New Nodes Gameplay - Take & Hold Alpha - Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Pariah game steamhow to share game library on steam HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES gameplay target system detected take it glass no luger right off the bat doesnt actually work out goodness it does yeah after doing that uh three and a half hours with all the running and rot that was a rough one no safety on this whats up cookie crater flechette rounds and shotguns might be effective on agile i mean any like buckshot should be just as fine easy to catch them because theyll spread so much its just they move so quick initially you almost have to let them settle down a little bit so whenever i hear agile this thats the most severe switch in thinking out of all of them so far eagle off oh what else do we get a bunch of 22 crap is this oh my i didnt even consider that thats gross really if it couldnt get any worse Music the width plus a little nice ap ensign plus p rounds with our cobra sight look at this please delete it do i recommend playing raw wieners yes um it is a long game mode take your time to get through it theres a lot to it theres a lot of walking too um dont be afraid to play it on the arcade difficulty though theres nothing wrong with that but its a very good mode a lot of love went into that thats like two years worth of work thats such a large and ambitious mode for the small team that anton has to work on the game i enjoyed it thoroughly the first year wasnt the best because it wasnt fleshed out but it got there been half an hour already yes it has somehow i really have to drag this down to keep it on site of course they would both be down here no that one was totally out of my line of sight goodness field of vision data extracted three override tokens found advanced to next system node and take it saw a video where a guy had a design for full auto deal it is absolutely unnecessary wow i couldnt believe how expensive oh wow come on i couldnt believe how expensive they are the one at the uh gun store the other day was sixteen hundred dollars for a 44 uh 44 mag deagle thats so much money a p90 for that price ps90 obviously but goodness got you override together one more come on just roll away it is good dont want dont want to keep the other two for now until we get something useful end block oh no in block clip fed deagle thatd be ridiculous quack and bush these are some rolls today these are some rolls for sure go ahead and kill our regenerative node boss node with a quackenbush is that him again yep perfect youre quiet because i gotta be so tactical with this thing does this except barrel i dont know if this accepts barrel uh modifiers whats weaker this d-glub is terrible nothing does any damage in my inventory right now its just gross thats loaded im really better off sticking with him goodness its a five seven and a couple boxes of ammo it is thats a five seven in one box of the good ammo Music he can find it oh boy come on catch your sub in a second making sure hes dead thank you blaine the bmf prime welcome welcome its a bunch of stream like oh no thank you for stopping by sorry its giving you troubles get a confirmed kill with a can cannon see them referenced all over the place i never actually used one though yeah those i dont know how i feel about those nodes they feel too easy like i dont know maybe not i need some more time with them its only been a day i kind of miss the old ones but i understand the thought process in balancing them roll a mortar oh my using a lever action against them you can say they feel great because thats how they work right if you have a high caliber weapon theyll just pierce through and it doesnt matter but if you have a small caliber you have to be more accurate they get worked into like some uh like calico or something like that they might feel a bit better because youll uh really be relying on them for some things i do like that we now have three of them i was kind of on the fence about the swarm nodes but instead of being forced to only have one with four we now have three with three so its forcing us to move a little bit at the very least come on get up there come on actual weapon there we go ak-12 yes tiny mags though those are 20 rounders i think theres our burst move you back so we have something i dont have a site yet though what do you get for bullets incense im gonna get unspun whats my least favorite mode so far Music um the old the original like rise of the rottweiners not the one thats in there now i didnt really care much for i didnt like taking hold containment it was just like too much i think maverick thank you for the five months welcome back appreciate it lets get rid of this doesnt take now because it has pickets in here right im guessing yeah since thats picatinny its not going to kick that you can just stick there yeah other than that most of the things in here have been really enjoyable there have been a few misses but ive been few and far between dont think this is the full guy is it nope hes not thank you for risk for the follow i feel like the hardens gap could be smaller yeah something something im not sure what yet but something all right i am going to stick im gonna get rid of the bar we got him yesterday im not gonna use that lever action this time around im gonna go see if we can get yes something scar theres a red dot for us perfect those night sights or something dont need them dont need them thank you for the follow as well liquid curtain it was the fully audio would see a fire select on the side there is the other that does not have the selector on the side though i forget which model im not savvy on the glock models there is one theres two in the game that are full auto one with the selector and one without i dont know if the other one has it on the rear or just nothing at all but im not sure gajira thank you for the six months of prime welcome back 18c is the only one with a drum in the game okay wonderful yeah there are im just not not into glocks so i dont know all the uh ins and outs here they had a few of the gun store last time but theyre not up my alley at least not yet cant wait to find a time to shoot the cz though its gonna be a ton of fun i cant believe how heavy that gun is compared to the five seven but its a good thing it supposedly has like zero recoil i forgot its only a 20. yeah i feel like its a little bit too easy to get into the uh nooks and crannies there i wonder instead of like slits if there were just square holes or something i dont really feel challenged then again me saying that isnt like i just have too much time in this game i always forget dude those mags are disgusting i never realized that im just gonna miss the old ones thats whats gonna boil down to i have no issue with any of the changes overall doing with those gas masks okay actuate the paddle do the thing still good yeah the swarms are easier but theres more of them so i feel like its harder to spam them because you used to be able