Sniping in Insurgency is VERY Satisfying!

Ww3 steam gamedestiny 2 steam charts INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM i just got the most insane no scope oh yeah theres one close one is closed no hes trying to mount me on the wall richard theres somebody right underneath us this is insurgency sandstorm thank you to focus interactive for sponsoring this the games available on console also through steam has actually got 50 off now for the next few days through the link in the description the games had a big update recently called operation warlord they added a new pvp game mode called ambush you can play co-op in this game as well if you want to theres also two new weapons of coming back to the game the vector and the p90 which you can literally customize to your hearts content so if you want a tactical team-based fps fix this games got you covered you know theres an intimidate option in the chat menu right on your knees you just say on your knees that might not be the best thing no no i i dont know why youre shouting that now usually its a potty mouth be careful because youve only got one life this is the new ambush game moja we gotta take the vips over here to the two extracts a or b and then without him getting killed okay oh actually we need to hurry guys hes going in on his own no he doesnt need us hes so brave quick intimidate yep our new knees the only way we need to get in front of him if he dies the round ends so we got to keep him alive okay okay and he seems to be going full yellow right now oh wait i think hes going anyway last round i had something called easy kill so you can imagine how that went come on johnny this way i dont see anybody at the moment im just going to wait up here this feels like that extraction film okay dude first time oh im the vip oh no wait i shouldnt go first you two go first all right wait thats not even us this is just some guy richard okay okay richards just run off richard what are you doing you walked into a dead end in spawn what do you want me to do yeah jakes with me oh this is why we never manage things stay on me mr president yeah okay that was beautiful jake im tactic cool crossover crossover with you im crossing the street this is quite exciting to be honest lets go i hear voices mr president hes losing his mind mr president theres a laser oh no no no i dodged i dodged i dodged oh no no youve got youve got youve got to cover this i cant beat this im smoking theres somebody theres something right are we good i may or may not just kill the teammate yeah he was friendly im taking you guys theres only us two theres only us two we need to camp a corner i think i think well tactically wait i mean yes tactically tactically youre good hey okay got that guy theres another Music im following you richard oh im the ogl am i lets go that little insurgent booty and were gonna look at me go ahead i dont know if i can control myself okay richard i think youve just smoked up our machine gunner he didnt need vision hes fine you should have thrown the smoke so much further down theyre all down weak arms frankie yeah yeah i mean having your wheater bakes its all in pot noodles yeah ive got hot noodle arms man thats a grenade thats a frog Music youre okay youre okay okay im gonna repeat this very quickly nothing up top in the building to the right he must be dead now oh no oh theres a guy bottom right all right richard lets do the elusive double peak are you ready okay im gonna jump out to the side im gonna move right okay youre dead jake theres giblets everywhere it looks like its just a single peak now richard uh the elusive single p hes not there anymore no hes moved therell be a guy through here richard i knew he was there like literally thats fine as well im not im not myself theres a guy to your left i think if i keep moving theyll keep missing oh youre so lucky im here jeffrey oh richard i think we should all just spectate richard and just tell him where people are and then weve got a terminator on our team Laughter uh should we go left to b this time see like yeah i mean i think we were just getting the hang of the a side yeah once were getting good at something instantly throw it in the bin and go somewhere else okay i mean they must be coming like through this door here somewhere oh yeah theyre in this building theyre in this building here yeah they are this guys just crossed just yeah yeah you got him nice yeah theres one inside on me i got i got one theres one more in there i think ive got a reload can you cover oh im through im through on the roof again oh theres one in the corner frankie next room hes gotta be here what the freak is that friendly one was on the roof when he killed me i think i got both of those good job can you flip down your scope oh theres a guy here enemy to the tower i think this is the perfect time to intimidate get on the floor where is he i can hit hes up yeah he was on that roof to the left yeah or hes in this corner to your right we got the vip you sniffed him out good job he could smell his fear that would have been the perfect time to intimidate as well so this is the firefighter game mode its still one life but youve got to capture all three points instead of a vip ive got the insurgent 50 cal although it doesnt look like its built as well as the barrett the springs seem to still be on the outside i got one theyre all running from b to c i heard him just oh i havent left this building since the round start im kind of scared because it takes three years to raise this thing i just saw another oh is that you oh god man oh jake no shot right next to me ive got a green thing i couldnt see you i couldnt see your chevron dude im a sniper i cant leave this building okay okay ive got two wow i actually got two there theres two more in there i think you saw his legs at the bottom now thats that guy just make sure oh okay hes definitely dead Music lets desecrate your corpse war crime right there its not a war crime if you check in the dead all right okay weve weve lost i cant go in to see with this sniper dude yeah but i get this game mode now right lets play another map you picked your sniper class what is is this not the way on an indoor map i dont know i think you might be a bit over prepared dude lead the way frankie what do you mean lead the way i cant lead with this behind me okay im kind of being overwatch ill cover anybody sneaking up on you guys left side in here well she made a grave mistake he just did a back flip look i cant let this weapon fall into enemy hands all right its too powerful its too powerful im just holding this same angle you know you just position yourself world of tanks oh my god im gonna count that as my kill i think theres one more to the left yeah yeah hes smoking it hes there isnt he thought he was in the smoke like that Music i had a shout out you might have heard him honestly yeah i just heard yeah i just had it oh theres no way you hit him then what maybe it was a hydrant ultimate no i got him i cant believe i got wool banged through two balls and richard yeah i mean im not that thick but ive been on that guy i mean on that christmas pudding with that dump Music Laughter im gonna have a really good angle here into the bank honest its like being on a ship with this amount of scope sway i got one on the balcony yeah i think bringing a 50 cal into a bank yeah its been a bit of a struggle yeah its another way are you in bush shh dont tell anybody Laughter hell never see me i might win this there is i legit couldnt say freaking leaves you what does steam stand for gaming 🔴 Live on Twitch Wednesdays 2pm UK (UTC+1): Checking out the NEW Insurgency Update! 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