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How to play steam games without showing friendsenter steam code INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM thats nothing i ever worked with you never had any of the side ones where you could kind of change the magnification thats great have you ever seen one of those drum magazines in the field to reload that in the field like forget it wrapping your the sling around and like getting a tight angle yeah like theyve gone through and picked the most expensive accessories you could possibly put on but its great this is a lucky guy not familiar no i have not used this one sorry hey everybody im israel wright im a former green beret stationed out of fort lewis washington and i was deployed to iraq in 2008. welcome to total recoil a brand new series where we explore weapons the military video games and everything in between my very special guest here is captain lars whalen ships captain specializes in high risk sub sea construction i get that right okay and hes worked with special forces units from all over the world for over 20 years and were really happy to have him here im really excited this is going to be cool today were going to be looking at insurgency sandstorm now cameron and i in the experts react arena have already kind of looked at this from a tactical point of view but today were going to get real granular were going to go down and dirty with all the weapons and all the attachments and things like that used in the game yeah i heard this game is really realistic so im looking forward to this it should be fun to really get into it and see what its like Music colt m4a1 14.5 inch with eotech xps plus g33 combo flashlight td stubby foregrip and magpul stan ag magazines that all sounds like stuff that i worked with actually especially the eotech yeah couldnt buy that in the civilian world yeah right not in california no definitely not here whats that on the side is that i think thats got to be like an elevation and windage right because theres no optics in it yeah i like the heads-up display thats great those are my favorite ones where you get like a little bit of magnification you know so hes probably got two or three times on that and to be able to look through and then still if you like want to close one eye you can get a little bit of magnification wow the graphics are outstanding this looks a lot like what i worked with but thats that was like 10 years ago we had eotech we had the stubby forward grips we were just getting heads up and just to experiment with though like it wasnt standard standard issue some good cover in that building was all cement you know like us colt m4a1 14.5 inch with aimpoint micro t2 plus g33 combo flashlight tdsw4 grip and magpulstynic max i really like the flashlight thats the best you know so useful you probably dont need it today and now we got a smaller eotech on the top there a red dot sign yeah the same adjustment on the side though though thats interesting the m4a1 that was my primary weapon that was what we shot with oh he flips it up its a mac its a magnification yeah thats so cool thats nothing i ever worked with you never had any of the side ones where you could kind of change the magnification oh thats great especially with a little range like that ive got the civilian version of this the bushmaster flat top you know these ismc guys they look like they know what theyre doing those are really cool mods hk416 14.5 inch barrel showcase all the customizations heckler koch makes great weapons this is still an m4 right just different customizations with hk is that what were talking about no its not m4 anymore its not no because its i think its shooting the 308 right have you ever seen one of those drum magazines in the field no never used the no the big big drums now its too heavy its too bulky and theyre like finicky like you know i wouldnt want to mess with one of those no yeah i dont know we were never in a situation where we had to throw that many rounds that quickly you know a 30 round magazine we would have a set of six or seven you know that we would go out with and that would be enough to reload that in the field like forget it of course you know youre not really carrying around boxes of ammunition but yeah maybe if youre in a squad and youre the guy maybe thats your purpose to have that drum and then thats it you know what i mean in the early 90s i was uh working with this guy who ran a plastics company that was testing variations of weapons for special forces we were testing soft packs so theyre like chain fed for the m4 but a little soft canvas bag that clipped on and it ran right through itd be like a hundred rounds in a small sack like that you know thats pretty m4 thats why but it never made it out so yeah i guess it didnt work that looks like a wider magazine like it almost like funnels up yeah it like bottlenecks up yeah like maybe like a 40 round or something like that it totally could be a 40 round it looks just longer than a regular 30 right quad look at that 60 round quad stack okay there we go hk416 14 and a half with gisele handguard and charging handle acog with acss reticle and top mounted mrmr offset flashlight magpul angle for grip and surefire 60 round quad stack magazine sounds like a dream quad stack so you got to think of all four of those stacks feeding in together man id be a little worried about the reliability of that especially as youre like jostling around trying to get them to lace into each other as they go up the stack right i mean thats what ive always heard the difference between the ak and like something like you know and the m4 m4 is very precision more precise you know but also finer finer instrument you know you got to take a little bit better yeah much tighter tolerance exactly okay you can put the ak and mud and fire it yeah yeah that foregrip see i love that angled foregrip where we were talking about ive never used anything like that before no its nice