguise to avoid detection have to know about me sis is the one like Ah shut up for you okay youre crazy theres going to be weak and Hi calm there there was an error its an error there error n the mission is a mistake in the mission stay more vain download here I didnt save it right The shitty heart people 4:30 shaking a good time to end a time there Wow I think I almost made a deal ok lets go lets go back upstairs then you ask me why this time because we have things to do here and how do I go upstairs I found Eric at home or 1000 is here where is the rat poison I dont want to win wrong want to throw the boat at uncles head bro Hi Shirley, you cant say throwing the boat at the old uncles head thats what Im going to do piru piru pipiru PI Andthen And oh my god the guy took the vaccine calm down one I completed A Challenge I dont even know which challenge I was going to say to Im not really going to go up again bro Oops good afternoon Fabrício is Plus 3 months saw Lacoste there bro I have to kill him hes under the boat there huh but now I have to kill this guard without anyone seeing me for the last time they saw me warmed up fat and cant even see me m here comes here comes here look and now nobody saw me but how do I get him Hi this is a goat its up there I already have a crowbar I got it down there bro the guard in here and she doesnt even check out now Tiozão is there now that we do one And then I dont even need it man its already in the place and then not prince and not if he died a lot the record had an accident Can you see and I want to see the street bounce house we are in class Place i Music you have to leave, right ? people i think And then you buy more you did something for da Lei and managed to get away but someone who found out bro however that doesnt mean everyone is through their disguise to see who hold i already know about this subject again chinese do well lets go back now the woman jog ar Hitman 3 This is what you complain to the guys who did for You who thinks its for both of you bro Youre __ up there at o 7 old dick now we start the official game bro the guy beats the world record malus needed one huh and you wont do a test calm down I have the final part no guys Ill show you Its been 3 hours its the same as the last game is that I take a tutorial man what is the test on the beach bro I dont know what my final test is people its a military base Wow, yes, I remember Hi, its a pity its in Portuguese, there are no people who did it and finished it, sit here at Honestly, its not but unfortunately theres no verb to go out Direct, seriously, write Ill say it again in Portuguese, you know how I said that the boy doesnt deserve it always those who brought it from above I dont know how it doesnt give anything like that no no and you are relevant or theft in the area is destined for your good fridays and who will be your sets and Sway your photos and News has died how many times none No bro I dont know that Im a technician in the channel grow ok lets go final test listening to conversations is more important than not some conversations are more important than something else She heard a mechanic saying that theres a hole in the fence its not for listening to the conversation its the 1D clip you go to YouTube the guy look how you are here bro is the pharaoh mission is story mission revealed Mara you discover key information that will help you complete your mission in a uniquely rewarding way follow the guide to use this knowledge for your please press F1 for information to the guide that the penalties book incredible not to serve is successful on YouTube after a night fight if it is if it is if I have to say if Im going to take the hammer here to the head how am I going to be ok Ah ok Im going to need a soldier, waiter, mechanic disguise my God creates a herb and Oh okay I press both mana buttons the water throws a coin straight with the two buttons Andthen I take it and game in good afternoon and Im being chased by the guards What do you mean no one saw me, man, the guy who guards it also has __ eyesight, hes going to get hammered in the face if __ comes here Whats up Whats up Whats up Whats up Whats up there Andthere of vacancies 1 and no she traveled Thank you that the right of the line is the last one you are Andthen Music Andthen And then it is a function of the longest duration run away damn or almost huh depress almost from cousin in I killed the guy almost run away you Did you see __ bro how am I going to kill this guard if no one sees because there torrent his hammer oh oh I dont live in São Mateus in wanting the coins it wasnt to go to São hammer to make the coin now Andthen the recycling but I love you its the chicken end so nobody saw me and we have to get his clothes we put it away I already understood the ones I enjoyed it too much we happen to get Marcelo here is the guys sister I also need to make a coin here Ill get her anyway also although its next now I have to infiltrate the place and ask why people were watching Why yes, right? If you want, heres this scheme Rare bro its once a year it seems and here you can also get it right here now were going to have to investigate the jets safety protocol lets investigate check it out here the copy seems fair but its between the my leather State Park and the great ninja Mix Cascais Body Line esports mechanic to be able to move the jet is not managing to not lose the black berm in the worst case I have a gray