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Steam punk desksteam games not responding HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES gameplay virus machine or 35 from hood magazine often you find one weapon loaded ready ready safe virus 30 meters till 11:00 watch your front what is up guys I am Vicky Joe and welcome to another gameplay video gonna play another well known I would say simulation game H 3 V R horseshoes what was it again hot dogs horseshoes and hand-grenades I keep messing up the title of that games obviously is a simulation game of this thing what the title is cause hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades and of course lots and lots of candies so being a gun enthusiast myself I already enjoyed this game where Im able to shoot all kinds of guns hanging gardens shot rifle shot guns even sniper rifles whatever the simulation is actually quite review for this game so the the physics the functions of every gun grenade whatever and in the game is actually based on whatever it is in real life to really recommend this game you can try it on yourself another thing I want to mention is that based on my last two videos to disable and also the half-life when I record my gameplays the recording is actually based off on the left eye so whenever you see me play my games you is always off the sentence because this capturing on the left eye on me I managed to a solution out where Im able to capture the right eye for with half of the open V our application so right now we keep testing out the gameplay video by putting the left and right eye together and then masking it out so we were able youll be able to see me play my video games with center view instead of just that time but by doing so you may be able to see the mass where they start displacement between the left and right I feel theyre very obvious lion sight so I think on that but if youre watching me play the game moose ID is not that obvious so without further ado lets play this game theres quite a few game please here try some of them I possibly love the Rangers there were some games that involve like story lines and stuff morally into the story lies yet how about maybe of the key truths of the great whispers lets proceed we endure so honestly I really enjoy games that involve guns ever since I was young my young ever since I enlisted in the army I really got myself and to zst about guns I dont know why but its such an amazing experience to be holding a gun and shooting one and then now you have VR although you wont be able to feel the weight of the gun but you were still able to experience everything that is like a functioning real gun in your hands so welcome to Lindo range this is where you are able to choose your weapons heres the range here is where you choose your distance if you hit your target this is where you show up no you dont further do lets try shooting some guns okay for pistol wise Ill probably set to about 10 meters lets go now Ive shot pistol p226 back in the military to this so more or less its quite hard to hit always just 10 meters right in front of you but its really quite hard to hit a target the back then there were a few fellows who didnt even hit the target just ran from them mosa holding the pistol is the way the four people is very important so yeah you can see Im a good shot right here well its just ten meters I couldnt remember how much we shot at the range it was it 50 meters yeah I remember was quite quite hard to hit the target some of them didnt even hit the ball - he said 15 shots points 1 for 4 so if you were to play this with your friends or with your family members and able to see and then youre able to break how much you can keep so how about we try thinking meters lets clear the range lets go 20 this time lets go same gun always remember trigger safety even though you cant see my fingers in this game but you can see from the video I have my fingers off the trigger well I mean really taught us a lot lets go okay not to not going to wear that oh its too high that shot was closer to the center empty and back last shot so you can see 20 meters not doing it that good and how about we try 30 meters unfortunately I dont have enough grass for this come here try this I believe this is a desert eagle 30 meters lets go can see the details of this game 3 of the war about this war safety same thing ok wishes safe wishes noticed is safe to show lets try on okay this is safe safety off Oh good to see Music not bad not bad and this is still in the gray zone okay how about we try something else okay this is very clear the magazines they all mix okay so what gosh I should huh any recommendation Im sure you are more into probably your sub rifles ek what else you got em for get em for ya go to the sky oh how about we shoot the sky hey I just wanted one well if you dont want any extra guns you can just throw it away I bet this how you treat your life magazines and yeah you have accessory so so so Ill rather than just shooting from the eye inside okay in a scope this is a rigged oh there you go the iron sights yeah okay lets try shooting some rifles I really love the realistic feeling we have here when you have to place your magazines get a weapon oh this is really quite realistic to me though and what else okay same thing weapon safety always remember is unsafe lets try probably can do thirty meters for this if the red dot I bet we can shoot accurately this baby up wrong in the chamber you ready to rock and roll semi-automatic lets try semi-automatic for this one its actually quite hard to aim what if we throw a real rifle you can actually feel the weight of the rifle and then now youre able to place the the back of the right foot was a chance but for this we are you wont be able to is basically in the air but the controls are just in so it will feel the recoil you the physical touch of the rifle tools how to do it but still possible Ill see Music magazine this case like all but please whats wrong say you check to see if Wow Im not surprised well let me know if you can do better than that see Oh chamber empty magazine okay actually Ive got a brilliant idea let me just find the right gun for this for us proceed to Lane and adopt standing position Ferris machine of 25 from hood magazine after you find one weapon loaded ready ready safe virus 30 meters till 11:00 watch your front you check - safe - empty magazine sorry move magazine empty magazine for us to play for inspection for arms clear good thanks okay pups lets see from Chiba so this was why I fight this thats bad she is this considered box man do you oh yeah anyway I just went back I just went for my service