Epic Mickey Episode 6 | Five hot dogs!

How to see most popular games on steambest workshop games on steam HOT DOGS no all righty lets get right into the news were back on yeah osito what bro hes a terrible greeting nice going oh so you know so she sent me a picture of Crash Bandicoot spanking Rouseys ass my butt oh you THC Music is it like good quality or is it like deviantART right look at the third one please you know its weird someone probably had that specific fantasy probably yeah okay yeah that exact fantasy glad nobody heard me saying raises and crash going ouch my boot hurts or whatever my boot is that crap crash wait that that thats an inside joke between me and Michael do we want to explain that Michael um sure why not so basically all right yeah just making an outside joke then yeah Im making an outside joke so basically uh one time he was over like this was like a year or two ago and he saw my Skylander figure of Crash Bandicoot and he didnt know that he was in Skylanders so he just blurted out is that crash yeah that exactly and then recorded it always yeah beautiful Mario 64 reference yeah theyre in a stack theyre like why do you always have to yell at me Boshi youre so mean well I didnt even yell once yeah you did you sounded British there yeah you know what at the end of the day its not that funny its not that funny its not that funny Minecraft like shooting the the the spiders the safe the safe Village and its like at the end of the day its not that funny either because they could be an open thing under that site there could be a pirate an orphan there could be a pirate playing under that say and that pirate could be orphan son uh some of those videos to Michael theres  __  funniest okay okay Allen Michael oh tomorrow City Music my bad my bad hi do you think the the muscles around the ankles of the look I feel like big things all the time they spend just like flapping their feet like that oh yeah probably they do that to fly too so oh my God future me put that image off of Peter I got you lets see Ill send it to you whyd I say that I already had it in my camera roll ah  __  I cant believe youve done this oh  __  I cant believe youve done this Music because I gotta track down uh this guy from Horus because he did something how do you get up here oh hes quite the Shifty little lad Music you have to live with the guilt an orphan concert another day its not that funny is it with the guilt oh my God oh that guys so funny did it die second we did we did the second one the third one was the one that died okay yeah and he almost  __  died of frostbite yeah it was fun it was a fun time seems like an experience it was yeah um at the same time that uh me and Optimus were drawing a Belmar foot in there thats friendly Freds Freddy Freds Freddy yeah did you see that yeah Im sure I probably did to send it again yeah put it up  __  would you like to enter City Hall yeah yeah Im gonna put a bomb in there Music oh did you send it to him or no okay yeah yes we have to find it again it sounded like it sounded like Dr cortex I have to find I have to find crash I find that Meme crash oh yeah I did see that it looks like it looks like it looks like a deviantART drawing yeah why wouldnt I love it does gosh you will not be able to stand my Powers after Ive drawn you as a sword Bojack were heading to tomorrow City fellas you you excited and now youre like youre like a surrealist landscape yeah I feel like Im on drugs this is not just this is not what drug is like whatd you say youll see them I was like why is I cant hold them in a hot dog and then it threw it and then the cat disappeared now theres a giant hot dog yeah wait who wouldnt want to turn it off tomorrow all right yo okay okay Boshi what literally what no dude hot five hot dogs for dinner five hot dogs for dinner tonight um Evans for president oh yeah IRA well I guess also it is not power but I but I think if nebons became president he would direct all to making pie yeah and then uh Treasurer would be his girlfriend secretary yeah shes saying happy birthday do either of you want to explain who mevins is to Michael mevins is Evans word oh  __  you probably know more about him yeah I dont know okay well Evans is an account that is like mainly like a Nintendo based one right yeah Mario profile picture profile picture right and hes no as we all know as we all know those are the you can all get the best opinions oh only the the best of people have Mario profile pictures anyway yes popular tweet was one with two two months right one remark or more Mario looks right and the two captions are me looking for pyro picks and the second one was when I find one the one that really arouses we wanna put that tweet up yeah thats what was famous for and also the fact at least back in the day if you were to go in bevins profile and look at the likes it would just be like full higher up R34 yeah Music  __  what what is I oh yeah I was saying what what has Nevins been up to lately you got a girlfriend got a girl did some Alvin and the Chipmunks thing and they got his account its perfect temporary yeah because because he probably stopped tweeting about pyra because he got a girlfriend somehow and that probably caused the Twitter but he lapse in the  __  and like uh consistency of the activity or whatever the  __  and it  __  terminated his count that YouTube is a better platform than Twitter at the moment is that its Im not surprised you know what yeah thats not surprising to me either this Twitter has always been like or wait youre youre talking more like a policy yeah policy okay yeah thats weird yeah definitely because YouTube is so much policy were making bad policy yeah Bells Palsy Bells palsy oh why are we talking about that now why arent we yeah so guys you know Bells palsy its pretty funny I already think about it like whats the deal with well who wants to deal with Bells palsy this video with all these bells and my policy oh yeah he also made that uh one post where hes like five hot dogs for dinner tonight and its a picture who put the sad Mario was like Im so sorry for your loss is that melody was that all five hot dogs for dinner tonight and also the puppy Chan pop studying it gives off the exact same energy we do they should have a meal together yeah they should they should do a mukbang with NECA I have dogs for dinner tonight of dogs I swear to God I fell again thats great no thats fine thats fine thats great whats some other good mevins moments do we know of any I I would