Vinesauce Vinny - Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Xmas Update

Jumpstart games steamwhere can i rent a steam cleaner HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game winter wasteland meet miss 2020 time yeah someone sent me an email they were very kind they sent me like many paragraphs explaining what this whole thing is and i dont remember very much of it because it was so much and i had like 200 other emails but essentially its a cool little gun game mode where you like go to bunkers and find weapons and stuff but um yeah this is my first christmas in vr so i figured why not some folk are here just for the new toys one of us chill time uh so we have more opportunities to heal as well well as turning off damage you dont take that so well do standard difficulty for now and then if i need to change that i will foreign the  __  is going on here not for this um i wonder if i can Music can i spawn the stuff Music tripod on pistol vinny youre still muted check one two one muted im not muted oh you  __  merry christmas to you humbug Music thats just ammo and anton really goes to the  __  hilt when a new mode is add it to the game youll find boxes with guns take the attachments for later too late mate click to teleport to an unlocked bunker so heres heres i would assume its a loot box its a double down derringer of all the of all the guns thats unfortunate but its something and then you can teleport to different bunkers thats cool are you blizzard grab map at start tablet at start for lore im not really looking for the lore necessarily but yeah map okay ill hold on to that for a little bit if i get a gun and i need that spot then ill use it but for now Music oh we just wasted that bullet you have shoulder holsters too yeah those are for the big ones though a drone was a crystal go to the guard towers to remove fog of war oh i see like far cry oh hang on a second this is major richard johnson richard johnson get out of here december 1st if youre hearing this message our jack into the local s-com system was successful jack in the holly jolly stealth field seems to have receded enough for us to establish a beachhead in the outskirts but still protects the inner reaches the techs are saying that as the month progresses we should be able to access other regions the hilos are bringing us supplies in as we speak well get supply points tied into the s-com net as well next sit rep at 2100 major dick out no im good i got this remember that one chat member who was like its painful to watch vinnie load virtual shotguns youre not wrong you are not wrong but that one in particular is oh boy Music okay hoping i could get up there i have to go around i died it was death i died yeah i guess it hit me i thought it exploded in my face but thats fine too um okay theres a tower over there like i do want to just see the guns at some point so ill probably check this out for a little bit and then check out the guns but ah yes the bane of every counter-strike players existence okay i saw well now the drones will go down a lot easier as in like one hit jesus mental no scope even though it was like a foot and a half away our tower vinnie should you stream your dominant eye i dont think theres an option to do so spectator panel whoa being shot at hang on hang on hang on all right spectator panel whoa okay um all right uh uh jesus uh  __  hell uh options spawn specter spawn spectator panel oh right right right okay okay okay desktop camera mode hd spectator third person thats weird sausage view im looking to see what this stuff is spawn object player body enabled oh enable camera i write is it not broadcasting my my right eye currently hd spectator you have to choose a camera mode Music oh much better you have to have a real steady hand for some of this the gun like kind of glitching out this  __  drone does not want to go down all right inhale and then slowly exhale right before you pull the trigger thats how it works that is how it works yeah they they know im here and they dont they dont know where i am because theyre theyre sausage but no fall damage okay got an access card  __   __  new message received oh this is a lot more Music major johnson reporting in weve successfully thrust our forward position into the canyon however more resistance has been encountered than we anticipated there appear to be a hot dog shaped robots made of garbage but wielding military-grade small arms nothing was in the intel brief about it their numbers are unknown  __  after them damn i really need this ammo no not yet okay i need this not that i need this cant actually like add that to a small slot i dont think oh yes i can its not going in there what the  __  based on grip location of the magazine oh uh hey theyre over there  __  hell cant do it i dont know if theres a way to change the firing mode on this thing try holding with both hands i am this is a single fire carbine version it was added as a joke good a carbine vector huh you know we could just do that too rest in penis all right im just gonna go to a shooting range now i can see how people would like this and i kind of like it i think i just need to get more into it so i would need a lot more time meet miss snow globe added this hollandaise past holiday season meet miss holiday snow globe is a playful winter themed sandbox environment perfect its exactly perfect okay a new present Music this is a stoner Music there it is nice Music cool present ah whats this what is this this doesnt look like robocop yo whose balls am i shooting this is such a long gun Music this doesnt come with a rocket oh god Music oh god trigger is on the top Music how am i supposed to do a musket in vr chat this is an impossible task this is a herculean task vinnie theres instructions on the side i dont know like how to fire rocket launchers chat im sorry Music bite the cartridge dump the powder its too long is the problem Music its shaky too i cant do anything about the shakiness nope Music all right cool uh what next yeah its a gal Music pepperoni battle spawner auto spawning speed slow spawn bots one there they are okay um miscellaneous check the anti-material guns anti-material guns Music i saw the gun hats yes Music its just a hat you put on your gun its not you dont wear it you know anti-material here we go um jesus might have seen this once before but if if i have i dont really remember oh my god Music Music what thanks im dying squirtle squirtle im dying i died squirtle um are there any other guns that are like christmas themed specifically or theres a funny breach action pistol a funny gun reach loading there arent any christmas themed guns per se oh just weird ones that he added for christmas this is a funny gun i think pretty funny jesus Music thats a funny gun i think ive seen this one Music Music pull the hammer back it just keeps picking oh down on the touch pad  __  uh not good nows not a good time to learn how to do this okay i tried to load it like the  __  han solo gun oh whats this oh health  __  im gonna turn off auto spawn while i get my bearings Music are you kidding me there you go right in the meat um any other suggestions chat i wish there was like a new guns category anton if youre listening if theres a way to do like um like a new category where you can just see the latest guns added that would be really cool knew how like the most recent added guns to the game theres a gun in the anti-material section that you have to hit with a hammer to shoot oh okay um what time is it okay its probably only like one more weapon that i can do this isnt as christmassy as one would expect but i dont mind i mean its the same game the map is great Music and i definitely have a lot of art anti-material so so which one do you have to hit with a hammer well there you go no it doesnt come with bullet Music it does bullet i can do 50 cal from here probably reach loading this seems like it would be appropriate bullet good good i need to kill something with this and then im probably gonna stop put a hot dog down there i dont know heres here we go imagine this solid snake sneaking infiltrating this is what he has that is glorious and so incredibly stupid Music all right well i didnt do last nights art because the stream was um sadly shut down during the brb but i tried to get through as much christmas stuff as i could today so yeah ending with guns of all things but it was fun the  __  is this thing Music come on do it got it i try to hit it with a little hammer for Music  __  gotcha oh  __  all right thats enough of that thanks everybody all right chad i should be back Music okay i think im back can you hear me all right well anyway thank you for watching hope everybody had a good holiday uh its been weird but im glad that i did get my power and my internet and im glad that everything worked out and thanks for being here okay lets do the art theres probably going to be a bunch of it how to redeem a game code on steam mobile Vinny plays Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades for PC live on Vinesauce!Stream 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