Ironsight Gaming | Pubg Mobile | Late Night Vibes with Trott! | #1133

What is steam's refund policysteam games wallpaper IRONSIGHT game is that going Music to sing to myself how grateful we should be honor everything again Music Music first game Im waving my screen off Michael whats up bro coming in first what up baby what up Michael yeah whos in here wheres the Noti game wheres my notary gang at 95 you were strong oh my God Im so sorry again oh  __  hello bucko whats up whats up whats up everybody Brian Evan Kobe Jay whats up Beast Music youre getting waxed I cant bro I can dude how many  __  are there dude holy  __  I want to make it out here its  __  36  __  here dude girl you got kids on you over there for a show lets go Lawrence I mean I was wondering what to do with my life then I saw your notification going live yeah thats me every day dude Im like dude what is it doing life bro Music singer bro Music singer songwriter thats crazy Emilys ahead advice M4 baby oh another M4 on me right here if anyone needs it oh six times three times oh I I cant I want to use a bull rifle chat but Ill die if I dont keep this SMG lets be real Jeremy whats up bro chat if you guys are in some groups share this stream out chat Music I got supplies Music we push Apartments I almost dropped my  __  iPad oh  __  Evan Evan with the gifted yo Evan thank you bro yo hashtag Evan chat is the stream working for everybody is the stream good guys Chad let me know if this dreams good is the stream good for everyone right now hello Applause you know theyre just gonna res and  __  where do you guys want to go we gotta dedicate we gotta dedicate something where do you want to fight dont matter to me dude all these are sketched we good here where are we all right cool because my  __  looked like it was weird dude like red and  __  Rick line with the like no with the  __  Ryan with the shares yo Chad thank you guys for the shares everyone like the stream everyone hit those reactions chat these kids are gonna be coming up behind us at some point huh looks good here all right cool thank you guys back here too enemies ahead my markers what do you guys want to do doctor everybody oh  __  what the  __  this kids on the field foreign what the  __  is really happening damn dude all I have is first stage bro this is not cool I dont want to heal yet hold up I have four bandages I got supplies do you want to push people behind us at you yeah Music Evan Evan coming in with the gifted chat hashtag Evan chat let me get some hashtag Evans thank you so much for the gifted who guys doesnt matter where we push who got Evans gifteds chat who got it who got the gifted let me know in chat theyre in this building oh  __  people still in apartments as well Mark your location didnt mean to do that but I did it Bernie Rising resin oh  __  are you ready hob knocked him knocked  __  man this aint good I knocked one too let me knocked the one over here Mark the location yeah yeah I knocked the one next time we have a health kit Im pushing this guys upstairs oh I just choked up hes thirsting  __  I thought we were pushing boys I gotta heal no Im not talking to you dog howd I get thirsted bro because I was delivering the wall its a group Jackie Chan and trout oh Im dead as  __  Im not even gonna be able to land on my box Bro  __  it now no theres people everywhere around us thats me warming up Chad that was I potato dude I should have easily killed that guy I choked up so thatll land oh another Molly dude oh my God where are we gonna loot right now Chad where do I land with this map where do I land rozik  __  man we all died we all died we all got beetles oh  __  okay where should we land bro I can uh I cant land gadka ruins Ethan Lee why dont you talk to me anymore what do you mean should we go Ross Hawk whats up with the screen is there something wrong with it is there something wrong with the screen chat it looks good on my end it looks good on my end I think Ill meet a cat hell no there aint no enough loop at gakka where are we going for  __  where are you going pachinky I guess dude were gonna Boogie either its elite bro I dont even remember an elite bro Im not even gonna lie Elite what the game screen looks too zoomed in oh  __  does it holy  __  Ill fix it guys I dont I dont know what the  __  why I dont know why it zoomed in like that Ill fix it though you guys dont like it zoomed in like this right I dont know why its like that anyways I was just gonna change it since you guys already said I gotta bug you this doesnt look good Bradford Ill fix it bro I dont even know I dont even know why it zoomed in thats kind of weird other than that everything looks golden all right let me see himself too let me see real quick chat this is gonna take a second hold up  __  dude lets do this and then oh  __  wrong button  __  let me redo that transform fit the screen microwave I thought that was Barneys mic for a second hows that hows that chat let me know all right yo whats up brother whats up Chad Danny what up bro is it good everything look better Danny thank you for the 200 bro was that you oh it might be me I may not have the numbers above my head dude I remember a little bit I think I dont know just he called it out bro he was with a teammate I dont know its probably been its been a minute I know that I kind of remember it I think I dont know dude if you havent been around I probably dont remember you bro you know what Im saying I see a lot of different names on this game now thats what I thought you were looks good yeah Danny thank you for the 200 bro Evan thank you for the gifted were at 252 gifteds I gotta chain yeah thats why my guy I smoke thats gonna compete every day doc so two years ago sheesh what are they gonna do thats gonna compete with this dude this event mode I dont know this is all kids want to play dude no I remember I remember a little bit Ethan was Prodigy and not nah he said hes not getting on unless he makes 100 bucks dude hahaha uh he didnt want to get on tonight we asked him to get on but he said hes just chilling he said blow jobs are more important M4 right here M4 right here yeah Im pretty laid it out anybody grabbing that sucker go ahead do you need it bro I dont play comp anymore I just play for fun man I pretty much just stream and chill I dont I havent played Compton forever dude tired from the gym it went on last night when I woke up this morning I was sleeping when you went on Sunny Crow with the iron with the 200 yo thank you my guy yo appreciate the 200 brother sure send Stars For the First Time first 200 my guy I appreciate that my guy has been here hashtags on Danny what are you doing bro yo Crow thank you for the 200 my guy theres a scar right here drop some  __  blah blah all right lets get a whip and dip dude okay yeah dip it down trout said hes staying up pretty late tonight chat well see about that on chat you know whats  __  dude all right I didnt get it yet but I might be booked for like five overnights in a row bro just straight up I would go in my call time would be like 7 p.m and Id get wrapped at like 9 A.M 8 am every day for five days in a row nice so I wont be playing no I wont be playing at all thats not nice yeah we playing at all it sucks unless I bring my phone and playing Holding dude but this is how you get out of this chat Im a driver dude Ill just give laser a great out of this thing no Im a driver dude trust me dude Im too high to trust me no more Apex night nah not really yeah Jackie Chan what the  __  you doing dude play that game bro what game I already played it bro I was like the best in the game bro what are you talking about I was like one of the best gimmies on that game bro you want to play dude and then I came back on here because uh I just wanted people to actually be able to watch this stream and see 20 bombs you know what Im saying crazy Im crazy now I feel that nah dude I was I dropped 20 bombs on  __  there are people at school I dropped a 20 bomb on  __  I had my 20K and my 4k on  __  Apex too bro I was  __  on fools bad right there guys mad right there Im getting so much render were getting slammed by a car were getting slammed by a  __  car there has to be a car nearby yep right here there it is there it is I hit him like 30 times dude with a red dot Valerie lets pull up how are you doing Valerie hows your night Adam what up big boy oh  __  what the  __  behind us what did you hear the bullet I dont know yeah yeah that was behind us yeah yeah it was hundred percent what up Adam yo chat if you guys are just tuning in dont forget to smash those thumbs up and those hearts chat hit those reactions for me real quick chat we got 55 in here thats 55 likes baby this kids over here dude they shot at us when we were  __  on the hill right there just jumped out of red beam this fool Im about to pull up on him right here were slamming oh my God thats what she said lets get it lets roll you get the cast off tomato did you have anybody sign it down the street Valerie someones still here hold on he just jumped off huh foreign did someone grab that oh no were good watch out my boy Jackie bastard bro our boy Jackie Chan just took one for the team boys your render render render hard render hard render were getting car this is another car coming our way Chad we got hard what I think studies ours hes on oh theyre all over here fighting oh headshot baby I hit one in the head right here we gotta rotate let me grab the Jeep kick some ass tonight baby kick some of that horse kick that ass you very hard foreign hey Adam thank you so much for the 200 Mike I appreciate you bro didnt know that was probably that it werent going to develop arthritis and carpal tunnel hold on let me go up and reach out I kind of missed some stuff hold on Chad my bad theyre going wild over there Girls Gone Wild Applause theres kids in our town behind us as well really kids on the roof yeah yeah yeah didnt you see the bullet things the orange location um let me just curl up chat Valerie no you didnt get no one to sign it what up Momo you look like you hacking yeah I am dont tell no these kids might rotate out yeah Ive been hacking I dont like I uh when I hack I just like like being the best so you gotta get what you got to get to be the best what the  __  someone just shot what the  __  boom Headshot Boom headshot on the roof headshot on the roof you dont want to peek a real one bro you dont Im running Claire yes these guys gonna peek us cakes on ours tonight Adam was that the 200 that just now came through holy  __  dude no this guy dont want to peek  __  hes a  __  head shot the other one too foreign buggy bit buggy he rotated out buggy rotated out to the right of me we gotta go though head shot him again they call me chat whod be hitting headies like that what you mean yeah I got like 16 headshots right there lets roll we gotta rotate we gotta rotate right now wheres everyone at all right 61 in here get some dude get get in some head yeah I was getting some head the neighbors turned it down and said nothings playing they said yo guys leave it at the trout we got we got a vehicle over here is there enough of them okay uh who says that uh yo go down under and you were trying to go out down under can you turn it down you didnt get I cannot believe Valerie didnt get her cast signed that was like I never broke a bone or anything and I was like I wanted to cast one so I just started punching windows and  __  so my hand broke and then I got a cast so I could get it right there no its fine that didnt happen oh  __  yes they are baby oh more render two guys all dead all dead more of the lowest people those people always still yeah Im native the  __  theres still kids here location he was speaking at the hill yeah theyre at the houses oh yeah I see him head shot one got him nice we should probably push this guys were in a bad spot here get a crazy push though it doesnt matter how many there are dog Ill tell you that it dont matter oh theyre camping at compound it doesnt matter oh  __  oh they just got another dog theyre trying to knock me baby hey Docs get the  __  off me dude I was already leaning right before I even thought about pulling the trigger boy where was he where was he on the back corner of the house sniped him once oh Im gonna try to make this yellow oh I didnt make it I didnt make it ah why hows that not a headshot hows that not a headshot Im dead Im dead Im dead oh behind me  __  were you able to get there  __  no can we get two iron no Im dead bro I got shot in the back bro chat why do I get shot on my back all right its all good whats up cat I can finally read chat for a second God damn that dont forget to hit those reactions theyre all down from citizen Connor for an extra 20 bucks Gabriel with the like Ted what up bro fuzz Claire thank you guys for the likes rock good  __  guys nice dude awesome oh I just got um dude oh theyre gonna thirst my ass from where I picked me up if you can that card gotta blow up why wouldnt they blow that car up iron sight stop what are you talking about people arent smart does the screen look like its like lined up now instead of like zoomed in videos I got  __  on bruh I know I was I was sniping them down there I didnt think I was gonna shine my back am I dont know how he got zoomed in earlier what does this say drop frames oh  __  I think groots dead dude theres one at the first Hill right there I got I got arms and  __  bro I cant peek this you gotta rotate somehow yeah I gotta gotta get out of here too grab that buggy thats a rotation bruh screen looks good youre a little bit bigger than normal thats because you havent been going to the gym thats toxic I was just talking to Andrew about starting the gym back the  __  is this guy whoo this dudes lying prone somewhere with an mg3 bro get down dont peek so long dude they got eight dubs and  __  youre not in zone there either whoops sorry about that yeah the next rock is go play this Ridge up here on yellow rotate yeah so Im thinking those two smokes and waited a little bit and then leave right before your smokes go on the fast I didnt already know that what about  __  your buggy with a back tire out so what the hell are you talking about peepees what the hell all right Chad you better  __  win this what up Tyler how you doing Tyler what are we talking about right now anything with booty is no joke make sure you guys dont eat booty green looks good yeah I do gotta get back to the gym I was just telling Andrew we gotta get back and he said well we cant be going at midnight thats what he said what up Kevin this kind of just gets worse and worse are you gonna win this Doug I need a dub bro I mean I have to no they said Chad said 10 000 Stars dude if uh you get this though 1v5 dude dont let me dude dont let me down trout dont let me down dude oh no oh Susan go right hug the Blue zone right I hug far right oh this might be a 1v4 dog you see one right there keep going keep going right more and go high get above them and see dont shoot at the first guy see where theyre all at all right its prone right now prone prone prone theres a guy at the tree to your left not this first tree but the second tree in front of you 235 yep right there in front of you not the first one but the second one oh yeah I think somehow this conversation about you know where his Deja my brother has more questions got my command to kill himself foreign dude dont be thirsting right oh right there at the tree you just seen him right there to your left left side over by the orange bushes over there hes throwing a Nate hes over there at the tree oh  __  go go run run Music drone back up back up  __  there goes 10 000 Stars dude now you see that car fly yeah dead I cannot believe if you tell me you needed a game clutch for 10 000 Stars you know Im winning it why didnt you win it trout someone actually offered you 10K dang dude I know youre gonna send it instead now trout oh I was  __  nervous right there characters I thought you had that  __  I feel like I would have won that I would have been that card you should have went out of prone already on that for being napple prone back down being the other fool instantly no thoughts just  __  no Im just like GGs chat GGs chat let me get a GG spam in the chat let me get a GGs in the chat chat chat chat let me get a Gigis in the chat chat let me see Sean Cox boom I gotta like the stream on this account iron sight Sean Cox account chat dont forget to like the stream chat Rodney with us here yo Rodney whats up baby Valerie fight together what did Valerie say Gigis Eng Gs Jake mckoozie Jake Ian Nunn Ryan whats good Rodney whats up Valerie ggs Connor GG let me go back to the comments and check Adam GGs rank whats everybodys rank exclamation mark rank in the chat we re for anyone that doesnt know we reset the rank so how you get it up is comments and watch time so do exclamation mark rank to see where youre ranked at with everyone in the chat we just reset it yesterday are we going crates are we going crates got this job lets go do you get points on that iron yeah seven yo what up John Irons close to Cog number 83. guys Im not I doubt Im close now dude  __  yeah that girls voice is so hot were tired of chat being PG all the time Chads been freaky lately childs always like man every time Im in your chat my nipples getting hurt Music I think that girls so hot oh my god dude Lauren yeah I got supplies Applause someones got an SKS dude someones not legit its almost close hes close hes close you know thats guest Boys close to me yeah on the ground oh my God thank you bro I need some armor watch out group we need some armor up in this  __  there we go a little one level one helmet I knocked one over here watch out okay we should oh theres a vest right there one probably just fell because I was blasting his ass  __  I didnt get a vest again how the  __  did that happen we gotta push we gotta push up what up brat  __  your prone Bro  __  Your Problem back theres people on the left location knocked one nice iron oh dead are they dead let them come back baby loot them up lead them up boys let him try and come back was there enough of them probably not not that crew that was enough weve got more 19 Kobe whos number one in the chat right now whos number one two and three anybody one two and three in the chat with the rank number 11 Ian I missed it whos the whos number one in chat with rank right now I got supplies oh three times lets do this I gotta play again we had more people here eh oh yeah yeah in the back side the back warehouses oh show what up Joey bucko what up baby let me drive some of these rounds real quick dude did I tell you theres Babies over there did I tell you theres babies in my roach Colony already dude they must have shipped me some roaches that were pregnant dude yeah theres already babies in there theyre so little yeah that man said they were having a orgy last night dude theyre having a few orgies thats just for real right now dude dead you never seen anything more sexually active dude than those roaches boys beautiful why are you watching them flashing white roaches have weirdies though thats beautiful dude thats so I can vegetarian doesnt have being bored I am jealous of being stunned though huh but maybe this Jack can entertain you brat where you been doing brat Lee whats up bro Drew whats up my guy we got 64 in here right now 64. I cant see anyone can we get it to a hunter check can we get 100 people in this chat tonight smack those likes chat and if youre in any pubg mobile groups share this  __  out chat people are gonna love this  __  where are they at though dude look at how much loot is here dude this is crazy this is season two  __  crates back in the day dude there is used to be so much indeed for real back in the day Chris was looted a lot of proteins would land at crates yeah because it was super looted you always used to find a player again too I will always use I think that was before fire guns right there wasnt always a flare gun right or was there oh there oh yeah theres always play against huh or am I tripping Im tripping I dont even know honestly you couldnt shoot out of here we used to shoot the flare to Zone to get the armored you as yeah yeah he wasnt even we got 71. I mean rank 69 thats a good number I got four shots and butts because thats not a bug but that is we gotta see whos number one in a month thats when it really counts one two three in a month they might be up top too hold up yeah we might be getting ball called right now 100 percent these guys are bot calling the hell out of us right now dude thats toxic yeah they are and were falling were falling for it dude did you see someone right there Music thats okay oh my God that was a bot was it yep no ones around here thats good dude I dont know what the hell team must have left dude I wonder why kids dont land North George too theres a loot there creates is more of a sketchy fight because it is way more open its a lot more fun how can I hit rank number 70. how can you lick it what the hell what are we talking about yeah do you make you have to make that noise 70 of Chad is horny tonight whoa 70 thats it come on thats it come on dude better numbers on that chat theres another Coupe over uh chat how many people are in here right now we got 60 people in here right now chat oops followed Ironside for 1107 days bro thats crazy Music the following is just crazy bro its crazy weve been doing this for that long sounds a little low I was saying that the other day God damn let me in fact lets go let me drink this little potion all right where are we heading first to wherever all right lets go ride the kill and then shoot it and see who comes Music youre far from you guys I had some troubles no you you let him drive good luck with that  __  no Im driving oh I just had to say good luck with that youre gonna kill your ass oh man drives here we go baby here we go is there gonna be enough of them is that a g is that a car in front of us yo were pulling up were pulling up on these fools oh  __   __  Em Up three dead come Loop boys M4 M4 bison M4 AK six M16 Chase I knew there wasnt gonna be enough of them ciao stay tight baby yeah we need to catch up lets go ready you guys got an issue tonight or as I kill Ed yeah yeah were you shooting the flare yeah yeah we can do that my bad I got I got uh I forgot we dont need to defend  __  dog let them come at us that were the greatest ever play the game baby lets go you know what Im saying  __  yeah I think Im gonna buy this Tesla next time it comes out dude I like this too much the Tesla is nice dude for real and its quiet no it was quieter when it first came out people had to  __  like a bunch of  __   __  so I see a car away no but at one point you really couldnt hear it at all huh comp I get that 100 yeah players are buying it for that reason alone dude youre horny 100 what the hell even even some of the vehicles like the skins of the you guys that have like Extra cover if I was heavy into Compton Id be buying those render Mark the location hey cover me cover me oh dude I just choked so hard cover me trout covering me shoot him trial cover me bro what the  __  I had got guys pushing me bro oh I got ran over how the effects everyone get damn were all dead Beatles dude we all suck dicks dude yeah but we all suck who the  __  different Squad dude what the  __  just happened are you landing on them are we landing on them Andrea Shane what up bro chat if we lose this fight we lose points  __  those fools were landing on their  __  heads all right Barney get an angle Barney shoot those fools they just stole our flare whoops sorry about that hes not even there hes a cop hes driving us hes driving up dude we just  __  sucked those dudes off dude what the  __  I care if theres a theres theres a third party though there is a third party at school thats why I got shot from I know Bradford I get I like that  __  though all right their Jeeps still there dog their Jeep is still there honey so whats my card are you Landing right on him no Im landing right at the bottom of the hill oh  __  give me right here oh Im dead they see me Applause not two not two yeah we want a fair fight