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Drinking games on steamwhen will steam deck release HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game so lets grab that take the pin actually lets just uh hood grab that and Oh get it getting it yeah funny ha-ha freakin grenade ski ball is awesome hello everybody welcome to hot dogs horseshoes and hand-grenades I have been looking forward to this game guys its basically the awesome sandbox weapon simulator we have a whole bunch of different ranges to play around with and a metric what ton of guns Im also excited about the new green screen studio guys check it out Im like in the game huh mind-blowing movie magic and whatnot anyway guys if you enjoyed this video or you having a great day or enjoy the green screen or you just like being a nice guy or gal I guess make sure you let me know by leaving a like on the video leaving a comment leaving something let us go ahead and head down here and pick a range if you got a whole bunch of different places to play around with oh yeah I kind of like the warehouse range lets go try that one out so Im floating around a little bit I really dont know a lot about of guns I guess this game has really shown me that so dont expect any expert gun knowledge but check this out weve got a nice table here of some selected weaponry to cause some massive destruction we can also spawn in anything pistols shotguns SMD rifles support attachments melee and miscellaneous lets play around with some of these things you got over here so lets just start simple you know a nice little pistol here so we got a pistol metal maybe like 9 millimeter grab the clip or magazine or Im gonna inevitably call things incorrectly people are going to yell at me in the comments so Im gonna call it a clad clad mclamb a zine pick clip edit magazine  __  it back oh yeah baby and yeah I took that guy out lets see you dont remember how to drop it so if we drop it like that you got a pistol we have the m1911a1 grab the magazine spawn these in and then we should feel take this German and get in there yeah I think you can even like throw magazines into the guns or something and lets see can we drop this onto the go lets try that see if we can just drop the gun onto the magazine and good oh no I dont know its gonna work that would be cool though I grab that accidentally cocked it or uncocked it I go step back and there we go beautiful all rights kick it up a notch this bad boy no idea what it is its pretty cool and all the guns are a little bit different so there are instructions to the various weapons and how to load them and prepare them what not but I think I got it pull this back we change the firing group and we go barrel there we go blew up that one so right now its on semi-automatic drop the whole gun pick it up come here you come here silly gun and we should be able to drop the magazine oh okay everything exploded and went flying away yeah it happens if you blow things up a little bit too close to you thats gonna happen lets grab that okay and lets see pull it back and seize this first fire yeah here we go okay very cool lets grab this scope OOP bye bye should just be able to chuck that on there and then if we look through here there we go up and Im oh there we go oh shoot that of the air no room bill do that getting it real close in order to see it though basically its like rest my face on the controller its pretty cool lets check this out lets grab this and I think we can actually like spawn slicer attack so if we do that its gonna be like hes oh crap oh jeez I didnt actually prefer the weapon oh okay shoot that guy Im trying to shoot that guy there we go got him haha lets do many of them this is taking to go well ah did you close look at Owens down other blow everything up okay drop that grab this thing ah its not gonna work oh and they got me crap okay yeah we should probably do that - from you prepare a little bit better huh lets grab a new weapon lets see supports oh my god ordnance do we can get a freaking RPG ok spawn that in lets get a couple rockets oh yeah buddy check this thing out alright which way it goes that way wait why am i holding it so oddly alright sometimes they orient themselves sometimes they dont lets jam that in there come on get get in there there we go alright and lets see what are the instructions for this oh maybe there are instructions we just load it up in for now oh there we go its actually two-handed thats cool and there we go okay Safetys off and thats pretty cool lets give that shove that back in there and grab that part and we should turn the safety off and oh thats really entertaining Matt I like it all right and I want to figure out what the hell is going on with this thing like what is it I dont know turn these on so its got some switches or what the heck what is it doing and if hold-down seems to be charging this is okay anything else I can hit so I like hold this thing know that brought it closer oh did we send it further out oh there we go okay so its doing something it was like a gravity gun like in a half-life OOP what it kind of looks like so feel like can you pick this up