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Fun two player games on steamsteam cast iron radiator IRONSIGHT game Im about to go crazy bro here we go Music thank you okay Music Im cleaning Im doing my job Music are you talking  __  to a kid you must feel big play that song Emilio Joey Logan Danny Gideon hey Courtney whats up Emilio yeah who the  __  out here is there a team beating us yeah all right cool were going to Stadium going five stack as well we had our VIP access to this thats why they didnt come theyre like okay lets reservate oh  __  I got it thank you for the sub bro God damn get in the house appreciate that my guy yeah I was thinking about turning off the sub button yeah lets pin that good night Simpson good night bro whats up Ian what up bro hey look at yo Daven appreciate it bro what up my guy the weekends if you lost your way I will leave a light on no no all right so which way you guys want to do lets loot this whole left side are we even able to get out of here because the Reds probably not huh let me get you out of here Im trying to get a kill bro come on come on bro come home bro who is that shooting at my guy right here 91 chill out when I play Apex that games dead as hell bro what the  __  I got predator in a day bro predator in a day bro kids on top of five stack top five hit him once hit him once almost hit him twice why not playing eight but is my chat not working right now hold on Im refreshing chat Logan became a supporter yo Logan thank you bro Logan subscribed to having subscribed lies you didnt tag me a we do appreciate it means ahead whats the move very bad loot man yeah very bad loot I think Im gonna get a time again I dont know if I can crash right here probably not is there a car right here careful yo lets grab this truck and well work from that am I dead if I grab this were good were good all right what are you guys thinking I was thinking before we do anything we need loot right so we gotta loot this bot this side right here I just didnt want to get shot from reds lets just loot this  __  real quick lets see thats right thats where I wanted the truck so we can come loot this  __  lets do some smart plays tonight were going for nothing but chickens Chad all chickens tonight thats it Applause if we aint getting its either first or seconds and I aint taking a second honey that hotel or where they at doors open at a hotel they might be towards Hotel drej whats good bro Danny whats up man hows my man doing what up bro Im all right bro FBI Kill  __  FBI put your hands up where was that guy thinking guys kids in stadium yeah holy  __  yeah he is holy  __  headshot buddy the guy in stadium foreign Applause people I dont see anyone the hair looks good lets say you were cutting it off but I hadnt seen it what up Karen thank you Karen earlier was not Pub G I couldnt feel it it wasnt time to bridge earlier dog I could tell this is how we do it we just keep picking kids up bro Arena s in the balcony theyre in a really bad spot right now what do you mean enemies ahead Applause if we get we knock him right now we could slam them you want to I dont know its up to you nah theyre peeking hard thing we can get this kill though I think I hit him three times with the M16 just now so sniper up on the Hills hows he not dead were playing for the win chat I got a squad that knows what our goal is in life right now so were chilling we aint doing no stupid  __  like if we can get killed by pushing something we aint doing it if theres a well fight these  __  in the hills and  __  on everyone you know what Im saying chat were going for wins this game ends about the same time every time regardless were in this match for 30 minutes you know what Im saying Im going for conquer tonight theres people in a nothing but winds all night put that on whats up Andrew Andrew two Andrews in here Andrew what are you doing dog I have the bowl in the room baby got the bomb baby in the room baby Im just waiting until picado gets out of Zone bro we got a car to rotate out whenever we want you know what Im saying were just playing this I got an M16 with 34 bullets bro where do you think Im pushing Applause I dont think itd be a smart push bro were all right here where did he knock you from okay I definitely gotta redownload the game whens the last time you played Logan let me see we got 40 in here Chad smack those likes if you would chat get me around chat keep me around hit those legs chat watch out was that trout yeah last year gotta its me braider trout in 91. did you guys see a helmet looking for one thanks Wayne Ill probably head conch I just havent been grinding today I just got to get nothing but dubs if you go on like a five win streak bro thats like  __  playing 10 games bro right up where is that braider whered you knock somebody thank you are weird setting up Raider braider Ill meet you Mike baby whats up baby I dont know I thought I dont know I was thinking like were gonna fight uh oh yeah yeah well wait well wait until the Red Zone yeah yeah well wait for Red Zone just to be safe I was gonna just go pull up a hotel I dont think theres four kids at hotel yeah or zones at Los Leones we can go set up and Zone going into loss right now people are going to be rotating all right lets get it lets wait till Red Zone I dont know how much money I got