the  __  do you guys want to do about this homie three knocks Tommy four knocks homie I knocked the whole Squad I want a fair fight  __  that a fair fight we want a fair fight Im coming back homie yeah theres a grubser right here for anyone that wants it dude I just killed all of them bro it doesnt even  __  matter dog I had some good hit markers on those fools like thats good  __  though bro Im proud of you  __  trying to take our guns and  __  we dont do that around here huh we dont do that around here Hammy yeah thats how thats how you come back and grab your loot Music they might come exactly they might try it on us bro they better they died oh that was it okay right away right oh that was it killed them earlier remember nah I cant remember Danny thank you go there big boy Danny thank you for the  __  200 baby watch out oh whos about to get  __  sniped I dont know open Barney my mouth dry as hell are you on the ridge hes playing the rage that was a miss and a half homie that was a miss and a half baby you pushing him iron careful that was a miss and a half homie Turn Down for What God damn Bradford Bradford you know yo hashtag Jay in the chat guys hashtag J Joe Bradford in the chat yo Bradford just dropped 10 gifteds chat were at 261 freaking gifteds too man you guys go Ill stay right here Bradford you have a car Bradford or if you guys left me one yeah Bradford God damn baby Im boosting up you can just come right here chess smash those reactions if you guys get a gifted sub from jay make sure you guys thank the man yo ten gifteds to the chat just now that was it that was it thats why weve been up here touching our cousins you gotta be kidding me Chad let us know who got a gifted let us know in chat who just got a gifted who didnt who wasnt a supporter that just got a gifted from Jays uh 10 gifted Subs chat lets go lets go let me change that real quick over here 261 gifted 261. people here trout Andrea Jay Joe Bradford oh  __  what was that a guy Pro oh that was a bike where are we going boys this isnt even Zone thats that zone 25 of it is in so if you guys want to go swim we should be safe for a while why whats um oh  __  thats so sick to think about like if you look at that map like 25 of the map right now is inflatable so that circle is really yeah theres gonna be a lot of people in there yeah yeah exactly is either people swimming or thats just gonna have people at every tree Mark with this Bradford man my mouth is dry as hell brain bird I cant feel my toes what the hell rip was too much when you all invited me like I did one time dude oh dang he  __  choked it down dude one time dude sometimes I took it that one time like while I was like playing bro dude I got like you know like youre doing like white as a ghost dog you just like lose oxygen to your whole body now youre like what the  __  just happened dog that happened to me before like when you stand up quick it felt like that dude oh thats the worst dude thats holy  __  that smash those likes for you boy lets  __  go Daddy thank you for the Thousand thank you for the Thousand broski Bradford dropping the 10 gifted Danny just dropped a thousand oh more run there we go people card running us they low they low stay low yeah and now they know and now they know I was playing I was playing passive too I knew we got that  __  in the bag bro holy  __  30. Barney thanks for joining us hell yeah for some showers I think well they pulled up in a  __  Lamborghini hey guys I got another player gun you cannot hide money holy look at this chat Lamborghini SUV is there enough of them dude this render is cheating I feel like a  __  hacker dude this is not fair we already knew you hacked right its okay no I I really dont though this is this is just a device I can feel it too sometimes but yeah thats Android for you that shits dog  __  that man used to play on iPad you should have stayed all night but for real dude how did you how did you not enjoy that the game way more theres a whole  __  Squad  __  that yeah its a whole spot in there location is that at a render no knocked one bridgie knocked that head nobody I knocked him over here hes going for the res right now you have a car in dude you got Lamborghini SUV everybody Mark I wish bro you know enemies ahead Applause Im coming things they all got away dude where are they at watch out theyre nine Zone theyre going zone right now lasered him out of the car lasered one out of the car once in this blue stack ones in this blue stack foreign all dead yeah yeah Barney how did you just get on top of that roof dude okay he already looked so sustained he jumped off the buggy while I was moving I think cant find any sex something new Whoever has to try something new Im Gonna Make It Up Guys giggle you can find anywhere sex toys store what the theres people there theres people at the shop more around there its a shot yeah you see you mark the location oh you can buy sell free Vibes Now location s foreign squads at the house is that we saw all right he stopped doing weird  __  dude this mans on top of the  __  picking them he just adds to see this as much as he can yeah if you were hacking you kind of need to get off but holy  __  Im not a dope game dude well I can make it more fun I still got a whole player to shoot dude there aint nothing getting down more than my roaches chat you might be a freak but you aint freakier than my roaches your brooches yeah all right in the open tries they just wait for him I breed roaches theyre on our left in the ground what the  __  I just hit that dude oh dead or what no its still in the smoke now thats nice yeah wanna control him can we try and troll him is that our need yeah those are mine can we try and troll him depending on how good he is dude my roaches have 25 babies every two months you aint out freaking them yeah you got 25 roaches in a every two months you have 25 babies in two months come on brand new why am I getting rendered with one person theres something wrong on my phone dude Andrew were really writing lets see how bad he is I dont know how good he is I mean if hes bad let me control if hes good then we should stay away we got nade moving up here hes throwing nades enemy left okay hes right there on the Rock hes right here on the rock are we killing them or trolling them is he good I dont know okay okay let me I can easily kill him I can easily kill him hes throwing Aid on you guys hes throwing Aid on you guys hes throwing it oh no he put it away hes going to kill hes going for the kill dont die crew hes drop shotty punch him dont cry stay alive stay life dont kill him dont kill him dont kill him all right hes not hes not hes not hes not sure he doesnt know what to do leave it at me leave it be leaving me stop reloading crazy  __  dont start splashing dont start splashing bullets we gotta make him run an animal thats the game right now Music its okay its okay Music nice it was bad it was bad nice hes going for the no scope I like it okay reloading the DP okay no no leaving me leaving Beaker okay okay we are number one we are number one you think hes bad hes probably a bad dude that dudes so good Id be pretty I wish I got trolled at the end like that why do I never get trolled at the end like that I get thirsted mid-match ggs chat foreign where you going what do you mean where are you going hey are we going to Miramar were going to Miramar after that one wheres my lighter we got milk chat three gallons of milk today Im excited I am should we leave okay back out all right back out ciao you there back out ciao ciao I dont think chat was there bro he was probably smoking I dont think Chad was there Jeremy you have a wonderful night bro get some rest my guy let me scoot over this way is that better if Im like over here chat I dont think trout left dude Chad I dont think trout left dude what up bot dude that was on the plane losing 100 points if he leaves right now you know he was smoking thats his excuse me Im smoking too bro lets go whoa yo chat I  __  my beard up a little today I probably should have went over it with a five and I went over it with a four I I think I messed up a little bit but its okay my it grows back quick so were well be good foreign Calvin wiggle wiggle all right lets get lets get this lets get this plate man get them mad all right lets see Ill listen yo yo turn your bike on turn your mic on yo your mic on bro turn that mic on got some things to say on the plane bro turn that bike on foreign all right listen up listen up I need you guys second this game is way too easy right now you guys need the plane series he said it was nice and Mexican for you there we go dude oh dude were not gonna have scarabs so dont lose mm-hmm sending us I think theyre beating us yeah we are first now were first or first Oh no I got stuck I literally got stuck I got supplies I got supplies those  __  got cooked Tommy I got stuck dude that was crazy yeah theyre in red spray here there wasnt enough of them I told you were landing on them boys do you guys want to save daddy again she I got a um I got Minnie I got a mini monster location SKS oh man Im going back in looting bro I need a gun why people Casino batteries time remember when they call me Longbow and tripod and Pringle can and daddy you remember that sorry about that dude what is going on my audio right now is that you Bernie gunshots are cutting out You Gotta Give the mini the Jackie Chan chat knows Jackie Chan now yeah theyre shooting at a casino I think Connor oh he crossed across he crossed I think hes using normal guns today thats important theyre both threads bro I  __  put my four down too far there we go theyre still in Reds second floor third floor would uh third four now I think Applause theyre fighting chat can you believe my Colony already has babies in it that means the company sent me roaches that were already pregnant baby thats what Im talking about Applause they just knocked somebody I gotta let them go for like four months though let them just be babies are you pushing up I got supplies  __  yeah dude they cant stop me Mark the location Im dead dude marked an Open Door Applause what are we pushing Im in red gun turrets Im safe Im safe Im safe to me my bad people in left yeah youre fine people across the street people across the street oh my God people across the street I want a bandage just because I dont want to use my only first aid so give me about 10 minutes red too all right give me about 30 minutes all right lets all push that as a gang bro yeah Music hold on I got a bandage for another 10 minutes so give me about 10 more minutes two people definitely and left oh all right one more bandage and a boost and Im on my way just chill well guys when I get thirsty just now I have like 14 you are not him you are not him I told them foreign are we pushing all right clear our Reds clear but theres people next door theyre next right over to talk about now foreign what should we talk about what should we talk about Chet put some ideas out there in the chat watch out oh I head shotted him  __  youre safe as hell oh we should we should right here right here no no right here were good Mark the location foreign Applause is on the ground locations where are you at nice theres another one in the Smoke enemies ahead I heard too I think I thought I heard too at least just one well hes not he got knocked right in the doorway of Arena or Casino oh Im always wasting everything I have Im running across yellow okay I love it theyre in theyre all camped up do you hear him no I dont could be going to recall dude oh he died he died hes dead just could we go on a recall whats up Ashley I hit him oh I hit him and then he went out of render  __  my first shot hit him bro you hit that thats a wild dog okay Jackie Chan okay Jackie Chan Chad you guys seen that come on thats nasty here as far as  __  on my screen doc I didnt even I just barely just marked Chad you saw that I think theres more people here bro Chad who saw that hit let me know if you saw that hit chat headshot body theres a guy out there guy in five stack lets go Jackie Chans