A New Game to play__Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is it Good?

Euro steam ironssteam small games HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game hello welcome to a different game were not going to play right from today but were going to probably like were doing is on fixing my mind uh is that better thats better okay give me some warnings um im gonna do a sound check this game has basically realistic gun sounds so if youre using speakers ill give you a chance to turn them down ill shoot the let me just move this thing back Music ready three two one okay let me get some let me give you some explanations what this game is this games a realistic gun simulator it has its a single player only with a ton of different guns to play around with some curse im not some of these dont even realize like this one left before the punchy bag we have guns like this its made out of wood so you can kind of get the gist of the game and its basically this door and theres still full auto so this game i recommend it highly if you have a vr headset and you can move a lot get oh perfect if you like guns and you say hey it just okay so im gonna use im gonna give some things out first of all im gonna be streaming on twitch for something important so i have a game called uh whats a clone drone in danger zone and what it is is basically this fighting robot and theres a um a twist mode i want to test out some things that will work so if i remember where im editing this video ill put it i put my go to this link yeah i remember to put it and thank you for 19 000 views from my late remote whole it was the first hour and it had like seven views not seven five views yeah thats how you put the most off video starts sorry about that oh ill probably make a uh some kind of honest it video tomorrow i just want to make a different kind of video i want to see this works i just want you know go to play something else for a little bit thats all i wanted to do so this game has a ton of modifiers as ghosts suppressors i think its really like realistic this game is kind of heavy with certain settings like im having a setting that basically i can see bullet trails so thats what those lines are there i i like it because i know where my bullets are going let me just get mine you can clean up things like this what the whats this Music thats just weird okay i dont know what this is though sorry i was just i just realized something and i just didnt notice existed what is this even always for yall i get it im stupid im sorry im at this oh we got only just freezes in the sky where is it i want to see this might work theres a half like alex this game has a ton of things its really fun i highly recommend it burns now yeah im gonna do that i dont know what trails are but when you get this game youll probably find tutorials because im im basically stupid you have references to other games like this are you just in ah there we go i did it for a second hey there we go these references its even a team fortress 2 because basically got um the basically the stuff for it like the ass valve like i think they did i think pretty sure they did and what theyre doing is every therell be side grace the weapon stuff like that we already have the scouts yes scout i dont know about soldier they have different ammo types not a actual sight grade but they have a grenade so i think they wont i think that they didnt do pyroman they already did that heavy i already did that with this like its aerial denier im waiting for i want medic you can like go like sync maybe a doubles damage money gonna be cool that so many things just were gonna try this game out its so fun even my butterfly knife is um im just to mess around with you can of course just flip the knife stab and just yeah this game is only entertaining and before thats yeah its like a shooting range its just a scenario yes in it lets hop in the main menu and heres all the games we got even like a zombie apocalypse thing that takes a lot of thinking over the legendary scenes are just like older things so taking hold getting more advanced taking hold um skee-ball boom ski boom ski classic over there dont have no idea what that is though recommend staying there itll teach you everything well basically everything Music there should be sorry i i love this game you can theres a theres even its getting updated constantly and i know whats gonna happen next update this dev vlogs everything this game is 2010 theres some flaws yes yes but its fairly nice for me at least you might be realizing hey did you play this like last month or something yes i did but it was i think in a stream form now because im doing less streams more videos i think itll work better going with flower brick get spawn remember to spawn lock your weapons what small looking is basically if its a weapon or a weapon or something or a melee some things will theyll turn green that means if i try to drop it ill hit go into that pouch so lets see like if i turn it off drop it itll instantly fall off but if i do this ill into the top part and what blue means that means itll infinite respawn so you can just just look at this grab a mag put it here do you think youre going to use your load and then hold another one and some melee weapons will have that blue effect because theyre throwable theyre gonna theyre adding uh im gonna tell you what theyre adding theyre adding grappling hooks into mining um grappling pictures im excited to see that why the long face he said what a jerk what how do you hear how much help i have huh i need to get a better butt my backs been killing me over there youre dead hey what gives oh that is this game is kind of performance heavy sometimes it just depends i dont know how do i really answer that question theres shotguns theres and there and therell be smg rifles or ill be grenades machine gun or well this game is making this games all serious this is look serious to you gun with like if were gonna go on waterfowl these are motorcycles definitely but lets create some fireworks what youre kind of dead if that happens oh by the way the engineer can actually place entries and how to do it is let me show you just people that want to buy this game im gonna just do it real quick so engineer you want to grab a ring and whatever team color im just going to do this one because its just neutral do this wait for that and then grab it and then hit it so we can do one of two things you can press this all right oh thats just ammo oh thats thats his contents entry this you press for help this is ammo they actually do run ammo and this part so thats how you get how you get rid of it slash Music expect a random shotgun Music bro really whatever now i cant believe