beard bro Music Hello good afternoon Your mechanic Im going to cut yours neck come here theres an actor Im going to break his neck then You were an actor But youre allowed to kill me just for nothing you dont understand he died Hi guys I killed the actor man but damn I didnt know you were an actor or really for the screwdriver we come here and do the tests bro but we are I put the dsl dsl DS S from NVidia in performance mode Everything is kinda weird bro tls Okay now we come here and activate a good injector o e there I found it and this one making you laugh sent you this so thats what I do I have to talk to him or yes or no youre not going to the mission Hammer in his face bro how do I go up And oh my God American who knows me there hes working shoe for victim two is that its the tutorial man I m thinking of doing the tutorial just to remember how to play the unfortunately its the same as in all the videos, right, the commander Sir I already said be careful the same as making the car feel speak english but ban he he has Joyce powdered milk with direct milk Loreal Pure resource for opening hes going to play chess its coming and the thing calm people there is to work with videos And wheres the ISS Wheres his SS my BL s s Andthere And there oh I did this __ I think j I was screwing myself and I think it got better huh I dont know bro there yes look at my Carequinha he said like that bro and the shadows and its coming are the grades that improved were ok lets go soon a lot of human grid is and lets go Tiozão arrived here Tiozão hes going to come and talk __ bro and hes going to fly and hit his head on the ceiling to die Hi Lourdes each one of the barcodes on the back of his head is Hi baby Hello from katley if the guy is going to go up poor guy bro is a worker in yes bro it can be a G1 and now and it will be injected and he will hit his head and die Lets buckle up, right? Ah, okay, a setback Hi Uncle Tato, Ok, one is already sitting down. the sister HB20X is a sign an advertisement Music and the excuse family Excuse me Im leaving a good afternoon everyone and now yes wi-fi and its forbidden there peace signs authorization for the oracle 33 someone Siemens there who scored she won the And then stop a client now after starting the game officially okay 7 for XP will be able to release what level 2 bro the fine attachment you pass by coming here didnt kill the guy to pass the test tomorrow Ill go there and well present it here its good to take more sleep its your boyfriend doesnt have what it is its not cuter than Campeche and Hi Cláudia I did my training guys now Im ready for even official sessions dont you think Ill endure it was horrible Mania assets ring is that Johnny Klein also doesnt have to have a lap and thats why the needle for the victimless hair he sent 21 messages in the videos talking about Andrei ant my person I dont know whos there for me tomorrow he s a poisoned sushi and hes going to die here its head in the mouth at the sushi man look there Music and here fire And then João Leite from this new fever Clóvis and the d-fine of vacancy sold and makes Vivo and its the same scene as the others its the same part here of cassava yours that the games they kind of integrate, right, but not a victim, it s not one, two or three, thats the only way to play the mission of one, two, up to the value, like, the lesson of 2 or 3 to 1, 2 and 3, so its kind of integrated, the games are going to go praying it will appear So calm down Sometimes the vision is the islote queue falling flying and the pinscher already judicial irs-1 Music and the guy travels by PIS bro ai ai e Its like he knew the classic print Im already here do me and he has a barcode on the back of his neck dude because you buy him on the market bro got it Wow they dont make sense if thats good afternoon look for your usual What If I CR in England well downgrade auckland highlight Tomb of television providers simple Pocket Edition whack and arrives at London Tower shou ski test ld know this much is Dying and mixed elimination bra in others I dont even know but not sending life history doesnt do and when it succeeds they are able to leave the clan that profit and Indians West Side to Side would Destroy professions in a wealth remain Chapter of Afonso commission entered saw and 83 of three Robbins legs I eliminated that comes from the donkey and you have to kill three partners from Providência Campus I problems and this mission here And then and such but this mission that is new and starts here us from here to history until now he said, bro, that guy there Found out he was a childhood friend of his Then he said he changed sides saying now hes going to kill Providence has to kill the three years of providence to end the war because providence only does __ for we pose there is a mission where you know of the world in Dubai Man tip we dont even have history I dont know who is who is constant I dont know that its proof of on top of Cruz looking at Band a Brita stations Go bro Leon from red Lions and is it so hard on é because its in English Cardoso Campo wasnt born in front of a Andthere Andthen the project Will adjust access I will use at our shifts in which good except for Fabi ended up being gay access who I am eu The Kingdom of saudi Arabia on his childhood friend and WhatsApp from Constante proves to exist control if left Hand of three Hours then fold in the past and just made in show how this game is played