I dont got none ammos so cheap we can all just spend like another guy right here right now yeah yeah lets go fight do we want to fight the guy on the hill or not because we all did no no were good get out get out get out get out get out get out get out were good Music were good were good come to the track come to the track everyone hide behind the truck dont die dont die braider braided braider get behind the tree Raider get behind the tree no no no oh my God no oh this is some  __  oh my God oh my God Im dead as hell I dropped two smokes oh my God 91 this is not how were supposed to rank up right now so this is not how you play all right dont try to play like me all right one of us got to make a move try youre making a run are you free no damn it Im dead no way trout no  __  way this is what not to do chat guaranteed this is what you should never do I dont know which way I should have rotated with the truck bro we should have went to the hotel you think no you need to move lets get out of here ready Im gonna move first ready moving with the car building not going up and going up here if everyone in the place you can hit someone up here right yeah yeah true that people also Stadium can shoot too we got shot by everyone  __  these fools bro holy  __   __  these fools bro you saw me body blocking for you if I can pre-firing everything I thought was possible 91s like yeah lets go on a win streak first game out get us killed in the vehicle explosion Im so dead Im so dead you got time to get it you think yeah we need that hundred percent Im gonna go were gonna go pick up braider were getting close to braider youll hop off Ill pick up braider and well get him out of there I wanna buy a man kid the hot desk bro you dont think theyre gonna hunt us now youre a real one for coming out in the open like that though trout you sure you dont want me to pick you up Brady we need to kill someone that has an M4 I need a gun so we should go support braid or some or what oh my God Im about to get us all killed good exam Bradys like I got enough money to buy all the meds camper boys on the top on the tip of a five stack watch out oh we gotta go left right here were good for now I want to get some loot you ready next building over oh Morata right here harder too I was just all gonna be leaded brother we can come get you back if you you need a ride I got one first aid I got I got all fresh ammo I got 104 bullets all right we do gotta rotate again Were Going For the Win bro were playing this  __  like a scrim I just found an M4 GG watch out Willie whats up what up Byron chat when in doubt we got this chicken bro we are playing for the dubski bro just found a first aid baby all right we gotta rotate Brandon you want us to come swoop real quick thank you we can get you easily trust me man lets roll I think we should turn around and go rotate towards brighter side of the zone this full Boost chat are we gonna win this  __  I got an M4 AK Im feeling confident now Bradys got a vehicle where are we three man strong weve got we got this dub I dont know what the  __  this games doing with our car right now but okay okay okay okay got my boy child on the passenger side yo stop touching my thigh with the Hydraulics put that box up with that ride were gonna come down here and grab another one real quick because this  __  is  __  demonized or some  __  Angies in the chat got the bull getting high God damn I like it what the  __  what the  __  is going on right now I got 152 PMS hey we can fight these kids right here you ready rotate rotate that fools probably gonna die right oh dude were gonna get killed were getting blasted is that a dude laying down right there pulling green people in green wheres Brader at Brady okay you guys hear me yeah yeah I hear you I hear you I can hear you I dont know what the hell you said the cars so loud whatd you say foreign foreign do we want to grab that dudes loot all right you need us to give you like a ride or what  __  dude all right is dead as hell the parents said I need to have Devils that is  __  dog Ill tell you early guys you can see oh Im nervous dude oh yeah just for your Edge dude I wont kill dude I need this armor dog Ill win this game with level three armor right now and the OG bro quit playing grab my M4 you have a three times yeah and no I dropped it  __  ah what the  __  I had it  __  I got a four now I have a four as well Chad were winning this  __  I dont think mercados the drop bro every its just too many campers bro I think we need to find Luke yeah for sure and run this thing thats true thats true Zones about to hit bro get ready were gonna rotate wherever Zone goes come come come come were about to rotate Zone come on where are we going right here in this building yellow all right well just go to the edge on our side yep I got render I got rendered right here theres some people are you down there probably dude shots I saw like a single shot right down here were parked right here and fight this or what because we can prone they cant shoot us from here yeah yeah kids right here in this compound mad kids in that compound really um hopefully someone tries wait what about this Landing anytime now someone usually pick up oh great I want to put this car and block me right here I want to smoke out my back but you know what Im saying 