VR REAL GUNS - Hot dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Definition of steamsteam sim games HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game today were playing hot dogs horseshoes and hand-grenades its a VR game made by a guy whos actually hes local to Los Angeles and he was Anton he came over here a couple times talk to the are with him hes been was working on just mechanics interactions specifically for guns so he speaks he speaks to our heart Im pretty sure this is the closest thing you get to actually using a real gun of the arm lets play lets play Sam whats your favorite Otto tortures in anger in his mode even um no listen theres a very nice update so they added a ton of stuff recently reaching prototype boot push that button ok so I can teleport like that you also have attach points on your body so you can hang weapons on your body to draw them later oh yeah oh okay now this is what I want on one of them scopes you nice go get that crap off there oh yeah so tactical so if you look at your body that you can hang your gun on different points in your body they see how it lights up right there you click your grip buttons youll hang it there no so later on you can grab it into shoot with it Im gonna get a tactical pistol then as youre loading a gun before youll rack that  __  yeah yeah get one up in there I should make sure it works ok yeah thats good ok its good ok yeah tuck that right in your pants aint that right your dick bring some more mags with you yeah put them all over on I gotta load one up and first I should get an extra pistol mag in case um I get into some rough thats a good call well theres so many mags there it is yeah yeah alright so this is a real lat and four so I put a magazine in there Im gonna hit the turbine handle so I guess you got a breach that building Sam yeah I mean there I can clearly see guys its not very safe right now so well theres a guy  __  terrorist side dice on bit go to hell show me how to act achill you can be right now Sam look here we go its nice nice backflip well this is much better for pistols right now  __  Im gonna drill your pistol and kill some bad guys well then Im gonna do a tactical switch when I run out of ammo did these wiener men are all over the place hold on how much ammo do I got left lets take a look okay comes my moment youre like I blow it in theres at least one thats how you check these ones are oh  __  no sights this is like Nightcrawler if you could use guns okay mo drop the gun tactical switch oh  __  dont tap that out though theres probably guy on this balcony oh ok I only got one mag left one mag make it count Sam huh nice we go  __  this guy no tactical no oh yeah great huh yes so Jack Bauer view to run around the corner drop your gun yeah well  __  no balls dude Im dead here desperation your last guy to run up in night them who distraction distraction nice you just come through that guy I want to breach this Billy right Brandon brains ready so whats whats brain his weapons of choice the 1911 is pretty classic you could Dooleys those oh youre doing it okay yeah this is the best thing I was gonna say just get six loaded pistols on here hes just edited it and then you drop them and draw two okay yep cool $4,000 worth of 1911s on your body now how much Easys were need a good ones a thousand bucks it is a rows of nitrile like this all right if you cant clear this building at six 1911 then I dont know what to tell you oh dang oh dang nice headshot all right pi this corner and Brandon nice shot oh youre out youre dry oh  __  yo what a job grab another gun oh look at the head shot dude no heads on these guys oh okay oh he was like a second from shooting you Brian get up in there nice Oh brands a headshot only kind of guy hes like dang I only have four guns left Oh took him apart double double double into guns you need two guns for this mission just up in the wall Im out up there Ill drop him you did conserve your ammo give one more no Im it thats it oh thats it you didnt clear the holding its okay headshot almost that was fun to watch its a real small Glock lets see what they got for SMGs UMP mp5k wait wait wait wait can you rack it back and slap it down can you like get it held back yeah and then do all oh yeah I think Im ready to go Rainbow six dude Rainbow six time yeah here comes the ts no youre here now jeez no Im here okay okay just John McClane that guy oh  __  oh yeah heres the spools upstairs you just drop my gun wheres your guy just one gun  __  just get in there just get a long time you see so other ya know so down officer down go get it in there by the roof up right bumper left on bad get it extended magazine so definitely get beer gentle enjoy hey get in there get in there get in there oh youre super ceiling you dingus oh my gun got stuck on the wall Judi Neela vase is terrorist its Terrace vase oh good one whew smoked him oh  __  I got one more mag over here I left I dropped on the ground like a chump force it in forcing it using strength oops its so real it a gun Meg falls out so realistic so realistic so realistic come on get in there I love how realistic games got Wow dang home invasion home invasion training see the whole thing at us man though it sounds the most intense feeling over half your aim in hot dog land yeah just makes you want to get a gun and run into someplace and start shooting ideally a safe place for shooting just any place just try one grenade skeeball okay so if I know anything about grenades I do this pull the pin hit the lever can you make them roll oh  __  your name it was great Nikos army application is application video thats very good uh-huh so what weirdo that its something it kind of worked out Ill get up into it oh wait theres a piece of glass over here check it over the glass huh nice throw ah dude if I work at the okay to kick you out so hard right now oh I got my one alright make this one calendar go theres a last goddamn grenades full emersion man good thats full mercy right there how long were they in there you think I dont know if she is Sonia were still hes still Brandon downs before I totally bolted in yeah you hold it in front of me do you think Im all the action out best games under 5 dollars steam CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING ► Watch More Node ► FOLLOW ► Instagram: Sub-Reddit: SUPPORT ► Join Our Website: Buy Merch: OUR GEAR ► Puget Systems Computers: For business inquiries ► Check the game out on Steam! 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