here, man in the neighborhood Yes, but the best murders in Brazil are the penalty Andthen the ball drops at school and Seriously, its a Play Store, okay, I sent him a reference, he doesnt even play problems there 21 What is Isabelas grandfather was the burj Khalifa with a face to unite here in tallow and use the name of the club wait further difficult even with this one well there is not the site for the strong name Serra Presidente left in Dalai apply paper it has to end r the car Instagram and Marcos and Silvio Santos because he left by boat and managed to ask the guy there to let him out I think thats what I understood I didnt understand right guy it hasnt started yet look at this here is Instagram the ball that yes, you saw __ , in addition to having it in Portuguese, I looked at this. planning Im going to start in the only place that gives is like business clothes my Skydrive clothes I can buy a bath now An item here but I cant because everything is closed the only weapon I have is my snowball cloth the distraction three coins tool a flash phone And then Jô I dont know what it is this is to pull the button faster empathy explosive there its too high bro and lets go guys lets start I do nt think I can change much that I Im all human right unfortunately from Class A Hi again ah for the love of God how do you play this Play and please I dont want to see business again Hi babe for gone I think our people are not in English because they are in Portuguese paralho Good Its late in the neighborhood like this, right, thats my right Anderson and Where opening of the bank and ending in Station and lets go to night Carla remembers doing seconds like self esteem The House with I know what time from where the hell is a car to the roof because the car is in shock and the other just in the art part of the place and were going to have to kill them Look there And there merit Horizonte Its true my friend come here soon bro its so balloon theres like me going up in the balloon and killing the guys hello thats it jump there to go up to Canada Look at the guys making the game just to show the reflections theres no shame in the face bro man its not even in the generation that he has increased the game will start showing the reflections in the rain or on the walls or us and its going to be incredible right because its just that the guys know how to show the reflection now I dont know that you want me to do the camera Camera Camera is and you have to put the camera here its there to open the window on the Were fine yes the question if they think its strong Avenida Noroeste this assumption is equal to is the best league is the smallest I opened remembering Batman Arkham City the Batman good, right, who knows, maybe one day I ll do a Batman marathon one day and it involves between today and 2064 that when I m going to stop doing Live ok then ok dont cover me because the Batman games are very good at Yes people 2064 lets retire sorry __ how did uncle change like this Welcome to da Paz karaoke hello my angel do not speak Portuguese Music Andthen you assume the stuff on her face turned around Andthen The Last Episode the brother you very cool this building if a coin there bro Ronaldo you werent for the guy inaugurating the building bro Andthen the guy stole a coin bro And then boss to one its there and the Another one there Wow, its great in chat containing I want to know about the inauguration I want to go there and theyre going to explore it, lets see whats going to happen. that tutorial of yours on live baits for freshwater and saltwater that you promised on your fishing channel man its about to go out see because I cant go out fishing because of the weather bro And there where is this one between the degree pin luck of nakasima its just that on the voucher together the last Cristal Dom for Brazil is a Sarah but they are being used here which is the one from Im going to take it bro is the other one that this respect in this one I can disguise myself as Zana from Im going to have it leaked Whats whose which is the return and if they are used there Andthen and what is the other one I didnt understand who is he is this here to reach soda our theres a lot to push him from Quina his dies just leave the coin here in the Ill carry it there And then the oops sorry dear no dear a and look its not sorry bro I thought I did nothing And then Andthen theyre already talking one made me fall over there Wow I really want to push someone from up here bro but Im not going to do that man its too high man if youre crazy you Youve already learned something for us to hide from this Uncle here if I want to oh my no it wasnt it dont go for a walk lets order it dont order it Lets see I wont be able to come here because I cant get in here too, right probably Ill see what that theyre going to say OK OK sorry you cant let it go it didnt say reason just that Im an __ for a man and here I wonder if I can go there honey you have to go here This is the air to surf right but its not WhatsApp ok I can stop by here too bro Im not pushing how are you going to get the clothes and well this is a good question right here in the art part burj AL ghazali the artist Lucy um Andthen the hell I say Hi guys my game crashed Im very good ill get elevator no and where are the guys I have to kill a There is oil and close by I can piss people drink a lot of water another forbidden place here in forbidden no and to enter here it must be prohibited