Fastest Match EVER | Insurgency Sandstorm Gameplay

Free games epic steamwhat are the best games on steam INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM gameplay why did it take four shots to end you there from the 50. i dont see him anymore i think he left or was it captain i wasnt captain save before right heroes sami truck load up the truck uh yeah he left ill draw it oh yeah that always works im trusting you this time tree man oh hell yeah i got the gun im trusting you tree man dont get on it get out the way yep oh were dead uh im calling i smoked it bro me and this dude upstairs just got into the weirdest fire fight is that guy is super toxic too isnt he yeah yeah hes been changing his name this entire time im up right side he just gets so mad for no reason i like how theyre like yeah that always works blatantly has worked for us every single time in this game doesnt normally know but today it has been guys get on point its clear its clear and capturing oh my god where the  __  was he oh guys i need more than one please get on point its clear right now please please ill thank you please guys help me capture get on okay im coming im coming im dead im dead oh theres one on lets just do fine someone saw me hes uh you know the corner i barely missed  __  guys dude not too late everybodys playing like a  __  theyre literally right oh bro like we had that two-thirds cash bro it was more than half yeah yeah you were almost supposed to be whatever added to this game means that its clear and we want you guys to help us reinforce the point so that we can rather than our entire team sitting across the street not even trying to make a pushing oh my god right side  __  me i smoked i threw smoke on his body god damn this  __  teammate behind me dude whats his name bro who is this  __  clown over here bro get on point get on point its clear nice job guys bro my glock is insane right now bro anyone want to go for the back cap i can be using the grease gun yeah im slapping everyone yeah the grease gun actually goes clear clear clear get it out get one point  __  like it out bro that thing is silent as  __  has zero recoil i mean it does not gonna take three hits for heavy armor and its like so slow its like but like bro you  __  slap him get on point its clear clear coco takes six shots used on the first man oh fight oh sorry oh my god capture on your six tv all right hes laying down yeah god damn that guy bro and of course im first dead on wave bro and look at the teammates still ass  __  oh man zero forward all those guys  __  horrible players bro Applause oh my goodness thats what you call speedrun boys this is a speed run any percent speed run any percent speed run no cheats if i had c4 i would have just gone for cash if i was able to make it but i have c4 jimmy didnt make it though no but i had to help buy out on the point yeah yeah otherwise oh dude can i left carol left yo oh what a  __  unfortunate both of the people left the weird yelling at both of them talking so much  __  and they couldnt finish they couldnt keep playing but then they realized it was just as soon as as soon as they played against us theyd been as soon as they played against us they dipped theyre happy with himself with an rpg hes trying to hit me i saw him on the balcony i was like no hes not aiming at me and then do you want to take the cash take the c4 are you close yeah well lets clear this top room and then i got you oh you could just take it out man suicide yeah ill try its right here i need you to open this door if cash is dead what no no i lost the c4000 seven lick the white part of minutes below steam voice settings In game time; 7:08. WORLD RECORD any% speedrunNOTE: Never done a speedrun nor understand how the rules work. Me and the boys playing Insurgency Sandstorm online multiplayer gamemode called Push. Push is one of my FAVORITE gamemode of all time. This game is not meant for kids, this video is made for ages 18 and up. steam famous steam games 2018 shark steam mop hardwood floors cool cheap steam games game key steam free how to get paid steam games for free 2022