it kind of like wrapping the sling around and like getting a tight angle yeah the charging handle looks like super slick so hes got just a straight optical scope underneath and then the red dot on top yeah stacked on top so you must have to like flip up that lens cover anything youre noticing about uh recoil or anything like that the recoil looks pretty realistic to me you know pretty tight pretty cool you know like yeah thats everyones got a car in their living room daniel defense m4 block two with knight force ata cr lpvo scope kag hand stop and magpul snag magazines this looks like an expensive system like theyve gone through and picked the most expensive accessories you could possibly put on but its great this is a lucky guy you got magnification there yeah wow i like the reticle a lot of information there but left to right the numbers going down is that theyre actually symbols so im guessing you just count them off as youre like looking at windage and then the up and down is just going to be the elevation let you do it on the fly without actually making an adjustment all that information on the screen would be my guess i love it the only thing is like this guy is shooting through a lot of stuff that id be like okay im not going to give the bullet the opportunity to tumble once because through one of those palm fronds or whatever right oh very effective really cool really slick if youre looking for like a real world kind of milsim experience for a video game thats it if youre planning an operation if you can get the building on this and just run the guys through before you actually go in right like youd have so much better familiarity as you entered a building theres got to be some units somewhere someones doing it has a landing party yeah yeah so much cheaper than like actually building the building at least to get started you know ak-12 showcase ik 47 is like thats the one but ak is obviously the designation yeah thats that guy collaboration collision they got a movie about him around did you know that i know its called its called ak the story of whatever whatever its a fairly new movie is this a 12 gauge version of this im not sure you get like half the accuracy with these aks but maybe higher reliability than the ars or the 602 m4s ak-12 with uh leupold hammer scope plus delta red dot on top zenitco rk04 grip offset flashlight bakelite magazine thats my curiosity when it comes to different manufacturers is like a red dot size of red dot sight right like i mean maybe small variations but i dont know i do have any any thoughts on like different kinds of acogs different kinds of laser science well i think you know as a unit its going to be real important that you have some interchangeability there you know especially anything thats got a battery like this you really dont have multiple types of batteries i mean this is slick really slick and its great im sure its terrific as far as uh you know using one versus the other for me its like how well is it going to take that recoil before its reticle starts to drift off a little bit its just how well the shock absorption is in there because some of these are meant for you know small arms like you cant put a 22 see through sight on there and then expect it to hold that the recoil of a 308 or a 7.62 ma110 a2 in 6.5 millimeter creedmoor acog acss reticle rmr on top zenitco rk04 grip peak 15 and a flashlight and then a 30 round mp mag we worked with pmax thats the time of magazine that sounds familiar to me so when you were in the field did you ever have like anybody bring in their own the only thing that we were allowed to personalize in terms of our gear we could go to um tactical taylor outside of tacoma washington we could get pouches all sorts of pouches for our molly gear and things like that we werent allowed in any kind of latitude when it comes to like sights and different things like that because it all had to be uniform because we all had to be able to understand it and interchange it and stuff like that that interchangeability between the units and stuff some guys had uh alternate sidearms there were a couple 1911s out there that i saw yeah we had the standard kind of like nine millimeter beretta when we were out there but no not a lot of interchangeability when it comes to like the sights and the grips and things like that they probably limited you to nato rounds though right like if youre going to use a different side arm its still got to be in the nato family so that theyve got it available exactly yeah thats cool ak-103 with pso-1 illuminated scope and akp max i like that reticle too i kind of like to have a little bit of light in there you know just a little offset with the color and stuff like that or or yeah so like thats going to be an illuminated rectangle so even if its kind of low light youre youre not going to struggle to find the cross this ones a little easier to read too let us know in the comments what you think about all this kind of fancy stuff if you worked with it or not what do you think sa58 osw and trijicon acog with rmr on top and flashlight and cag hand stop this ones interesting its got a quick detach light off the the top rail there oh really yeah swap it out pretty quickly if you needed to i wonder about like with the height of that because theres not going to be like a chin rest on you know in the fields right youre going to have to face up to it youre not going to be able to lean in against no cheek stock weld yeah yeah nice job coming around that door frame there yeah good tactics i like it checking your corners oh this is that site the tri-con okay the see-throughs thats nice pistol sights yeah yeah pretty unusual to see that especially in the field anything with a glass on a pistol huh yeah exactly yeah running around but its great get to keep both eyes open its fantastic when youre trying to clear something any thoughts on the grip we either supported from underneath or we had a forward grip that we would hold on to