60 in here chat were good bro I got our back for now theres people in this compound you said enemies ahead the far far one no no this one watch out shot where did that guy that shot where is he gonna move up dude uh we dont really need to Zone after Zone hits we move well move off Zone we dont know where this  __  we could get blessed right here I hear from shooting during this compound too be careful if they Peak this hill bro youre dead as  __  and thirsty thats right come back right here were just were just here till we see where Zone goes Im gonna try to Mark something in zone ASAP as soon as it hits lets just check our gatekeep this is how you win games chat notebook textbook right here but you should have two other teammates but that was my fault for my driving that is definitely my fault I think were gonna have to pull up to that next Hill right there in front of us you ready yep well come this way so I was right in front of us people in this Hospital enemies ahead get knocked on the bottom down here I think we do got to get the Zone I think were gonna have to play this left side actually hey come with me come with me were going into Zone were gonna just take what we can actually right here that house isnt in zone so we do have to play something Im thinking well play right in this dip right here dog this team thats my only smoke foreign Applause we gotta pull up a little kid up on the hill right here Cronin headshot enemies right there hey come with me come with me come with me grab this hardcover right now for now search around search around looking around we gotta go towards them again holy  __  what if you grab my car and grab an off angle foreign right here wont let me hit him thats some  __  hes  __  Hill glitch like a  __  dude dude pushing me right here five or North five north hes at this shirt I think hes at the  __  no no no youre gonna die right there whos pushing you whos pushing you bro I think theres a guy right here watch out got knocked one just got knocked um Im gonna go play this tree out in zone enemies ahead be careful because I think theres a guy at this tire okay okay go go get the angle quick I gotta rotate in so get my give me some assistance let me see if I can knock him uh he got me help pull up this car blow up this car blow up this car are you in zone I dont know 10 meters out right here right here do you have another smoke no foreign its just screams dude how did you let you survive though I think he has to update his uh his uh whats it called Western Texas Gigis were the best gee geez Victory belongs to us Music Chad smash those Thumbs Up chat if you havent already hit those reactions baby foreign at the end right there at the end dude I was shooting  __  dude I was  __  shooting  __  at the end Gigis Andy Tyler damn homie what a Nate Danny Gigis for Andre Drake GGs Isaac Andrew nice win Brad Gigis Emilio Noah whats up guys Dave Hall ggs you gotta use me as bait anytime bro I got you that was  __  dude these are scrims bro ah chat what do you guys think of that win right there boys ladies and gentlemen what do you guys think of that dub s day with a thousand yo thank you bro yo appreciate the Stars Dave yo Sheamus Sheamus gaming chat hashtag Sheamus what do you say what do you say talking in Spanish please whats up Amber Dave thank you yo hashtag Dave in the chat dropping the Thousand appreciate that my guy for real thank you thank you havent watched your life dropping a thousand this guy yeah 80 000 followers just like your mama Music your mama like it long time thats the views I can tell you got a little aggravated I liked it punctuation huh hey I need a  __  lighter that works this is trash yeah she goes that shits made up I go yeah its not made up its made up of hard work you hear me hear him saying that  __  I heard bro yeah four years bro grinding my life away its hot yeah boys keep coming Mikes open another dub right here chat on the way no  __  ups this time I cant let my teammates get blasted out like that proudest care if I die 91 was that a crazy ending or what yeah that was pretty good I dont know how they let you survive though I think they like they looked at my waistline and they stopped my sausage hanging out they distracted them I just shot him what the hell dude I just got stuck in the  __  staircase bro seriously I cant move all right deep breath all right I need help chat I need help somebody bring me a motorcycle or something ASAP bro youre gonna have to find a motorcycle 100 Im stuck in this staircase like a  __  you said you need a motorcycle yeah Im stuck bro somebody has to come rescue my  __  ass ASAP Rocky I dont even know where Im at I dont even know where Im at right here trout Im in the staircase somehow what the  __  the  __  lay down Im out Im out Im out what the hell Amber said lay down and then jump up that  __  worked lets go Ambry o youre in there no yeah everybodys a goddess dude I thought youre gonna have to restart you Ive never seen someone in there that deep dude why how do you know the  __  going on dude Ive never had that happen indeed Im banned as hell Amber hell yeah I was like dude Im about to take an L somebody bring me some meds because I need wouldnt have worked in that situation bro you were so in there I think Im like crowns theyre about to be Crown four or