THIS is why I love Hitman..

Steam game storecan i buy steam games from my phone HITMAN 3 gameplay Hitman has received an update and now Agent 47 has his very own house the only thing more satisfying than painting someones wall red with their blood is painting your own shed canary yellow this is Pete gaming between assassination jobs 47 can enjoy sanitizing his bench tops fishing in his own private Lake and of course the reason we all play this game interior decorating a lot of people think interior decorating isnt a real profession under this Mansion theres a bunker where we store all of our weapons and equipment for Missions its like tarkov where whatever you bring with you to a mission you risk losing if you die theres even a shooting range and if you have the Premium Edition of the game it will include little sound effects of lunchtime bells ringing and kids screaming so you can fully immerse yourself I take on the contract called The Cleaner before we get a shot at killing the cleaner well have to eliminate her eight lieutenants across several different locations if we die the entire contract will be canceled no mistakes I arrive in Colombia chilling at the local youth hostel there are two hippies hanging out here begging for socialism but not sharing their weed I figure Ill break into their room I proceed to execute my plan incredibly poorly and Im immediately spotted sneaking in through the window I forgot the difficulty is much harder in this mode and so I flee the area my status gets upgraded to combat which means theyre shooting on site all I did was climb in a window now I know how Middle Eastern women feel ready for a change of clothes I throw a banana onto the ground which attracts the attention of a soldier the only thing corrupt Colombian soldiers love more than public executions is hitting their daily potassium intake I choke the big man out take his fatigues and hide the body I then make my way back to the hostel and murder the hippies they snitched on me I take their clothes and I must say they dont flatter Agent 47 skin complexion those calves are so white they think the black market is well it doesnt matter the point is my boy is pasty I spot this little mamacito getting around town which is a big relief as thats my thumbnail sorted I also find my first Target this Soldier here but is in quite a public place I look around for a way to lure him into private theres a couple living next door to where hes posted the man is lazily napping on the couch while the woman sweeps wow thats rude I hope shes sweeping quietly I grabbed the bat thats leaning on the couch and beat them to death in their own home it looks like that toilet is just a metal bucket that is so rustic they obviously dabble in interior decorating as well I lower the target into the courtyard and take him passionately from behind with my pistol one cartel member eliminated seven to go there are soldiers absolutely everywhere so a  __  out of any kind will be bad for us I continue searching for the cleaners lieutenants theres loads of Backpackers around but no targets yet even Hitman has loot crates now because imagine being a game franchise in 2023 and not having loot crates that would be so embarrassing while searching one of them a guard aggressively rushes me probably because it doesnt take a dermatologist to say Im not South American I quickly shoot him in the head and take his clothes which works out well what was almost a disaster has landed me an elite guard disguise theyre all out there looking for a jacked bold Caucasian man and a knitted cardigan not a jacked bold Caucasian man and a cowboy hat I see this local paying his religious respects which is quite Soulful I proceed to take the coins off the Altar and then throw them at the ground in front of him he then picks up the money which is obviously sacrilegious so now hell spend the Maternity in NPC hell I find this sneaky rainforest path that has poisonous flowers growing through it I pick one for later the path leads me to the Delgado cartel Mansion where its likely a couple of my targets are residing I throw a coin and the guard hears it its pretty thick vegetation I dont know how my mans got better hearing than a moth moths have the best hearing in the entire world the more you know moths can release 450 ultrasonic chirps per second which can jam about sonar system and confuse them and basically my mate Andrew bet that I couldnt include moths in this video he tried to pick the most boring thing but little did he know he picked a truly fascinating insect like the video If you respect moths more now I used the flower I picked to poison some of the Lions these guys are snorting this will probably kill the next person who touches it and yet its still more pure than literally all of the Coke in Australia sure enough the big girl doesnt feel too red hot and so she tries to find a suitable place to be sick does she choose the swamp the bushes the bathroom no she decides to throw up in the jacuzzi it becomes obvious that weve become quite distracted from the mission were just sponsoring bulimia its time to get serious for a moment I head into an underground tunnel Network that the Colombians are using to smuggle Im instantly asked politely to leave as I dont have access to this area so this nice guard has manners and calmly escorts me out but earlier I was shot on site for going into the wrong room at a youth hostel they take no prisoners if the bullets dont get you tinea will with my new disguise Im able to walk around the caves it looks like theyre packing the powder into childrens toys I love that get them young and youve got a customer for life I find one of my Targets in the red beanie chilling at the staff quarters and realize theres only one way to take him out and kill everybody in the room the thing I love about this new game mode is the most important objective is to keep