Horizon Zero Dawn PC Review | Guerrillas Gorgeous Open World Is Amazing On PC

Yuri game steamhow to use a steam gift card HORIZON ZERO DAWN™ COMPLETE EDITION review Music hello and welcome to rock paper shotgun my name is matthew castle and no we havent pivoted to playstation what youre seeing here is a former playstation 4 exclusive horizon zero dawn running on the pc where it rightfully belongs guerrilla games open world action game has made the jump to pc and my fellow vid bud colimer hearn has been playing it over the last few days so hes going to answer some of my burning questions on how the port holds up well also chat about the game in a wider sense but i know people want to hear all about the frame rates matthew yeah so im gonna expect you to do your very best impression of digital foundry as we get into our horizon zero dawn Music review so before we chat about the game itself lets talk about horizon zero dawns performance on pc im guessing the answer is yes but is this the best version of the game naturally enough you have greater control over how the game performs than you do on either ps4 or ps4 pro even on the beefier playstation you know you have to choose between 1080 60 or 4k 30. here you can go for that magic 4k60 if you like but if you have the rig for it you can push it even further by going for an unlimited frame rate method basically you can customize it to your wants and your needs and of course the same goes for how the world looks the shadows the clouds the textures id imagine it goes without saying but in the interest of clarity and to not be rude and to answer your initial question thank you if you want the prettiest and smoothest version of horizon zero dawn then you want to get it on pc you know its still horizon zero dawn right a robot crocodile three years ago is going to be a robot crocodile now right but at the same time yes it looks a bit smoother and a bit nicer and a bit prettier okay i guess it wasnt like an ugly game that has become a swan its a swan thats become like a slightly bigger better swan a peacocky swan maybe if a peacock and a swan had a child oh a swan that becomes a peacock what a nightmare but with all that praise i do have a couple of caveats the game has an ultra wide mode for for those those people with the fat monitors and while in game this is fantastic it looks terrific its very hard to show you this on a 1440p youtube video but i hope you get the gist from what youre looking at but one little snag with this is that the menus and the cut scenes havent been tweaked for ultra white right so what developer gorilla games has done you can see it here is theyve used a pillar box effect its like theyve duplicated the image stuck it behind and stretched it and maybe faded as a tad as well right it looks okay sometimes and sometimes it doesnt yeah i was watching uh catherine test horizon on the ultra wide and yeah the landscapes look amazing but it is a little jarring anything which is a cut scene yeah it suddenly shrinks in one area that i have to applaud gorilla games on is the mouse and keyboard support you can tinker with the mapping if you like but i i dont think you really need to the game has been mapped quite well movement in combat feels surprisingly natural if this is the way you want to experience the game now i say that but listen the optimal way to play this is with the controller theres no question about that but if you dont have that option or youd prefer to play it without an xbox pad you can and playing with mouse and keyboard it feels rather good yeah i can imagine it being an all right fit because like obviously the mouse aiming that always helps you know shooting these tiny little weak spots and things but its not like a lawyer isnt the most athletic of characters because where i often struggle with third-person games on mouse and keyboard is sometimes like the speed of movement or the grace of third-person movement isnt quite where i want it but i can sort of see how it would work quite well in this boss with all that said it would be remiss of me not to talk about the little hiccups i had as well okay the game crashed on me a couple of times basically enough that its worth mentioning in this review and i definitely had a few frame rate drops at points as well ive chatted to hardware editor catherine and she didnt run into any issues but we did get word from rpr that my problems werent completely isolated i dont have a nasa computer but i do definitely meet the requirements so it was a little disheartening when i ran into the issues that i did run into but that shouldnt affect you person watching this because there is a day one patch thats being rolled out before launch addressing tech snafus so well pin further thoughts in the comments when we have them all in all when its firing in all cylinders it looked gorgeous it ran superbly this patch that im mentioning it should iron out the kinks if you want to know more about how this performs on pc you should check out catherines breakdown over on ill stick a link in the description Music on top of unlimited frame rates and the ultroid mode have they tweaked the game world 2 is that right they have a little yeah sort of related to them tweaking the game world and one of my favorite new options in the game and look i know this isnt breaking new ground on pc but you can fiddle with the field of view okay which allows you to then see more of this gorgeous world that eloy is in oh thats good i always