but now i see theres almost kind of a straight arm kind of grip out there gripping it by the side of the barrel like obviously you want to pull it in as tight as you can right you dont want any gap in between your shoulder and you want it just to be as stable as you can as you go through so i kind of like this new grip with the 45 because its giving you that push against kind of like the handle but not maybe as much of uh like a snag hazard as a 90 degree handle to the back barrel yeah right m110 k2 showcase i love that buttstock that yeah its really cool its gonna be fully adjustable yeah that one does have a bit of a nice like cheap pad although it still looks too low for that scope huh right that takes some getting used to yeah those are the grips that i was used to the clear mags right in there yeah i was suppressed yeah it was suppressed now its onto a muzzle break and pick 15 we worked with those i know that was something that we worked a lot with the ir laser or the red dot laser yeah that ir is cool yeah thats point and click yeah so if you dont know that the ir is like you wont be able to see that unless youre looking through the night vision goggles so its not like a laser where youre letting them know that hey were sliding in on you you know but you get the same effect which is really neat not familiar no i have not used this one sorry it looks like a version of the uzi but mp youd think uh would be another heckler and catch product but it doesnt look anything like a mp5 or 10 looks slick yeah very if something like the sas would use or something like that yeah more like a slight israeli arms like version oh something those israelis well custom glock 19 showcase some gameplay glocks mostly polymer right polymer on the bottom and you got the metal slide that looks like a a c thats got the built-in compensator you see that like up forward up front yeah okay not super necessary on a nine millimeter to have a compensator especially with the suppressor like that you know its not gonna climb too much but uh itll be effective compensator used for uh recoil its gonna keep it from climbing up yeah all right thats a big suppressor and you know work but then you gotta have subsonic rounds that always makes me a little nervous like is this gonna cycle properly with that subsonic round if you dont have the subsonic ground it doesnt matter once it leaves the gun its still going to be making a lot of noise as a trap checking the corners i like it i like it this is the rmr scope okay if it really is sturdy enough to take in the field thats nice and that ones kind of a lower profile version right which is thatd be much better like id be worried about that thing snagging up on anything like how long is that going to last i see myself getting like a custom holster just for that six hour p 320 showcase i never owned a sig sauer so we had the 226s with us when we were in the philippines with the still team five all right that was the thing that everyone was using oh cool ill tell you what was amazing about those like theyd swim with them like swim with them fully loaded in the water and they get out and theyd still work we come back to the ship they just throw them in a 50 cal ammo box that did like the whole platoons you know and then next morning you open up theres actual rust crystals growing on it but they had some magic juice that the weapons guy would just spray it down let it sit overnight and it looked like brand new the next day its like oh how does this happen the miracle technology six hour p320 nine millimeter with tl1 streamlight red and sight ruggedized miniature reticle big brain very nice that thing is definitely growing on me thats a nice package with the light and everything yeah i dont think he needs the light right now loadout scar l with various attachments they were just getting into the scar as i was out processing in late 2009 okay just starting to train after me so i havent seen this one it almost looks like a bullpup stock but its not right right yeah very bulky looking folding stock right i know its crazy like when that folds in its almost like its gonna cover up everything it looks like itll be completely over the safety in the selector switch you know and the mag release i wonder how that works this is super detailed we did a video escape from tarkov and theres a whole customization section in that game this looks almost as detailed as that scar-l with eotech voodoo optics ooh voodoo borealis muzzle break and 40 round pmag did you ever see 40 round mags in the field it was always 30s right yeah always 30s oh that was always standard with that oh must be marine i see that sleeve thats right i like this digital camo too its amazing how effective that is just miss the digital camera oh were in winter time too its like some voodoo science that theyve done to figure out like okay this weird little pixelated camouflage i have used it playing paintball and i have to say like if youre just leaning up against the tree and not moving that stuff is great if you cant see the white of your face just cover up all your skin like people walk right by it the basic idea of camo is to break up the lines right so that you know the eye kind of looks for things that uh you know like its those little tiny squares but somebody smarter than me figured that out i would have thought like oh your brain would recognize like theres not so many 90 degree patterns in nature but it totally works like whoever figured that out hats off hes smarter than me didnt you see the karambit in his hand im so glad that i got to do the majority of my weapons appreciation in the military when i was being paid to do this because firearms it seems like an expensive hobby man theres always ammo like if you want to be oh my god i mean holy god thousands of rounds and a thousand dollars wow like i read steel team six you know those guys are shooting like a hundred rounds a day every day just to get started thousand rounds yeah yeah oh