in there get him Barney get him Barney Barney you taking that bad boy might be a car close guys oh what car closes oh hey Im gonna run a mini where the  __  going on boys more render we should get any car and dip there aint no one here yeah Chris oh yeah marked a vehicle let me grab this guys  __  all right lets get oh I got boost now nice oh I still have energy drinks at 10. oh  __  Mark the location thats toxic player Im safe youre the last one I have no idea  __  you guys I got people pushing on me now theyre in here Mark the location hey just one just gotta recall iron I dont drive a car of course jumping Music if yall came to revive me it would have been fine oh wait what why am I still alive  __  no nevermind we aint alive bro spectating a dude on a plane Chad ggs I didnt lose any points  __  it I didnt know I had to get out of there dude I would have played that different even though a guy landed on me with a  __  Uzi right oh we didnt get no scarves huh we didnt we didnt have scared because nope nope but ggs bro who we got this guys conquered back were Mac I invited all right chat you shaved yeah yeah ggs I should have played that different even though the guy landed on my it would have been hard to get out of there dude kids are landing with Uzis on my head why do they give him the most up OPF plus gun there is bro like give him a pistol bro why have him come down with something they could take a whole Squad out with you know what I mean I like it you know many times we  __  over case of that dude I know but  __  dude when it happens a year youre like the uh big Bots big butts baby oh yes hey guys on turn your fire again Mike Ill chat all chat turn your mics off please Toy Boy quick announcement coming from pubg Mobile Security Department no swing on the spike for 24 hours Im reporting thats a report go all the way to the left hit the report button I did thank you Music thank you its a good job Music you gotta give that ah Cameron what up yo what up my boy yo Cody youre a mechanic or what I didnt know you were a mechanic bro watch out are we getting beat on yellows yellows across the street oh theyre on us come on down that loot is fresh I already got a scare were already doing better than last game this is  __  35 Stars right here yo Cameron with the two months Ashley thank you for the shares Cameron coming in with the two months Cameron was that a  __  uh gifted did you get a gifted from Bradford whatd I miss  __  not much bro fresh there God for eating what about that leg this guys pushing up right here this guys pushing up on us dont let him push all the way up theres two of them come down come down run run run run run run run come upstairs real quick I gotta heal well go help him oh  __  I gotta heal I dont got armor Im just gonna hold this bro holding this the staircase Im gonna get an opening Knock First I dont got armor I think Im  __  youre hurting the stairs I knocked one downstairs you holding the stairs Im good Im watching the hole in the stairs theyre gonna be resin down there you gotta win that  __  or come up he just got off hes on your floor all right thats okay theyre about to find out whos on my floor Im about to knock one here in a second okay stuff youre just gonna hold the stairs above me ones going up the hole again I saw this running around downstairs Jenny theyre gonna land on us with uh theres these up top probably foreign Applause watch out theyre getting pushed down here just hold guys yeah Im getting  __  Jackie Chana the butchers down Music I think they know him right here he just pre-fired this  __  out of me come up and let me know if you need help if you need to get out of there get out of there Im good oh theyre cooking me I need to go now there they go you holding that  __  though no I had to go they think theyre gonna need it foreign I have that dude so low before I got shot in the back bro where should we get lewd at oh  __  wheres my plane coming in at all right Im on the same plane as you basically dude where are we going dog Im going too much Im with you Im following your leadership right now a lot of car why are we doing squatting because everyone else is dead dude already twice yeah yeah were Duo Squad in this game Chad what the  __  going on so lets play Duo Squad here we got this give me again Ill show you  __  solo Squad homie yeah family you think you could solo Squad the Cocker yeah for sure itd be tough dude tell me not how tough that is it would have to be the first it would have to be like the first four days dude you just play Super aggressive for kills because youre getting points no matter what and then at that you got to play positioning once you hit Ace once youre like if you get in four days you dont have to do  __  dude youre not even Ace youre gonna get points regardless pretty much unless you die off for it you really do have to land like like you have to play you have to play end game huh yourself four days right bruh because it takes like two days with a team youre going to Chima Im gonna go to treatment I dont have no gun I have a scar actually just be careful whats up Carissa Cody facts Heartbreak Ridge is pretty good too but Brad Pitt kills it in Fury should we loot the top its probably safer people are people that are dying are going to be landing over here too okay what up Jenny Chris how are you doing oh  __  kids on us the other day really there we go oh Is that real nah real dead AK over here if you need it I got M4 Izzy dude four x over here over here um I got supplies oh dude we were playing with the other day you said that all the questions yeah no way dude all the good players around me bro remember so much harder to play if you like kids that like to Camp roofs like the candy bro dating Kennys tough too man games not that tough though you can laser kids what up Belinda Id like saying more than that map sandhawk yeah or even candy all right foreign hes just chilling bro hey sweet sorry about that I got supplies dude I cant believe Savage stopped playing bro I I wouldnt picture him stop playing dude Im thinking about the Apex when I went oh no  __  I think hes trying to play Pub G again Jenny is good did you look at Warzone mobile at all no is it a thing send me links 77 links I saw I saw I literally saw like a 15 second like reel on YouTube about a kid playing it six finger claw but it looked unreal Ill be unstoppable on that game bro I promise it looked unreal bro it looks it looks more like pubg more than anything more than Apex more than Call of Duty mobile it looked like pubg the most is it fpp or TPP the clip that I saw was fpp and hes playing six finger Claw on a phone damn this like the shot like the graphics and everything reminded me of Pub G which like really sparked my interest Im like okay Stout yeah for real all right I got plenty of ammo got my gun I got a Uzi if things get crazy all the hype for New State dude thats what you do when you gotta when youre on a fight like this you go you just jump out one side I should drive lets go win this game lets go win this game all right dude damn why dont you get the sensitivities of all your God players bruh should I grab this Morata okay I should be a little render damn it up any needs I gotta eat smokes bro my phones dying we gotta win this  __  I dont even know there we go oh theres a drop over there theres probably people on that drop should we go Music God damn that was loud dude Corey with the 50 uh thank you Corey did I tell you I got a 14-foot trampoline today for fifty dollars what yeah at Walmart theyre selling them for fifty dollars bro theyre normally 200. yo Corey thank you for the 50 stars bro oh yeah there are people drop people did you hear me though yeah I do theres people at the dropper I know theyre theyre moving out uh I grew up on trampolines bro thats all I did were calling us theyre following us foreign smash those reactions chat yeah thank you Connie yo chat hit those likes if you havent already chat did you get all those kills or what Ive only got one bro I think theyre still crawling around down here I think its  __  I dont think did I I dont even know these guys have a little holy  __  we probably shouldnt stay here too long lets roll yo Corey thank you for the 200 bro hold on was that oh  __  yo Corey thank you for the 250 my guy lasered yeah dude were Duo Squad and so were just gonna be taking taking some angles you know I like just pulling up in front of people usually but you got to play this a little different on a Duo Squad on solo Squad dude its a lot of just like getting knocks thirsting and getting the  __  out of there thats a solo Squadron is bro brought up any five so I got a hundred 85 rounds were both in my bag all right you got gas or what Im putting her in I got a couple the butcher left us bro what the question the butcher bro he said we suck bro God damn Im just looking for a car but I dont see  __  I think theres people still billboard  __  dude Im sure you guys stay there in the buildings to the end of the game until they have to move Zone needs they should make the Zone faster bro get kids out of these towns Doug make a game like five minutes less than they normally are you know what I mean make those zones  __  start clicking you gotta rotate or youre  __  getting chased by a Zone until they arent comp dude yeah and the loots like three times you know I know less looting more shooting dude they aint fools anywhere bruh chat oh  __  chat who the  __  shot youre super close bro people close for sure oh yeah Im just gonna go Zone thats crazy people have been there this whole time 38 people left youre either a looter or a shooter yo Aaron thats crazy you mentioned that Aaron knows they used to call me Longboat who the  __  shot dude theres 34 kids left chat where the  __  over yeah theres dude theres people still over there moving down hes got the render at yeah Top Gun the old one whos all lurking here in chat gonna watch Top Gun render all right where are we heading dog I wish I had a ball team bro itd be nice having a booty right about now I dont want to get red zoned Im gonna get out of that for now you could have blown up all the cars so they have to run like camping  __  they are facts Music whats up Chad whats up dog hope everyones having a great night Andrew yeah we got Drew by 12 in the chat right here Drew bot 12. Andrew with the 50. thank you Andrew Andrew pretty much bro I dont know what else to do you need some gas or what I dont have any here take a take a can dog yeah family Music yeah chat Andrew be sending me stars bro and this guy is in college only works one day a week sending me stars yeah Andrew hes ahead theres not enough of them 30 people left for this next Zone that was lit uh we probably gotta chill at some point they wear people oh theres a whole team up on the hill yeah this buggy moving right here yeah I think theres people right here we got red theyre hard theyre hard oh the whole  __  teams looking at us get the  __  out of here yeah they are  __  have it wait a minute were out of this  __  ass  __  lets grab this two-seater or what lets grab that two-seater lets get it did you use all the gas cans already nice well put this one in yo this is small zombie 27 people bro we should probably chill somewhere where the buildings or High Ground Im the best stand driver were dead center zone right here but brought up any fives this is not good here have a couple heres 20 bullets dude good luck dude oh my God a hundo of them chat you think were gonna win this with that many people left in this little ass Zone people are dying where the  __  are they ahead oh Susan that was a waste of ammo Carissa Anna the high guys watch this  __  back to back off the OG top gun Maverick hits all these fizz all the feels about goose dating enough of them were about to find out its not gonna be a sweaty ending lets see where the Zone hits and then lets rotate I hope its not in the  __  town as a two-man bro I hate up close fights as a two-man bro do you see that LTX Loki guy thats who killed us and uh yeah billboard and he just he got knocked and died to play zone bro got that  __  so so that does mean that they were  __  chilling that whole time fighting in the balloon stuff we gotta rotate here shortly theres a different play style way into the Zone hits chat we might get blessed right here and then we just gatekeep we just shoot people with long range so thats all we got oh render render render render I think run of a car I dont see anything theres a drop right on us should I go for that Ill go for this trap we got  __  Zone chat I want to take this Edge over here hopefully theres a  __  OG right here thatd be clutch give me some ammo and a gun that aint worth going for it bro I aint doing it ah youre good bro we gotta get over there we gotta get to our  __  high ground get to our high ground what the  __  I think he just knocked him could be wrong I dont know I wish I had a bold teeth oh theyre right below is iron theyre right below see them all  __  oh  __  run back a little I can get a knock here I didnt get a knock pushing back pushing back cover me hes pushing up on our left iron all right knock one oh my God stay alive stay alive people they just died like that that was bad sorry oh he and I aint worried about a doctor Aint Enough of them to take me yeah him you have to use me if I bought it out bad though that just feels bad you know what happens time oh this teams pushing me look at that team damn bro I still got my whip though I dont think the dudes gonna peek out hes in his own in the house is there I dont think yeah yeah I dont think he would push this I cant waste all my ammo  __  lets go lets get a zone of the car 98.  __  dude just made me almost lose dude foreign oh my god dude was he peeking the wall yeah foreign gonna push me bro oh my god dude oh my god dude shoot at you nah dude number one were just different bro you just looked at you bro you just looked at you I dont like how theyre looking I dont think that I dont like that theyre probably heres price stuck looking at the hill like I bought thing we dont got a joystick to move around with me GGs chat geez geez what up Geo Jenny Danny GGs Lee Im discussing this simply not enough of them there isnt he some days there might be today she Corey with another 230 yo Corey thank you for the Stars today bro I miss that laser yeah I appreciate the the 230 bro troll ggs ggs sheesh theres not enough of them chat look at that look at that damage look at that damage you like that  __  Jackie Chan I had 2 000 damage you had 200. you know your boy Andrew are you playing her what are you doing bro Angie said he was going to be playing are you playing or not doc oh  __  Drew back threw back hmm all right my bad my bad he said hes done but he said hes gonna eat so we gotta Play One More dont matter to me Im down here Chad always asks you to troll a random dude make sure matchmaking zombies if you want to show him how do I do it no Adam oh I dont match him yeah I got it you want a troll dude Im down I think we can know each other what map though what map though whatever I dont care lets troll like a small map bro lets do like a mini mirror lets do a cracking we gotta get this guy to talk no no we dont be right back you player nah North America bro Ryan 11 kills sheesh hows the games been going I think theyve weve been winning right I think theyve been going pretty good Kobe said get wrecked chat were were gonna troll a random hopefully fish are we gonna get a match oh it says 49 seconds we should get one soon Im gonna pack a Beezy for cheesy foreign Ill bring you some yeah were gonna get a match what the  __  whats cracking my crew we win it we packing our skills not lacking our cash we stacking Im just yeah rapping your girl her cheeks all clapping yeah girl her cheeks I clapping he says yo any of my teammates got mics yo hello hello what up bro for Bella you got one bro for Bella what up homie yeah what up bro you ready to win this or what bro uh yeah Im on like a 36 win streak right now Youve Won 36 games yeah in a row right now for real yeah whats whats pubg warlord whats that above your name howd you get that I won the crew challenge for real yeah you got it no I got I got runner up lets runner up I got second lets get this done boys I dont really like to say boys anymore laughs what do you like to say its just I just look a lot younger than my age so I get like  __  on a lot probably on their look I dont like how people call me a boy yeah yeah where you guys from come on were at infinite finally let none of it you know it yeah this house dude enemies ahead I got supplies 12 gauge hes playing a shotguns Im in Arizona fabella where are you from bro California nice Valleys nice laughs are there a bunch of people here or what dude right on Im running a DBS you guys are using shotguns oh its fine the DBS is probably the best gun in the game bro thats it foreign Northern Cali or were you at um right by San Francisco okay same frame thats that rich people stuff I wish he says San Fran you cannot hide money my friend oh  __  you got him hey you see him theres the enemy what were you doing he just thirsted the homie explain yourself Im gonna drop this shotgun so quick sorry Bernie whoops sorry about that you came out of nowhere you watch any streams on uh Facebook bro any of you guys I dont know yeah yeah I used to watch uh top streaming truck aiming I used to watch him on Facebook uh yeah do you know prod gaming I used to watch broad gaming p r o d d yeah sure dude sure dude dude oh  __  hold on I got I I knocked three of them knocked four of them theres a gap on the hill looking at me crazy howd you see him all the way up there  __  if I know what device you guys play on youre still there Im on an iPad what are you guys playing on Im on a phone what kind of phone foreign where the  __  are these fools oh I see him theyre gonna Peak us where are they where are they one was right here in this rock yeah I dont see him moving yeah like where the  __  dude I just got pushing up am I tripping yeah Im tripping Connors out of here what kind of say hey tender I dont know why that I like him yeah they called like a camper and stuff I think hes a good player I like him toxic are we gonna continue 37 win streak right now oh  __  guy up on the hill hes one HP knocked him Im running up there bro Im gonna push this watch out Ill be here bro Ill be streaming Bro for a while its only its only nine oclock Im gonna be streaming for another probably like five hours six hours I dont know dont forget to smash those likes yo if youre if you got a Facebook for Bella drop your boy a follow Ironside gaming bro almost to Im almost like at like 80 000 followers oh  __  this guy with the smoke did he back up off this what the hell I guess they ran off off a res huh theyre probably waiting for us too oh  __  where the  __  did that guy go there and knock what the hell dude these guys were  __  Houdini bro I knocked them straight push theyre just gone what the  __  oh here we go Im Gonna Knock this guy running up the hill knocked him another guy up the hill straight up the hill throwing it knocked him nice thirst bro nice all dead Corey with the 50 stars thank you Corey foreign Music get this dub only 20 left around guys over here watch out just peaked oh  __  oh  __  mad kids right here off a knock we pushed headshot headshot did you nice Im about to knock this one  __  dude we can push up that lets push it yeah if not well have to  __  them up but lets get it half Health right now yeah youre good Im Gonna Knock a couple Music oh  __  dude oh  __  what theyre right on us next one get back in back get back I want to boost I want to boost off that ones right here watch out oh  __  behind me whoa someone close hold on Im healing off that Im healing off that where is he I dont know Ill find out in a second what the  __  was he oh yeah I see him I got him I got him was that who knocked me or no or almost not all right we dont even know uh yeah yeah you want to get the rest Ill get res its up to you I dont care take me at that Mark all right let me hold it oh yeah they are oh yeah they are Im going to rotate back and come up from the Hills it wont let me res there it goes I gotta go Im gonna go straight left dude Im gonna get the home yet you can stay down bro I got you oh no oh my God youre good I beamed him push that trap push so I shot him up hes probably healing off that too Ill push left how long you been playing this game for Bella two years oh okay see Ive been playing since season hes right here at this rock dog right here Im like you ready watch out nice knock  __  we gotta go Zone oh  __  oh  __  shoot this kids to our right oh  __  kids are left yo we gotta go this way I got this i got this theres a whole  __  Team bro theres a whole team right here holy  __  theyre all up there oh  __  ones right on us they thirsted the homie they were surrounded were absolutely surrounded oh were surrounded we got this dont pushing to the right of me I had to lose my ankle on that card left here we gotta get this guy  __  foreign oh I died no he got me bro we should have doubled up on the guy dude was pushing up behind me  __  bro we took an l ime I suck chat we were running that see I thought we had I thought we had it for sure Im just stuck at the loading screen right now there it goes  __  my games struggling dude I should probably restart my game dude its struggling right now okay good cover yeah oh there it goes were trolling another random lets try it again bro lets be weird we gotta be with the homie just showed up new new cousin hey you guys got mics yeah whats up bro  __  good dude how are you what up dude yo Faker you got a mic you got a mic bro number four you guys got mics Im sorry about that bikes Baker  __  you got a mic number three doesnt I dont think he dont think he talks Chinese career or some  __  what are you guys on a land nobody like dude number four just jumped dang thank you youre a Savage Faker bro we havent lost the game tonight bro stay with us baby we love you long time yeah oh my  __  god dude I got supplies here people youre gonna save some further right God damn foreign okay cruising home and listening to the stream yeah I always do that yo what happened bro hey lets  __  it up hey what happened were your teammates uh give us information well let you go turn your mic on hey Im talking to you now you can hear me and then they drop at 20 but thatd be hilarious I dont see that happening right here your friend I dont hear I dont see that happening tonight Ive never I dont think thats ever even happened I dont think Ive ever seen that happen a random trap in 20. you ever see a random drop 20 kills on your team I dont even get up here I think Im dead trying to get up here right now I need to find some 45s and two zigzags I think I knocked him I think I knocked him I dont know how to get I think he did too they dont move anymore I dont know this building at all I think Im dead Im gonna go get the homie theyre up there watch out I just dont know this building there have been poisoned infused baby there is I dont know how this building works Im like please try to get across over nice Bishop Bishop biker get us some chicken fingers are there any randoms you played with you still play with today enemies ahead what do you mean what do you mean Tyler I knocked him up there trout I dont know how to get out there Im just going to go from there you gotta go for the roof yeah you gotta go all the way I got a Molly out probably right on you guys Im probably killing you all my bad foreign did you see that I was spamming it I didnt lose no Health just now I just jumped off the roof and lost no Health dog do that I was opening closing the door while shooting what up Sarah I havent seen you in a minute I guess it was me I needed me to do it bro I guess I can do that I just used by like have it I was just like what spamming it while shooting I can open the door and close the door simultaneously while shooting yeah thats all those dude I just knocked one up here 300 meters 300 meters out dude I have nothing the resin got M16 dude