The dangers of proximity chat | Insurgency Sandstorm gameplay

Steam lobster tails timejet steamer INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM game thanks for clicking this video it really means a lot to me and dont forget your merch link is in the description come on come on come on come on come on whats up i ran right up in my dog on face okay and expect me to be that close oh they trying to get tactical they blocked in the door with oceans okay he didnt expect me to be right there that sucker blocked the door with the dango dang thats messed up oh  __  im rg this is the average one gaming and today we are on insurgency sandstorm and this one was this was an interesting one i will tell you this this match highlights the dangers of proximity chat i was playing this match and twice this guy told me his plans and both times i was able to counter him and take him out based on what he said well he wasnt telling me his plans he was talking to his teammates but i heard what he was telling them and i guess he didnt think about how close he were maybe he wasnt aware of proximity chatter just he would just just his awareness was not where it should have been because both times he said it and both times i stopped him very interesting match but he seemed like a cool dude he would you know going crazy and cussing and stuff like that so it was pretty cool do me a favor tap that like button it would truly mean a lot to me and enjoy i hope its tv yeah okay well im glad it was because i aint even checked to see im seeing her hoping oh man im glad dang it dude i got distracted man i hate it when that happened like you look out for one second and then somebody is there as soon as you oh crap whatever dead blaster look at that seat see its definitely my my spot on this map its pretty quiet right now im hope oh look at this thatll work easy head shot somebody else i hope im hoping one of his these dogs on suckers come okay i hear this look at somebody gonna take over c while we distracted on b dang hannah her footsteps coming oh he wasnt playing hold up whats about to happen see i guess he aint considering the proximity chat he literally just told his plan literally told his plan thats funny we got a homeboy i heard more footsteps but what the heck okay somebody is that it or is it more oh shoot they aint playing where is he flashbang should i get a flash over there oh shoot i just sculpt them freaking do any talking noise oh thats messed up dang he talking noise dang thats messed up man i can hear him too oh shoot that is terrible for my mirage oh my god wow this dude talked about how he just lost oh thats messed up oh i got to go get him i hope hell take me out dang it dang it dang it dang it dead blasted dude up there talking noise i cant believe this that was cool though at least he aint cussing me out calling me names and stuff he just seemed like he just having fun with it whos next what the heck i still hear him and i heard somebody jumping around over here okay its going down hold up hold up hold up what oh shoot this definitely is definitely because i dont want to hear me coming though oh we good though because we captured okay okay teammate held it down and this sounds smart youre okay because thats a dude said a while ago he hard scoped me sucker okay wolf is oh shoot this is definitely all her footsteps and her footsteps from this way too oh shoot yeah i knew it oh i had to back off that here come on dude oh my gosh i thought i could because sometimes if you leave a corner and then come back the enemy wont think youre gonna cut theyll think you can like go around or something i tried to catch them off guard as you can see it worked sometime but it didnt work that time dang it dude just came up there and took the doggone thing back dead okay it looked like my teammate got him though cause hes still up there oh shoot did i speak too soon i spoke too soon he didnt dont okay got him slow down so that okay dang freaking sucker i couldve had both them dudes man i shouldnt peek back around that corner i do hear more footsteps all coming from two directions oh wait i think that might be teammate up am i tripping hey what the heck i heard somebody over here or did i maybe im i dont know maybe im tripping im not trick what the heck he over i knew i wouldnt okay well i aint gonna say i knew i wasnt tripping but i thought i heard somebody i just wasnt sure he was just over that doggone thing sucker had a mounted lmg he wasnt playing oh he back on here i see his name on the dang thing shoot okay okay his teammate Music oh man whats going down over there somebody getting done bad i thought i saw that i see somebody over there ah christ they got garbo where they get where they at oh shoot oh your footsteps oh crap crap crap its going down red house run down i think theres multiple enemies okay here we go you say a red house what i mean he over here uh is that is somebody in there somebody isnt there that had been him i think that was him that project that proximity chat is eating him up oh crap what you mean they capturing it im right now im right here whats that oh crap hold on somebody shoot that oh shoot sing it did i shoot somebody else i thought i saw blood oh crap what the heck just happened oh he must have got me from afar i think did he he was  __  i hope not he better not be okay okay were thinking all right so were here okay somebodys shoot somebodys shooting from somebodys about to come up these stairs i feel like i heard footsteps to my right its clear anyone injured am i tripping i thought i heard okay somebodys definite oh yeah teammate indicator just disappeared he got took out somebody coming i think theyre coming from the right all right oh yeah somebody coming he just went yep i knew it if you got a buddy i dont think i only heard one set of footsteps so well now here now hear more crap oh shoot shoot are they coming up this way are they from the flank door sound like i hear them back here now oh man man man this is they finna come theyre coming from their way yeah come on come on come on come on come on right up in my dog on face okay and expect me to be that close oh they trying to get tactical they blocked in the door with osha okay he didnt expect me to be right there that sucker blocked the door with the dango dang thats messed up oh shoot crap wow hold up hold up hold up oh man why is that coming up the stairs okay i like the way he think though thats pretty thats pretty tactical he blocked that way so we cant go nowhere and then flank up the stairs problem is if youre going to do that you got to be on it when you come up downstairs and today i had this number i had all three of them numbered man let me quit brag before i get took out again hold on let me calm down lets see if id have been on these stairs id have been behind well i dont know because if i shot the first one they would have started looking up here but wait what the heck yeah i knew i heard something but are they coming up downstairs are they gonna come okay okay whats gonna happen yall this is a close match wow are we but we got two we got two objectives can we hold it wow come on come on come on okay we got the lead we about to do they almost we about to win this by the skin of oh crap freaking grenade oh shoot oh dont die dont die dont die okay wow we barely got that wow and we gonna call it a wrap for this one 16-5 with five minutes and 21 seconds on objective i would say it was a pretty good match and i also will say that that proximity chat was his undoing man that was that was pretty fun and he was a cool dude so im grateful for that if you want more uncertainty sandstorm be sure to click the video on the screen im rg that is it for me catch you on the next one the average one gaming animal peace Music cute couple games on steam Gotta watch out!!! 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