Techcraft Gaming - Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - Take and Hold Gameplay

Stand alone steam wandsteam games for low spec pc HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game hello and welcome this is techcraft airsoft here and guess what were not doing airsoft we are doing vr today so i want to make a vr video for you guys because i thought it would be interesting because this is still gun related and this is my favorite game hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades or h3-vr for short this is update 75 im on the off-up branch so if anything goes wrong because its still in development um im going to be using arm swinger mode so this is how im going to move around so were going to start out today with the sampler platter because its like a tutorial i just want to quickly go over how this game works and then well get into something more interesting so let me start off with the grenades and stuff so this is you see everything about this game is very funny it has like a good sense of humor its got realistic type guns and grenades if you havent seen this before im gonna start off with grenades because i mean its in the title so with this pull the pin and let it go boom lots of fun welcome to the salad bar and were going to start off with some guns finally get some guns in here very crisp sound so this is recording my left eye so if im aiming so right now im going to be aiming with my right eye so you guys just see the side of the gun but if i aim on my left eye you can see the sights so im going to try to transition back and forth for you guys to get a good idea of and sometimes a terrible shot but yeah ill give you guys a good idea of like where im aiming now and then so yeah sometimes with this game im very much either a really good shot or really terrible shot for a long period of time so i mean yeah sometimes i have to aim a little bit but and ill show you later we get to get to shoot uh weiner bots which is so much fun its one of my favorite type of mods were gonna move on to something a little more interesting shotguns in the soup station almost at salad bar but again because im crazy goddammit get in there there we go shark and shells always have a hard time getting into the quick quick slots so yeah we are gonna play my favorite mode which is take and hold and the best way to show you how this rope mode works is to actually play itself so im gonna do is gonna set youll understand what this means later on but im gonna set the five hold standard which will be basically five capture points um spawn lock which means its unlimited i i get to reload all the time with limited ammo i dont get to um i dont spawn new ammo im going to be meaty so because i have decent amount of health because your health goes down really quick in this mode and everything else im going to keep a standard with the music for characters theyre different like characters have different um trees of guns so you have ricky dicky random the kimbo is you know a lot of like pistols melees is melee um that unsight humor is pretty fun because you basically have like no guns you start from like nothing and im just gonna do a classic classic everything right now just for you guys to start off with but then ill do some more interesting stuff later on bubbling successful all right i actually havent played limited mode that often and so with um with this the regular classic um the classic loadout you always get a health you always get a melee weapon and your first gun is usually like a shotgun like it is now a shotgun a pistol or a ball action sniper so im fortunate enough these are actually frag rounds were not fragrance but theyre explosive rounds for the shotgun so thats really interesting so this is my compass right here on my left hand so the dots around it are my health the orange is the control is the capture point and the blues is our probably point and always go for the slide points because they are very valuable because they get you more tokens which will show show you what tokens do when we get there luckily enough its really close so theres always like one or two hot dogs near yep there they are and headshot oops forgot to spawn like this there we go break open the crates and this is actually health right here its about i think i forgot how much it heals you but its not a full health pack and this is what i was talking about tokens so we have three tokens right now this is the tokens how many tokens you have up here and then you get to choose what you want to buy with them you can buy another health thing and its random because theres multiple its not just health theres like infinite ammo and stuff like that but you can buy one of those you can buy iron sights or i can buy a pistol im gonna save it because this shotgun is actually pretty good so lets carry on i am speeding lets check this out yeah it took me a while to get really used to this game because this is very hard for first timers thats for sure because i have a bunch of friends that i always show this game too and they took they have a pretty decent learning curve for it because i was playing this game for since i wouldnt say the beginning but since for a long time like most of these weapons havent been in the game since i was playing so i love the developer anton he always has these devlogs and he always releases like almost every friday he releases a new update so those little things are going to be where the target spawn speaking of which so to capture the point i have to take all those and not die in the process which is harder than it sounds and yeah okay i didnt think theres one in the chamber especially with this mode if you miss you basically are dead so it is pretty three stressful tokens found advance to now all right were gonna go so its below us thats right down here there you are oh yeah they bleed mustard hello goodbye Music probably shouldnt add my own sound effects to this because im crazy im gonna skip the pistol im gonna go to the next one and see what we have because i want like some machine gun or something like that thatd be good right here we go to the next supply point nope all dead nice override token found break action shotgun really ah sure went for the pistol actually ill get a red dot that should make things a little easier for aiming yes im putting a radonna shotgun it really makes things easier im telling you because shotguns work like the way theyre supposed to in this game because then you know in most games shotguns are just like when you blast like if theyre like five if theyre really far away it does nothing and if theyre really close it does a lot damage it actually works like its supposed to in this game also these are kind of like explosive shells so theyre kind of like yeah i probably should have aimed i wasnt really aiming i look horrible yeah theres also random awk should have got that pistol there we go Music so each time you activate that it destroys all the all the bots in the area and same with if you do run these it will destroy all the bots in the actually i area make this little oh come behind me and then Music all right take a wrench snap your neck yeah you can snap in the mix you know im just gonna screw it im just gonna snap the next for fun