Sniping in this game is perfect for psychopaths

Steam dress near memagic games on steam INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM gameplay Music thank you Music just by hearing this you probably already know what its from if you dont well welcome to the most butt clenching mission available on the market the first time I experienced this mission was in Call of Duty 4 in my early high school years I failed this Mission probably about nine or ten times before I realized I have to basically sniff McMillans gym shorts in order to not be spotted this is when I fell in love with sniping uh because because of the sneak Factor not not the gym shorts things like sneaking up on an enemy being patient pulling the trigger at just the right time for a One-Shot reward and I specifically remember this part zeroing in on zakaya man I loved this part McMillan talking about being aware of the wind and the bullet drop and the Coriolis effect which by the way I also learned that this is a spin of the earth and that snipers in the field actually have to do this kind of math on the Fly pretty wild to me but I also remember how brutal this shot was everyone else that you shot in this game they just sort of fell over and died but he uh well he did this now as a youngster used to the blue and green Gore of Halo this was something new to me body parts falling off of a human and not an alien was pretty wild which is why I love this game this is Sandstorm in this game not only has some of the best weapon models and animations but also has some of the best gore these headshots never get old the sniping in this game is incredibly satisfying especially if youre a psychopath house is secured speaking of that explosions have a nice little effect as well but were gonna save that for another video in this one Im going to focus on sniping and its important to note here this isnt just the running gun sniping youll find in Call of Duty games youre not going to be able to sprint in circles until your enemy spawns no in this one snipers have a different job let me show you all right so weve got our bolt action here were using the Mosin uh it depends on what side were on the other side has like an M24 but we got the bolt action Im gonna try to do lets say uh lets say seven kills each seven kills and then well upgrade to the to the next one to semi-auto and then the 50 cal so this is actually a really hard map to uh to snipe on but were were gonna give it a shot anyway and we will also count with our pistol in close quarters since I am still the sniper class well oh nope nope no quick scope in here ready hes gonna be right in here Music Laughter he tried to swing at me actually this is a pretty good spot thats uh oh boy already one down dang it hang on youre right through here I get him I sure did four I think four Applause five six hang on seven were just gonna go the extra mile here and get a okay seven it is oh so weve changed up a little bit were now on semi-auto and this is more of a sniper uh map I would say that that what I was playing earlier certainly wasnt a sniper map but you remember just a quick note do you remember this dragon off you remember uh Call of Duty 4 just having the dragon off just spamming it well you can kind of do that here too but look how big this map is theres a lot of elevation that we have to worry about and the key is with these snipers is that you dont want to just sit back and snipe right you dont want to just sit way back behind the point and snipe because this is called a front line mode so we are after that point right there so what you want to do is fend off bad guys so we got one were gonna go ten got him were gonna go 10 kills were already at two so I dont want this video to be like three minutes long I never play this well oh I got all right so through here we have e so we want to prevent their approach as best as we can asbestos and this is the variable Zoom I gotta figure out there we go okay yeah I couldnt remember how to uh how to change that but for the most part the regular standard four is it four to six see if I can get a little peek here theyre running over this hill lets see if I can still get that wheres he at wheres he at oh theres four three or four I dont I dont really know Ill find out when I die five oh almost got that guy all right lets take that well take that theres five and then well switch to the 50. six the assault rifle dragon thats right side yeah oh the stones all right five more that seems like a pretty not good spawn to me where was he very confused with that okay its like right there is that him foreign Laughter so theres six seven got some Keen eyes thought they were getting old they work every now and then okay lets reload and go around this corner here I think thats where its gonna be eight nine one more can we do a 360 somewhere oh not quite would have to go a little bit further all right now hes still there Im gonna get this guy again foreign there we go the rest is just for fun now gotta switch to the Barrett all right this is our last one weve got the Barrett 50 cal security side go far left try to get a little little sneaky snake flank any more kills just because I enjoy the uh the body physics so much oh yep hes down its it basically an instant kill ads time to slow headshot oh man my quick Scopes are getting too good in this game imagine actually quick scoping with this thing okay guy over to the left oh just missed that flew right by his face I know it did come on oh the bipods even better because then you get to watch it its Gotta Stay prone gotta cover boys you go get it its too good keep it coming come on yall can keep coming guy either top theyre coming to my left right there man thats so satisfying in it okay theres our guy lets go left were Lone Ranger in it we just have to walk like this were gonna get any kills and were out of respawn way so thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this definitely give it a like if you didnt give it a dislike let me know if you like this kind of videos and until the next one be bold be courageous stay Tactical Music Music how to install easy anti cheat steam I love how brutal Sandstorms sniping can be. 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