oh we can take this out whoo oh its hoping to explode all right thats pretty cool you pull this back here bring a little orb right there grab that and off you go mr. box and no pick it up ah smash oh well thats pretty cool I like it oh dude p90 lets grab these guys Im gonna do a wheel DS grab some clips for them I used to love using the p90 back back in the collar or not called duty back in um the hell is that game kind of strike okay so it should go like there there we go okay lets grab this one that down grab the magazine clip whatever right I think I should have oh no do you tick magazine out okay yeah there we go all right lets see if we toggle far thats pretty cool boom ski is that kind of like a ski ball lets check that out whats better than arcade bowling and sky arcade bowling this guy with explosives oh man please keep on with your nades check this out oh yeah buddy all right so if we take this pull the pin out OOP grab that and Hut oh thats terrible Hey Oh all right we good Im pretty cool lets grab another one do we have to take the pin off or that thing off or well just come off by itself it will come off by itself but we probably want to cook it a little bit longer all right so lets grab that take the pin as she was just a hood grab that and Oh get it getting it yeah buddy freaking grenade Ski ball is awesome not gonna lie I was pretty proud of that little spin move we did there I need to grab that hook and grab ah ha ha yo Flav is no friendly file and think you can kill yourself in this game luckily what and hood and hood go on the regular bread hog here we got the blue so we got a bounce it straight up man all right thats gonna be tricky sure of that and who are you nope little bit on the side ah we didnt get that one Oh get any other peoples left no ok resets it I didnt see my high score dang it hey grenades coming out and lets just throw this one immediately ooh get back there oh yeah okay get the red one nice oh my god guys its like its like skee-ball mixed with grenades mixed with uh Angry Birds my guys trying to member the hell the name of the game was I never actually played Angry Birds so I want to get that really high one lets check it ah probably should have cooked it more so it would have blown over there what without works okay very cool lets go and take this cook this one and throw it that way Oh Oh perfect right in the middle dude okay oh were up to four to six thousand and we still got three grenades left lets go to the left there what oh I know that went straight so laughs alright how can they get this to go to the side lets cook it a little bit cook it a little bit just a little bit what did it out of here Danielles pointless okay one more gird a well come on buddy you got this alright lets cook it theres a tiny bit tiny bit tiny bit and get it out of there no all right fifty-one thousand then lets check out another range good Arizona range minx I am an Arizona boy born and raised despite my pale complexion yes I did live in Arizona all my life woo alright we even have horseshoes now well thats awesome yeah Ive played horseshoes once or twice in my life coming there we go all right over here and are those the horseshoe things alright yeah oh my god almost got it I almost got a first try are you alright yeah Im a hand okay and what no whatever stupid horseshoe Oh revolver yes oh thats gonna be so cool okay open that up take that pop these bad boys in there nope okay some of them got in look can I spin them okay I cant get to that one can I spin it here we go okay stop dude we can play like Russian roulette guys something Funkys going on with my hands alright whatever put that back in good there we go alright oh just far as automatically okay good melons thats some tough ass melons man okay pop that open oh wait probably ought to dump them out how do we dump them out oh lets turn the gun around a lot seems dangerous oh there we go get him out of there thats so cool all right and like we do one ball at a time close that up oh here we go actually its open it up and spin it close it up all right and oh very scary ah there we go Oh God if you think Im live-streaming I really like that and yep come on get out of there oh dude get out okay I may be loaded one at a time Ill be easier or in to ensure proper melon destruction lets see magnifier scope lets we like put these things on here that would be cool its bond that we put the scope on this thing or can you only do if it has a rail no I think you only do if it has a rail just lame all right lets go for these bottles and there we go god bless ya I was about to say am I really not gonna make a single one of these that would be ridiculous okay lets get those other vulvar ammos revolver ammo yeah youre onto me knock your revolver oh the hells this one that looks like Mar 29 44 Magnum most powerful hangar in the world if you get that reference youve seen an incredibly popular movie or at least hearted referenced even though most people watching this are way too young to probably have seen that movie now youre probably asking yourself yeah do you fire six shots or only five you feeling lucky bottle huh oh I