foreign what the hell wheres  __  theres a whole team right here all right dude oh yeah I see them all Im gonna push him Applause head shot on the left dude body shot one of them all right awesome whats cracking brand new man you slacking we packing 20 deep 20 bombs then we get another section those kind of section the cords that shits just ass dude I had the same problem dude trust me what that hd60s uh external its all about the internals dude whats going on with it those are fine dude hell no dude that  __  quality out of the internal you get way better quality of the internal but the the externals are way more reliable hell no it Andy I used to  __  get pissed off I could never get the video to pop up no the internal ones we want oh yeah oh yeah for sure whats going on with it why isnt it working I dont know theres sometimes a picture comes up sometimes it doesnt close OBS open OBS  __  deactivate activate  __  uh unplug it from Delgado plug it back in it worked one time when I did that  __  all kinds of  __  dude do you guys have the uh do you have the Elgato software yeah its all updated hd60s yeah so if you open up that first yeah and get that video on there yeah yeah sometimes we tried that too that shits whack dude ah its all about I got the 4K internal one thats just good Ive had like no issues with it really maybe a new get like buying a new HDMI cord sometimes but oh Susan theres a guy right here watch out so far from here again dude this morning whatd you say Doug Im  __  beaming  __  die God damn it foreign my last name is Scottish from great grandfather versus Alaska but Im from Canada oh yeah suck enemies ahead knock two oh where did I eat I dont know where that guy shot me from always close youre trying to thirst me hes close hes uh I cant really Mark him how close enemies ahead beyond that Ridge Im not really safe for us here thanks for jump enemies ahead right there I should have just Rez dude two more comes down  __  fish all right fish dude Zoom foreign Chad I died who we got Doug yes Drew by 12. whats up boys try Apex I already did that guy is the best I got predator in a day I got predator in a day bro for real what do you mean try Apex what up Erica Mark the location  __  oh let me out oh  __  oh Susan oh Susan I forgot to tell you dog you were right yo Erica thank you for the 200 the what yeah I appreciate that Erica dongles uh for my mic to see if my old mic would work yeah and uh it didnt work yeah I figured as much but it was I know everything bro yo Erica thank you for the 200 appreciate the Stars Erica oh where are we heading oh Susan are we gonna make that are we making this that way my fingers right right here uh I dont think were making that dude were gonna have to pull earlier dude like how early its nice conversation fighting how early though what are you up to Erica smoking isnt just for the health bro is it what who said that whatd they say smoking crack is not good for your knees I thought it was good for you I didnt pull  __  unfollow because Im grabbing this two-seater  __  yo we can run these people over probably oh no theyre getting theyre getting wet ahead or were gonna get people contending oh no oh no oh no oh no go go go oh Im gone right dont let him dont let him get to me dont let him get to me baby oh I smacked the  __  out of him come here man Ill  __  cook a grenade man Ill  __  you up homie this guy disconnected this guy disconnected get away from that guy get a get away from him get away from him oh  __  I missed whats up  __  ass  __  theres more people whats up you  __  ass  __  Ill beat your ass hey girl get off your hands and knees oh they got guns they got guns I think those are pods those are Bots lets go fight them those are full of squads Im out oh this is a  __  what the  __  coming oh oh whats over here  __  over here  __  dont ever disrespect tell me dont ever dog you think Im running dog never what the  __  does this fool wanna do get your  __  gun out  __  Im ready to die he went inside the  __  thing let me get Drew by uh oh yeah thanks dog Rock him in there Jackie Chan did you beat his  __  ass okay you did hell yeah no you didnt drop me off over there then I got a few words for him I aint playing no  __  games Music who the  __  said something over here oh  __  you left me to die oh get out and beat his ass oh theres two hes great he ran upstairs he ran upstairs come come Music dont let me get up let me get up hes running down hes running down hes in the back watching the door shoot the gun real quick act tough he just ran out at me faster dude its all good boys we had nothing soon we started from the  __  bottom homie Now Were Here For Real what just happened you know how many kills to your party Ive already read at least four people here have fun are you grabbing the track all right Im going Millie Music Barney you lost some points with me right there homie you didnt get out and start swinging on that foot with the M16 you gotta be  __  me I need ammo we dont no we got hands homie aint no such thing as ammo back in my day okay oh my God that was a whole  __  Squad you  __  get out he starts swinging  __  landing on that I already landed on the car dude if we land on that car we were dead bro I try to get in that  __  about 65 times are people here I think I hear people oh my God theres people here people here thats not good in the courtyard hes ahead I dont have any health I dont either and I just missed every  __  shot Ive ever took in my life oh this is all looted bro oh this guys pushing up like a  __  12 bullets well bullets knocked this  __  ass I knocked one on you guys over there yeah ones knocked outside hes probably crawling towards the entrance over there Im coming oh Susie myself I just followed myself I really did no  __  shot oh no oh hes one shot bro do you have a beetle I was weak bro I didnt have no heels dude if I had any health right there I won that  __  do you have a health kit Barney do you have a health kit no  __  Chad Im landing back down there I need ammo were  __  dude Im coming back in about three hours Chad is anyone in here who the  __  in the chat just who it off  __  shot all right we gotta stack up bro we gotta Stack Up In The Closet foreign Im about to land and hit this point in his chest so goddamn hard whats my name literally whats up Sean my real name is Sean 6X all right you never called me Sean dude youve always called me Iron Dog iron  __  you usually call me Music did you guys kill those fools or what I dont know how Barney did but yeah we did I am Landing back theyre gonna come back bro theyre probably behind me in a plane right now we gotta revive true dude okay I think theres some more people here too bro I need to go if I can that on my  __  real quick all right where the  __  salute chat who else is in the chair right now hello Music so far from where we started Music I got supplies I dont know oh did we ever get Andrea should we roll up yeah Andrews just chilling dude conversating bro thats beach today that meeting that I had to go to was the most boring thing weve ever done gotta do it dog bro they literally introduced all the coaches for all the other sports like that makes no sense all right that was what the meeting was they wanted to introduce everyone and like all the directors of the sports um thats some high quality H2O are we rolling or what I suck dude Im sure that dude has a boat rifle do I want a boy for an SMG chat should I use a volte or SMG okay I know you want the bolt oh this guy dont even have a boat oh Mike man where are you going dude oh yeah the motorcycles that thats the money he has one like that in real life the girl I told the girl I had a motorcycle you pull up with that pictures of it I pulled out my game yeah shes still sucking dicks what the hell you say what the hell you just say trout oh you got a second date theres a guy right here theres a guy right here did you get him there was were going to the recall oh my God Im recalling its teammates enemies ahead you know Im pushing this thanks is that him yeah I passed it earlier yeah and I only had a three times so I was like  __  I probably shouldnt grab it and then I probably should have grabbed it now since I have a six times  __  it old school the whales dont even spin dude look at this  __  really not on my screen how are we even moving now this is the Flintstone car bro look at my toes oh I see him hey we zooming laughs got her up on two wheels look at the wheels Chad they dont even  __  move what the  __  looks like were just gravitating look at this  __  dude it was this game from the 1800s what the  __  oh Susan I was like  __  bro now I have a six times I could have used that  __  Applause sorry oh I see him up there on the hill to the left where the  __  this will go shes right behind the tree up here hes just being my  __  I can beam you homie dont ever think different dont ever think different I mean voltes down here somewhere Im gonna grab this guys car nine eight foreign oh  __  Music yeah teach some  __  right here is this guy laying down at the  __  car oh its a motorcycle oh dead cars everywhere dead people everywhere I need to adjust this six times you guys watch here we go oh yeah oh massive air oh  __  where are they at dude were in Hot Pursuit right now chat where are they at though whos got gas in this  __  not me you selfish ass players sorry about that yes selfish ass  __  you think in this economy we can let you guys ride for free you gotta be  __  me pick up this gas can buy this Jeep you and you uncaring  __  air response almost left me in the dust you irresponsible  __  oh  __  thats all right okay my tea people on me all right lets get it bro I cant believe this is already baby roaches bro baby roaches  __  I Gotta Buy I think I should get some more females bro maybe like yeah probably oh my God he would still try and shoot me Im gonna run and go get him you guys hold this  __  you guys are driving a truck out of it hes still peeking me dude you trying to touch my inner thigh foreign ER on your friends list or what come on dude dont put the disrespect like that dog got dang yeah yeah everybody say something down like that again laughs all right man whats up bro were just chilling Ian what you doing dog right there I need to find a sniper scope oh Brad what you up to theres 12 kids up bro we killed 12  __  we win this game easy I can feel it coming in the air tonight Allah smoking watching you in The Blacklist just at the cousins chilling oh  __  oh  __  kids brat did I tell you the roaches had babies already I only had I just started the colony a week ago yeah they sent me a freaking roach thats been  __  dude pregnant for  __  two months dude I wonder if they keep them together or if they like theyre separated you know they must obvious and theyre just making babies theyre getting sold whichever one happens first yeah well Im surprised like the the theater place though the place I got the the place I got crickets today dont sell them and the girl there said because I dont want to touch him that sounds about reasonable at that point youd be having to use tweezers how many do you want you want a 12 well youre getting  __  14. here you go dead roaches are expensive bro for real and theres roaches you want me to send you a cup Brett you can make your colony in about six months Im gonna have a bunch of roaches oh guys guys put your wieners away boys I didnt hear one gun go off the driver gets the kill you know what Im saying oh my homies calling me what up dude Im streaming and your name just came across the stream says Josh yellow Supra whatd you say I did a DBS bro where are you at Im live yeah Josh said hey were coming over to your crib I said Im alive whatd you say I dont know uh two and a half hours ago so yeah kinda yeah what are you guys doing its just getting high hell yeah thats the Hobbies right here in front of us right here two of them one laying down behind us oh I will lay it down Angel and Josh were about to roll over I said bro Im streaming Bro all right chat the homies though two homies