This game has CRAZY INTENSE moments - Insurgency Sandstorm Hardcore Mode

Game grumps steam rolledenlisted game on steam INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM game oh boy oh he just got wrecked welcome back tactical capital gamers in todays video were going to be playing some sandstorm hardcore co-op limited hood limited equipment and crazy ai now you may think that just fighting against ai would get boring but honestly my most intense moments in this game tend to happen in co-op now this one gets a little spicy as we fight our way as insurgents on hillside to the final point and at the end i live up to some of my college professors expectations of me and become a huge disappointment dont forget to like and subscribe as 93 of you watching this as you can see are not id like to hit 2000 subs before the end of the month and thats like in three to four days fam so help a brother out anyway enjoy the intense gameplay and i will see you all in the next one take care okay on the right side where was that at whered he die from where is that from no idea oh grenade right behind you angela all right over here by the truck are they getting right now there we go it looks okay right now i should reload are they they just run into that got him that was close all right we got b oh we got seven mags left still okay gotta move up to c all right lets go kind of off here on my own probably should stick with the team a little bit more huh Applause the movements are just so slow compared to normal thats the hardest part Music gonna jump down there we go make sure okay were good here got him all right good deal we should be good good clear weve got explosive drones coming so thatll be good got him okay i gotta reload oh boy all right im gonna have to get off here Music Music oh 40 seconds by myself Music oh boy oh he just got wrecked two one okay so now its just okay come on come on there we go okay my heart rate it is way up there right now get out of here buddy okay i need to come up here and get some more ammo still catching up all right not bad oh boy that guys gonna get wrecked here thats a rock definitely a rock Applause thats our guy okay Applause oh run got him capturing oh didnt even hear him were good were good were good it needs to be shut no im gonna get out of here got him one minute do we have anyone back there not really everyones upstairs all right so we got this way here 47 seconds Music still got it were just coming around hes upstairs hes upstairs losing huh as soon as i switch i know theyre gonna come around that corner oh boy as soon as i switch come on hurry hurry the last one now we got one left one Music where are you at okay theres a guy thats gonna come in here Music stalemate still afraid to move this is so intense me too buddy me too nice nice nice and im almost out of ammo okay were gonna have to be smart here were about to destroy yeah yeah yeah okay i wonder are there any akms here i can steal i can take that i cant really do much with that all right so this is gonna be tough cant use that cant take that and we have the drones coming in Music oh come on looking for stuff here sir well i think they got him nice shot nice shot there we go the big bombs down this is actually a decent spot to be with this 4x scope yep ouch no still nothing so were gonna have to go to e grab it what you all got over here can i take that i thought i could yeah well still take this looking looking looking looking where he got wrecked he sure did theres another one got him oh this rifle isnt isnt really strong enough strong enough for long range stuff like this but what am i at oh geez not much where are my teammates up there all right lets see what we can do so this is the last spot we gotta take explosive drums will help out a lot lets throw smoke Music were gonna pick this puppy up Music we got him Music okay i can Music ah i knew that was gonna happen you good steam games under 30 In this video, we take a look at the hardcore mode again in Insurgency Sandstorm. We get a good push until the final point, where we, unfortunately, become a disappointment. Hope you all enjoy the video and have a fantastic day! Discord: How to support: Tip: If you’re feeling generous and like the content, I’ve got a tip jar. Tippers will be shouted out with great respect in my next video. All tips go to bettering my gear and vids: Merch coming soon! Affiliates Links (I get commission for clicks and purchases): How I improve my gaming (a supplement I recommend): My Gear: Mouse: Keyboard: : CPU: Ram: Mic: can you stream steam games to another pc steam run game as administrator total war warhammer 3 game pass steam steam for congestion steam unblocked