something I dont even know I just need to keep getting chickens bro as long as I get chickens bro were  __  ranking mm-hmm thats like 30 points of chicken if you get a chicken on Miramar 20 to 30 points thats three game three chickens is a hundred points bro you can get through that quick you gotta just play it you gotta just not be at the end you gotta play for the dub bro you just rotate when you have to bro if you dont have to rotate if youre in zone youre chilling bro rotate when you need to bro I cant believe I got the dub that game bro thats  __  all right you got that that  __  was sweat tea dog except when you were arresting me in the smoke one way thats when I was like oh were dead besides that though I thought I thought I had you up dog I mean if I made it a little bit farther dude that would have been good they mean blowing up the car I need 14 bucks and I can buy a surprise M4 I got supplies anybody taking back Carline no sir no Daniel thank you for the follow Shannon thanks for the shares bro secret hack dude how the  __  dude imagine finessing a team theyre all pushing you you just hop in the staircase I got supplies okay eleven dollars green Warehouse whats up Jeremy I need a couple more bucks bro so I can get a I wanna six times but five dude am I gonna have to buy an M4 do you have a three I need a six though or an eight from last night but oh I just got a scar Im gonna grab a six with my money I need nine more dollars though you guys want its what happened yeah 20. yeah you have a spare six no no its six six bucks six dollars okay hell yeah meet you at the shop or what yeah be there in a minute who shot at that all right who gets five dollars after I give him the six that is I just got rendered you got some reindeers we have two render people on our team were never gonna die I got supplies what am I doing just buying us six times 310 right now play I got two extra dollars I cant buy an M4 G extended hit by an extended mag for an SMG I dont think so what you guys ready dude thats lame what kind of car did you pull up I extended SMG right here nah nah all right were ready to rotate whenever you guys uh homies uh you guys want to use the emergency pickup or go buy car prices go by whip oh okay keep my pick up keep the pick up were getting the dub bro yeah save the pickup so if at the end if we dont have a  __  car we can  __  figure out where we need to rotate off an end zone Hit The Vape real quick is that all right Im  __  sweaty chat my  __  back up my back is like soaked foreign if I got up right now you guys would see like water on my chair from my sweat theres a car here theres a car here Kelly 20 bucks if you lick it a car just rotated up this road a car just went this way not long ago for the engagement not sure where they went Im pretty sure they went up this way they might just be heading Zone Chad we got 53 in here dont forget to SM up there they are there they are yeah dont shoot you guys dont shoot right here blast this  __  soul way to go Bud way to go one kill at a time one killer at a time ready theres a flare Im dropping a gas can so Im gonna grab that  __  I already got one theres one inside this location all right you were looking in this hole licking and dipping he said he was licking and all right team dead lets go loot him partner help oh what the hell 91s knock boys that guy has no recoil whereas the first building 175 window oh the middle window knocked him lets go lets go Raider Raider come on were slamming that middle building I knocked him in the window he he called out boys get ready were pulling up hes rest hes raised he ran not going not going not going on dead all dead oh my mollies yeah three times right here yo I threw it in the same spot as my second one braided thats crazy that was weird you guys got money and  __  for the store what do you guys need Im Im just getting him some somebody else dropping the first aid right here Im looking at this put it inside the truck you can put it inside the truck truck has the storage let me check my gun all right Im good all right everyones good lets roll uh wait wait wait wait Im gonna put some op what up Elvis Im here for the news what up Becca okay well now that I saved you from being the man understand Im going to sleep yeah Amber thank you Amber yeah have a good night I would have been stuck as hell I would have been stuck as hell how you doing though Becca whose nudes you want Cody Beckers all right well get you those Becca well do just fill it up with gas cans dude Amber you have a wonderful night girl look at my hat look at my head going through the  __  ceiling thats when you know youre not messing around last night you were like Ill throw it in the trunk you were saying that  __  I had no idea what youre talking about bro you were actually told  __  in the trunk of the car did any Wrangle you can fill up your tank now with a dollar dude thats just dope no hey tell Amber good night the loadout all right I just filled it with some supplies got a little bit of fives gas bursted all right let me see where were at all right were gonna rotate probably go picado Hill and just chill oh theres a flare right here hold up hold my beer Were not gonna drive it once were out here we can dominate teams so I dont care about taking fights out here its the fights in the town