I thought I knew how these things work... (Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades)

Story rich games steamlego steamed bun shop HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES oh its coming straight for me hi there missile put it in there surely nothing can go too wrong right come on ah feels good to be back in the outdoors with a bunch of stupid guns now for those of you whove sticked around the channel for long enough now that ive played around with this a couple of times and i havent really played this in like two years so i decided that i i should try my knowledge if i remember how guns work and if i dont know ive always got a trusted hammer to hammer things in if it doesnt like if it doesnt want to cooperate with me and then you know if that doesnt work weve got a sledgehammer and then weve got a bunch of weird weapons and stuff its gonna be a lot of fun so lets see if i remember shed this here this is like some sort of an old old like gun right isnt it okay so do i how do i okay lets take this this box thing and we put it uh like that and go go oh it went in there okay and then we talk it i think we need to open this oh there we go yeah yeah i remember this now put that in there bish bush load it and shoot it oh this is just this is amazing this in the trash you go goodbye okay here you go just get get disappearing all right here we go so the next thing is this which is a machine oh machine gun that makes sounds like sounds like really weird i dont know okay put this there bush and uh did you shoot with it okay it works oh it works yeah hell this game has gotten some serious upgrades man it feels amazing to be here speaking of amazing this thing oh this thing ought to be oh yeah okay yeah okay lets just put it in there surely it cant be too big there you go put that there it oh this sounds like such a bad boy gun oh my god okay get the hell away from me just like this and then we shoot at that thing oh this is making me really not gonna say it but its making me really happy oh look at this oh i can even hit like the back oh ive run out of bullets hello can i please remove the magazine nice oh this i dont think this can fit in the trash to be well it did fit thats pretty cool Music i think this is some sort of a like plunger gun but i dont know if it like goes in where is he how does it work how do i open it come on cant be this hard just freaking open okay all right thats thats where we put them in and then weve got four bullets like this i remember how bullets work and then we yep oh this is gonna be great what is it gonna shoot then what plungers what was i expecting of course its shooting plungers oh its going through them oh its a shame there you go put four more in load it up and then what the crap okay what do we have then this is i dont even know what this is but it sounded really nice oh crap hows this how do i reload this thing come on do we even need that oh i i think those are some bullets okay how do i how do i arm it how do i make it ready for the pew pew oh i need to aim it at something and it works okay lets just try over where do we try i dont even know lets try down onto the rock over there some hello why is this why is this so short range over there what the crap what did i do no wait i dont have any more bullets youre joking right now oh but thats not the only thing weve got a bunch more grenades here that ive never seen in my entire life this for example looks like a fruit and how do i how does it i removed the pin oh that cant be too good cant it lets try that again there you go and then oh i threw it away kaboom thats an amazing grenade that is makes a nice little thud deal hundred nothing i think i dont even know how does this work Music what is that oh i might need a lighter i might need a lighter okay lighter here we go okay and open this up how do i open it up come on oh i did it oh the lighter works okay here we go just put it in there surely nothing can go too wrong right come on christ rangefinder oh so we can see how far things are thats pretty cool that is like 200 200 meters away that one up there i bet i can hit it with something also i just found this which is some sort of a rail cam um this but i dont know how it works so im just gonna skip it for now put it in there if you guys want to see me play around with the railcam you know let me know remote explosive oh hell yeah what is this boom how do i make it go boom is this the detonator which one is i should probably not press it while holding it how do i arm it hello christ okay i think i armed it all right i think i did it okay so i just grab it like this and then i um i flick little button here there you go and then i can throw it away yup and then i can remotely detonate it ah lovely lovely little detonator what happens if i spawn like more of these and i throw that one over there that one over there and that one over there and then i click they all explode im marvelous mk i dont mk19 ive never played around with this before its a huge toy im assuming this goes in there yes it does is it like oh no it isnt theres no way this cant be a real gun this theres no way this is real right this this is not real this is just made up isnt it okay how do i oh boy thats not good oh it exploded over there okay how does it is this like automatic well yes it is its really automatic okay stay there and im getting sidetracked all the time i dont even know what this is oh this goes in here