look but I could look yeah I feel like Memphis had gotten into drama lately yeah probably Music Jacob Evans its like an Alvin the Chipmunks Fanboy now that that Arc is over oh is it yeah oh I remember okay so two like people who would like that were like in the Sonic fandom slash I think one of them like actually like voiced in one of the games right uh-huh ended up poking up and then Memphis made this post Ryan is 50. and Emmy is 29 and then its like I show speed what Music thats right oh my god did you send it to Michael no I will oh thats 50 old man and basically 30 year old woman oh thats not flight reacts thats  __  uh our window it is okay no I I thought you said the I show speed at first I and but then I said and I was like Im stupid thats yeah okay yeah sorry no thats Jinx reacts actually you should bring him back we should just ah we on this video we should have Jinx reacts in the corner watching it like he always does ah  __   __  dude for real for real life almost got squashed its a bit of a brawl yeah in a bit of a wire in a camp this looks like War propaganda oh me and Michael were playing Mario Party 9 earlier and we were getting really mad at Peach because thats stupid AI she wouldnt stop winning yeah yeah we kept going back until we won yeah it would be like one and eight because Pizza won so many times and then we were just satisfied were playing the  __  Goomba like bowling thing and she she hit a  __  strike in the  __  face that he made bro because I was pissed off classic Peach Music no she got aimport no she is the Aimbot yeah for real youre shutting down Bells the valve no more Half-Life no more Team Fortress 2 no more thank God dont you mean the house the update sized holiday sized update yeah yeah ah I remember I used to be scared of these things when I was little right here man youre a little  __  yeah oh damn yeah he explodes so what is this Factory doing um I dont know its Im not even sure if its a factory were in uh tomorrows City or whatever right now were in Epcot I dont know damn pains with uh with restaurants and she she shes a little pretty roller coasters right I really wanted her to go on Space Mountain right because because he have you guys ever no you havent but you know do you know Space Mountain I yeah I do its like the ride and it shows like all the like all the planets and like stuff and it was its really cool right you know its like super cool so I was I was telling her like theres gonna be like all the planets we gotta go on it and we ended up like waiting in line for like however long right and we went there right like three 300 minutes the  __  the average Disney way time it wasnt that bad but I mean you know oh my God the the the light display had broken down or something and it was just nothing oh Christ the Blackness the entire time was she freaking out probably I think so shes a little bit disappointed I would be too I mean that sucks you wait in line and then theres on the roller coasters you didnt want to go on to see the really cool thing that wasnt there I forgot was she there when you went on the Woody Woodpecker ride like a bunch at Universal no that was that was me and my parents okay yeah but you know what we did go in the Woody Woodpecker ride but it wasnt a bunch of times because there actually was other people oh um you said he went on the Dr Seuss ride too right yeah Dr Seuss ride right and was it like really run down and um I I decided to to scream really loudly whenever Thing One and Thing Two would show up and like like actually completely terrified right oh my God because she said she was gonna do it with me but she didnt but Ill like oh and there was this like and its like in groups of like four right so there was this like adult couple behind us and they were having to deal with it too and then I remember the ride broke down right in front of Thing One and Thing Two right oh my God I started sobbing right its okay I think they realized the budget that I was kidding though bro thats Jesus who else has some funny Disney stories Disney stories I dont know Ive never been to either of them what yeah missing out I have one about getting like salmonella not salmonella some sort of thing salmonella no not food poisoning water poisoning oh God walking around Universal right I know the uh Jurassic Park ride they have as you know did you get pink eye no I wish you wish I wish I didnt know what you know the Jurassic Park water ride its like the logified or whatever okay but do you know the area around it as well we were walking around the no food stamps or anything I was thirsty as hell right Ive told this story before but not to the audience yeah go on I was thirsty as hell so I was walking walking what can we please get water Im so  __  thirsty please hes like after these few rides Im like okay so we were just standing there watching the log rise going down the the Jurassic Park one uh-huh I was like I cant taste anymore we were in the Splash Zone so I just looked at it and I opened my mouth real nice and wide oh my God I was like buzz awful and then I got sick the next day twice yeah that water that water that water definitely had like something in it it had a few things that I think it was like  __  in my mouth afterwards and its awful oh yeah no you go first Ill say that that reminds me of that those uh YouTube channels slash youtube channel I think that went around and said tasted water from like every attraction in the Disney Parking Lot theyd like hed like drink it from like every single like like not water fountain right but like display water fountain right of course as I was saying that also happened to me when I was at  __  Marineland were seeing the massive its like water world or whatever the  __  its called yeah we were looking at the engaged  __  Orca right and like oh the Orca a little little five-year-old me he was like oh theyre so cool so I was like but I was like oh Im okay were still thirsty actually I was just like I wanted to do it right so I just like you know I open my mouth big and wide as the guy was like jumping and we had a massive mouth full of salt water and more than that oh yeah got like Orca waste it actually didnt get sick from that one though wow lucky lucky break there yeah lucky me lucky me I didnt get sick from eating Orca feces youre more likely to get sick from human feces I havent yet so like yeah no yes just cant stop eating food so I just cant stop eating poop 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