Allen steam stationwhen does the steam deck release INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM foreign Music Music yo whats up soldiers Commander Mars here and Im so excited to finally have my first commentary video with five tips and tricks on how to get better in Insurgency sandstorm now these tips and tricks are going to be directed at my console players as of lately Ive been seeing a ton of new players so I want to help you guys get the gist of the game so we can have some intense fun matches Insurgency Sandstorm is a very difficult game to master and play at a high level patience timing positioning recoil control teamwork and even attention to detail are crucial to becoming a better player at this game and thats where this game really shines when youre making smart plays youre outsmarting the enemy out maneuvering the enemy and going on high kill streaks this game is extremely satisfying and in my opinion its the best military game out there on the console right now Ive been playing first person shooters for a long time and I can confidently say there is no game thats given me an experience like this one core the guns the game sounds air support proximity chat just the atmosphere in general of this game is unmatched I can remember so many times when Im hunkered down in a building Music engaging multiple targets and I can hear the helicopters going off above me simultaneously while theres missiles flying around and you cant even hear your own gunfire when youre in these situations with air support around you and it just makes for such an intense and immersive experience I truly truly love this game this game has such potential it just needs the community to stick with the game to get better at the game but we also need the tabs to produce and pump out consistent content to keep players engaged and interested in the game but now were gonna get into the meat and potatoes of the video and thats five tips to help you get better increase your survivability and Insurgency sandstorms foreign first tip is make sure youre utilizing and mastering your hip fire hip fire is extremely important in this game if you want to have a run and Gun play style its going to allow you to let off rounds fast and consistently without taking the time to ads and then ads back out in this game milliseconds matter so in that time where youre adsing back out get killed so the fire is very important and will immediately set you apart from your counterparts it also looks and feels badass as hell when you clear out a room when nothing but hip fire check this little clip out right here all right the next tip is to make sure youre utilizing and using your tilt feature you use your tilt by adsing and then hitting L3 or R3 depending on the direction you want to tilt tilting is extremely important because its going to allow you to Peak corners or doorways without exposing a majority of your character model like I said before attention to detail goes very far in this game all right next tip up is to use your single fire this game has ridiculously high recoil for the guns so switching to single fire is going to allow you for more accurate consistent rounds down range but remember to keep close attention to what fire mode you have selected on your firearm you dont want to be on a single fire mode when you need to be on Full Auto for close range engagements for example this will get you killed fast and accurate single fire Taps are immediately going to set you apart from their enemies so make sure youre using single fire went on single fires and want to mimic your full Auto Select so make sure youre pulling that trigger as fast as you can and control your recoil at the same time you will win that gunfight you want to especially use single fire at medium to long range like this engagement right here if I would have been on Full Auto I I probably wouldnt have won that check this out here I already get Arty they can call already off spawn now you can only call Smoke dont sound like smoke  __  is all right next tip is to make sure youre flanking this game has a heavy emphasis on flanking to catch your enemy distracted that will lead to high intense moments this also allows you to get inside the obj and well clear the path for your teammates to push up with them in all situations in this game you want to have a flank mentality when breaching a building never go through the front door always flank around the building try to find a different entrance because I can promise you theres going to be somebody camping that front door mating and sound horn waiting for you to walk through that door you know youve made a successful flank when you reach the objective youre going to drop in bodies and the enemy doesnt even have time to register what happened all it takes is for one successful flank break through one some camping and you can break through the whole front line of the enemy which makes a huge difference in a match and compete the difference between a l or a w so make sure if you want to get good at this game youre learning your Maps youre putting the time in and youre hitting flanks for your team hit the mini map button by hitting the touchpad look at where your teammates are going and pick a route the opposite of them and try to get a flank going who knows you might go on a crazy kill streak all right last but not least is to get your ass on the obj by playing the obj youre gonna be defending and getting high kills because when youre on the obj you kind of act like a magnet for enemies theyre gonna be pushing the objective trying to take the objective from you and if you can memorize all the entrances of a certain objectives you can play multiple angles and go on some crazy kill streaks when youre on obj you get more points per kill and get more points in general putting you up on the scoreboard and helping to level up fast and get points for cosmetics so for you and your teams benefit play that objective when playing or breaching the objective you dont have to commit to One Direction that youre going be versatile in your approach chin push back out decide if you want to go in or if you want to go from around remember I told you attention to detail goes a long way in this game and thats included in playing objective now notice when you play the obj itll say either stalemate locked by enemy or losing Im gonna break that down for you when the obj is saying its on stalemate its letting you know theres one other enemy preventing either of you from capturing the objective when the objective says block by enemy that means theres two theres two enemies on the objective blocking you from capturing the objective when obj says losing right here that means youre completely outnumbered on the objective and they are actually physically taking the objective from you your bar on the obj is going down so you notice here I was very versatile in my Approach I got off the obj and I went around so be very very creative in your approaches on how you want to reach an objective yeah foreign so yeah guys I gave you guys the blueprint on how to get better hip fire tilt signifier flank and play The Objective you master these things and youre in the right direction to becoming a great Insurgency player Im gonna have more tips and tricks coming so stay tuned thank you thank you so much have a good one guys Commander Mars foreign steaming squash 5 Tips to up your game in insurgency sandstorm chivalry steam game steam compatible games steam game don't start how to move steam games from one drive to another free mac fps games on steam