yep im pretty sure this goes in here just go in there come on come on be a good dad big boy Music Music that can i make you shoot myself in the face i dont even know where im going with it oh this way this way okay down down left right okay this way up i dont know where im going off to here we go okay okay that way this way i can hear it to my right and i dont know where i am im just gonna crash here over there and then im gonna do this again because this was fun all right were gonna fire it really far away and then were gonna turn it around and im gonna fire myself raw in the face oh its coming straight for me hi there missile were gonna try mortar baby do i just put this down like this and its just gonna stay up sure is okay put this down here is it gonna then just perfect and then how do i launch it it doesnt launch hi hi hello freaking launch will you haramiki go boom t is that for trigger sure as hell is christ okay oh maybe i need to change it to like d as for direct i bet thats what it means im pretty sure i just heard it land over there okay lets try that one okay and then i put it in it should automatically just boom it worked i dont even know where its gonna come down but were gonna hear it soon enough probably went into the other space there it was i knew it was gonna come down cool this looks like a gun that should not be given to an idiot but im no ordinary idiot im a certified idiot come on okay put the bullet over there duplicate it boosh there you go all right how does this work did you just put it in here will it go in there it goes in oh it goes in there of course it does no it does not i knew it didnt go in there how do i load this thing do i need to like oh wait hold on do i need to like bend it is this like a bendy barrel how does this work come on oh oh oh oh i know its like this right just put it wait somethings moving over here oh oh oh i pulled this one back okay that makes sense yeah totally totally make something put that one over there that went a lot smoother than i thought it crap well reload it again just get that bullet out pull it out find it oh you need to pull it like that yeah just yank it real good okay put it down put it down nice and then i dont need to do that or not but i did it okay here we go right now ive learned to shoot oh i actually hit that first try baby thats amazing oh this thing is great ntw 20. oh oh come to daddy all hallelujahs oh look at the magazine the magazine is so big okay how do i just like this im assuming this is loaded now im just going to pull the trigger of course it isnt crap what do i need to do now i heard something ah i think i think it went off over oh that okay so now its loaded and then this is like a bolt action though there you go dont touch that one its gonna be hot okay here we go all right this is it put the food cheese down how do i use this can i like hold it with two hands is this like a handlebar it is okay here we go hit that thing up there and i hit it master sniper wacky there you go okay goodbye rifle gun dont want you anymore i need to like figure out how these things work okay i need to put in a magazine im assuming where the hell does this even go oh theres a giant slot in here okay there you go put it in there all right then there should be somewhere where i can just yank it and its going to go is this the one oh heres the one there you go and now its gonna fire no its gonna fire i just know it yeah it did oh its automatic i can do this as well its wasting a little bit of bullets but you know thats fine thats never hurt anybody now were out of bullets Music its not fully automatic semi semi-automatic though there you go okay right i want to see if i can put something else in here so can i like put this in here hello please go in there okay you know what if it doesnt go in like that it will go in with a little bit of force there you go perfect and then oh sorry i think ive found like a rusty old grenade as well surely oh that wasnt oiled properly was it okay all right just toss it in there wow that makes a nice little sound a huge boom as well is that like the biggest explosive i can get in here or is there anything bigger i can get in here yeah i already played around with this in the beginning but i dont want this gun i want these things right the bullets from the gun im sure i can um yes i can unload them thats pretty cool right just like that and then were going to take one of these bullets were going to take a sledgehammer because nothing is big enough to like make this fire if its not a sledgehammer and then were going to see if it makes a bigger boom please just please just work oh that was so good that was it was really nice potato gun usually with these things right you use one of them potatoes you put it in there then you shove it in there and you put some gas in here and then you light it and kaboof right but what if you could make a potato cannon slightly more deadly and im talking like a lot more deadly so put this in there dont drop it too much okay careful there you go in you go perfect all right just like that and then we need a propellant nothing can go wrong with this right just like that and wheres the lid theres the lid okay put the lid on quickly quickly now there you go and now lets see what happens filter steam games Today in Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Im showing you guys how these things should be handled. 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