HITMAN 3 - Walkthrough Gameplay | Part 5 | in Telugu

Pure enrichment steam cleanerinvention of steam engine HITMAN 3 gameplay you should say hello guys welcome back another hitman 3 gameplay we turn now to the data leak bombshell causing shock waves across the world the so-called ica files the disclosure you win so what happens now the balls in your court miss burnwood i do have other candidates you know most of whom have never tied me to a chair youve seen the news that was 47 acting on his own he is untethered he is unstoppable and he cannot be bargained with he will find you mr edwards and im the only chance youve got 47 has one weakness Music me i found something buenos aires international airport this morning now watch this harolds trail ends at the airport but turns out that a top providence operative owns a vineyard in the area don yates of infamous new york law firm morgan yates and cohn and get this hosting his retirement party today shes infiltrated them shes sending a message she needs my help couldve fooled me you dont know her anyway if youre going after her youll need to deal with the herald her names tamara vidal former cia asset and political firebrand shes a master of surveillance and the constants most trusted aid shell have eyes everywhere you wont get far as long as shes in the game why are you telling me this i thought you were out yeah old habits i guess anyway i i need to go see you around 47. no you wont Music Music okay hey hi hello you got my message yes youd never get caught on camera not unless you wanted to be seen so whats the play youre not the only one whos been busy 47 im this close to becoming the next constant ill be able to dismantle providence from the inside only one man stands in my way don yates that weasel was the partners legal counsel for years hes the top candidate but remove him from the playing field it wont work if edward suspects i will convince him you acted alone retaliation for grey trust me i know what im doing the herald tamara vidal she has eyes everywhere and theyre all fixed she never leaves my sight for long whatever your plan is ill help you if i can youre sure about this as sure as ill ever be uh Music foreign Music Music foreign thats right go to major leagues arrange for the chief winemaker to take burnwood and tomorrow foreign foreign Music easy uh you okay you put a video out of it today its already oh foreign foreign foreign Music Music foreign a foreign foreign Music Music okay foreign Music um foreign foreign a lot of people buy into that club soda thing too hard foreign foreign Music Music foreign Applause Music uh Music be did you be Music hey Music fields okay i trust you another way i can find my way around enjoy the tour okay in the past company Music foreign and you must be yatess garbage man sorry but i didnt catch your name this is kovo black tomorrow well were all here it seems except for our guide the chief winemaker looks like were stuck here until someone fetches him okay mr black im looking in your direction hold on ill track him down thats a boy do you try and bring it up 80 minutes no what is it now why you have some guests waiting senor yates wanted you to give them the grand tour video well im not going anywhere until i have decided if the crop is ripe for picking bring me the three more baked grapes to taste ramon if yes doesnt like how i prioritize he can weigh me down with my food hows that three grapes was it look at my picking knife okay one minute i left it right here seriously who takes another mans picking knife its gonna foreign why i say these grapes are ripe for harvest ah okay for the workers would you ramon i i have a third to contact will do okay paneer wine lovers hello welcome i do apologize for the delay the malbec grape its a demanding mistress okay so i am gabrielle vargas chief lawmaker and i will wonderful follow me no these are busy times in fact were just about to harvest this years crop great expectations you like argentina like everywhere else full of americans that i know is the production floor where our price winning please by hand which means that during harvest season the grapes do tend to pile up luckily we have plenty of storage space our equipment is state of the art including an industrial sized freezer unit and last but not least rusty grape crusher wouldnt you say mr black follow me please oh i believe mr black here is something of a jack-of-all-trades ah isnt that so right i just thought yates might be sending a message my mistake so have any of you been to ive been here before only on business the wine goes to its primary stage of fermentation these big open tanks yeast converts the sugars into white to alcohol in a process that lasts between 5 and 15 days this is also where we squeeze the mass into a fine juice using our grape pressure for the longer secondary stage of fermentation do any of you have questions i have a question its perhaps we can take a closer look certainly lead the way what can you tell me about this device great presser was it that is correct senor the primary fermentation the mass is pressed through a fine filter leaving only the flesh and skins behind i should add the grape stomping the iconic practice of crushing grapes from your bare feet okay but you are most welcome to try imagine youre a grape okay okay okay ill take a picture of the three of you oh come on tomorrow when in rome fine oh oh oh i believe i hey you do you recognize him at all foreign me its done now what no but he is untraceable and he never lets you forget it is cocky and that will be his downfall whats the plan too many eyes meet me at the olive grove at sunset one last tango 47 Music Music bye Music you can t see shared games on steam ▶ This Video : HITMAN 3 - Walkthrough Gameplay | Part 5 | in Telugu✅ Join to Become a member of Hi5 GAMER ✅ 🤖 DIscord Link : 🤖 💖 Follow Me On Social Media 💖 👉 Facebook : 👉 Twitter : 👉Instagram : ❤Like Share and Subscribe❤ ▶ Watch Dogs 2 Playlist : ▶ Raji Playlist : 🖥 My PC Specs 🖥 Monitor 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