found she was a bit big in the original shes got a massive head as well when shes a child in this game shes like one of those nodding head things that you get on the dashboard of a car little bobble heads yeah theyre just huge i played this with the or at the widest field of view and just out of curiosity i booted up the ps4 version to have a look and it it feels so claustrophobic seeing this large-headed woman well i dont know does she have a large head is the cameraman breaking social distancing guidelines i i dont know we just dont know but with the wider shot as well as seeing you know this gorgeous world you can see the improvements as well like dynamic foliage matthew oh now youre talking my kind of language leaves that dance around your body reacting to your movement its hypnotic and theres improved reflections as well so you can recreate that bit in the lion king where simba sees the ghost of mufasa in the water very exciting but in real persons speak what this amounts to is an already lovely looking world becoming even lovelier it doesnt look like an entirely different game or anything it just looks better than the original there were certainly some odd occurrences though again a couple of little snafus as i say particularly in the conversational bits at one point i was talking to a little blonde boy and his hair was moving independently as if it were possessed maybe it is how well do you know your horizon law well how do you explain the other characters where who had claws that moved independently thats the man with magic jeans but in action it really is a gorgeous looking post-apocalypse enough about how nice it looks pc players have been waiting three years to murder some giant machine dinosaurs with a bow and arrow so what is that like the bow and arrow is pretty good im happy to report but there is more to horizons weaponry than just a bow and arrow throughout the entirety of the game you will be accruing a real arsenal of different kinds of weapons and during combat youll be switching back and forth from your trip caster which allows you to place a little tripwire across the ground that can shock enemies to your sling which allows you to fling elemental bombs at baddies because you do have to take different strategies when it comes to the monsters youre coming up against you can kind of liken these robot dinosaurs to pokemon in a sense really well youll manage to kill pikachu or whatever you do in pokemon not kill them enslave them yes its much nicer youll be able to enslave pikachu if you jolt pikachu with electricity it might take a little while longer than using ground attacks but youll still be able to do it and its the same in horizon the shell walker which is the giant enemy crab thing the shell walker strengths are uh shock attacks so while youll be able to destroy it whilst also using shock bombs or whatever itll take a little way longer than perhaps if you use say blast bombs sure that makes sense basically from like your snap mods to your scrappers to your whatever the big machines are weak to certain attacks and stronger against others and each one has weak points too like you mentioned when were talking about mouse and keyboard so you have to think on the fly you know there are very few waist-high walls here its all about sticking and moving and it genuinely makes for some thrilling fights what about the uh people its not just dinosaurs right well thats where it falls a little bit theyre just not as interesting theyre adequate thats fantastic what a what a thrill theyre just a bit boring but the action-packed battles against machines theyre terrific its a real proper sense of achievement as well when you outsmart and outlast these machines particularly some of the bigger later game ones so i know one area of the game that youre particularly taken by is the lead character a loy and her story and her massive head yes indeed i am i think shes a great character she feels real well as real as anyone can be when theyre in a post-apocalyptic world fighting off big robot dinosaurs but its the delivery of actress ashley birch that makes eloy come alive mainly and i know its quite a reality tv line to say but she does legitimately go on a journey over the course of the game she acts as the perfect avatar for the player because whilst youre discovering everything in this world eloy is too its just lovely synergy in that matthew very nice i think thats where the connection between player and protagonist could have ended but for some reason gorilla games included dialogue options they gave you some agency over alloy i suppose the game embraces rpg elements elsewhere like upgradable outfits and weapons and crafting etc but including this the dialogue options bit its just a bit odd these moments provide you with three different responses these conversations and they mean absolutely nothing they pop up sporadically and they just have no bearing on anything theyre just unnecessary i dont understand including these its really really odd again because of how well realized alloy is she begins life as this naive young girl outcast from her tribe but she ends up and dont worry i i wont spoil anything if you havent played it before but she ends up becoming this courageous warrior sort of like me matthew actually im a bit of a courageous warrior i like to think the big question then is are you a courageous warrior that enjoys the occasional bit of busy work because i believe horizon zero dawn has quite a bit of