that piss me off dude out here we outgun everyone theyre at the compound theyre holding the compound hold on actually see if we can get a knock before we push that oh its just a buggy oh its a truck right there sniped them one snipe them one nice nice knock nice knock lets slam them lets slam them slam them slam them and this is how we ve done yeah yeah were going right here take this little dip Ridge right here look at my health oh hes on the right nice too knocked foreign ER be careful nice Molly 91 . good  __  theres theres one happen one more one more right there all dead good  __  all right cool cool this is how we win in games tonight chat that your guyses go before you push is one knock you dont push till you have one knock thats our goal if you get a push enemies ahead that means its an even fight for us that means we lose we we lose because of us oh hell yeah I got one I got one hell yeah all right six times Aug Im boosting up lets get ready for our next fight Zones about to be hitting need a scope whoo lets get it 50 round mag baby 50 round mag in my OG well go grab that drop up there for somebody to grab level three I need level three if no one else does okay I need a question about three I have level one all right cool were gonna keep everyone looted and shooting baby we have no rush well go grab a drop real quick buy some time get brighter better armor you know what Im saying look at our surroundings let braid her out grab that armor boom once he grabs it awm you guys even know how to use this thing all right who took the aid that bullet its back then with the Stars somebody took Aid that bullets I think or did you already have one the braider Ryder has one too oh okay okay youre good youre good I was like bro what the hell someone just robbed my ass all right we got we have two arms bro oh were setting up voice Circle that sucks for the other teams chat  __  awm and two hands GGs baby rotate real quick come on were getting Red Zone on us all night all right lets get this jigging bro second place is dumb dude if you get enemies ahead did you all right all right give me a second well stop right here get a knock and well slam it you for sure saw somebody yeah I saw it because it wasnt rendered when we were uh driving in I mean here Im gonna box or whoever has an M4 bot call real quick have them look this way there you go team eliminated Lets Roll and just like that ready back up baby do you guys want to just hold this for now until we figure out where Zone goes we can just keep our car down there well just hold this the car is rotating I gotta take a piss too thats kind of why I wanted to just chill Chad Im gonna take a piss real quick Ill be right back in like three seconds as soon as I get to the roof I dont want to die right I want to go to the roof but um I got five theres like nobody left and the Zones pretty bigger so Im gonna take a piss chat bread back dont worry about me dont worry about me Vivi whats good bro Kevin back at level five bag dude the trunk is sick I got supplies okay we lose one teammate Braden Freddie Prater freighter I dont like how a 2kd looks man doesnt look good doesnt stick me well little I dont its not its not I dont care its a feeling I cant fight it man thats what Im saying bro oh  __  its something more than that man theres something more than that theres a lot of wine I guess or something I dont know always like that no I dont know the five step oh hes out there boys quit playing car car car you hear it you see that car all right 91 you got him all dead or what yeah the wall Chad whos in here chat we got four people up and we got another dub baby Im ready going here theyre not coming to you how do you know theyre gonna where are they going whoa theyre going down to play zone boys theyre going down the play zone are they no this one did one die that plays them oh thats a swag another Chicken on the way chat we bout to get another dub baby this is all were doing nothing but chicken dinners on Miramar all night dont shoot foreign like Crown four or something Tyler I know some streamers that are just now Crown three bro that they have even went to sleep since reset bro and Im only a rank behind them I went to bed twice already its  __  crazy Andrea how you doing help God damn  __  you save oh yeah I was  __  taking that I was hitting the Vape I dont see anything from where I was hitting the Vape bro the only way I got knocked help oh damn it they got me damn it I tried what the hell thats okay watch out where are they in the five stacks so I bothered now where are they fire stick its not some campers Im good Im good doing better I should have that dude should we rotate right away or uh but uh were good we got we got its only three well rotate late actually we can go around and get in the zone easily those kids might rotate actually yeah we can just roll Lets Roll well get on the outside of Zone see if we can get them coming in trucks down below this mob foreign Music you got bored or what you know I really wanted kills I didnt care if I died or not I had that Im sorry howd you lose your gunfight foreign okay that that Longhouse with no doors yeah right down there West no no left I dont know that thing yeah yeah theres guys running down that oh yeah yeah down at the concrete hes on the roof put it I always