Agent 47 alive in killing non-targets is a calculated risk you can take and if theres one thing that really gets me up in the morning its collateral damage Id make a fantastic drone pilot for the Army my last Target is at The Shanty Village down by the river this guy is Just landing on a railing looking all cute Desi Ponders life the kill is too easy I push him over and Escape in a blue boat a mission complete then I head back to our safe house one step closer to killing the cleaner I leveled up and unlocked some motivational posters fortunes favor the Bold Agent 47 has reached his final form a Facebook mum but for our next mission well be heading to an exotic island in the adaman sea I decide to take my obnoxiously big cargo Chopper I spawn in at some hippie Camp lots of hippie themes this video I dont know how I feel about it these hippies are nice and they offer to make me some lethal poison if I bring them exotic plants and frogs super normal thing to offer a stranger I search around for a while and find the flower I need I then also find one of my targets taking a solo night walk making for perhaps the easiest kill of my illustrious Hitman career I hide these corpse in a bush and thats four lieutenants down I give the hippie a flower and sure enough he gives me a poison vial the Stoners will do literally anything for you except share their weed I head into town to see if I can locate another Target i instead find a woman washing clothes by hand its 2023 get yourself a Samsung front loader you Goose I take a soap and shatter it in front of her just like it was her dreams of ever actually obtaining a washing machine her husband is an arms dealer its cool you can buy equipment of certain NPCs but his neighbor walks in for a late night dutch rudder and freaks out I have to run and lay lows so I just fish for a while nothing like a little late night virtual will fish to make you question your real life decisions I also find one of my Targets in the blue hat I dont know what kind of cartel Im dismantling here but it looks like this man used to be a sponsor child I better kill him before he collapses from malnourishment not now though as there are too many soldiers around I run back to the Arms Dealer and purchase a silent sniper rifle I then spot a radio tower which will make for the perfect sniper perch theyve constructed large walls with barbed wire to keep people out but I guess they forgot about low tide I sneak up through the vegetation and into the cuddle quarters I proceed to put on someones clothes I grab a crowbar and break into the prison cells where theyre keeping a few dodgy little malaccas this inmate is happy to see me as prison is tough and he wants to be freed I visited a friend of mine in prison a few times I thought it would be funny to draw an escape plan on a napkin during a visit but it turns out the guards are super strict around that type of thing his cell ended up getting surged and his cellmate was so pissed off and got quite aggressive the cellmate had motorcycle gang ties it was pretty rough I was fine I just went home to a comfortable bed and enjoyed my freedom I set myself up at the top of the radio tower and begin taking faces I eliminate Mr outfit copycat first meaning five targets are now down I then scope in on the hungry boy and fire a bullet which I miss which is embarrassing as he was standing still fishing I put the poor man out of his starvation misery eventually making for six total lieutenants dead I run down to the beach and dip out of there in my fancy submarine that I now obviously have I returned to my house and head down to my closet to change into something more comfortable Ive never seen a bald man look so sophisticated I do a few chores around the house such as shining my shoes and drinking red wine no real reason to this other than complete and utter immersion our next mission sends us to an island in the Atlantic Ocean where three more cartel members are hiding I decide that Ill ride my project bike to the Atlantic Ocean because that makes sense my starting point is high up in a castle tower the disguise weve chosen at first glance appears to be perfect for the Masquerade cocktail function below I make my way down the stairs and use two of the darts from my tranquilizer gun to eliminate a Duo of guards this gun would be so much more efficient than Rohypnol this party is for billionaires as you can see by how theyre just burning money I sometimes waste money too but its on longer term payoff purchases such as psychologist appointments and RuneScape gold the first lieutenant is a guard down by the docks Im just happy were not still shooting at starving Island folk I line the big girl up and give the trigger a squeeze like it was a Miners butt and I was Bill Gates you know he visited Jeffrey Epsteins Island 37 times theres only one reason you visit a remote island 37 times and its not for Champagne brunches with the homies and plus what about Epstein hanging himself in the CCTV footage being deleted at that exact moment because he was going to testify kind of weird right we all just made a few jokes and moved on anyway lets move on the initiate in the white outfit is trying to join this billionaire club he will have a chance to join if he can find 10 commemorative tokens hidden around the castle any person worth worrying about will stress out if Gods precious nectar is being wasted and so I bait the man in to turn off the tap and then Whack Him and take his clothes I find this guy chilling and he says hell give me a token if I vote for him once Im a member I agree and he wants to continue the conversation privately unfortunately thats the same bathroom that I left the unconscious initiate this billionaire runs over all concerned acting like he doesnt see naked unconscious bodies all the time well I guess this is an adult body but still I run over and knock on the initiate