Insurgency Sandstorm on Console is Brutal

Steam game voucherinstall xbox game pass games on steam deck INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM game there we go i cant believe i didnt get him oh hello wow is that the sniper yo im sorry i have to take this one well i missed the second guy i cant believe it okay this is insurgency sandstorm just released for consoles after waiting for i dont know three years or something i think it was revealed or released on pc in 2018 and weve been waiting for a console release for a really long time and now we finally have it and as an added bonus they added an upgrade oh he got destroyed and by the way i have a free code to give away to one of you guys so if you want to win that code drop a like on this video and comment down below on which platform you want to play this on and i will reach out to you with the code theres an enemy i got him thats my first kill insurgency sandstorm is a hardcore tactical there was there was a guy there was a guy right there there we go reload my second kill in insurgency senzu ive been waiting for this game for freaking three years man and finally i get to play it on the ps5 thats why its 60 fps im not using consoles its uh the frame rate is maxed out at 60 fps instead of 30. so thats really cool so we need to do something we need to defend that objective and capture this objective right here but we need to be careful because like i said this is a high stakes game hardcore tactical first person shooter you need to be careful oh hello Music okay so they are over there okay so my teammate got absolutely destroyed you can also lean which is really cool oh i got sniped i didnt even see him look at my body right there okay were gonna go with a uh pump action shotgun this time because why the hell not i hit him i think i hit him but i dont think hes dead actually hey im loading im gonna go through the front door oh we got him just it took a couple of tries but luckily he didnt hit me because its pretty im telling you its pretty difficult this game is difficult man im telling you this game is difficult throw a nice little grenade over there lets see oh hello never mind im gonna go with the mp5 got one enemy on delta am i good Applause oh man oh my heart is racing there we go okay im finally getting used to the controls a little bit woo yo im telling you because youre so close up to them and you know that with one good place bullet youre freaking dead its so intense im telling you its so intense and the sound design in this game is just freaking gorgeous got another one i think im getting low on ammo put some smoke down there did i get him not sure if i got him in the end so far the mp5 is treating me well so im gonna stick with it im upstairs hello one down cover me im reloading another one down telling you the mp5 is doing something great here the sound design is superb in this game its like its like real life its like hello there we go point shooting there was close range i got a trophy sometimes you have teammates who are really well uh in communicating and thats a lot of fun because this is actually more of a team play game is that an enemy yeah i think i hit him i hit his arm two times and i think hes dead you have to you have to listen really carefully its not like you have a mini map where they just show up if they fire without a suppressor you know what i mean its it this is like i said its a hardcore tactical first-person shooter oh okay this time were gonna go with the as well because why the hell not where is that hes spawn trapping us man hes spawn trapping us i couldnt see him he just started taking people out hes right here hes right here hes on me got him got him i got the spawn killer nice nice one nice one im not going through there got the guy upstairs damn this is brutal this game is freaking brutal told you guys this game is crazy im out of ammo man im out of ammo does anybody know how to get more emma okay good we have them up and uh all the way back okay im dead man wallbanger yeah i shot so much that i shot him through a piece of material that wasnt even okay in case you didnt know theres also penetration mechanics in this game okay we unlocked a new class the breacher class which is specializing in close quarter engagement so what do we have we have the grease gun okay thats pretty interesting the m870 mp5 mp7 and the honey badger yo thats really cool that is really cool but i think im gonna go with the mp7 i play with this one in the um and the beta and i really like this one okay so now we have the mp7 lets see if well do better with this one in close quarters oh looks like some people died over here there we go there we go i should have used the extended max but the reload is really quick i think we got one or two over there by the way my sensitivity for this game is really slow low because i think the controls are not as good as for example in battlefield 5. wow you got destroyed Music nice job theyre just firing rpgs into this building look at that man oh theyre coming in here theyre gonna get blasted thats awesome youre youre so dead bro yo he actually got me with a shotgun yo he got us all with a shotgun damn the asv is beautiful even in this game in every game its amazing im at sea im in c got two got two i need some backup at sea im all alone at sea come Music they are on floor but i dont know how to get upstairs got another one got another one oh man we gave it our best i really really enjoyed this game let me know down below if you guys enjoyed this video as well and if you want to see more insurgency sandstorm because im having a blast man this game is cool so let me know down below hope you guys enjoyed the video dont forget to drop a like and leave a comment down below to win that code for this game and with that being said i see you guys next time Music Music you famous free games on steam first time playing Insurgency Sandstorm! 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