Has Insurgency Sandstorm Gone Full Casual?

Steam game console pricesteam deck apps INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM game so recently Insurgency Sandstorm released a new update and I was curious enough to check it out and see where the game was at these days this update added a new game mode called a fusel two new machine guns the M60 and rpk and a bunch of new Cosmetics so lets get started with the new game mode and why I actually think that defusal is good for the game despite it being further away from what players like myself would have wanted the fusel really isnt anything special or Innovative simply put its Search and Destroy with respawns now with that being said for some reason this mode seems to really fit Sandstorm spacing these days the respawns let players enjoy the best part of the game the gun play while still providing an objective that requires some assemblance of teamwork this mode sounds arcadey and it really is theres no denying that Sandstorm seems to have abandoned all attempts to return to a more gritty tactical experience like its predecessor and to some degree that really really saddens me Im not sure if its because of the recent release of Modern Warfare 2 or because Im coming back to this game with fresher eyes but I now clearly see where Sandstorm fits among the FPS genre these days it feels like its trying to fight for a spot in Mexico of Duty more and more with the addition of Team Deathmatch domination and Search and Destroy where before there were so many features and potential for this game to appeal to more tactical unique audience when I look at Sandstorm I see a slightly slower Call of Duty clone with a few more hardcore features like lower time to kill no aim assist for controllers and no skill based matchmaking which are actually some of the biggest complaints I have for Modern Warfare 2. so theres something to be said for that this game finally feels like it is some direction now and while it may no longer be Geared for players like myself or fans of the original Insurgency they can now focus on providing a specific experience to their new audience but thats enough ranting for me today I actually had a decent amount of fun playing defusal so here are a couple clips from a few matches and let me know where you think where Sandstorm sits in the comments down below foreign Give It Up guys yeah oh we got it yeah the guy was confusing they control the crossing between a and b uh theres a Tin Shed hes just sitting in it karma youre looking uh towards it there its a b again oh God damn it are you kidding me I wish I could take hes in the corner barely pulled that off this beep thats Universal across the map really  __  me up because I dont know which damn one on a gotcha oh theyre on a again A or B hey hey Im sorry baby  __  Ill be as well theyre on both on both yep oh its not bound I cannot defuse correct I have isolation on hey hey should be okay oh yeah were gonna lose B ushing for B now its okay I dont think you have nobody was on my back youre out of time  __  I wouldnt have been out of town if I killed him foreign foreign from behind what I was actually flowing through the wall by a 40 mic I saw that was the dumbest  __  ever Im just watching that road foreign you know what Karma sounds like when you start the video games it sounds like a food Critter dude where the  __  yeah thats what food critic would say Laughter I got him dog water at this game it does require skill so yeah well thats what I lack thats why Im in flight but I dont have the oh my God yeah okay when Im coming Im coming Im gonna go B-side Im trying to make it up there I dont actually know how to do that oh that guys hacking definitely all right guys and next uh NX CD oh first floor of the building uh first floor is m60s come upstairs you get wrecked your school you should find the use key foreign that was a dangerous fight you know slow your guy lowers the magnifier foreign oh that mans heads gone uh ramps clearance by fire with the M60 bunker drilled my ass hit it theyre probably refusing they already did oh I I was reloading I killed the first guy we could be at least tell me well get B lets find out maybe this guys running into it now hes by himself over there I think we got it Im setting a game oh okay that guys alive are you in there still are you alive who I I moved rooms theres another guy in there can you watch the outside second floor Ill watch first floor stairs Im watching the uh I think we got it no one in one and one in hes dead one in one in again go for it okay where was he dead set dead side of the street tanking FAL rounds to the jet theyre happy they got a Grenade anyone have smoke for this road I got an RPG hes down there on the left on the road well be able to get this oh someone just got forged where where where where where oh God all right its not going that way where did I get shot from someone else MCC from the wall to be fair I think the plant time is pretty fast too we got one coming in behind right now I think of planting again Im checking it right thats all we got left oh Music dude you can see through the smoke first doorway on the right in the corner got it you said AFK for his food okay Applause Peters there grenade yeah whoever came back on dark pets Im talking about theyre everywhere on that left side Point man did the gamer thing whoops I saw that not gonna lie a little bit oopsie defused very diffused somehow oh  __  lets do get the  __  out of the way oh what I totally took two shots in them ah theyre on an adjacent roof too hmm is diffusing yeah hes on the roof on the right across the street yep set to 40. foreign system please I think we have a decent chance here Im establishing ISO establishing ISO All Right iso set ISO set Applause what is killing everyone why cant we get theres a dude sitting on the stairwell calling the room clear I just rpgated as well I mean Ive gotten in there three times in three lives oh my God we still win if we dont cap this and sit but you know you know 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