H3VR Tomfoolery #1. Hot Dogs, HorseShoes & Hand grenades VR gameplay.

Steam broccoli rice cookerconnect steam to twitch HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES gameplay all right lets try this ladies and gentlemen welcome to hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades todays video will be something a bit different than the last where we  __  tantalizing video a little less nerve-wracking for you for you the lovely viewer i have absolute nerves of steel but today we will be building the most beautiful the most ergonomic as the deadliest gun there is and were going to shoot some angry sausages with it and oh thats it you like my stuff subscribe lets get going lets make something beautiful together all hits beautiful grouping gaming 45 play we are today we are at the range with a beautiful piece of american technology a cold single action army its a efficient and deadly against a powerful two liters but very powerful just yeah but i think were gonna make it even more beautiful lets get to work look at them a bigger barrel is something all good guns need its longer so its more accurate its very more accurate much more accurate i mean see i hit that so easily and the evil two leader very very cool is dead lets keep on working now of course every gun needs a good stock you cant handle all this power without a good stock but now when i realize we need something to hold on to i mean you can shoot it like yeah but no no its awkward you need something more yeah well its starting to look like a gun well make it even more of a gun now the problem here is we cant really we dont have good sides we must fix that and we will fix that quite very easily Music now we have excellent sides death to little ports still need something more much much more now im pretty sure we can all agree that all good guns and some laser sights especially single action revolvers i mean would you look at that the accuracy the beautifulness Music its just wonderful we shall keep going making it better more beautiful maybe some yeah i cant see if i shoot like this yeah not really well i have to no no no it doesnt work we have to do something about it now were talking yep yep around when i shoot it like perfect absolute perfection something still ah every gun should have i was thinking about what weve been missing and i mean isnt it obvious an underpaddle grenade launcher i might just check it out you can shoot well you might not hit but this thing it doesnt matter if you hit wonderful device something more still needs something more now i was thinking adding a silencer to this gun but and again we have a grenade launcher and its a loud gun and if you have a gun looking like this you want to announce yourself so i thought screw the silencers but this nude is a drain whistle lets try it okay i can see how i can see how this is gonna get annoying like really really really fast but its not yet its not good Music its yeah its perfect okay so yeah we started with this and were going with this i think this is more beautiful i mean just look at them bigger gun is better gun goodnight maybe no lets go see how it works yeah all right lets try this yeah oh no no no come on oh were gonna use the holographic now yay this is absolutely stupid and absolutely amazing at the same time and move over man you guys im trying to oh the horror the horror whoa here we go oh Applause i hit him in the head i choose to believe we killed him i mean one little drawback about having a single shot revolver as your main weapon is that it is a single shot revolver evil sausages sausage oh wait a single accent sparty sausage i killed this part maybe i definitely killed this pie and here we go again oh that thing is causing us some harm lovely thing oh my god i mean its a wonderful little device yeah but i have one more idea i want to drive i mean we still have our lovely lovely lovely device but in this match hes going to be a backup for we have something the annoying nader just listen to this i mean it got old on the first shot but we are going to do we are coming today all right guys i hope you liked this little bit of uh what in the hell content today uh see you again soon okay bye god thats annoying what are steamed buns Hot Dogs, HorseShoes & Hand grenades VR gameplay. H3VR is probably the best game for aspiring virtual reality gunsmiths, violent sausage deniers and acronym lovers. Make guns, shoot guns, love guns, all in VR, H3VR!SUBSCRIBE for more Virtual reality shenanigans Music by: free steam accounts with games fallout 4 goty steam key dusk diver steam battlefield 1 steam player count download steam windows