did not I sniped him foreign just a matter of time its just a matter of fact Im gonna set up the truck so we have cover just cover me real quick thats the last guy yeah what the hell hes running left to the wall left to the wall hes good Kobe another dub right here chat if that was me right there bro Id be popping up blasting shes prone right here watch out yeah okay  __  Victory belongs to us Victory belongs to us chat thats two in a row what I only got nine points oh 27. I was like what the  __  foreign this would be our third right here were going nothing but dubs right here we on a  __  were trying to rank we only ranking youre leaving us already trout Andrea GGs Noah Johnny Kevin GGs ran down there and give him a hug whatever Chris then that flag what up brother oh  __  j-mag Thomas what up bro Johnny GGs Noah Gigis ah chat who on the chat Vapes anybody in the chat Vape like anyone Vape these little elf elf bars or anything does anybody have like something you guys Vape let me know yep its socially accepted dude you laid a secret inside of somewhere you look like a freaking devil what you hit these off bars people like oh whats that like sour mango whats that like its so socially accepted sour mango five percent better sir if I tried a new phone already hey guys quick announcement coming in from Pub G Mobile Security Department Im swearing on this flight or youll get Mike man for 24 hours again guys 24 hours reported I hope they clean up this plane bike fans can we make this jump can we make this jump or no remember oh we won the last two games and it sounds like you were in our last game so good job not winning your last game go all the way to the left click report it reports everybody that says bad words on the plane hey hey that person didnt win their last game because we were they were in our game last that sucks maybe next time bud no swear words Im clowning on these fools chat thats why we got this outfit on Ill be clowning on them good morning Sean were laying in chat with you guys were Landing baby oh I got gas Im pushing if I kill like three more Bots with a pistol I get like some kind of achievement and I get like 10 classy crate coupons so if you guys see bots can I put his gun with a pistol hell no I need like I need like 12 of the shotguns and literally like three what the  __  pistol dude hey good luck yeah please let me know I think even if I Thursday you guys can kill him or something Thursday somebody throws to me seriously youre getting thirst all you want all right let me thirst the boxer thats all I need I see that theres are we conquered yet were always nah TJ yes you know it doesnt look like that no not anymore bro my bag it was a sawed-off of pistol or a shotgun I dont know okay let me thirst it let me thirst let me thirst it was that real no okay let me first yeah hes right here finish him I said British dont shoot its broken down bus where the hell is he this is for three in a row after this one chat three in a row right here were going for three in a row gotta be somewhere there theres a squirrel here I got supplies dude I dont see him poor trot oh my God you went to me finish him or no no no no dude dude Ive already opened the thing 70 times I didnt get anything thank you Raider Joe thank you dude all right Im looted these guys Music Music I just need to go but Im ready to go you impeded I used to play comp I used to be Pro I used to I got signed a couple times yeah Im saying now I just play for fun bro if this is fun I can always uh Aaron do you have a oh I got a four marked a location four right here on me watch out dude all right now okay watch out watch out Ill take it Ill take it nah Kumar just Facebook man Im partnered with Facebook everyone should have an M4 by now all right Im looted out even though I hate the four times you got nine dollars for me trout whats up all right lets mob then well get Scopes off people Im gonna go grab this truck no Chris Im not I only make pretty much the only thing I make is stream ads and whatever people like send and stream apps is usually like anywhere from like one to three dollars a stream so no babies foreign baby what are you gonna buy seven five five all right I got a 50 round mag lets get it Music we got rain too here you should forget it you know those Vapes right and you know how theyre sweet Vapes too I was always Xbox season two Andrea what whatd you say trout above you know theres a weed Vapes too what about pods that had nicotine and we did them theres pods there are piles though like a  __  uh the skizzies or whatever stizzys dog those are pods no no just weed but it looks like a pod are we this is our third win in a row were about to take boys thats all I know were getting a hell of a render now I dont think they added reindeers into the game yet 91. maybe around Christmas time I know you guys dont want it but you can have it did anyone grab the MK s we try if theres real people too with the pistol we can set up around towns see if we can get free kills and  __  were right there all right I was just looking maybe I should become a VR streamer bro start going to the gym get in shape so I can do it you know what Im saying lets grab the muscle car no I just put gas and oh you did we can all right back there I put your can in the trunk for you dog watch out its a