WHAT IS THIS?! CANNON PISTOL? - Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay

Muse dash steamnba steam HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game Oh oh this is gonna be great Im just curious if this works Im gonna be over the moon please well lets see what kind of damage it does oh hello what is this beauty why didnt I know this thing existed for in firing range firing line I wanted what what am i this pistol is so freakin big it has its own footsies Im gobsmacked what am I supposed come on please make a bad boy sound please make a bad boy sound all right yeah yeah okay right sure yes I accept I accept I take I take all the consequences here we go oh oh this is gonna be great oh okay I could play with this for ages okay a little bit higher lets see if we can hit the building kaboom come on come on oh that is so close a little bit higher and by a little bit I mean like this oh god yes that is so close oh why have I not seen this you get I love you guys I love you guys in the comments oh I just just look at this Im absolutely blown away by how frickin big this thing is you guys know I like big guns and this is this is the definition of the big gun you know what just for the sake of it lets spawn in the bloody the bloody thingamabob whatever it is this thing the freaking look look how small the can we breathe thats the difference thats the size difference you know from from like a from like a gun to a gun that is really really really really big and I seriously love it the colibri is the size of this pistol on that almost it I just I just oh my freaking God like seriously how bigger the okay thats plate for comparisons sake lets take the bullet from the colibri there you go thats the size difference this is like the size of my forearm this is the size of my my gentlemens region ah this is huge but we lit hammer Im just Im just curious if this works Im gonna be over the moon please did you guys know you could do that tell me you guys didnt know you could do that tell me I am the first one to think of this holy crap come on Bert this is a bloody joke not sure it work with this thing no it does not work with that thing but with this thing it does come on why is this so freakin fun I dont know lets see what kind of damage it does werent will you look thats the wrong way I wanted it to go against that okay here we go animist here we go the animist here we go Im a mist okay come on I know I can hit that thing no that was close the watermelons are going bye-bye here we go come on just a lighter tap thats all I need I am in love can I heat it with something else so this thing for example yes I can it does not have to be a hammer it can be this thing now for the for the real test lets just dig around for today you know lets just dig around if we put two of these together like that pick the bullet in here like so you dont think you can call that thing your bullet and then we take these two boys would you like this oh my god my hand is gonna be in a weird place but its fine come on I know you want to work I know you want to work I know you wanna work please just let me do this come on no come on steep just like this that didnt that not work at all just like okay now guys if you if youre watching this and youre being serious about this this is not fun something you should try ever but I mean if you have this game go go right ahead but if youre gonna do this in real life thats a bad idea thats really bad idea here we go yes you know I was gonna do a dumbass with melee today but Im gonna do dumbass with this thing Im just gonna try and hit it with a bunch of stuff to see what works and what doesnt work there has to be a golf club actually you know what yes oh yeah all right lets see if this works um giggling like a little charm this thing is amazing does it work even if I dont rev it no I have to rev it okay here we go once again chainsaw against the bullet okay stop how do I turn it off there you go its turned off right I want to try another thing sorry guys Im just enjoying this way too much um lets try the drill shall we would you please just launch its a no-go but the chainsaw oh boy that worked better than I thought it would howd I shoot it with another bullet lets find out lets take the most basic of pistols theres all the other pistols here just flew actually you know what lets make this range a little bit more a little bit more at home they go just like this the way it was before we started these this this should be this this dumb thing that Im doing right now I dont even know what Im doing Im just wasting your guys time hopefully youre enjoying this there you go spawn to the knees just like that put them at an angle so we can shoot the thing is and then were gonna take you are we gonna take a bullet this freaking bullet is bigger than the bloody magazine of this okay I was gonna say that the bullet is bigger than the magazine now if that doesnt scream large weapon I dont know what does there we go okay lets shoot it and see what happens I dont know why Im so freaking surprised all the time good I am lets try something a little bit different now shall we there it is the jet fire doesnt work with this oh my god its so tiny its so tiny but if this works Ill Ill honestly be a little bit surprised no no this pistol is too weak to fire off the bullet of that size I mean if the bullet is bigger than the whole pistol youve got a situation right there I just want to see how far it will fly now okay it stays there cool right here we go oh my god this is giving me so many many great ideas that I dont know if I can actually pull them off in this one video but if you guys want to see me just dick around with stupid stuff like this in the next video just let me know and Ill probably do that here we go put that over there like that but Ill need it no no no no no no dont you reach out now not now this is not the time to be glitching out this is the time to make the best contraption this game has ever seen oh yes this video is not something you expected now is it hmm my contraption did not work I dont I dont think this is a great idea anymore no worked with two bullets all right I dont think this contraption was a great idea to begin with I thought it was gonna work a lot better than it did I would like to see if we can make one detonate the other now this this is this might this might seem like a bad idea but imagine the possibilities you know Im just gonna take a safe distance try it over right over here oh I cant even see the bullets there they okay they look tiny from over here here we go it worked it bloody were perfect oh my god I wish I could set up another camera to look at this while Im doing stupid because that even though it looked weird it sure as hell worked oh my god Im loving this I like the fact that this gun is so freakin big that you need a separate handle to pull this thing well that makes total sense now that I think about it because your hand would not be able to grab this monstrosity yeah its its that big and I can also have it can I spoil that thing from here somewhere please I dont think I can spawn anywhere because I would like to shoot this at a really long distance to see if I can hit stuff cuz like this thing is a monster its a bloody monster okay right here we go Music this is the best weapon in the game and you guys helped me found it can I strap a silencer to this oh can i strap a silencer to it oh baby please tell me I can strap a silencer or a suppressor whatever the hell it is suppressor yes sure lets do it this thing the biggest suppressor ever lets see come on please strap please go on there come on come on it has to work I think this suppressor you know it might be too small for a gun of that caliber lets see if we can see we can find something else come on I want to strap the silencer through this please just dont think I dont think I have a silencer big enough theres no pistol in the game that makes me feel as manly as you know with this thing this is a freaking I I dont I dont even what do we have over here theres a giant building of sorts and I cant go any farther for the father okay I cant I cant go underneath it theres a car here or a truck ah Jesus okay Im stuck turns out its not a great idea to go over there thats gonna make me its gonna make me go stuck lets shoot straight up and see what happens some of these are bout to hit me on the face I suppose yeah those are getting close can I please get them ready - I need to push the button of course because my fingers are too small to operate this thing ah okay I could play around with this weapon for days for freaking days I just want more stuff to shoot at I want these weapon to be in other places and not just over here Music how far will the yeah thats kind of I love this thing oh I suck at this but oh my god are you serious oh no no please oh my god ah finally it takes a little bit of more bullets to make me hit stuff there you go oh yeah this is fun I wish this game had multiplayer seriously gravity for physical objects none oh one bullet did you see that oh yes peppermints everywhere oh no it ran out Im wondering how many I can spawn before the game tells me that it is a bad idea say hello to my little friend actually actually one in the chamber oh my god I love this game I love this game so much like seriously in what game can you do this Im just Im just Im just you know spitballing here oh my god not least yeah redeeming steam gift card THIS PISTOL IS A MONSTER!MY DISCORD: ► BECOME A MEMBER: Subscribe Now! ► ──────────────────────────────── SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS! ► rtdto ► lavafire1 ► n00bl0r14n ► Zoidi ► Krylke ► LuchaBara ──────────────────────────────── YOUTUBE MEMBERS/SUPPORTERS! ► Sn1vak ► rt ► Trevor Bryant ──────────────────────────────── Thank you for watching this video. 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