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quite big on tick tock theyve got a hell of a lot of following and their content is sick go check them out if youre on tick tock could check out death screens and dad pods and give them a follow Music deep deep down in my conflict in syria is on the verge of a dangerous escalation according to a senior un official pro-regime forces apparently backed by russian air power managed to break through to the queris air base east of aleppo the u.n says theres no safe space left for millions of syrians struggling because of the decade-long civil russia forces are less than six miles from the intense bombing by the syrian regime and russia began again more than 400 people reported to have been killed with a major offensive by syria if the regime comes here we will head to turkey but they arent letting anyone in its been over 10 years since the syrian uprising and assad still in power due to his allegiance to the russian war machine he has used his power to suppress deny his people the freedom they so seek this evil must be stopped the un has ordered the humanitarian aid mission within syria lima neko has been tasked with the deployment jt vigil has been tasked ahead of this humanitarian aid mission to destroy all russian intel stations training facilities and weapon caches little did they know the russians know they will come right thank you sierra team stick us down in were good were good weve got eyes on it right lima rio real echo team comes check echo team comes checks on radio yeah all right get in there leave a copy stall uh charlie charlie all right lets close in take a knee take it dude echo close in take a knee right eyes on alpha were going to move from alpha to hotel guys first bridge were going to cross were going to utilize the low ground were going to set up echo on overwatch push into alpha is that clear yeah low ground across underneath the bridge set up overwatch as we push in on alpha you guys can push in were going to utilize that tactic for all the points going forward up until hotel here leave out take second man louie third man forward rear okay grunt because you and medico are the two short guns this time ill get you guys um to be running forward oh what are you switching to short okay cool boys i got eyes on a laser up ahead of us i think its yeah move up move back move up thank you move up to point uh point to your front get eyes around the corner yeah right there dont expose yourself what do you do yeah i guess hard and building they got safe eggs on the second floor smoke up left bridge we have uh stopping engaging smoke lima coffee sodium coffee soul leave my team smoke left smoke left out down point man soon as shields up move im going to hold right here holding right holding right down past pushing past pushing past you this point last month close it got your six boss copy 40. lets just shoot mate flinging right boss on your g weve got eye covered right forward lets push up front looting lets push up front one alpha lets go nice and aggressive theres one of the top of the stairs he must make an infill in two minutes Applause need a muzzle all right Music everyone hey whats your status nice one forward send them all one way tickets to hell mate yeah one way only last man ludy i need you to hold the door to your rim we got friendlys on the roof im not gonna say that much watch babe top side top side lets go happy moving help wicked friendlies release echo team lima lima break comes lima break comes uh lima team is rearming well tell you when were ready to move leave my team real now top side get it done boys so were gonna get step in the roof uh over watching right now exciting boys um okay thats full team full team lima hold lima hold lets go team let him up hey im loading limas going to move up to bravo nemos going to call him a air asset on bravo once you can see us your front about 20 to 30 meters start moving up the challenge dango i want to air asset on bravo since we get close mate second fourth second four i can tell the movement negative mage you got no eyes on well this is a loitering asset and just hover over a general area see it understood a firm happy about make it rain mate give us some cover on the movement now were getting this observer i want you to start pushing front and then get the stack to bound past you so you take remote were ill hold it at the here dude get yourself inside bring it down here station moving quickly right lets take this building glass take this building right window okay jdm across the street stand youre close tossing in secondary echo somehow i heard three of us shock wave were good definitely silence the time guys it looks like we got a cash it looks like we got a cash on bravo its burning its gonna its gonna pop soon mate lets move up lets go take it lima on gillette lets move Music boys im still across the street i need someone to cover me okay anyway oh yeah well done echo team glorious bastards im a good Music three two one execute thought give yourself top side of the lmg keep it leave my real leave my teeth stay top side Applause Music were gonna wrap around right side right side of building echo is in that lad lima team copy last check weapons check ammo were going to move i need to reload forward close it goes in and brian now mate now foreign lda left yeah screen dango forward move echo copy lastly youre not moving up oranges holding forward holding close end close in get inside get inside get in get in yeah ive got enemies there personally the last two men over lets go message you guys arent ready coming in Music once youre in location Music dont worry brother you are the first to  __  get rounds right move out for move out for okay going to rear hey ludy were moving come back okay yeah good to go big guns up guns up guns up close on g lets restock get in there all right grant if you still get a rocket uh well use it on the cage echo team lima echo 10 limas ready to move tell us when youre in location you have eyes well move ill get the stairs Music Music you want me to move up to that wall yeah yeah we could push up theres a platform with sandbags we can strong point push up to the wall we catch the wall theres a contact left of the main entry in the compound just so youre roger grunt you want to hang immediately left now watch the front yep moving pushing up to your rear we can see you up front watch friendly echoing knowledge okay leave my clothes in leave my clothes in lets go inside you can breathe again you can breathe again enemies clearly come on dang it youre scared right ludy make sure last mans in oh were on the fourth front death good effort as youre looking at the map on the right hand side echo Music going to move up to location echoing and move up to location echo