pulled up to each others house and they said yeah were rolling over to your house I said Im screaming he said for how long thats the homies dog when youre putting eight times on an M24 do you want to zoom it out or you did no keep it all the way up on the M24 okay these teams just naked I got a chip what did you get dog was there leftovers or not Andrew were playing nah Ariel  __  Chad you see that you see that chat dont even make make me food chat thats toxic he hits me upstairs it gave me all excited for leftovers or some  __  this is my bucket then hits me up saying no never mind after Im sorry man can barely move yeah I thought we were gonna have more I could barely move Chapman starting for about six days dude you guys dont want that sniper back at him oh no hell play with one dude aint got any sevens dude let me play with one you always be playing with something that is Josh that is should we just do no scopes only eight times car 98 yeah its Steven bro snipers only snipers only for the winter snipers only lets do it I never played with sniper dude  __  dude I cant hear  __  Chad Im already out of ammo Im  __  yeah right here snipers only party I only got six more rounds  __  what do you need hes in that hat Barney I already know I got AMR bro is it orange oh never mind okay yeah I knocked him inside that hat watch out unless hes getting ready lets try and troll lets try and troll lets try and troll dont kill him Bernie are there people in there no lets try and troll dude lets try and troll lets not kill these people I see I see one right here watch out yep thats probably the last one oh thats the last two in there oh theyre gonna theyre gonna go slam the Hut huh if they do trapped at the hut theyre about to pop up and get clapped and watch out yeah theyre pulling up on me are they well hes just driving oh is that the last one thats the last guy thats the last time theres two up no no one just died yeah oh really yeah yeah uh what are we gonna do its the last guy the only guys keep alive keep alive I wanna grab the whip maybe hell go to the shack and revive see if we can make him out of ammo dont kill him dont kill him dont kill him okay dont kill him guys careful guys careful careful careful I got the pants be careful guys be careful be careful dont get knocked I got seven smokes is he over there where is he at I dont know where is he at oh hes prone right here on me he got me okay they got smokes oh hes good we cant we cant troll this we cant trolls oh no yeah we relax if were relaxing were gonna relax that is not cool dont kill him keep alive keep alive I got smokes coming up behind him good distraction good distraction sniped him once oh yeah dont run them over Marty oh he just  __  party oh he knocked me oh hes going down thats Taxi oh Im not in zone Barney go right on him oh yes sir awesome guy up dude I told you that dude what the hell I was talking The Shack I did I got that killed what are you guys doing sucking each other off whats up oh my yeah what are you guys doing sucking each other awesome what are you guys doing sucking each other up dude Im gonna troll him right here heck yeah I like that troll were the best oh my trolling right here he belongs to us Music oh lets go Music are you conquered dude hell no anything I can carry you guys all day they cant play for sure youve been getting points though right yeah we doing more what looking for 24 dude uh chat who the  __  shot dude oh  __  why is everyone so angry Merced you like that troll Danny ran up throw it in Boom Headshot I cant believe theres babies in my Colony right now quit playing with me and you know like you know when the roaches where they came in Andrew they uh theres a lot of food in between those egg cartons that they live in too that came from the Rose Place oh thats food yeah ah its either that or roach poison we didnt get a Scarab oh no were dead as  __  we dont get no scarabs dude Mike man trout jump trout ciao oh great trout jump dude oh no jump jump trout oh  __  trout dont do it to us whered you guys go we went out pose though dude go grab a scare bite other scarabs in alposa no bro I was flying the wrong way I was flying towards oh my God Im dead dude what the  __  do you mean were dead too theres six kids on us oh dude oh I dont got a gun Im dead 100 percent oh  __  dude theyre  __  oh  __   __  theyre pushing theyre pushing the First Coast were  __  done for homie all right oh is that a level three oh Susan m4a oh and the med kit Ill use this to heal before I die I won a game earlier with my eyes closed remember that trap I wish be pretty tough huh thatd be tough to do okay youre gonna have to really go off of sound you just play so long you just know where footsteps sorry dude just  __  know where the headshot is Laughter a lot of  __  in here shooting crazy foreign how you doing oh give me that oh Susan give me this listen I havent found a single gun yet what is this is a car 98 in there oh theres this car right here thanks though car98 right here as well grab this gas can grab that car go upstairs level three uh helmet right here in a car nine eight and a three times oh whats up Shannon holy  __  what are we doing Im slamming you guys oh tired chilling hows the games the games been good even when we were I clutched a solo earlier I was I was the only one left on Miramar I clutch that  __  up that was cool weve been doing good though we won our last game right yeah yeah yeah to the troll oh yeah uh what up Johnny I got supplies oh  __  I got supplies oh wow that was dead dude foreign it is pieced out its going to recall theyre going to recall Music well people died or what m4a here yeah two m4s right here I think the loot is buffed the lids definitely buffed right its just no scarabs is it I dont know it seems like I found a lot of loot like other than eight times maybe its not I dont know its dying chat where did that before is that what the  __  what the  __  dude they suck foreign Music is he dead talk to him car pulling up on me be dead here I hit enemies right here watch out where is he I need rest and you  __  him up oh no oh he got out he got out this truck hes at the red truck his multiples someone come resume Applause all right nice Im coming dog this guys crawling for res this guys crawling for res right here this guys crawling for res no Im done I got thirsted all dead damn you got a bug or no you dont huh we have to go raise your ass dude they had like three different cars theres like a bot out here just running around enemies ahead awesome M16 dude I was scared of this dude oh got up to four times Im recalling a teammate damn thats the homie hearing all the way over for Andrew dude thanks dog youre a goat Im looted out Im ready for this  __  lets go find a car dude Im on 13 man youre sitting in charge 13 . no bro I dont know what the  __  going on were just about to die what the  __  Jenny thanks bro low battery mode power saving that shits been on my battery my phone just fried dude I think you need a iPhone youd be so much better on iPhone you think so yeah iOS is the way dude in Mobile gaming you dont see my kills and damage every game yes thats how I always did about it fat android Id be sucking dude were not doing this trap is that guy real thats what Im saying what the hell is that noise what is that noise dog you hear that hell yeah this just sounds kind of like a  __  movie huh that  __  sound like I was under the ocean right now dude how about claustrophobic dude Im coming down on you boys what the hell what the hell is that it sucks where are you all right in front of you guys hes running yeah hes playing on Android yeah thats just funny as hell dude that is so start dude is that a flare theres a flare in front of us bro thank you guys you see it Andrew bro maybe you just need to charge cable if he charges while playing might want to try to get it until I got a new cable yeah that happened to me too and a good block and you need to get blocked see him link bro where 130. let me just let me do this real quick and then get the kill real quick oh my God that was nasty theres a bunch of kids down there at that  __  thing God damn oh yeah oh  __  just holding that  __  oh no he knocked me there is oh  __  oh he has an AMR God damn Ill take it yeah I just got out tonight theres a lot of them theyre on the temple yeah theyre all peeking stuff all crazy oh theyre looking all weird why do I try and push yeah theyre pushing theyre pushing theyre pushing on me on me I mean right in front of me 95. yep I see him oh no behind what you think coming up here alone like that little boy you gotta be sure boy you better bring an army next time honey with the six months oh you  __  I have no vest dude  __  yeah whats everyone doing chat Kevin with the six months what are you doing Kevin Music yo thats right here I got supplies nice I need that Music nice Brad I just have a bong like thing right here theyre pushing out hey he has an emergency thing right here okay are we pulling up on those  __  or what are we doing yeah and you come oh Im coming oh  __  and youre ready you do it I dont think theyre a Zone over there the part of it is you want a knocker couple or whats that because we came we could definitely getting the kid ready for bed time is it oh yeah my kids probably sleeping already theyre leaving I let him Im a little nicer watch out I just know I wish I could stay up that late when I was younger parents restricted back then oh no he got me hes peeking hardcore nah he desires he gets that Laughter I let him up bend them in the head closer than I want to be to these guys yeah he was pretty close oh what are they getting pushed by this theyre gonna push me Gary just spray here just spray dont come up so you dont come up to me foreign like four shots by you dog Im dead as hell I dont know how to knock that dude right there foreign that was a bot play bro I was probably dead though that should have been dead a lot sooner oh  __  I wish bro I wish bro chairman you see the help Im getting trapped with 300 damage  __  Jackie chamber 180 and Drew with 120. some 1500. what the  __  you talking about the facts going on Brad yo I wish I had one of those yeah we lost a Slayer dude see we lost a Slayer dude ggs ggs I need to step my  __  up killed uh what do you say what should we do chat Brad said hes wasted hey thats just I just didnt want to make them get that L you know I was a nice guy you know what map should we play I dont got anybody bro GG Theo Adam ggs Im hungry Im hungry yeah should we just start it trout whats up what should we do Dag we dont have nobody I want to run downstairs real quick Im gonna get a drink and Im gonna grab a slice of pizza or something dude give me one sec chat yeah I wont have no one on ah foreign yeah whats up man Im back I see you guys found somebody oh yeah Im sorry Im streaming to shut up trout what are we doing dog no no man Im dying over here dog what do you mean youre dying Im dying dude what are you tired oh youre not bad dude what Im ready for bed dude youre going bad I got a couple more in me I absolutely like to hear 20 ammo Im tired holy oh  __  oh dude all right yeah yeah I used to play with  __  oh Susan we have an early night or what trout what the  __  is going on Doug Music um we all just going to bed already uh hang on oh I do have trees up here chat chat hello can you hear me yellow ah trout so though what are you doing bro Im chilling another early one are you running should we run like a you wanna do a living oh damn dude oh yeah Im packing up these a bow should we get a random yeah we can troll around I dont care lets see maybe hes cool dude we should talk so we should talk some crazy  __  if you want to troll we gotta be nice to people Shannon first game Im heading to bed I got work in the morning a.m yeah have a good night Danny well do yo skills 42 whats good homie Danny whats up dude thank you for the 100 bro get some sleep bro yo what up  __  80s boys yo what up Drew by 12. yo skills you got a mic bro Mike man you got a mic okay what up skills you got a mic Danny