to like a lot of characters are based around one swarm for the entire wave and you could just focus yourself around that area and be a lot better off when it spawned but you cant do that now because theres going to be three keep that on single encryption only one recursive should be playing endless to see if i can get some more uh stuff whats up putter yes absolutely skinny as soon as i can and take it am i gonna try to submit my position from the on-site leaderboard from putter i have not checked i know he sent me a message last night i guess he got uh he got hit with that bug where the score didnt upload i dont know if that was on site or not but i have not looked much at the leaderboards as of late we will have to do that next weekend or something take some time and see what putter has managed to steal from me my entire muzzle break goes away i swear these are the pickiest things same sights higher dots could use that on the glock not too bad this extends i thought it didnt yes it does nice cool so we have that uh nothing i really care to get rid of though i do want some different ammo for the ak i like having these small mags its forcing me to think a little bit more still ap cool and we dont need him anymore did i roll that away i thought i had something different for him just the fmjs thats fine thats fun horns would be better if they werent caliber dependent like you couldnt one shot it with a shotgun it doesnt take a million 22 shots to destroy it talking about the newer the old ones does h3 have the c7 c7a2 dont believe so wow theres a really nice three core reduction with that second hand here oh that was a lot whats up frosty drake welcome nothing of use there the old ones yeah i can get that they just they did feel hard in certain scenarios so i can understand that that would have helped too forget to pull those out almost most weapons the fuses are so much longer now it is a night and day difference yeah like overall this was a large difficulty pass on taking hold which was needed for it to be properly enjoyed yeah cant ever do that the right way there that should be hyper cool so good i really like this ak-12 thats so good where are our nodes back and down there dont mind me whats up tanker how are the new nodes theyre very good its nice to have that extra bit of variety thats our first stealth those ones are fun i really like the stealth they turned out very good new difficulty option encryption timer i dont know that we need more um like options for the score multipliers because theres already a whole bunch and i believe a lot of that stuff got compressed between the uh first and second iterations have taken hold um in this form not the original one but its just a weird thing to balance you want to have options but thats definitely going to be one that um affects the score in some way there we go its just the one over there yeah so really have to get in the mindset of looking where they were or where theyre going instead of where they were which is just tough advance getting unspun there should be an option to have the old hard instead of the new hardens well get used to the new ones we will there has been so much thats changed about this game that i thought i was going to miss and i always love whatever the new versions of things are i always did like theyre honestly the least challenging because its just a straight dps one and at that point youre already at the uh the mercy of the rng for what guns you get which can stink on certain geez are we really gonna do this here they can really stink on certain characters thats corner frag im just gonna ditch all of these but not before i make a poor decision with the rpg override token found come on i know it works there we go cleared that problem up big group outside wow ooh i should have kept that site its actually quite useful for this guy isnt it now here we can actually do this atf here they come perfectly disgusting 20 round foul mags as well dont need you anymore keep him on single for the time being thats kind of got like a blue green tint to it its a machine gun hey later ender thank you for stopping by running a dnd session this is kind of weird it like adjusted the zero point once i dropped that red dot on it i like the little flip around the gun did there oh come on get back here love it when we have so many to shoot the best that suppressor does not look like it should fit on that right the life sentence of the atf its a glock at one point it was a g17 gen 3. it is far past that now it appears still thinking about that g3 clone the local gun store has ive been so nice i wish it wasnt so beat up i would have walked out with that instead of my cz another two over there come on come back i love trying to have to reload in any sort of pressure situation like that thats a ton of fun he should be ready to wreck nope apparently he already did that cool this is one of the older shotguns isnt this the march yeah the marshall ultra shot this guys been in there for a while it is a nice sight though that is getting stolen actually lets go with the foul weve had our fun with the ak prototype or just ak-12 not the prototype lets go with the foul its a striker fire pistol that too many unsafe gun homers are negligently discharged thats what it is here we go with that again survivor whats up how are you thank you for the three months welcome back i like in the new nodes wonderful and thank you for the follow clinton default wonderful and oh dentex thank you for the follow as well two in a row collateral damage that i will take its a bad pop as was that one those are so much fun especially allowed me to take a couple pictures that sent me ill tell if its worth it i should there were some welds on the top that seemed a little iffy like right by the um this might be the gas port i dont know again im not really super familiar with the internals on any especially roller roller delayed stuff because i looked them up and they were like 850 new and they wanted 600 for this one with two mags two extra mags and i said it had some loose ammo too but it cant be that much those are just so quick coming out the gate oh you jerk those are going to be the biggest pain in the butt out of all these they are very very quick you are not meant to instantly clear those that is such a tough wave should have taken this a bit more seriously i need some ap ammo of some kind always think ricky random just for messing around but then i get to the end im like i dont have anything that i can actually win with i was not doing bad but i need some better tips for sure these these rounds just arent doing it plus we have a regenerative coming up and were in a decently sized room come on grab the right mag shoot i want to fit 66. yeah so theres definitely some weird stuff going on with the um scoring because of the additional time i think thats in those but ps4 linux steam games Taking a look at the new nodes that are being added to Take & Hold! 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