A Games Worth, Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

What games can you play on steamdoble steam car HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES game wow nice shooting there partner hello and welcome to episode 5 of a gamesworth a series in which i give my personal opinion on how good a game is and what that game is worth and for this episode i will be reviewing hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades h3 or hot dogs horses and hand grenades is an action shooter title on steam that will cost you about twenty dollars it has a rating of ninety six percent with over eleven thousand reviews which if you didnt know that is a really good rating the game was developed by russ ldt and was released on april 5th 2016. the game has been having proper updates for almost five years now which is a good sign that the developers are devoted to making this game alright lets get started shall we alright as always we have the five categories all being rated out of a hundred and the rankings which are determined by the average score of all five categories ill also be giving an estimate on how much i think i would pay for this game okay thats said and done lets jump straight into the first category for starters i feel like i should talk about the gun physics in the game because that is the overall charm of the game i believe that the developers intentions are that the main part of the game is to have realistic gun physics and you know what they did a pretty good job honestly all the different things you can do with the guns and all the customization options just like you would be able to in real life is crazy and the reloading physics along with all the safety mechanics its just really satisfying if thats how you want to put it other than that the game modes in the game are pretty fun to mess around on and the enemies which are hot dogs are pretty fun to fight as well the safety controls on the valve index are a bit wonky but overall i still enjoy playing the game a ton id give gameplay at 90. i love playing the game its just very i dont know its just its just very cleverly designed so that youre always having fun i love them the graphics for the guns mainly theyre super detailed and so well developed i love it the enemies have a great comedic factor to them as they are hot dogs after all and the death animation for them is just great the bullet effects and sounds are really good and overall i feel like the graphics are much better than a lot of the other games i play the terrain and world graphics arent the best but they are designed that way you know to match the feel of the game which i can say it definitely does uh i give graphics a 91. the graphics are just too nice for me not to love them like the performance in the game is pretty good overall but in some of the bigger game modes like open world type game modes the game does lag a considerable amount on what i consider being a high-end gaming pc these are my specs and i feel like the recommended specs are a lot lower than what i have so when i get in my game and it runs at 10 to 30 fps i just have to wonder why i used to be able to play the open world game was just fine a couple years ago but i feel like they made an update or something that just for some reason lags the crap out of my game when i load it but other than that the game runs just fine smooth crisp and clean uh i give performance a 78 i do enjoy the game but its a bummer when a couple game modes that i used to enjoy just dont run well anymore Music well modding is possible in the game it is very limited and not supported by steam at the moment what i mean by that is theres no steam workshop page for h3 as of right now you need to use third-party software and websites to mod h3 and from what ive seen its kind of limited compared to the other games ive seen i did hear a word of modding becoming more user-friendly and accessible but as of now i cant exactly give modding a great score id say mod ability gets a 65 out of 100. it it is an option a mod and there are people making mods for the game but compared to other games its just not a great game for modding purposes Music content in this game is pretty good there are lots of game modes and maps to play on like zombie survival taking hold heck theres even a ski ball with grenades the diversity in game modes i would say is a bit above average and the amount of guns man dont even get me started there are more guns in this game than i can think of in call of duty and there are so many weird guns like potato launchers and tiny pistols that do no damage and this thing its amazing i love it overall i feel like content deserves at least an 89 not quite a 90 but i feel like the game is very good when it comes to content all right the scores are in gameplay with a 90 out of 100 graphics with a 91 out of 100 performance with a 78 out of 100 mod ability with a 65 out of 100 and content with an 89 of 100 which gives the final score a total of 83 out of 100 which makes h3 vr an a ranking game and it would pay a maximum of 29.99 on this game i definitely feel like i would still buy this game if it were 30 and i feel like even though ive had the game for over three years i have not yet explored everything that it has to offer which is really cool my final thoughts are that h3 vr is a very cool game and definitely not for beginners the controls are quite complex and it can get kind of complicated but overall its a great game thank you for watching and i hope this helps you decide if you want to buy the game or not and thats everything i will see you all in another video peace out Music tonight steam games of the year 2022 The fifth episode of A Games Worth where I review games and tell you how much they are worth (in my opinion)Hope you enjoy and change your perspective on the game after watching it. 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