thank you for the 100 bro guess go study those eyelids brother all right lets get it all right yeah yes bike fans oh  __  dude I jumped way too early yes study those eyelids Danny bro good night Danny and you said good night virgin goodbye  __  done hey oh dude were dead as  __  dude like a bottle of water were  __  dead as  __  boys watch out dont follow me boys if you want to die follow me were following you dont do it where your dad is  __  oh this is not a good idea oh theyre on the roof said dog later Danny thank you again for the Stars brother thank you for the Stars brother thank you thank you because Im an island boy and Im just oh Applause Dana youre a real Island boy oh  __  Susan I think theres people in this red building oh  __  yeah there is about 1600 of them this is a  __  shot Applause damn my aiming so I on the weekends chat Im doing uh supporter games badass since probably dont play on the weekends Ill just make that my supporter game so I want to use it during the week I can play with pride and then supporter days on the weekend play with pride in you bro about oh Drew about it gonna help me out here guys enemies you gotta find your aim I knocked one in this  __  ass watch out we got the best sensitivity in the game oh my God theres two of them being these mothers yeah that was it ggs that was it that was it just loud this red zone is intense what the hell Im on top of that wow oh my God theyre breaking buildings how many tokens I got 16 I need a couple more building a couple more what tokens so I can get uh six times I can give you a six four or six oh you got an extra yeah thanks dog hey Im down here yeah your icon was bonding in with the building all right lets mob boys chat anybody lurking or what anyones still with us tonight hello hello whos lurking chat Chad who lurkin dont be lurking nah I can tell my screen just went dark just now you guys see that  __  Brads in here Shannon oh oh I got crazy render my phones dropping so many frames because low battery right now youre just dead dude youre getting off huh yeah did I got a game or two left to me what a  __  bot its gonna be 2 A.M over here its 10 30 bro I wish dude is it really 10 30 for you right now yeah oh yeah thats hello early dude all these kids up on the hill I think sorry foreign with the one year five months God damn standing God damn oh its still a guy peeking that right enemies ahead hes coming down hes crossing the road hes crossing the road hes pushed up to my rock oh  __  outside that was horrible that was trash one year five months yeah dont let me die skills got me these guys skills uh yes you know skills so ew dont need no feeling of the deal in the hotel room this is what Im talking about talking about getting no kills now I got killed like no kills with skills I wont let you die I wont they get damaged out here clean like wheel is that a ball over there Applause dont kill him dont kill him dude right here dude right here weak dude right here weak oh  __  foreign foreign Music ER days wed be winning more than we do playing as a team I swear wed be winning all our games hey supporters want to win dude you know ah dont get me all excited oh Susan did you see on the shame Fest about did you see how Tim posted about UFC fights no I posted on there saying oh Ill be there I said this Saturday theyll get me all hot and bothered and all tingly thats what I said UFC fights doubt Tim laughed at the comment theres a lot of people that commented on his opposed to seen that I was like damn but nobody shows up hey hey last year see if I was deaf this one on September 3rd and a few days four days its just gonna be dope yeah gonna be some good people thing isnt gain fighting hes like number one heavyweight hes not the champion but hes the number one ranked I want to see Jon Jones start fighting again chat chat where the lurkers at oh  __  yo good morning from Sweden yeah holy  __  did I miss your comment my guy oh  __  no stop thank you for the 50 bro are you kidding why are they always go to thirst can we res right now we got a Rez right now trout go to the res go go go oh I just shut up no no go to the res go res go res Im going Im going Im going saying enough of them Im gonna have to hold them off dude watch out Im recalling a teammate oh  __  youre gonna have to recall me too watch out okay recall me I dont know yeah you can if he thirst me  __  theyre not this oh here they go resume dont give up your teammate thanks good morning from Sweden you got cousins here much love yo thank you for the 50 bro oh  __  bro where did we die where did I die over here theyre on top of the roof Im grabbing the grocer pull up where they at no you you left us  __  trout location this guy got the brain of a pigeon slam those  __  beam them right  __  now Andrew I only got a nosy dog  __  that thats all weird dont ever think dude watch out what none of my bullets registered none of my bullets registered dude oh Im coming Im coming Im going still on top one just jump down oh no oh no I gotta heal real quick Im gonna die one inside the house oh one side of the house one pushing me Applause got him lets go where the  __  they call me the best Victory belongs to us Music dude I just hit 6 000 points almost bro really yeah is you hit Ace oh boy nice yep hes been playing for a week and he just said ace gee geez Music 2 000 damage bro just built different ggs ggs yeah out of here dog cheese I should call it dude you got another one in here I can tell for real okay all right last game for me dude I can tell you I like the M7 I like them both honestly AK or M7 both good yeah theyre both pretty stimulus dude he and GGs bro Joey Shannon GGs whos fighting um I think its let me look it up just so I know yo guys fight together I need a mic UFC there you go bro hey guys this is for you okay dont tell anyone I gave you this all right all right its gain versus Thai tavasa Rob Whitaker Whitakers fight in Marvin vittori enjoy thats pretty much this September one isnt that great actually the next one though is Diaz I think isnt it yeah its Nate Diaz first Comsat want the helmet Tony Fergusons fighting that foot was probably gonna retire I need a helmet Chars over Dude October 22nd is the one you want to watch bro thats gonna be dope stick together dont you climb a parachute come on number four number four yo number four what the  __  dude lets go Logistics come on what do you mean for dude what the  __  are you doing all right we gotta go kill him youre trying to leave us to die what kind of teammate do we have here partner yo I cant wait for these next two not this week as much but the next two weeks after that bro is going to be dope two sick ass cards Nate Diaz versus comes out and then  __  over reverse  __  oh my God whatever it is dude I forget the other dudes name bro but I guess they dont think they can lose bro none of them think they can lose bro its crazy good ass card dude Nate Dias Gonna Be Ready you think like he said you never can count that  __  you can never count that  __  out dog that  __  shows up thats a wild hes like he is dude some of those dudes train year round they take it super serious all they do is train eat sleep that guys smoking blunts  __  because in the cage yeah so I watched the documentary today Nate Diaz was a plant-based diet you dont need enemy really yeah bro its crazy see we dont hear about all this  __  dude because uh they were talking about the Conor McGregor fight that him and uh they both had they were like Conor was a meat eater and he lost they were talking about plant-based people a lot of them are vegans Ive heard a lot of UFC fighters yeah for that kind of activity probably I aint got time to wait thats just gonna be lean for the level three power thats kind of withstand over time you know we aint got time yet if youre eating  __  fast food before that date Youre Gonna Last like a minute in there with power compared to like four minutes seriously did you do that jump iron what the  __  yeah he left us in the dust I cant go without eating some meat bro  __  that for real thats tough day hell no what the  __  Im trying dude Im tired dude what are you guys over there doing sucking each other off I got  __  hit this jump I got  __  whole squads on me Im trying to protect the homie yeah were  __  swimming it dude I need  __  help dude this is not cool dude watch out well youre coming do not worry dog Im playing with that after yo you all right number four is not easy what are you doing dude sucking the dude off are you gonna play with us dude what the  __  where are they at dog dude are you really trying to suck off the enemy that is not how we play around get off your knees it are you safe can I come over to you hello you are made that guy theyre on me they got me heavy dead yeah I think uh unless theres one right dont kill this guy dont you kill us guys Ill kill you if you kill him you got him we pay these guys to join our lobbies dude dont you dare hey I said right steaks Friday three days out of the week thats what Im talking about I would yeah where they at I mean theres a guy Applause oh my God killed him I got it I cannot believe this baby roaches in my Colony already where no dude he saved my life for that we are forever grateful okay Vega hey chupame area puto I might just start lighting up dude hey yeah Shannon theres  __  babies in my roach Colony already I need help right  __  now oh  __  dude I need  __  help help me guys theres a lot of them how some comments please you just keep getting farther I swear please dude pretty good looks like you got them all Im gonna go back to the Moon Im gonna eat these berries dude you guys been eating berries no actually even touch one eat one duty because he boosts for real sounds disgusting oh it does thats crazy oh guys please play as a team guys Im a veteran in this game please listen that Music guys this is no time to  __  around we gotta play like this is real life Music oh bar right here boom boom boom please take this very serious 13 coming down on us or what this is not a laughing matter oh  __  it might be resin theres a truck pulled up here I repeat we need backup backups on the way back up something four meters out please really everywhere just kidding there please stop taking this oh dude right next to me you gotta get that guy thank you Im coming down to you dont worry that sucks DD all right yeah Im gonna make sure you bleed out just in time for the revive to go out you stay right here yeah you watch dont you kill him revive him revive him revive number four revive them you have a revive button oh revive what there he goes um but uh cracking a can of sodi pop this is no time to  __  around guys seriously I got since  __  knocked in the Smoke quit  __  around boys I shot some through the smoke guys I lasered that full too oh my God everyones getting  __  knock what the  __  is happening through holy I think everyones dead oh  __  Susan Applause but David the last guy got me dude is he where hes right at that blue house location watch out foreign people over that game dude dgs oh Susan did every no one died right no no we all lived good  __  foreign yes sir ggs yeah out of here bro jeez my bedtime bro ggs bro Peace Out Boys cheese  __  cheese yeah Ill be on tomorrow have a good night youre welcome for the carry bro you gotta let me eater dog you get enough dog oh we still running it no no are we getting off Chad we getting off I dont care Chad we getting off right now you got more people I dont got nobody bro Music looks like we are chat we out of here four hour mark D freaking geez ggs chat geez how me Im gonna go watch my roaches Chad Im out later dog later Chad hello chat Im out Im out Im out Music somehow Music but we can make it later chat later Adam Ian later Shannon brat Hunter Dean Dean later guys Music oh Music reality Music which steam games have cd keys Ironsight Gaming | Pubg Mobile | Late Night Vibes with Trott! | #1133 steam deck pirated games how to get steam workshop maps on epic games god of war pc steam can epic games gta play with steam ps games on steam