guess it in five shots would get the other one no can I throw the gun at it did it where were they gonna go is ready for the most accurate shot ever and nailed it I wish her melons would explode thatd be cool holy crap they do okay so I must have missed earlier there we go oh yeah no and were out okay to grab these guys give me you you come here is has to be a 9-millimeter right was this uh m1911 go nope do you want it I was trying to  __  it back here we go and beautiful okay I feel like Im much better I broke the fence damn it or a stupid bottles youve at you you asked for this magazine-fed shotgun Jesus Christ get it how this is possible and give me some more ammo sort of cut okay listen Ill get back whats going on okay we should pop this out grab just good can I go over there oh nothing uh yeah chicken eh from here we go hey why did the owners fun all right guys theres no possible way Ill miss this Oh oh man Im the best shot in the world all right what do we got here oh thats a build sniper rifle give me that look at that so 50 caliber I really dont know okay you got a scope here and we just gotta figure out which way it goes to cut that way it that way I cant see anything through there what wait what is this scene like super confused what is that is that okay yeah the scope is like its like looking backwards what the heck is going on all right well I tried a different scope and it seems to work okay lets go and Chuck that magazine in there  __  it back change the fire mode all right so now it should be live alright lets go for that watermelon oh ho oh my god thats amazing kick that watermelons ass lets go for that one and doll we missed we go if you get like rest oh can you rest on it try that wait can I kick these out come on oh there we go dude guys check it out this is beautiful alright lets go oh my god it works like a real scope oh so cool its kind of annoying but you know so is real scope in real life boom baby wow thats so cool lets try one of these rifles so lets grab this guy can we you grab this scope make sure Im looking the right way is it the right way no its looking backwards again okay pretty sure it goes that way I was no rail on this no okay fine well grab this gun no I guess this isnt her really there okay fine well just shoot this without a scope i with that let me have a game that back switch firing group and there we go I was like the cocking back boom these boxes actually break awesome thats cool I like that one I still think this ones my favorite I want to get the other scope to work though lets reload the scene and try it so I didnt realize are so close to you guys right so its probably uh no its dark in the table Oh God gonna flash backs to like my little blacksmith shop alright so its probably that way right put that there yeah there it is okay I was just looking in the wrong way so Im sure people yell any man youre doing I was doing I figured it out thats its go and knock these guys down take position here and murder some melons alright oh I see you I see you hundred meter melon lets do it man this thing is tough to move okay hold my breath Donna miss damn it come on go little bits inside there we go beautiful lets go for that guy lets go for the 150 meter melon such a way melon nope damn it and this thing is so finicky like but it doesnt feel like its impossible feels really difficult beautiful all rights go in further oh man this is so cool I dont think you guys can see me no no uh-uh nope Im just gonna sprain a brain No so close oh all right dont know how many shots I got left arrow out dang it were pretty far yeah I know how well do it well take them out via pistol yep get in there come on G ammidon check it back and die melon July melon and kami hit it oh damn all right guys lets get rid of this first look at oh I thought Tour shoes and hand grenades you want to see more definitely let me know by leaving a like leave a comment leaving something you have to something specific you want me to try in the game also please let me know that in the comments I will see you next time but you Music best free mmorpg games on steam Welcome to Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades! Do you like hot dogs? How about horseshoes? Hand grenades? (everyone likes hand grenades) Anyway, we got all that, and guns. So if you like cooking, lawn games, and ordnance, this is the VR sandbox game for you.Key Features: - Roomscale VR Experience designed for the HTC Vive. - Multiple shooting and demolitions ranges from realist to fantastical. - Timed challenges with global leaderboards. - Accurate simulations of historical, modern and futuristic weapons. - Authentic ‘Murican BBQ experience with obsessively detailed grilling simulation. - Hot-seat(or hot-headset rather) multiplayer classic lawn games like horseshoes, bocce, lawn darts and more. - An detailed rusty scifi world set in a surreal irreverent vision of the future United States of ‘Murica. - And whatever other madness we see fit to add! Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades: ls steam port kit clubhouse games steam steam cauliflower in instant pot steam city game steam blanching