bother me thirsty with the pistol thats a big box out thank you we need a lighter dog I grabbed the pink one but that  __  dont even work dude they just take every good lighter brown over it oh you got a new PIN thats what you bought with your iPad Mark the location hes stupid as hell he he pawned his old ass iPad for a cart dude with a pawn shop game of 25 bucks and he got a cart with it interesting all right Ill say in a cart whats up oh theyre all up on the hill oh dude this guys getting an angle were in a horrible spot in the middle guys oh no no no  __  oh Im dead youre dead as hell bro where the  __  we gotta get out of here Crow I thought you just wanted to watch dude huh I dont have a good scope okay theres that theres it oh one up above me one above me yeah yeah watch out I dont want to be in them oh that guy would shoot me from afar bro no he was right here I know right over there he was over that Ridge though oh theyre shooting me from the hill again watch out 91 come back dog okay okay one guy would you try to do the same foreign yep he did say what did you get the dude from the concrete Im gonna loot this guy yeah yeah one guy one guy we gotta rotate we dont have a vehicle in the game huh I think they stole my kill foreign watch out is that where the guy is that I knocked at the Rock yeah I think so we gotta roll dude  __  these fools do you see any cars anywhere down in San Martin we might have to go through San Martin grab a whip on the way out zarcons are what up sorry bro you bought Im a bot yeah thanks bro I believe it bro oh brander has a two-seater you guys can roll out find another whip now youre good bro pick me up in a little baby oh youre going to start oh what the hell all right well be right back Im fueling this up for you braider grab me that bad boy grab me that Ill grab that she a bus all right you go pick up the homie then Ill drive the bus okay I dont get how Charlie is always the this one to get interested I can tell you why he gets very excited he has ADHD he cant keep his mind its race and Non-Stop we we go of course the dude uh smooth and 91 or 90 frames Andrea smooth and 90 FPS I mean mirado you see somebody you see somebody pretty so all right lets roll dont say anything I say come to this car okay thats true what kind of card is that God damn I said what kind of card is that the same here what the hell is that nice thats it thats good yeah I feel that  __  I dont know where that thing a hash came from dude I think it was like a bonus like when I went to dispensary they like threw it in thats why I never used it huh Im good on that Kumar thank you there brother I got a  __  six million messages from people  __  that oh Susan we might be a man down but we still winning baby were gonna wrap around and get that drop over there yeah right here were gonna spin twice whats up they want to say something crazy Doug IE I see this guy I see them both one behind the fence one at the yellow two stack whats up Connor Connor with a  __  tennis shoes thank you Connor I see him baby oh I see you baby taking that lets slam them hop in hopping hes up yes sir very good gameplay homie my face no damage helmet no damage and shes with me oh youre hacking say youre hacking without saying youre hacking I got you survived oh  __  buggy on the other hill we can come up there mark the location yeah we can hit that too yeah the other you see on the right here theres a buggy on the right Hill across from us far up there I think theres a thats where the one team is what the hell what the  __  this car doing out here mg some  __  all right hot gun I want to take us to a team yep thats where were going see him right there on the hill to the left over here to the left watch out watch out we can pack meme that for what the  __  hold on my  __  scope wasnt dialed down dude I look like a  __  bot right there dude okay where are you lets go Zone Its Gonna Hurt yep watch out yeah  __  this dog I aint throwing it Im gonna see you I guess uh actually a lot of people guys we I dont like moving in a small Zone well stop right here were still not in zone right here where we should see these kids coming down the hill rotate oh theyre up to there right here watch guy right there wearing pink or some  __  Ones On Church roof too on Church roof somebody just fell somebody got knocked and fell oh that was trout no just kidding no I got thirst from the hill Ive been dead for a while where he said whats up dog all right where are we at the rotate for the dead though probably can just play Yellow ones jumping down I hit him once foreign like a  __  dude watch out Im gonna go in zone yep lets rotate two uh one right here really goes down here yeah were just gonna hold this  __  were gonna just hold this  __  where they at wheres that guy shooting somebodys doing right I see him or I heard him oh yeah I see him did you knock this guy watch out yeah geez did that guy theres one guy behind us somewhere still dont forget too easy when you play for wins bro just plain cover Bros Im coming right on you watch out all right lets get it hes dumb as hell well that was it oh my God what was that potatoes bro yeah we ranking fast bro three dubs in a row three dubs in a row Im gonna start this Im gonna go look for a lighter Ill be right back Chad I gotta find I gotta find a lighter