door but the big man says no way Jose find more tokens so I keep searching this other initiate then gets all cocky and flexes her tokens on me so I just snatched the coins and robbed the Randy slag I realize its way easier to just roll other initiates for their tokens than finding them myself its crazy how many Hoops you have to jump through to touch kids these days I hide the evidence gather the tokens and this time Im allowed inside this guard leads me through a sketchy tunnel and Im instructed to sit down in a lie detector machine if I get a question wrong theyll electrocute me which is harsh but fair this woman appears has either dressed really well or really bad I cant tell she asked me a series of subtle yet extremely challenging questions to see if Im an imposter are you a reporter working for the liberal media yes I passed the test and get escorted through this underground tomb its actually quite nice to be made a fuss about I try on my robes and just like that I can finally touch kids without a worry of course I mean spiritually touched kids because after all this is the number one educational Christian music channel on YouTube and please dont ever forget that now one of the big boys I can freely roam the castle except if I want to go up here where my targets are these two Lads with objectively fashionable sunglasses blocked away I climb a drain pipe to the floor above I then flick off a fuse box and lure her weight her out whos wearing a corset I take him out with a knife which Ill admit was a mistake I didnt realize I was holding a blade it happens to every assassin I then put on his questionable yet tasteful outfit I proceed to walk the party searching for my targets I spot one of them who conveniently enjoys leaning over the railing unfortunately Im not allowed to walk out there or the guards will shoot me I head back downstairs to see if I missed anything but then decide Ill immediately go back up the guards hate this and begin shooting at me I swear attacking a guy on a corset has to be a hate crime a bullet start flying in every direction all this violence because a deviant minxy little waiter pushed the limits of fashion with the entire Castle freaking out I switch from sneaky step dad to John Wick one of my targets comes over to the window which is swell as I can choke him out and take him down the seven lieutenants are in eliminated only one left before we have a run at the cleaner I proceed to move through the castle shooting everyone this is a risky way to play this game mode but you dont win any first place trophies without rubbing some deep heat on your balls through all the bullets and bloodshed the singular cellist with a blindfold has kept playing you can take a mans Vision but you cant take away the song he wants to sing or play I proceed to butcher him you dont actually you dont sing a cellist you dont you dont sing a cello I approach my final Target and pull out my silent sniper rifle I feel as if this is the perfect time for a montage Music Mission complained we are now ready to take down the cleaning lady first though back to the real reason why we play this game interior decorating Ive unlocked some new Vogue furniture options that I feel can really turn this house into a home I also unlocked a vault where I can trade stocks I log in and set up a few short-term options trades and its all gone its pretty immersive when this happens you can make Agent 47 grab a shotgun off the wall and go deep into the woods and then just put it into his mouth and then you just press the B button to cry for hours Hitman is so realistic I prepared ahead to Colorado America to take down the cartel leader the cleaning lady I put a little sweater around my neck so all the militia know that Im the worlds most deadly interior decorator we know our Target is that this military compound for a meeting I spot a guard staring down at a vice grip wondering when Im sure weve all wondered at some point can you put your dick in there yes you can I knock him unconscious and then take his gun in Disguise ahead for the water tower so that I can do some reconnaissance theres two guards patrolling the roof but Ive got a hammer which I throw out there heads knocking them unconscious while Im in a hammer to the head would surely do some pretty aggressive internal bleeding but I secure my perch all we know about the target is that theyre dehydrated have earrings a necklace a hat and red hair the mission briefing could have just said they were bullied in high school the fact that theyre dehydrated is all the motivation I need and it Sparks me to just start shooting suspects theres multiple Tangos so I risk it for the biscuit and start taking names hoping I snipe the right person I havent seen this many dehydrated gingers get slaughtered since the Red Wedding Im notified the target is down but now I have to escape my methods werent exactly covert and militia flood my position like I was a third world country with plenty of Natural Resources I turned to the tried and tested strategy I used in Call of Duty to get my kill streaks I proceed to Camp my little dick off I almost die multiple times but I managed to slip away and complete the mission the cleaning lady is finally dead but for my reward I unlock this breakout room where 47 can play drums underground such a normal insane person activity to do this new update is great drop a like or let me know if you want to see more videos like this I feel as if its a cool way to bring Hitman content back to the channel more regularly enjoy your week you dodgy malakas I love you Music steam link wake on lan Follow me everywhere:➤ Twitter: Instagram: ➤ Twitch: ➤ Discord: USE CODE PELI --- Music: Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: steam paypal not working steam game update stuck on installing arcadia steam show mh rise steam how to steam soup dumplings without a steamer