right and another one does not have the password ok so it is not possible to people open here too that I dont have the password its what they use it would be on top to walk more commanded so the game is difficult, right There are many ways and you kill people I can just pull my birds shoot the guy here because thats it even a garage before that Im disgusted if I can get some snacks and Hi free Eye Cream from Clinique Beyond my he said what information he wants one o ok theres one and the ways bro and we I need it Im already old remove the chat in the chat because I think theyre talking chat tea look at the Black Gold bar Bro, that gives the time of day Euro dripping from the ceiling you have one oh no, right And then and nothing to poison it if I want bro and stop to go up there lets explore also pull if not deserves the chat Andthen the accumulation on the pier of Alameda Six I think I am Hello there We arrived in one of the areas here a guy is here he has here only authorized personnel can enter 11 Ah ok Hello there heartthrob Piece is to fight the Styles brands florent pagny self righteous and the woman download admits to the World of Dreams on And then I could just put a bullet in his face here if I wanted his house wants to be a stupid way to kill him to see if I can see some ways to kill he Oh I cant Hi Diana man vegetables S1 the __ kill the guy with poison drowning shoots him straight an accident poisoning pushing him Angry Birds hitting with a golf club one is talking about him in the model of the da of his oil bagulho in the __ office killing the two targets with the only chandelier Candelabra 1 I m going to kill each target while theyre in the arch away from the parachute What do you mean man and theres a lot you can do right I wanted to score but I dont know how Im going to do it r the pudding invade here take a guard No And oh my God, the Germans have general harmony from the Lord Andthen Steven, sorry, sorry, and you get to the bathroom, theres already a coin that you can step on here, look, the left in the face, theres a guard, bro, hi guys How that Im going to kill this guy bro I dont have a plan calm down there what was the strip No Im not going to shoot him in the middle here there are a lot of people watching I cant shoot him there I post but everyone is watching you from a more way Whats up Whats up G1 and Minecraft Hi guys, its very dangerous and the building, my God, calm down, calm down, calm down, theres going to be another exploration I managed to steal her clothes here, look, and I cant come here. and yours I need a key And then I have the key and it was just like that cover the door and the chat we got access to a privileged area and Im gradually the affection hunger for this outfit Stories paper tries to work the cameras surprise man and dont regret it until an Uncle there mission revealed what was the vi they have to do with you looking very hot and being in the fan week the shower knows here inside chicken he is waiting for a guard to replace his bodyguard so if I get there and say its me the guy will say the father there OK, I ll talk there, OK, Ill kill him. full or reached a or there is Andthen and they still go to me that another one in the distance area and And then we need to find out how Im going to become and the substitute guard gave it Or you want to talk to me, right and go near him Im already there close to him its making me infiltrate the highlighted area bro so thats what I have to do to get it and I can see his guard bro and I was already in the Staff area bro and find the missing Recruit Thats it even good afternoon at any password uncle O c Anitta from SEMA clothes are down there and Tiozão is a wrench Its there, its in the kitchen G1 And then I really want to pee, people, Im going to save it because I dont know if hell see me here Andthen I didnt see it, I just got the transfer order, I dont know, man on guard, now Im going to go to Uncle Zé, said pa, right, then relieve it with the thirteen, show people here, it s urgent, I dont think Ill be able to kill the guy anymore. bro Im going to die because hes so much already I think What is Oscar is up there man And oh bro I drank a lot of water calm people I just want to change the guard __ old man again man Juliana well for four Ill always be here with you they are 4 of Thanks a lot Juliana Thanks bro bro bro bracos 15 Renato Raposo from Avenida Luciano also thanks a lot bro here now you will put it like this channel you have to go to the security office and Good morning Andthere and thats it I arrived now I get here said passed I subst ituto and look for the law mom and I realized that its okay we dont call you by name bro today not me Pink and were going to piss off this Security score and you got Words we have an Ah I got it nothing to do man I got a disguise on guard because the guy was waiting for a replacement bodyguard and I got a disguise as a guard I got the transfer papers from the guard that works that is Im impersonating the guys next bodyguard now Im going to be the bodyguard the guy I have to kill, you know, there it is. Then he got here. I m going to approach him Im going to stay close to him when I have the opportunity I push him he dies ok how to update games steam 🐤 Twitter: 📷 Instagram: 💜 LIVE: alanzoka jogando Hitman 3 #alanzoka #Hitman3 do free games on steam make money rising steam steam://install/427920 achievements steam best game platforms like steam