its gonna actually get this game for a game that looks serious they have the most the dumbest humor and i love it big boom oh okay do a point called big im high whats happening over there face he said what a jerk huh over there its a little lonely out here go to the next wander point the statement huh big dude with big gun well im actually small to a big gun oh my oh well and take a hold is kind of different from this theres so many scenes so many things to do i wish theres a random gun gun button so you can just get whatever gun you want even have anyone grand somewhere i dont remember i found it on the gun that i always called the mosque i thought this was a joke name and then didnt boom we didnt have this gun so what you do here is you grab this recommending this i mean because what you do is you can well lets quickly do one thing freeze what this does is if you can find whatever wrap anyone like like this but you just like hold tight and you can basically get this smoke off put it in there grab the little hammer and uh thats actually cool though Music as always for your sniper sniper people point it and play this right there we go of course get your scope you can actually put it on backwards if you want to really want hmm oh fine okay lets actually go do something more interesting to watch lets actually play me fortress thing and ill show you what i mean every time im making this video its just im gonna actually see if this was gonna give me anything its like i just like this game i just wanna play it and i wanted to make a video today i didnt wanna spend time making clips or finding people so i just like hey im here i could just take a video out of this and bring the chickaboom this patron actually is like more of a um stun thing do this toss it ill slide its like um so in the dev vlog when he was talking about this you know meet the engineer and why how he basically tossed it like that and you know zap it it wont kill it but it will stun it basically also this guy has different kind of bullets because now bullets are going to be a different use so lets grab our handy dandy in the miscellaneous utility awning Music and if you grab the revolver type we got debuff Music quick test thats the static one this one will give us to give any kind of default so any kind of buff well take a way out Music thats like a flash Music goodness Music good we actually dont really need that because its kind of bad Music dont follow that i dont get it i think Music so Music im gonna custom kind of prey for now and just the spice revolver that looks nice though all right so basically i have it im only going to be on the right team so crank out the blue teams enemies Music thats all we wanted we can customize our health and everything else later you can even attack your own team apparently and im sorry i mean but butterfly knife im gonna force you know you know im gonna keep it on ive forgotten spine you can course then your revolver Music theres so many options all right like i said before its 20 recommend it fun and if you like guns and they like to try them out or you know some of our different wars Music do you want to like laugh that even if you put if you put a lot of like stuff like gunpowder you know uh great oh yeah it worked oh my smart oh you like having uber catchphrase im stupid oh now can you just keep have fun more your team your enemies they make their minds just make them question that oh Applause Applause Applause keep it blocked oh so when youre king theyre having a tough time on the ballot hell just give a nice i mean need some help hes so slow here we go were taking over our fate okay america thanks oh hey man extra speed keep them powered up um hey all right Music oh can i at least get my halo up against the ground there we go much better i love the smell of cookie sausage invisible next is pyro lets see pyro so something cool about this clasp whats different about this so you dont have to perfectly do anything about you know pyro cannot really you can turn this knob you change the different outputs you wanna you want everyone unfortunately i would love that hey watching enemies away its kind of funny i dont actually dont know if they have a flag i need a trap it might act broken Music okay hi cut youre coward great you know thats even airblasted oh oh thats right you can actually do what sounds but ive always wondered what we do in vr if youre really bad at team fortress 2 at rocket jumping you can rock jump in here because its kind of fun Music she would have taught Music im out there hes dying i have a time though surprised me like this one a little bit when i was panicking im trying to grab a grenade hes already dead oh my god Music oh thats cute oh thats you oh that worked out you can im outside of that im not done many guys i mean you know im going to use the arrows i like because im more damaged probably he trying to give you some feelings i am not your medic Music he must live he must live Music yeah roster oh thats better Music hello Music no youre not dying on me you are not dying on me you are still go easter dreams hes dont die on me get up feels like nessie  __  i dont youll do it i had a good feeling hes a real king here i am Music no no youre not dying you are not dying were in tight there we go here we go mate have fun youre still going Music get out come on buddy dont let him do this to you youre strong yeah im going to help you youre coming with me here we go Music oh no oh here we go put some gravy on your tiny pudding Music Music are you fine Music Music im back uber im gonna stream after a few ill put it in the description um what im going to stream this last Music well life we need you somewhere else yes i took you by driving hey looks like hes here go check it out and lunch oh god all right how Music whats going on um all right that was my opinion of this game that was everything that i had my opinion its a pop-up the argument Applause oh remember ive heard the rocket showing thats fine you can kind of see how it works im using um basically i have to hold my if im using r because im holding x and b and i spin my arms it kind of just like yeah i love it so thats thats right like again thats my opinion everyone has their own opinion please respect mine i dont use others opinions but if youre looking to do it its been updated every week so its frequently updated sometimes earlier than usual so thats the thing remember have a nice day and remember you just oh steam clean a couch My:Twitch #Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades shark original steam mop vintage louis vuitton steamer trunk epic games spiel bei steam hinzufügen steam deck monster hunter rise steamed broccoli in instant pot