The SAVAGE sniper. Positioning is key | Insurgency Sandstorm gameplay

Steam handheld game systemcan you play every game on steam deck INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM gameplay im rg this is the average one gaming and today we are on insurgency sandstorm had a pretty fun match this time around and i did learn one thing positioning is key try to get yourself into a position to where you know where the enemy are but they do not know where you are you line up that shot and then bam you take them out all while dealing with a savage sniper who is picking off you and your teammates one by one do me a favor hit that like button it would truly mean a lot to me and enjoy this there he is right there okay im glad i waited cause i outta shot him the first time or shot at him and missed he would have jumped out that window right there and he probably would have turned towards me here we go oh dang it didnt drop i hit him but okay he down that sucker hit me with a solid one whoa teammate got him i was just off the mark dead blasted i wanted that whatever oh goodness oh man i gotta go dang where the heck did that come that was so unexpected boy i felt safe dang i feel super safe right there oh my oh shoot what happened to him sound like they hit him in the throat got a savage sniper over here somebody is hurting us boy oh shoot i thought that was teammate footsteps for a second turn around and its an enemy wow thats crazy on it okay Music okay i knew i heard something i want to try to get good positioning over here because i feel like they about to they about to start coming back its been a bit of that okay i hear more foot okay i think that was teammate footsteps okay was it hold on dude something i feel like im hearing footsteps okay yeah i knew i wasnt tripping i knew i heard is he gonna peek back and i heard oh son of a gun i see him up here but it sounded like i heard footsteps to my left maybe but those might be teammates son of a gun but these footsteps make you paranoid dang it i was late on that shot son of a gun dang it come on peek out peek out do something okay he dont know where i am i saw that laser hitting the wall though dang it i just need a good shot well i had a good shot a second ago but i missed it was a really brief window but come on man peek out or run out or do something see he know im here shoot its all about positioning tactical positioning oh no im getting sniped out again thats that same savage sniper that was taking us out okay her footsteps that is definitely enemy footsteps oh shoot oh dead blaster did i get him okay i got the dude i was shooting that son of a gun i had them dude so they did not know i was there dang it yall got it i held that down though i aint mad i heard that down for a good while all right im on a see if i can go ahead and its all snag eight while im here oh i hear footstep oh shoot leave me alone oh that was terrible that was terrible i got him but shoot whatever hey who over there yelling like that see whoa i was just about to say im not going to got to have a bit of awareness on son of a gun i started to say i wasnt going to take that shot while ago but then that dude started coming right at me as opposed to running laterally across the screen him coming right at me i knew i could line that shot up pretty good so i took it oh goodness i want to go back to c c is ground zero for me thats thats where it was going down at them suckers then took it but i want it back i hear footsteps oh man why they gotta run up on me we are losing dude i heard footsteps dont go on it im finna get hit i can feel it oh man i think it took out damn it they took a oh he over there in that little safe dang sniping place that they always be in dead blasted i aint suckers way over the head dog on it what the heck he was right there son of a gun oh no getting sniped at again oh shoot oh crap crap crap get across the dang thing jump in the dog on oh shoot dang what happened to him oh shoot why was he screaming like that they did my boy wrong over there oh man i just got here and his grenades going off i heard footsteps footsteps oh no okay hey we have enemy achievement that wasnt too bad oh my goodness im getting sniped at it what the heck what these suckers is okay that i dont feel like thats the same sniper from what the heck im right here oh shoot this sucker is bold he crap that thing did not make it over the edge of the dog on oh man he know im over here because that flashbang went off and what the heck is her footsteps too oh this is bad i dont know where it is he still puts okay what the heck is dude he here what the heck i dont want to run because he gonna hear me right now i dont even know if he know that im here son of a gun out of that blasted dog on it all that creep and he still took me out freaking dude im on my way back though you got me messed up see c is ground zero i heard that dude stomping i know who that was see his ground look at this dude keep on playing keep on playing oh man what happened to him the sounds that they make when they dying on here man its pretty they did a good job with it man these dudes sound like theyd be going through it well obviously you get shot and yeah youre going through it i dont i dont feel good and this one is a wrap thats sniper at the beginning wow that was pretty crazy that dude hit me out of nowhere i thought i was safe right there i had no idea that was coming then he was applying all types of pressure on my teammates taking them out that was crazy man but i still managed to have a decent game positioning is key um i lined up some pretty good shots teammates the enemies rather didnt know where i was at time so turned out pretty good managed to go 13 and six two and a half minutes on objective so not as long as i would have liked to had like to have had capturing objectives but its all good if you want more uncertainty sandstorm be sure to click the video on the screen im rg that is it for me catch you on the next one the average one gaming and im now peace Music you steam says game is running but won't open Had a really good match this time around!!! 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