Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, & Hand Grenades (HTC Vive): Meatmas 2022 - Day 7

Game of thrones board game steamnfl steaming HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game all right time to play some H3 VR its day seven so lets go and find it I fortunately located it already its a in a very well hidden place so just uh follow where I go and youll be able to find it I think its over here um ah there it is okay good now we just gotta make our way towards the top of this drum and here we go day seven all right lets open it up and see what we got I know what this is yeah I know what this is oh wow okay Anton I guess uh yeah we finally got one the zip 22. oh oh my goodness okay were gonna have to uh were gonna have to uh were gonna have to pop to the uh uh find a way to pop to the uh spawner because this one looks very special all right before we do anything let me just get there so Im gonna run Im gonna run as fast as possible come on I gotta exercise you know I need to exercise more I guess this is a good way to exercise oh I gotta get a all right Im getting tired getting tired because I just I just noticed on the second zip 22 there theres something unique about it so well have to get to the item spawner first okay where is this uh here we go gotta get up here get up here get to the item spawner because this is gonna be something very funny Anton did say something about cursed in the Discord but uh I didnt I didnt think it was going to be this cursed but yes okay so all right sorry my uh my heart rate is up after all that running arm swinging okay so this is zip22 yes its um pretty bad although I dont know if we can okay yeah yeah so were supposed to it by pushing this but uh yeah if we if you know what the z22 is you understand why this is pretty bad well just take the small magazine stick it in there Applause I mean it has no sight so I cant really aim it I think I dont know maybe not okay lets try a bigger magazine because oh yeah uh left on the uh track pad puts it on safe and uh ready to fire cool okay and of course you use the big drum mag and its got some rails on it got a top Rail and a front rail there so we can attach uh you know what lets um lets grab a stock first lets grab uh lets grab the uh this one see if this will work okay cool yeah we got a stock there all right lets see uh four grip lets have a four grip Lets uh lets put a four grip on this thing lets make it truly cursed oh yes all right good stuff oh I cant put the laser on this thing ah you know what lets get rid of that all right lets see this one all right got a rail on it theres a rail right here and then well put a laser on this thing lets put a laser uh tactical laser no you know what no no no no no well get this one a little Peck box oh yeah come on get on there there we go hey you know what hey oh no no forget about it uh well put a suppressor on this thing instead um lets see oil filter suppressor no now lets not go too crazy lets go with the uzi suppressor yes this will work and then well do a scope well do a scope on this thing um you know what I want to put the Walter scope on here yeah there we go oh yeah thats beautiful all right I should be chambered yeah oh okay thats pretty cool I guess that that laser on there we go oh got him there you go thats pretty cool all right so the reason why I went back to the item spawner is because I noticed on this one if you notice there seems to be a little thing up here I wonder what thats for well looks like you can grab ourselves a lets say um oh my goodness what do I want to choose here Im gonna grab a its got the Phantom 9. theres a rail there oh we can attach it all right yes okay thats how that works so yeah okay cool oh man thats yeah nice one Anton thank you for that you uh wait hold on can I oh yes I can I dont know why I would want to do that but hey lets put that on there whatever thats fine does this actually Applause oh no thats actually not working huh I need to remove this there we go okay okay well this one still has lots of ammo but you get the you get the idea right oh man oh man thats thats hilarious that is great that is great I guess that this doesnt work so well just seek that there um you know what Ill put an attachment on this thing lets uh get a reflex sight uh its got the yellow graphic in here YOLO oh Anton Laughter thats hilarious uh I think thats uh yeah you know what well well mess around with this Lets uh lets get on the train since this is spawn lockable thank goodness I think I put this here yep okay there since the spawn lockable we can have some fun on the train so lets uh hmm lets get on this train here oh its already passed oh well you know what we can catch up to it if I can find a jump pad oh its over there ah you know what thats okay well just wait for it but while were waiting well well shoot we got a couple targets over here oh I should have put a laser on this thing on the uh and you know what I dont need this stick that there all right lets see how this goes oh Applause oh yeah Im out there we go oh no I grabbed the wrong thing whatever ah nice that was with the uh zip 22 forward uh whatever you want to call this attach there we go yeah just using the zip22 right now oh here we go you know what um let me speed the train up top of the station off lets go number five here and well catch it right lets jump on I got it jump up there we go good stuff all right oh this is my other zip 22. Music cool well lets have fun with this under Barrel one oh you know what all right spawn spawn well do slow no no well do a fast spawn speed and then well just spawn a bot group Im just using zip 22 right now oh that turn on the laser I did okay come on get in there ah grabbed the wrong thing whatever oh this things hard to reload no we got a couple uh we got I think ones so sick on the uh foreign oh no Im out of ammo for both oh I forgot to reload the other one all right forget this Im gonna use the drum mag and of course if youre looking for uh day sevens uh drop its right there Above The Biohazard uh waste tank thing and whoa theres a lot of slow down happening I dont know why but uh yeah well go uh one more circuit around and see if we got any uh but its going on Music in a little spawnable okay maybe thats the reason why oh nope Im still uh I am still lagging out for some reason thats just my computer is being really crappy all right where are these so sticks at you know what oh man so much reprojection I dont know whats going on here oh okay maybe it might be the attachment there we go all right yeah I dont know whats going on but uh let me just kill this guy off there we go we got him I think thats all of them Im not so sure but uh yeah I think thats all but this is uh this is pretty this is pretty cool having an attachable zip 22. obviously you can have the regular zip 22 if you wanted to just messing around with that sorry lets take off the suppressor ah am I gonna hit the uh I dont know if Im gonna hit it but no I dont think Im gonna hit from this distance all right whatever oh man this is this is funny oh this is gonna be great oh we still got it long range shot here Applause I think I got him I got him I think thats all of them hopefully thats all of the uh so six otherwise uh let me get a little surprised there but whatever thats fine but yeah zip2 uh the addition of the under Barrel one underbell mounted Applause its gonna be real real funny everyones gonna yeah oh well that grip point is a little strange you have to grip it right here Applause wow thats thats just insane I cant believe Anton finally put in the game I think its uh an off requested uh firearm a lot of people just you know they either you know they want it because its so well I dont know its Unique I guess thats the way you could put it but uh yeah there it is theres a zip 22. oh drum mag now an under Barrel Mounted form oh I forgot to charge it Applause thank you Applause my finger here gets so tired oh man that is that is that is theres too much ants on WOW that is just too much and if you really wanted to now you could have both of them Applause oh man okay well you know what that is a very cursed meat Miss present for us and that is about it for today I cant wait to see what well get tomorrow so Ill see you guys next time games on steam summer sale 2022 #H3VRWARNING: SPOILERS Its time! 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