looking up one or two months back somewhere around 1/2 in February I survived service they had something new whereby they had this this thing called the WCF I forgot what it stands for but yeah the WTF basically is magazine so this WCS WCF I asked and they say that he was a doctor from I guess from other countries I think from the US where operation already fellas they have the loaded magazine already in the gun safe ok so there is this double distribution is its like a plastic thing that is inside the chamber already and its attached to cut its just ready inside and then when they were was if with the WCF it did not fire even if its on if it even if its even firing whoa so once the cop lupita the WCS WCF finds out and any loss and actually around in so the WCF is really happening the wrong see so now they are able to safely fire if there is any of course warning shot first and so yeah I think there is a kind of good thing to a talk for those of you reservist regular those who are gonna enlist yall know what is that last time we dont have that we see everything but now something extra to take note of extra step to know keep in the pouch and staff back its a safety feature by thing is something see no I always wanted to try the 50 Cal terrain then Music Music definitely I I thought I will be able to carry decal with just one hand know how heavy is I see on my way the guy is there all week and stuff and even they have a hard time carrying the detail I need this baby off point look at those Brahmins these are 50 Cal rounds man  __  those are huge right look this up by and okay sniper rifles definitely I cant go for the max range max range for this range is only 30 meters so yeah okay so 50 Cal ready put this on fire mode lets shoot this bad boy careful youre able to see the scope thats what Im seeing right now oh very sensitive oh ok probably the range is a bit too short distance thats why you see how to even be higher due to the trajectory oh wow you can see the see the smoke is coming out from the ice how about we fire with one hand now Ive always been very interested the magazines actually load the magazine for Tempe 90s is really very intriguing the top 60s right here so last time I really loved content I would look into how a gun works where the futures the cocaine mechanism the safety in how to load and stop where is the chamber for people PYP this is where the wrong inject form so yeah I was kind of a gun enthusiast myself so lets try semi and we fight or two later this trial in this over the place thats the p90 for you yeah okay but the one I shot back in Matrixyl it is called the p226 but this one here its called p250 p2 finds you but now on the gun it says p35 zeros away whats going on so take it this is a P 3 5 0 and all right lets set this up many comes here this is my tactical vest the devil you stick a suicide anything goes wrong 10 meters Music yeah everything is is good to see for the p226 this is where you twist it up to remove the possibly group and we see Cooper so this one is wearing your last from catalyst but uh this gun doesnt seem to have a hammer back so well I guess this is a new up model of the p226 lets try firing this baby very close group not bad lets try in this time combat reload very night and shed this look like the girl vise its quite interesting input glass here anything happening sir Sir you have to stay up keep your distance cant come any closer sir Sir please for anything warning shot sir stop sir come any closer thats the English for you so you can see why Im actually enjoying this this game hot dogs hot shoe and Happiness Ive been waiting to play this for so long try some moving targets okay Im trying Im trying this is quite fun okay how about this time youll be shooting actual moving targets okay okay these two basically they should lasers they make some Indian songs as well Music Music Music Music Music Music just write empty mega zoom oh we got one now in there empty sick right thats ten wave easy for you how about we try 15 weights this time all right guys are you ready for 15 ways Music Music Music Music - slow Music okay top of it one of these uh yes these are the ones that I shouldnt cut from New Zealand okay so these are basically some sort of toys that you can you can make noises yeah I got this one the one with the ship New Zealand has the lots of ships oh man look I have something very similar to this but it doesnt make it mm-hmm Music wonderful I should buy this for my colleagues oh whoa thats so cool in Singapore we believe we get to be such fine wait what do you fire from how about that was cool oh theres an outdoor range which is second to my favorite I guess indoor outdoor yeah ah you ever seen me truth I met before right okay I couldnt remember the four months already then Ill trigger trigger trigger out or something I could remember whatever and gray okay lets try this again probably Music lets test my accuracy a few shots there geez misfire really really quick shot oh yeah so I guess Ill end the video here I need love the realism of all this great things going on around you so these are my targets yep see one shot one cue oh wait I didnt realize there were hot dogs yeah this kid is a target boss but theres even more we know about that look at this okay so I hope you enjoyed the gameplay video please to like the video and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy such videos that are making you will really encourage me to do more to share with you such gameplay and stuff I wont be able to do more to vlog because of the current outbreak so Ill be doing more motovlogs after the circuit breaker well hopefully the circuit breaker doesnt extend based on the current situation right now there is a rise of cases commit cases and this time is even higher than before so I hope every one of you please stay put dont go out anywhere unnecessary unless you have to do something important and hopefully the number of cases doesnt rise any more I hope and we are able to continue our lives as usual Im also unable to take my class too by the way because sstc have actually closed because of this CD thing so lets all go out but stay safe wash your hands drink more water and Ill see you in the next video stay awake Music add origin game to steam library Guns, more guns and LOADS OF GUNS !!Valve Index System Requirements: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Dual Core with Hyper-Threading Memory: 8GB of RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD RX480 Ports Required: 1x USB 3.0, 1x Display Port (on GPU ONLY not motherboard) As always, Stay Wacky! 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