map clearing and icon finding it does it does indeed and a lot of it is very samey so firstly the side quests these revolve around speaking to someone who often says one of two things hello stranger ive lost a particular object can you retrieve it for me or hello stranger ive lost my son daughter lover whatever can you find them for me please its just the same thing over and over again so dont expect any sort of bloody barren in this i suppose for all intents and purposes this is a sony published ubisoft game right you climb large giraffes and then eagle sink at the top to open up more of the map assassins creed you can carry more resources once youve crafted larger pouches using the skin and bones of wildlife that you can hunt far cry some of these things are quite enjoyable like the giraffe towers theres a little bit more to them than just pushing forward on the analog stick or holding down on the wk it just feels like weve been here countless times before and that goes for every non-critical icon on the map if a side mission involves taking down a huge beast then itll be fun because thats one of the best parts of the game but theres no escaping the grindy feeling of it all the mediocrity of the optional missions was disappointing in 2017 when the game first launched on ps4 and its its no different in 2020 with that in mind do you think horizon zero dawn is still worth checking out if you missed it the first time i do its not going to change the way you think about video games or anything a lot of what horizon does youve seen loads of times before but theres enough variety in your weapons and the big robots you destroy with said weapons and it looks gorgeous as well on pc theres enough of that to keep you entertained over the course of the game Music well that sounds lovely and if you are excited to murder some robotic machines you will be able to pick up horizon zero dawn complete edition on pc from friday the 7th of august thank you very much for chatting with me today column no problem at all matthew and please do let us know if youll be picking up horizon or if youre excited to see more console exclusives betray their original audiences and make the jump to pc where they can have a big old graphics party and if you enjoyed this video it would be lovely if you gave it a thumbs up if youre looking for some classic rock paper shotgun goodness you can watch either of the two videos on screen right now and of course if you want to make sure you never miss any rps videos in the future just hit subscribe and ring the notification bell thank you very much for watching and ill say bye for now goodbye steam can you gift money The Horizon Zero Dawn PC port is here and has never looked better. Unlocked frames and ultrawide support make this a real treat on PC. Colm and Matthew break down the port in this Horizon Zero Dawn PC review.🎥: Want to see what Matthew thought of former PS4 exclusive Death Stranding on PC? Have a look at this: 🔴: Subscribe and ring that bell to never miss a video or livestream: 🍾: Become a channel member for extra RPS-flavoured goodies: 💬: Chat to Rock Paper Shotgun on Discord: 🐦: Follow Colm and Matthew on Twitter: Behold: Horizon Zero Dawn PC gameplay, where murdering robot crocodiles has never looked better. Guerrilla Games have taken an already gorgeous game in Horizon Zero Dawn, and made it look even better on PC. But, as Colm explains in this Horizon Zero Dawn PC review, he did run into a couple of issues during his time with the game. However, were told that a day one patch should iron out those kinks. Still, if youve got an ultrawide monitor (Horizon Zero Dawn ultrawide is a thing to behold) and a rig that can push this to its limit, youll fall in love with Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. Some players will be coming to Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time, of course, so this Horizon Zero Dawn PC review does cover more than just the performance of the game. As youll hear during the Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay PC, Colm had a whale of a time switching back and forth between his weapons, as he took on some mammoth mechanical monsters. The humans? Not so much. But, tackling a Long Leg in Horizon Zero Dawn on PC is marvellous. This is also Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, so comes with extra doodads and the expansion, adding even more questing. Equally as terrific is protagonist Aloy. Her journey of discovery in Horizon PC is an utter delight, brought to life by the fantastic performance from Ashly Burch. Zero Dawn PC falls a bit when it embraces its Ubisoftness, as most of the sidequests are very repetitive, but the main story is truly compelling. Dont worry, PC players that didnt play the game when it first came out: Colm didnt spoil any major beats during the Vidbuds chat over this Horizon Zero Dawn PC gameplay. This Horizon Zero Dawn test is as spoiler-free as we could make it. If you have any questions about our Horizon Zero Dawn review, pop them in the comments. Colm will do his best to answer them. But, if youd like to know more about Horizon Zero Dawn PC performance, then you should check out the break down from RPS hardware editor Katharine on the site. Youll get even more detail there about what you can expect from the game ( We hope you enjoyed this Horizon Zero Dawn PC review. If you did, please do check out our other reviews and previews. 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