H3VR Early Access Devlog - Update 107e3 - Brand New M16s!!!

Best steam games for xbox controllersteam games taking forever to launch HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game greetings welcome to the devlog for hot dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades were going to start off as always with a quick sound check make sure speakers arent up too high wonderful well that didnt do much damage to that box there have we got 4 week well this was originally going to be an event system week but as usual I have gotten distracted I basically started working with Olay who has been working on our gorgeous AR-15 set Refresh on Monday and I just got so carried away just uh enjoying working on that and getting a whole bunch of things in and substituted that because I had some inertia with it I just spent the whole week on it so because of that there is a whole bunch of new AR-15 related toys in the item spawner for you this week so lets take a look to do back to categories assault rifle so the in terms of guns two guns have been wholesale replaced this week our M16 A1 and our oops Dopey me there we go and our M16 A4 grab these and take a look at them the lighting in the sniper range is not amazing this is pure ambient and baked light which means the sort of specular quality of things looks a little washed out just if youre wondering why they dont look quite how they do in the indoor range is just the way I lit this scene five years ago um but yeah lets lets actually pop these on here lets get these gun safety is for everyone so we have brand new Stan egg magazines a full set the fullest set that has ever been in the game are replaced AR-15 models like the c601 I showed off a little while back have the new sound oh wonderful theyve got animated boat releases and such lets take some shots foreign there we go beautiful pull that out weve got followers and all the mags too and as you can see most of them are either fully loaded or close to fully loaded animated boat release oh so much better sounds thats how you deal with that box there so yeah along with this lets see did I actually yep I added it in here weve got some other cool things we have some updated versions of the bayonets and all the bayonet mounts because obviously everything is now dimensionally correct actually mount on and fit correctly and theres a whole bunch of new bayonets which Ill show you in a moment now lets see just to show you exactly what our situation is here mag-wise if we just go over to ammo a lot of people dont know about this but say I want to see I want to see every magazine that can fit with this gun I just go switch to tag search mode I click select text from held object and boom there we go sorted list of all of the magazines if I wanted to make it so that the uh the rounds also showed up I think its what I do do do do Music yeah I could remove that there and I could get the 556 rounds there but just in terms of magazines weve got a whole bunch of different new sets here we have um full set of pmags both in black and in uh in fde Music gorgeous what else oh who got some weve got some goofy ones here all I did this uh beautiful uh fake Light magazine once again the color is a little off in this scene I should really mess with the lighting in here it is not quite right that should not be quite that orange see here weve got a both a replacement for the hundred round drum which is pretty beefy as well as a brand new 150 which is just ridiculous looking I adore it just adore it will you out we have uh oh and we now have a much smoother gradation I need to fix the I realized I need to fix the display names because Ive got magazine Stan egg usgi it actually cuts off the uh the round number so Im gonna have to tweak that thats part of the reason why we test these things yeah weve got a 10 a 20 a 20 round waffle a 25 a 30 a 30 round custom a 40 a 55 which is just two of them welded together because huh not getting the best performance here in the unity editor runs so much better in build I promise and a hand of five round so yeah so those are your new magazines in terms of uh lets go back to classic mode in terms of bayonets I went ahead and put in all the bayonets we had planned to put in with the eventual AR sets weve got a c601 a uh a Canadian one an h416 which I dont know about you but I just love that blade shape looks so cool uh the M9 is replaced weve got the more classic M7 which is technically what belongs on this rifle here come on come on go on how am I messing this up oh upside down is how wow Anton we are with it today so yeah M7 on there a USMC one and uh oh and this one this is a k77 I cant remember off the top my head what this went to but I just love the cross section of the handle so that is in there and then when it comes to our M16 A4 here we have a and this is sort of a preview of the functionality that would be present on some of the other models of rifle which is that our carry handle now come on there we go now actually has we cannot just flip the aperture there we can also if you happen to be one of those people who owns a very high-res hmd this can now actually be zeroed by elevation between 100 meters and 800 meters if someone manages to shoot something accurately from 800 meters off of irons on this I demand a video of it uh but yeah I know I