my gosh ammo is expensive you ever do what we call it a stability drill where you take a full magazine okay you put it on full auto and you try to hold it on the target with one one trigger squeeze you just try to hold it down yes i have done that and its you walk yeah yeah thats when youre trying to get rid of ammo at the end of the day thats right because you dont want to turn it in you dont yeah exactly dont want to cut like i i have had that experience where we were shooting so long coming back into guam we were trying to shoot off all the ammo but at the end were just theyre just throwing you know throwing ammo over the side like we really dont want to have to inventory this wont get back this was in the 90s weaponsmith ar-15 10.5 inch barrel .300 blackout ammunition daniel defense stock mall c1 combo laser and light giselle charging handle magpul moe rear grip giselle 10 inch barrel strap go 10 and a half inch barrel and a 10 inch so hes only got like a half inch of barrel sticking out past the grip wow that looks like longer than 10 but thats uh thats cool so if thats a 5.56 thats pretty pretty short you know its a nearly pistol it would definitely not be legal for civilian use you know unless it was a pistol but then it cant have the butt stock on it you know thats that light laser combination so hes gonna have like on the grip somewhere somewhere to turn that on probably like a pressure pad so its just iron sights though like i cant quarter on magazine you just mount that on something dont do that dont you get a misfit and you dont want to pull on it either just to you know pull it into your shoulder yeah same thing this is l charging handle different model its pretty rare that you need to actually use the charging handle though thats just when youre getting started because if youre in the field right youre going to eject the magazine drop it and then just drop the slide again you dont have to charge it you empty that you drop the source of feed you pull the charging handle back to lock the bolt back load it in there and then boom you let it slide forward and then youre good to go yeah you dont need to charge it every time you change the mag though you can just drop it its really just a clear clear around that might have failed right to get it out but theres a little bit of a trade-off you get that extra big one its easier to do but then its easier to hang up on something yeah yep glock 17 p80 in loadout slash weapon smith glock 17 is that the standard law enforcement yeah ive got one you know nine millimeter the 17 round bag all right its fairly indestructible i read it classic glock 50 bucks to make that and they sell them like the base price is 550 and youre lucky if you can get one new for five picks oh my gosh its a good return i guess austrian of course made in the u.s now but its the austrian design look at that light just sticking off the bottom there so you probably got another three in there so that bring it up to 20 rounds its a lot for a pistol you know m4a1 block 2 with acss acog optics with canted rmr oh canted okay kac nt4 suppressor td stubby for grip m203 grenade launcher yeah 40 round pmag thats a lot of thats a lot of gear on one platform oh yeah its humongous oh my gosh they get it all on there its heavy yeah this is ripley going into the queens lair at the end of the movie those 40 millimeter grenades are heavy too 40 mike yeah tilting those around theyre fun though i messed with those a little bit in training but i never actually went out on a mission with one that was we were always in an urban environment i dont think there was ever the thought that we would need anything like that in close quarters and stuff like that well we still had the old one too i think it was the m79 which is just the same single shot yeah yeah but we had both like in the field it was good like some guys like one some guys like the other but those guys are having a rough day general impressions first thats a long way from a half-life 2. yes thats right yes my last first-person shooter i used to play a lot of counter-strike and its come a long way since then im super impressed with the realism of the game and i cant believe the detail on the mods like theres so many options out there and theyve done a really interesting job putting together different systems with the available uh aftermarket stuff out there yeah really crisp and clear too many mods for me to wrap my brain around i can imagine those weapons weighing a lot you know with all those acogs and m203s attached well thank you so much everybody for joining us for this first episode of total recoil leave a comment below and let us know what youd like to see in future episodes of total recoil now who knows where we could be next and if youd like to see more content like this go to gameologys facebook and youtube page if you want to hang out with this guy a little bit more go over to my happy self no thats all right i dont even have my own i just use my dogs we ran into some like uh tween kardashian or something and she already has a million like teenage followers on her little dog page already you text based games on steam The first episode of our brand new show Total Recoil is here!A familiar face is back... a warrior, a gamer and our host...Israel Wright will be hosting this series and together with his guests they will get down and dirty into the world of military technology. If you are into, ACOGs, suppressors, grips, guns in general... you are at the right place! Israel and our very special guest Captain Lars Whelan will dive into the world of Insurgency Sandstorm and review all the mods by the talented ISMC Mod Team Collaboration. They will shift away from the tactical perspective and embark on a detailed analysis of various firearms, attachments and firearms modifications. Total Recoil is all about that, and more... Leave your comments below and tell us what do you want to see next... 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