When Sandstorm and Tarkov Meet - Insurgency: Sandstorm Factory Mod Showcase

Upgrade steam deck storageis steamed cabbage good for you INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM game Music now ive been wondering what would tarkov be like as more of a first person shooter instead of the rpg style game with shooter mechanics well this is it tarkov and sandstorm all wrapped into one welcome gamers my name is tacti today im going to be showing off another modded map in sandstorm i love mods i truly truly do less restrictions than a full-fledged game and also the community gets to participate in a development aspect of the game i was a console gamer most of my life but i still remember my first mod experience fallout 4 mods on xbox one what a dream come true anyways thats besides the point today im going to be showing off a factory slash customs modded map put together by lord hitman thanks for your hard work brother now its got a decent amount of work to do before it becomes a part of the rotations on most servers but its still really cool its still a really cool piece of art he goes into detail trying to get everything as close as he can to the original obviously that game is made on unity and its its its own work of art in itself importing it to unreal engine 4 is is im sure tough so i really really respect that a few bugs still remain the lighting will kind of pop in and out and i think the bots are a little uh bugged they just cant seem to find their way to us but overall its cool to look at and fun to play with friends it probably doesnt help that factory and customs are made primarily for like this scavenging style and not so much the team spawn kind of map but i still appreciate the hard work all right guys enjoy the video and dont forget to subscribe you mad lads were coming up on 5k were gonna get 5k by the end of may so thank you very much for the support be safe out there and as always stay tactical all right im here i think this is just a factory well gov its for a video so i dont care im walking sideways by the way thank you hey my aim is exactly the same hold the wall they didnt like that our observers got it dont worry get inside oh im surprised i hid in here Music youre down whos going to get 57 kills now as i just get wrecked i just got head housed observer is 100 here and just do you see the observer just relaxing here hes walking sideways just chilling maybe hes a little crippled i dont know way down there we got a boom guy coming toward you patch come on come on im dead im alive like magic you get these windows or these doors okay but just dont let me die got charlie hey just a sec reloading Applause yeah youre still back here oh youre all the way up there thats cool i thought it was right there observer new mag oh this is the last point no one was inside this thing here im coming im coming im coming im coming this is how tarkov was supposed to be right just one giant map im gonna get in here and hide it get him guys make sure they cant spawn under here look at that on charlie who threw that right underneath you got him over by the barrels yeah i dont know what youre doing man Music well good hustle yeah coming in have fun oh gosh sorry didnt see you didnt know it was you hey see you dude thanks for thanks for coming in my bad Music i hear another in the grass this is interesting okay i have two minds left and i barely have any of them okay yeah wheres the next box i wonder way back there we got echo well just like tarkov you better start uh Music even the mannequins even in here big old towers listen listen lots of defense whats the commander doing is he so this is the ai well hes just running back and forth getting his reps in he must be leveling his uh leveling his endurance skill right in front of your patch you got him yeah on it one of the this is the last one right right here i just want some action got him yeah my aim is normally that good look at that look at that am i gonna be able to get a stop here okay good job good job good job wow really caught up Music you steam sale games 2022 Today, we take a look at a neat little Factory/Customs Mod in Insurgency: Sandstorm. Thanks for your hard work, LoRDHitMan!Music: My Discord: Like tactical games? USE MY GAME STORE to purchase what you see on the channel: joydeem steam oven rpg games free steam horror games in steam for free can you play any game on the steam deck steam profile pictures