will be keeping this at 100 or 200 most of the time and for those who enjoy it we also have a uh PMAG in here that actually has the window on the side so you can see those drains look at that animated spring gorgeous absolutely gorgeous and obsessive work here by Olay on these beautiful models that I promise as I said look prettier uh in other scenes than they do in this old scene this is probably worth a remaster at some point are a number of things to be aware of with this which I will actually talk about outside of VR yo so there are some very very important things about these new ARs and these new mags um the reason that I decided to do in an experimental build a push with just two Replacements and a bunch of these is that I ended up having to do a lot of sort of asset metadata surgery to try to keep these connected where they should be to various already authored modes in the games as best as possible despite the fact that the way that they are sorted and referred to has changed um an example is just the fact that uh 30 round stanag usgi mags in game and theyre like fvr IDs used to be referred to as just like Stan egg one static two stanic three they came in with three different guns um and all of that has changed to make them both more accurate and to repackage them differently in the game and but what this means is that some Vault guns may not load correctly now Im going to attempt to basically insert sort of a um uh sort of like parsing filter over uh incoming sort of red Vault files that basically theyre going to ask for an item that they think they know by one of the older names and the game will just give them the item via the new one and next time you save over it in any capacity it should be with the new data object but Ive never done that before so it might be busted uh it might break and for at least this weeks experimental build if you have anything Stan AG with a stanic magnet in a vault file it might not load correctly if that happens Dont Panic dont delete it I would like to solve this problem with some post filtering so that I can essentially have a list of old IDs and new IDs and just pass them on but I might need a I might need to do trial and error this week as I find all the little things and all the little places that something might break um and fix it because Ive never done this type of asset sub substitution in H3 before where its not just this like one-to-one version but this migration of like there was this bundle of mags over here and they were called this and it was kind of disorganized and now theres this new larger bundle of mags and theyre very organized and they use different terms and IDs and things and so well be finding out together all the little places uh something goes wrong so yeah um so I I ask your patients through this process and essentially once this is done and we make sure that the this sort of migration works I can start putting in all the other AR-15 models uh in in sort of big batches the priority I was originally going to do it like just pure theme groups like heres a bunch of M16s heres a bunch of m4s Etc but I think what Im going to prioritize first in in terms of like the first eight or ten that go in are just replacing the guns in game because Im pretty sure I didnt even bother to test it but Im pretty sure a bunch of these mags like do not Mount correctly in the m4s that are in the game because the m4s in the game are just not the correct Dimensions at all um and so I would like to get those subbed out uh post haste this month so Im going to were going to be doing that and putting in replacements for everything that we have parts for um its an absolutely massive parts list and Ole is still working through them and so there will be some of the more exotic ones like the scr and stuff arent going to get replaced for a bit um so there might be this transitional period where things dont necessarily perfectly fit with some of the old models in the game um but its just necessary because as I said Ive never done this this degree of content substitution on a set um but especially just given the historical centrality of this platform its the one that it makes sense to do it with and theyve always been an inconsistent mess in H3 with a huge variation in quality of model and so it feels super good to finally start being able to do something about it which is why this is what got my attention this week so enjoy playing with all of them and all the big mags and post on the bug report form of course if if and how anything is broken if you do run into uh like a parsing problem or something like that please give me as detailed of reproduction steps as humanly possible when you file a bug somewhere uh and if youre doing it on the Discord like creating a new issue in the sort of bug report section of the Discord you can even drop the Vault file right on after you detail whats wrong in that way because theyre playing text I can just look at them and see whats up so hopefully that uh hopefully this goes smoothly anywho I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Ill see yall soon peace viking game steam Antons Twitch: MERCH STORE: can pc game pass play with steam steam is required to play the game что делать best games to buy in steam sale most rated steam games error 3 please run game maker studio from inside steam