get over here im gonna die yeah gonna feel this ah i failed it damn it note to self dont get distracted by snapping necks never thought i would say that all right so it isnt over i mean its over when i die so when i fail one i get another shot at it yeah revolver not so bad but i want something better i want a rapid fire gun how hard is that to ask for is that too much to ask for really oh crap like i said sometimes im really good shot and sometimes im a terrible shot i think i panicked too much oh crap point blank another revolver gotta be kidding me override token found gotta be kidding me with the revolvers if you want me to get revolver im gonna get flipping revolver thats not a bad one actually i can actually make do pretty good with this its the 44 i think all right lets go go to it or did i kill them all i dont know doesnt matter Music whats that Music come here didnt count advancing to next system analyzing system oh there you are Music here i am in a corner Music im gonna die i blame the loot tables for this all right were gonna try this again here we go again take it something good something good i can make do actually wait a second oh its this one oh this is a really interesting gun oops so this is why this ones interesting is because it takes the whole clip and once youre done once the all the clip all the ammo on the clip is done ejects the clip downwards itll pop out so basically all i have to do is put another one in only just kind of similar to like the m1 garand where on the last clip it will eject it out this time ejected downwards but the problem is bolt action so its not ideal but its better than nothing tell you that much i see you right there right i you literally walked into that one wait literally yeah im gonna go for the shoddy these rounds are basically point blank this is literally better in every way though i dont think ill be using this yeah freedom eddie this is what you would do on oh there we go this is what you would do on like the limited ammo mode you can fill up a magazine so shoddys on that mode will be better i dont need those at all lets explode hold this position so yeah im quickly doing this because theres a feature he has to quickly um rack it if i hit right it unlocks the bolt so i can just rotate my hand its difficult to use sometimes it takes a while to master that was that a double kill i think the shoddy would be better actually here it was it was actually better data extracted all right three override tokens found next one oh did i not i didnt do that actually need to make sure theres no actually let me get the shoddy there we go okay theres none around the corner because a lot of times its so dark in there you cant see it the one around the corner override token found nice and yeah lets try the other one oh crap oh crap crap crap crap get out of there get in there there we go no you gotta be kidding me all right yeah keep firing away its okay oh hey youre dead hello well that did it Music side put this right here i mean when it comes to mp5s i dont ever do the slap mp5 slap especially in this game i dont know how doing this taking the taking the mag out putting a mag in and slapping it is faster than just doing this but i dont know hold this Music semi Music explosions everywhere where are they yeah seriously thats pretty fast i dont know how thats doing the other way is faster oh hello there we go analyzing system come at me in airsoft i would normally switch hands but i can take more than one shot so why not Music okay those are hardened ones where you hit them multiple times squeaky controllers there we go yes next one four override tokens found its going to be a lot longer all right sir go to the next wander point the state machine hear them submachine gun there i definitely take that laser sight though override token found but usually if its the submachine gun in the next one usually its better but if i laser sight even though yeah none of his guns can actually use it right now uh no not shotgun shells whats that we can all be friends here right ooh thats a mystery crate i dont know for that yeah actually im going to get rid of this its nice and all but it gives you one token should i take the risk yeah lets do it and i shouldnt take the risk damn it you know what im not gonna even use this im just gonna sell it override token found this off because that probably crippled me for the next one because you need basically at least uh yeah i should have just bought a assault rifle damn it yeah thats the problem about this mode is you can easily be screwed over or you can get something massively good and just basically just steamroll for this game because i was playing ricky random and i think like the second thing i got was a minigun one time no no no no how am i still alive why didnt he fire oh i didnt do that of course i didnt and yeah this magazines so low capacity that ones down that ones down you can actually pick up their weapons and use them Music oh that was easy i didnt think it would be that easy come on come at me die lead out he didnt bleed out diddy well hes dead he didnt bleed out Music yeah get in the gun Music should put those simple lotto dont kill me dont kill me ah i cant believe i did it hello did not get anything at all ah why would i want a bull extra sniper itll probably be something good because at this high level its gotta be like its gonna be like a 50 cal one or something another smg its got to be a good one though right so youre telling me i have either a battle rifle or smg uh thats not exactly the best ah i aint getting screwed over here i can do another one i can try to get another one thats a little better actually because i need a high capacity the problem is i always accidentally put the safety on on this so all right Music ah yeah im not surviving this Music position im using some machine guns when theyre using armor thats designed against rifles please keep in mind this is the second to last control point Music the last control point will be the next Music one im learning it eventually no not the safety analyzing system Music Music dammit behind me Music i know im not gonna die like this im not gonna die i will survive did i not even load the thing you gonna feel this no ah its not the end though a couple hits im like dead i dont care anymore im not gonna win this Music but im gonna go out with style Music Music Music Music beautiful auto weapon this does pretty good yes i did it all right you need something good this time oh crap thats out nothing but overkill i am not getting there come on itd be fun but id rather not get grenade launcher full auto magazine fed shotgun oh no i thought youre dead at least i got some health thats not even a great one aa 12 is a little better so this isnt actually a real gun but it is cool though if i beat this next one with half health im gonna be amazed im gonna die right here in it so ah yeah that was it yep four holds whoo well thats gonna do it for this episode so ill hopefully see you guys next one and if you like the video then like the video obviously but if you disliked it dislike it but if you dislike it tell me why in the comments non steam games not launching Welcome to my first VR video! 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