chat GGs though let me get some ggs in the chat oh but can we go can we go Pho call us windy Shout Im gonna get a phone a what I found a phone oh Music I want to see how many physicals weve already two more two more two more in two more pistol kills bro foreign foreign Daddy has arrived ggs guys hell yeah dub Nation ggs we won our last three games can any of you guys give us a challenge what up dog manicure what a baby manic who are you playing with what a baby some what here we go dumb Prince all right good luck homie shut the  __  up stupid  __  reported report guys everyone hit the report button we dont do that on this plane we dont do that around here thats a bad word all chat button all the way to the left I already reported damn it I cant shut the  __  up you stupid  __  I got him I got him he reported youre in big trouble you are in trouble youre in big trouble youre in big trouble you just said a swear word 24-hour mic band swear word for sure huh he said that  __  clear his day yeah yeah we got him for sure hes gone lurking and jerking yeah I think it does it does hey to try tell Andre in the chat that that  __  Works Andrea check your Busters after this game check your messages after this game yeah we always read our reports and it always tells us who we get Mike bandan  __  its funny Bobby theres a guy are they beating us to our left yeah he tried to beat are they winning no theyre diving down theyre diving down watch out all right all right grab a gun and look that way we might be able to move on them quick theres an M4 right here Im gonna beam them Im gonna beam them foreign top right there those kids all moved out yeah I think so damn I already got my loadout yeah for sure well we can loot this way then lets start looting this way towards five stack we dont need to leave towards him grab what we need to win the game we going for four four five told you we going on a streak boys its just a matter of time we had to warm up our fingers I told these guys stop fingering their ass no you did it worked that bro I would only play it I would only grind with you if we won five straight were were 60 there um what yeah were 60 sort of uh uh to get five wins today were gonna kill two more bots in the pistol dude rope Music I dont think it counted the one that I oh I didnt get the first one actually were getting mad I think he counted the one thats one when we hop on we get nothing but dubs so its like playing for hours like if we get 10 wins in a row right now thats like playing  __  20 miramars bro and now you know its like 20  __  second places bro if you get 10 dubs in a row I found a lighter dude theres a pink lighter and a gray lighter out back and that for some reason I thought the pink one was the good one so I grabbed that one first it was not let me tell you dog that  __  did not like honey but its okay youre living down pick up the pink lighters oh M4 on me boys if no one has one yet do I need it you need to Thurston bar dude should I shoot my player super easy if you have a stacked ass four-man team that sticks together lyrics cake but you always you all got to know like youre playing for the win and you can get some quick ass wins going but this is the best way to rank up if you have a squad on Miramar and you just get banking dub after dub like plus 27 plus 27 like Im pretty sure this is the quickest way to rank up but if you die it does not help that  __  does not help on Miramar because then youre wasting time dead as  __  not getting points were probably gonna get teams rotate this way bro you said its just a level three backpack right here 91. watch out how do we get in the Box dude ah always running Olympic where should I head right now bro should I try to cut these fools off somewhere or should we just roll out I hope you see any more dude oh where are you dont let him run away dont let him run away whoa oh let me get it let me get a look at it let me get it let me get it let me get it right here guys guys because one of those didnt work Music did he uh yeah I need help this is real on me yeah they see me too going over here were far iron were at were at right in my smoke right here watch out hes running across the Farmstead hes in this five stack push it now push it now together its one guy hes in five stack get together if you guys push that ready to go with them bro theres a guy coming from over here foreign gas station hes not moving theres a guy underneath this right here somewhere over here watch out nope clear second floor ready well Im getting on the highest route there is on the second floor I think youre probably right yeah he is help each other this guy just ran in here you guys should push that that guy just ran in there you guys should push that  __  right here watch out together though together Im on the top just calling  __  out Im pretty sure theres one over here but a few Peaks I can help push that  __  together such a hard push dude yeah somewhere all right hold on oh did you hear a footstep Brandy you should probably push with them bro is there yeah one guy I need that back 4 blood steam game pass crossplay Ironsight Gaming | Pubg Mobile | iRonSight Tagged you in a POST! | #1143 how to increase download speeds on steam steam locate game steam find game key free games on sale steam best free games steam mac