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Source games steamupholstery hand held steam cleaner HITMAN 3 gameplay Music whats up guys my name is mr freeze2244 and welcome to a challenges video this is going to be covering the ico facility specifically the freeform training part and this will be including all of the challenges all in one video so this includes classic hitman ironic security bypass only use an emergency something out of place the cleaner store securely join the crew not for human consumption over here pay that stock and a bonus the private meeting and spare change so all of these will be covered in this one video there will not be timestamps for this one purely because these are all part of the same run anyway so you may well just do it from the start and its only a short video anyway so im going to take you through the challenges one by one so start off by grabbing that remote explosive and the two coins that are sitting in front of you were going to take care of the spare change challenge straight away literally just to distract someone with a coin very simple ive all got to do is just throw a coin behind this guy then were going to knock him out and take his disguise once weve taken his disguise we can leave the body there it doesnt have to be hidden because no ones going to spot this body anyway so dont worry about that now we can enter the yacht next were gonna board the uh the the yacht itself and find the rat poison that will get the store securely challenge completed next were going to take care of the uh join the crew challenge which is just literally just put this yacht crew disguise on next were going to go for the not fit for human consumption challenge and all we got to do is just take this rat poison right here head up a couple of full floors to uh where calvin ritter is going to be later on because hes going to be drinking some wine so were going to go ahead and poison that the red wine is just going to be right here so just go ahead and poison that with the american rat poison thats going to make him sick and hes going to head to the bathroom that gives you an opportunity to take care of a few challenges so were going to blend in right here because hes an enforcer so unless were left with blending in here he is gonna see through uh see through our disguise because hes a super enforcer what that is is basically no matter what scars you put on hes gonna see through it uh because he knows his yacht crew hes gonna see through this disguise so we have to make sure we are blending otherwise he will spot us so hes going to come upstairs momentarily im going to skip to the point where he does because theres no point me waiting here so after a while hell come over to consume his wine he wont even notice the green folk thats coming out of his out of his glass of wine there but as soon as he consumes it obviously youll get the not for human consumption challenge popping up the top right corner of your screen so thats four challenges down hes gonna head to the bathroom so were gonna go in there and wait for him and this is where were gonna take an opportunity of a save point as well so what were gonna do is just wait for him in here and were to take care of three challenges while were in here were hiding in this corner because we dont want him to come in and say hey im in here all that kind of stuff and kick you out so thats why were waiting here in this corner so were going to go ahead and make a save right here just before he uh be sick in the toilet so i advise you to do that next were gonna go and blow him up with the explosives so basically knock him out and then explode him and that will be pay that stuntman a bonus challenge completed so thats one of the assassination challenges down go ahead and reload that save and once youve reloaded that save we can take care of two other challenges first one is just by drowning him and once you drown him youll get the ironic challenge so thatll be the this sixth challenge down easily done once youve done that go ahead and reload that save once again this is the final reload now youve got to pull out your firewire and then go find more wire him once youve done that make sure to hide his body in this locker and that will take care of another challenge though first of all its fiber wiring we get the classic hitman challenge and then hiding his body you get the cleaner challenge so for this particular run we are almost done weve got one more challenge to take care of before we leave and thats the um the overhear challenge so well do that by going grabbing ourselves a security guard disguise and what you dont necessarily need the security guard disguise its completely up to you if you want to go grab it or not absolutely not necessarily me me doing this but you know it is what it is so go ahead and turn on this turn off this generator while the other guards on the other side once he goes to investigate youll see the challenge pop up in the top right corner of your screen for the overhead challenge so all you got to do is just distract the guard with a generator done now were going to exit the mission this is the first time were going to be uh completing this mission im going to be completing it two times to complete the uh all the challenges and these are the challenges that youve completed so far next were going to restart the level and were going to take care of everything else okay so from the very start were going to grab that remote explosive and the two coins in front of us and the lock pick now were going to take out the explosive and chuck it right over there and the guard is going to go ahead and take that away and thats basically just the something out of place challenge taking care of itself just dont explode it but just make sure that you throw it over there so the security guard takes it away and youll get the something out of place challenge grab that crowbar once you come in here with a lockpick im gonna go ahead and knock out this guard and grab his disguise weve got his disguise we are going to do the security bypass challenge which is basically just bought the yacht in the security guard outfit were just going to enter the yacht just to trigger this challenge and then were going to come back off the yacht itself to grab this other guys north norfolks disguise we need that so you should have the just you should have the security bypass challenge popping up for you right about now once youve done that were going to exit off the ship and equip our coins and we need to distract this guy over here this norfolk guy over here so chuck a coin over here and then place a coin just right there you can use the shoulder buttons and triangles to place a weapon or replace a coin but you can just drop it by using the d-pad if you want to were doing that just so he can come over here and get distracted so we can take his disguise without anyone spotting us so if he doesnt see that coin just go ahead and chuck another one the radius of that they hear the these coins are quite large so you dont have to worry about doing it too closely to him so were essentially just doing a lawyer right here its very useful if you are new to the game this is a very useful uh tool in your arsenal to take care of and a lot of enemies and npcs are around so were just going to subdue him from around the corner so you do that just by pressing your body against any kind of surface and then youll have a prompt of telling you to subdue when it comes near you and youll be able to pull them around the edge like that but once weve got his disguise we can now enter the ship itself and the first challenge were going to take care of now is the only use in an emergency challenge and that requires uh taking out the target with an accident kill for the raft with the raft i should say so what we need to do is uh using that crowbar that we have acquired a little bit earlier on at the start were going to head all the way to the top and were going to knock out the guard thats up here because we dont want him to spot us but you most likely going to get spotted doing this challenge anyway im so knock him out at this point because we want to take care of another assassination challenge well another challenge per se we need to make a save point right here because we are going to reload that so once calvin ritter is right below you drinking out of his wine glass thats when you want to break this mounting of this raft and it will drop on his head for an accident kill now important is important information as well if this body is found it wont spoil your silent assassination youll only spoil your silence thats an array assassinating if you are caught doing it like i just did i got spotted so thats the only reason i lost on an assassin but yeah that will take care of the the challenge i just mentioned which is the only user emergency challenge so once youve done that go ahead and reload that save now were going to go downstairs to talk to calvin ritter because we need to arrange that meeting for the private meeting challenge so thats what were going to go ahead and do now and that will take care of our final challenge i have all of these i didnt really realize how uh straightforward you can do these challenges all in basically two runs you could probably do them all in one run if you utilize saves and stuff like that so but i wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone to follow the reason why i broke it down is two separate runs but you essentially can take care of all 13 challenges in in two runs its just very very simple when you know what to do so now weve spoken to calvin ritter hes going to lead you to a room and were going to take care of him with the fiber wire you dont necessarily have to take him out for this channel all you got to do is make sure you do the meeting with him and the channel will pop up on top right corner the only reason im going to take him out is because i want to show you all the challenges uh completed at the end of the mission so you should get saving right there at the bottom of the screen and the challenge should pop up for you in the top right corner were just going to go ahead and follow the wiring and leave them in here and then were going to exit the mission and you do that by just basically going to the start location so were going to exit the boat come down these stairs theres actually three exits on this mission you can take the helicopter on the top you can take the boat or you can take this car over here but so once weve ended the mission we can see all the challenges that have all popped up and shown you every challenge of the freeform training completed so every one of them checked off there we go all done so thats 13 challenges taken care of for the free form training for free form training we can move on to the final test for the next video so there you go thank you very much for watching thats all the challenges completed and yeah there we go 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