are you guys going to stay in position Applause Music jason ii echo i can call it an a10 might be able to destroy the cash from a distance if theres a catch mate we dont know if theres a cash so lets get eyes first lets move up lets get closer lets get eyes and we call in a 18 gun run roger tango forward forward last man danger push point guard is about to move in behind us but yeah long fret front last long fret front open road dangle were pushing right side were pushing right side lets go bouncing past you are you we cant cover last man tapped out open right that goes on the opposite side of the street left to us hey firm c thank you dango echo nemers pushing up to your rear we can squeeze you off front watch friendlies dont push up too far remember on the left-hand side right leave my team watch left weve got echo team 12 front and left watch fire watch fire marching down this road im only 11 more daddy dont push up too far dont push them too far because remember right lima were gonna push up theres a building to our right were gonna push into the building right side three two one fight i need a hovering air asset now stop here is clear dango top side mate we got rounds dropping in above us hold on gotcha were good mate were clear we gotta fall back Applause im sorry ready to play okay let me let me go and fall a bit echo team lima oh orange rocher orange thats you on your own mate youre on your own 20 meters from us friendly air is leading friendly blue blue blue amazing thought magic on top side goodbyes uh death match forgive forward security dangoludi everywhere well done boys were taking the cash now an enemy in the building never acknowledged to check my foxtrot coming around the corner boys explosive brady hes down three two one right forward push up push up on g left roger juliet im thinking we could strafe foxtrot we got 810 outside we got two of them yeah so this brick building on the other side well move on to that copy dengue youre still good on ammo echo message yes im good echoes relocating a firm uh sagan last uh echo is moving up to overwatch eyes on foxtrot uh well let you know once weve got eyes well i reckon this building here should have good lines and the problem is good work dango well done then go point louie second man def third man lets go wait we got rdfs get yourself in cover get stuff and cover that was ill be advised uh orange is down im acting medico lima copy soul a firm were gonna push up to foxtrot now as soon as you get eyes on us let me know roger right lima ready ready ready all right im with your daddy if they want to approach from this end adobe instead of the right side because the right side dont have cover over chuckle frag cover me back out watch your top right poor daddy yep yeah boys dont push too far ahead um right here lets move three two one i need a point man and a second man go in front of me ill take a second man and then break right right right right go straight i got a break in the wall 12 oclock weve got ice on it believe it or not Music flow left break and wall left side flow left push up front roger echo message send it send it be advised were on your left youre about 60 meters out from us hey firm i can see you on the map i can see on the map yep stay right stay right off building stay right off building danger point death second man ludi get in stack bounding down crash it dango close it Applause echo team echo team lima has eyes on foxtrot eyes on foxtrot 40 meters pushing in lima ready dont go yeah we can fall back you want to drop something and it goes bang do it now were too close right now well save im gonna smoke right smoke right pop it smoke okay pushing through keep flowing keep flowing flowing all right i need a muzzle i gotta reload Music Music all right we got our snakes julian yeah well done boys boys good effort well done well done downstairs fact strategy echo team echo team all in fall in hey if i can take good eyes on goal idea thanks mate good job on the overwatch yeah youre good youre good across we dont work yes were clear were on the second Music available to you stations the commander know all right gee im thinking the uh the last remaining ordering if i might just hold before you call it in echo team let me know when your last mans in let me know when Applause going to call in at 8 10 straight 8 10 strafe and then were going to move down here Music cancel us lets get ready over right side whats right whats right muscle up lefty muscle up left hand outside ginos points bridge lima copies all multiple contacts on bridge hey im going to kind of jdm jdam on bridge jdm on bridge dont oh confirm their movement is Music okay guys jaydens drop lets move up three two one crossing wall over watch watch whats friendly friendly friendly friendly friendly im reloading all right moving up leave my hold lima hold echo limas going to push soon as youre in location let us know when youre in location when youre set up set up cool you fill us up nickel is set rogers out leave my moving moving negatives lets go boys lets go capturing good effort doing a map check doing a map check hotel hotel that is north east north east echo keep ice northeast okay we got it okay we got it right echoes lima speak up yeah echoes now Applause good to go moving north east moving northeast a 10 gun run on hotel okay Music no man let me let gun run second strike second strike incoming all right lets move lets move go flow flow flow reload lets end it now Applause my regroup pick a corner plug the holes all right now you can do this boys yes boys colleen fellas that was really good that was good lads  __  run yeah im eating disco that was beautiful what did you guys think yeah thats the one that was pretty nice i thought that went well yeah i agree thats the one yeah mate that went really well theyre large 102 kills Music a little wild Music Music you pushed me are mine steam games app id OPERATION SYRIAN SUN: Its been over 10 years since the Syrian uprisings. Bashar Hafez al-Assad has used his power to Kill, suppress and deny his people the freedom they seek. The country lies in ruins and the economy has flatlined, Assad is still in power thanks to Russian might. The Un has ordered Russia out of Syria and agreed on a 5-year deal with Assad to allow western powers to provide humanitarian aid to the battered Syrian civilian population. JTF vigil has been tasked by NATO to deploy on a clandestine operation within Syria. The OP is to push ahead of the UN humanitarian aid mission and destroy Russian Intel stations and weapon caches within the AO. This will allow the UN safe passage. Little did they know the Russians know they are coming.💥DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE💥 👍 Leave a LIKE!!! 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